Satanists and their forums

It is crazy that Satanists proudly boast of individualism then flock into internet forums.  For the record I am a member of no Satanic forum, I believe the Satanist must walk the path in their actions as individuals, which includes rejecting membership of forums.

I like to surf the internet to pick up Satanic news, this includes visits to blogs, news sites and of course forums, but I act as the individual without having to be a member of any forum.

Forums by their nature are group-minded flocking machines, they turn individuals into a flock of sheep, if you like it or not.  The dynamics of the human brain is to follow the patterns of its environment, the group dynamic together with the brain’s need to fit in acts as a conforming process, so you are back to being a sheep again.

It beats me why an individual-loving Satanist would need to flock into forums.  Does the Satanist need personal validation by others to be a Satanist? What is the point of being a Satanist if you need personal validation by others to be one?

The claim that Satanists gather to network is rubbish, this is the path of one, and rarely do these internet forums ever result in people meeting face-to-face in the real world.  The Satanic path is the path of one, walked alone, mixing like a sheep in group forums seems counter to the individualist ideal.

If the Satanist wants knowledge, well there are tons of books and resources on the internet to read, including the PDF version of the Satanic Bible, you might need to dig a bit, but vast libraries of Satanic resources are located around the internet.  You build your own Satanic path in my opinion, so there is nothing gained adopting someone else’s Satanism.

Lastly, the need for Satanists to express themselves, me included, can be done through the medium of personal blogs, websites and video channels, you have no need to be a member of a group-collective to express yourself on the internet.

This need for forum membership in Satanism is personally quite funny to me.

The Satanist is their own God

The Satanist path is one of the individual, they are their own God.  The Satanist is the star, and everything in their life are the planets that revolve around them.  Even Satan is second to the individual, nothing is higher than the Satanic individual.

When I live my life as a Satanist it is with the clear idea that I am God in my own life, and I bow to nothing or nobody when it comes to what happens in my life.  I bow to no authority figure, no politician, no priest, no corporate, no group, no church, no guru, no family, no god, and no Satan.  I am God in my life, nothing comes above me.  I won’t grovel in the dirt, placing anything or anyone above me.

In my life I am God, and if a person messes with me, they are kicked out of my life.  There is no half measures with me in living my Satanic path, either people are working with me or against me.  Anyone, I care nothing who they are, family or friend, if they are toxic and undermining I kick them out of my life.  I bow to nobody.

The Satanist rules their own life, makes their own destiny, creates their own reality.  The Satanist associates only with those things and people that helps them to prosper in life.  The Satanist eliminates all the negative, gets rid of what holds them back, clears away what undermines and denies them the ability to be their own God.

There are no half measures in being a Satanist, if the Satanic man or woman rejected Jesus when they became a Satanist, why then fall to their knees like a sheep before Satan as they did with Jesus? All authority figures, including family are not above the Satanist, they must be working in a positive way in the Satanists life or be kicked out.

When I had family giving me trouble, when they refused to allow me the happy life I wanted, I kicked them out of my life.  Those toxic family are history, they no longer exist, and have been gone from my life for many years.  I as a Satanist will cut anyone and everything that works against me from my life.  I am my own God.

What is Satanism?

I have read the interview of Lucien Greaves of the Satanic Temple with Queerty which he says:

“Yeah, but I think there’s a value in doing it in the name of Satanism, too, because it forces people to reevaluate the arbitrary labels we sometimes put on things. I actually have a long background in studying witch hunts and the idea of Satanism and, in honesty, Satanism is just that: an idea.

When you go back to Old Testament times up to modern history, what we think we know about Satanism is always something manufactured by people more of the Westboro church camp than actual people practicing Satanism.”

I have also read many comments by Satanists on the beliefs and activities of Satanic Temple, who judge them based upon the world view of their own interpretation of what Satanism is to them.  This raises to me a question, what is Satanism? Nobody has the monopoly on truth, but it is good to build a belief upon authentic foundations.

The primary idea of Satanism is around devil worship, an idea clearly manufactured by Christians.  The modern idea of Satanism as per the Satanic Bible is a truth manufactured by one man, called Anton LaVey.  Joy of Satan defines Satan as a space alien, the defunct Cult of Cthulhu depicted Satan as a fictional character called Cthulhu from a fantasy book by H P Lovecraft. Satanic Temple is the latest in a long line of individuals and groups who add to Satan and Satanism their own interpretations.  Those of us who say Satanic Temple is not Satanism, do we hold a monopoly on truth? On what basis do we claim authenticity? on what LaVey claims, a bunch of Christians claim?

