Christian ritual abuse fantasies

“To terrify children with the image of hell, to consider women an inferior creation—is that good for the world?”

Christopher Hitchens

What is annoying is when I read Christian-inspired fantasy that links Satanism to either human sacrifice or child abuse.  The latest example, is the story of Hollie Greig, who was allegedly abused by a bunch of perverts with connections in the British establishment. It is usually unemployed Christian social rejects with a grudge against the world who play the conspiracy game linking Satanists and Satanism to every conspiracy going on the planet.  This is true of the blog claiming Satanists abused Hollie Greig, who is also running posts about chem trails and mind control.  It amazes me the conspiracy blog failed to go all the way and link Hollie Greig to child-eating lizards ruled by the Queen of England.

It may be so that Hollie Greig was abused by perverts, and that they were in a position to cover up the abuse, but this has nothing to do with Satanists or Satanism.  The problem with these Christian clowns is that child abuse in not horrific enough, since it has been a mainstream activity in the Catholic Church, they have to juice up the story by bringing Satan in, which does nothing for gaining justice for the alleged victims of the abuse.

Every character named in the Hollie Greig story are seemingly upstanding members of society, all church going, and none membership affiliated to the Church of Satan. When it comes to organised conspiracies these Christians fail to realise Satanists are individualistic argumentative bastards who could not pull together long enough to organise a party in a hotel without the police being called.

In the decades of so-called Satanic ritual sex abuse, there has never been a case proved that linked a Satanist. There has been a few self-proclaimed Satanists linked to abuse, but then you get that in any group of people, and most of those that claim occult connections whilst abusing children are parrots who know zero about Satanism. You can dress a monkey up as a human, but it will continue to act and talk like a monkey; same goes for Christians pretending to be Satanists, they will remain pathetic-looking ignorant worshipping slaves.

For evidence of wide-spread sexual abuse of children, and the systematic efforts to cover up this abuse, I invite deluded Christians to concentrate their efforts on the Catholic Church instead of Satanists and Satanism.


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