Pagan panic over Satan

“I should have no compassion on these witches; I should burn them all”

Martin Luther.

Many pagans work hard to build protective walls around themselves and their religion whenever Satanism is mentioned.  Ignorant Christians dump Satanists and pagans under the same roof, alleging both sacrifice people and animals to Satan, the same sort of rubbish that has been churned out for hundreds of years to scare children and simple folk with.  Certain mentally ill people and deluded Christians indulge in literal bloody sacrifices of living victims, but most Satanists and the majority of pagans do not.

I have nothing against pagans, but if they are to argue for differences between us Satanists and them, they need to do so with knowledge of what we are, since they mostly buy the Christian ignorance about Satanism.

Nothing is going to stop your average Christian putting a Satanist, pagan, even Muslims and Jews, in the same devil worshipping pot, this is ignorance for you, but do pagans want to be as ignorant as Christians?

My Satanic point of view is that if it exists then it is natural, i.e. Satan is as natural as your average oak tree the pagan likes to worship. The pagan argument that a boundary exists between Satanists and them is their worship of archetypes of nature, this is a fail as Satan, regardless of how Satan is defined, is of nature too.

Pagans and Satanists have in common ritual, worship of entities, magic, witches, cult groups, crazies, group-slavery, ignorance, dogmatism, atheism, theism, liking for sex, liking for horny archetypes, fraudsters, left hand path and beer.   Your bible bashing Christian would have a liking to burn a pagan to death as much as they would for a Satanist.

So where in fact do we have a clear boundary of us and them between pagan and Satanist?  I think it is the music, they like pan pipes, we like heavy metal.  There you are, the difference is musical taste, and we Satanists think tree hugging hippies are funny.


3 thoughts on “Pagan panic over Satan

  1. As far as I’m concerned, if Satanists wanted to consider themselves Pagans (and I know some who do), I would happily accept them as such. I really don’t think there’s much of a difference at all. There’s even a new movement called Atheopaganism that everybody seems to think of as something new, but which is really just repeating a lot of the same things LaVey was already saying in the Sixties.

    One thing I’ve never understood is why some Pagans think Christopaganism is OK, but not Satanism. I accept both as valid options under the Pagan umbrella, though I probably get along a little better with Satanists. (It must be that heavy metal of yours; I’m such a sucker for it.)

    • I think some waste too much time trying to build barriers rather than finding what is in common, and there is a lot in common between Pagans and Satanists. Thanks for your comment, I like some of the heavy metal too 🙂

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