To claim authenticity then we Satanists need to go back to the original source of Satan, which is a Jewish book called the Book of Job.  In Job Satan is an angel who is employed by the Jewish god to test the Jews.  In the mind of the Jew they are the chosen people, the god they worship is a Jewish god, and Satan is employed by the Jewish god to test the Jewish people.  Satan is a Jewish word meaning “the opposer.”  In the mind of the Jew anything that opposes them is a test from their god, be it a foreign invasion, a famine or an earthquake.  Satan is employed by the Jewish god to keep the Jew on their toes, a type of watch dog to punish failures to follow the rules, and to ensure quality control through testing.  For this purpose the Satan in the Book of Job is given a degree of independence by his employer, but it is clearly obvious that Satan is an employee testing Jews under the direction of the Jewish god.

It is apparent in the time line that the Satan of the Book of Job, an angel employed by the Jewish god, is different from the serpent that tested Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis, which happened earlier than the Book of Job,  The serpent which is attributed to Lucifer, and is potentially mentioned again in Book of Isaiah, is different to Satan in Book of Job.

If one is being authentic then it becomes a choice of going with Lucifer the serpent, in which case one heads down the road to Luciferianism, or one goes with Satan of the Book of Job, then rightfully can claim to be a Satanist.  There is however no wrong by claiming Satan is a space alien or a fictional fantasy book character, but with the understanding that it is a subjective interpretation without a claim on authority.  The only authoritative claim anyone has on Satan can only be the ones who originally introduced Satan to the world, which is the Book of Job.

Lets return again to what Satanic Temple has been doing, they have been having fun testing people’s claim of authority on the label of Satan and Satanism.  If you return to the original context of Satan in the Book of Job and the definition of the word for Satan “the opposer,” Satanic Temple is being more true to what Satanism is than those long-time Satanists that are being critical of Satanic Temple.  For the moment Satanic Temple is a marketing campaign, but it has the potential to become something more, and when I read their mission statement, tenets and beliefs, though the wording is sloppy and mistakenly mixes Lucifer with Satan, they are acting in the spirit of the Satan in the Book of Job.

Reverse Christians mutilate horses

Each year in the UK there are a spate of mutilations of horses, and other animals, which the media blames on Satanists.  The most recent incident was in Cornwall, which appears to look like a ritualistic attack upon a foal.  Although many injuries to animals blamed upon Satanists may have an origin in dog or cat attacks upon the animal, the evidence indicates humans are attacking some of these animals too.

There is no evidence these attacks were from Satanists, they could easily have been the result of pagans, although the pagan community strongly deny this.  Equally this could be due to militant Christians attempting to create a moral panic against Satanists by inflicting harm upon animals and then blaming Satanists for it.  It is doubtful this is the work of Satanists as even the most dumbest amongst us is too lazy and individualistic to organise night rituals of animal attacks all over Cornwall and the UK.   Satanists are above this stupidity, we leave that to Christians, which is why I suspect it is Christians or Reverse Christians who are attacking animals.  These attacks have nothing to do with Satanists or Satanism.


Police go after Temple of Satan

Temple of Satan founder Lucien Greaves could find himself before a judge after police threatened to issue arrest warrants over a pink mass that turned a member of the Westbro Baptist church gay. It is dubious that any charges would stick, but this is a further round of great publicity for Temple of Satan.

I suspect mostly out of envy other Satanic groups have condemned the pink mass held by Temple of Satan including a blog post from the Church of Satan.

Christian ritual abuse fantasies

“To terrify children with the image of hell, to consider women an inferior creation—is that good for the world?”

Christopher Hitchens

What is annoying is when I read Christian-inspired fantasy that links Satanism to either human sacrifice or child abuse.  The latest example, is the story of Hollie Greig, who was allegedly abused by a bunch of perverts with connections in the British establishment. It is usually unemployed Christian social rejects with a grudge against the world who play the conspiracy game linking Satanists and Satanism to every conspiracy going on the planet.  This is true of the blog claiming Satanists abused Hollie Greig, who is also running posts about chem trails and mind control.  It amazes me the conspiracy blog failed to go all the way and link Hollie Greig to child-eating lizards ruled by the Queen of England.

It may be so that Hollie Greig was abused by perverts, and that they were in a position to cover up the abuse, but this has nothing to do with Satanists or Satanism.  The problem with these Christian clowns is that child abuse in not horrific enough, since it has been a mainstream activity in the Catholic Church, they have to juice up the story by bringing Satan in, which does nothing for gaining justice for the alleged victims of the abuse.

Every character named in the Hollie Greig story are seemingly upstanding members of society, all church going, and none membership affiliated to the Church of Satan. When it comes to organised conspiracies these Christians fail to realise Satanists are individualistic argumentative bastards who could not pull together long enough to organise a party in a hotel without the police being called.

In the decades of so-called Satanic ritual sex abuse, there has never been a case proved that linked a Satanist. There has been a few self-proclaimed Satanists linked to abuse, but then you get that in any group of people, and most of those that claim occult connections whilst abusing children are parrots who know zero about Satanism. You can dress a monkey up as a human, but it will continue to act and talk like a monkey; same goes for Christians pretending to be Satanists, they will remain pathetic-looking ignorant worshipping slaves.

For evidence of wide-spread sexual abuse of children, and the systematic efforts to cover up this abuse, I invite deluded Christians to concentrate their efforts on the Catholic Church instead of Satanists and Satanism.

Satanism is for the individual

“In order to be an immaculate member of a flock of sheep, one must above all be a sheep oneself.”
Albert Einstein

It strikes me as funny that Satanism is the path of individualism, yet rarely do we treat it as a path of individuals.  It is a shame that the father of modern Satanic thinking Anton Lavey failed to create a work about individualism, instead he created an organisation called the Church of Satan and a set of books that conveyed group-think rather than individual-think.

It is only in the last few years I have seen Satanists adopt the idea of independent Satanism, walking the path as the individual rather than as often it appears as a group of sheep following a shepherd.  We often talk about true and false Satanism but we miss the obvious elephant in the room that Satanism is about individualism, the rebellion against the authority of conformity.

Sticking the Satanic label to your name then joining the herd from one Satanic group or internet forum to another is hardly the Satanic spirit that Satan would have expressed.  I would loudly cheer the Satanic thinker who for once would write an influential book, or get it into the head of Satanists that this is a path of individualism, which means groups, forums and blindly following someone else’s dogma ain’t what Satanism is about.

Westboro Baptist turned gay by Satanists

“The Media is ruled by Satan. But yet I wonder if many Christians fully understand that.”

Jimmy Swaggart

The deceased mother of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps Jr., has been turned gay in a “Pink Mass” ritual performed by New York based members of the Satanic Temple.  The publicity seeking Satanic Temple led by Lucien Greaves said “We believe that Fred Phelps is obligated to believe that his mother is now gay in the afterlife.”

The Satanic Temple is believed to be an ongoing publicity stunt to promote a film of the same name.

Want good PR? Mention Satan!

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.

Daniel J. Boorstin

In Nagaland in India, comes reports that Satanism is taking over with a membership of 3,000 Satanic members. Interestingly the people doing the protesting(promoting) are Christians, who face stiff competition against rival religions such as Hinduism on their patch.  It is difficult to reliably confirm there is a thriving Satanic group in Nagaland, the local Christians claim to be called “Black Bulls” and “Awakening the Horror,” but it points to a reliable marketing format that if you want cheap publicity, mention Satan, the media will do your dirty work to promote your religious sales pitch.

Churches such as Koinonia Baptist Church have used Satan and the alleged threat to Indian youth for the last month or so to promote a Christian crusade to save Nagaland citizens.  Back in 2010 Satanists were using Satan to promote their religious group, this time the Church of the IV Majesties hired a civic centre for a meeting in Oklahoma, they let a few Christians know of the meeting and during the hysteria enjoyed prime time television slots and widespread media coverage for their group.  For Christian and Satanist alike Satan is a good marketing tool to get free publicity and business through the door.

Pagan panic over Satan

“I should have no compassion on these witches; I should burn them all”

Martin Luther.

Many pagans work hard to build protective walls around themselves and their religion whenever Satanism is mentioned.  Ignorant Christians dump Satanists and pagans under the same roof, alleging both sacrifice people and animals to Satan, the same sort of rubbish that has been churned out for hundreds of years to scare children and simple folk with.  Certain mentally ill people and deluded Christians indulge in literal bloody sacrifices of living victims, but most Satanists and the majority of pagans do not.

I have nothing against pagans, but if they are to argue for differences between us Satanists and them, they need to do so with knowledge of what we are, since they mostly buy the Christian ignorance about Satanism.

Nothing is going to stop your average Christian putting a Satanist, pagan, even Muslims and Jews, in the same devil worshipping pot, this is ignorance for you, but do pagans want to be as ignorant as Christians?

My Satanic point of view is that if it exists then it is natural, i.e. Satan is as natural as your average oak tree the pagan likes to worship. The pagan argument that a boundary exists between Satanists and them is their worship of archetypes of nature, this is a fail as Satan, regardless of how Satan is defined, is of nature too.

Pagans and Satanists have in common ritual, worship of entities, magic, witches, cult groups, crazies, group-slavery, ignorance, dogmatism, atheism, theism, liking for sex, liking for horny archetypes, fraudsters, left hand path and beer.   Your bible bashing Christian would have a liking to burn a pagan to death as much as they would for a Satanist.

So where in fact do we have a clear boundary of us and them between pagan and Satanist?  I think it is the music, they like pan pipes, we like heavy metal.  There you are, the difference is musical taste, and we Satanists think tree hugging hippies are funny.