The woes of the Satanic Temple continue

After a dynamic 2014 the Satanic Temple has since December 2014 been hit by internal conflict and resignations.  The latest resignation is Zach Black of Satanic International Network who was until his resignation the head of the Satanic Temple Portland chapter.  Black, despite his tendency to jump onto any Satanic movement to boost his own Satanic group, was a useful ally and unfortunate loss to Satanic Temple with his skills in promotion and many connections in Satanism.

Zach Black resigned from the Satanic Temple because of a disagreement over links that his SIN network hosted to a site that it was alleged hosted material that infringed copyright.  According to Black he was approached by an Adam Parfrey of a publishing house called Feral House who asked him to remove the links, Black refused.  Parfrey then complained to Doug Mesner leader of Satanic Temple, who was working on a business relationship with Parfrey.  Mesner demanded Black remove the links, Black refused and quit Satanic Temple.

Zach Black in resigning also commented that he disagreed with lack of democracy and transparency in Satanic Temple, as well as his issues with some of its campaigns such as their campaign to introduce Satanic coloring books into schools.

The resignation video for Zach Black is as below:

On freedom of speech and religious extremism

Events in France in recent days revolving around the massacre of journalists at Charlie Hebdo by Islamic extremists that left over 17 people dead has ignited a debate on religious extremism and freedom of speech.

I have read many articles from those in the Left Hand Path which say that freedom of speech should never be restricted, I agree.  But with any liberties comes responsibility and penalties if harm is done to others in the abuse of freedom of speech.  As an example, if my child died, and the Westboro Baptist Church picket my child’s funeral, I will express Satanic Lex Talionis; Westboro would be lucky to escape with a minimum of broken bones; I might go to jail for my attack on Westboro, but I would feel justified and vindicated as a Satanist for my dead son.  Just as there are many who support Charlie Hebdo‘s right to freedom of speech, it becomes contradictory to give them blanket protection from the consequences of their publications.

Charlie Hebdo had a reputation of pushing freedom of speech to the limits by attacking ideas that Muslims held sacred, creating widespread anger, leading to death threats, firebombings and even a need for police protection of some staff.  As a Satanist I totally support Charlie Hebdo printing whatever they like, but I have no sympathy for any complaints of negative consequences arising from what they print.  It is like me saying that you are free to enter the gate with a sign saying dangerous dog, but don’t blame me if the dog rips you face off if you enter the gate.  The consequences for Charlie Hebdo staff was that Muslim extremists massacred them.

The Charlie Hebdo events shows that Islamic extremists are now better organized and confident enough on the back of ISIS successes to bring death and destruction to those they consider enemies of Islam in the West.  Some Christians in the USA have been taking notice of ISIS successes and are making noises, though as yet failing to act on those noises, of copying ISIS tactics.  Fortunately for Satanists there is a great void between a Christian and Muslim; Christians value their lives, a Muslim is happy to suicide bomb an enemy.

Religious or dogmatic extremism is a problem that Satanists may need to take notice of; those that will do anything they can to make their interpretation of truth the only accepted one in political, economic and social decision making in society, whilst pushing for the persecution or banning of opposing minority rivals such as Satanism.   Extremism exists even amongst Satanists: the militant Laveyanism of Peter Gilmore, head of the Church of Satan; the extremism of Tom Blackwood, self-proclaimed head of theistic Satanism; the Order of Nine Angles who advocate the murder of everyone, including Satanists, who do not follow their interpretation of truth.  Even amongst atheists Richard Dawkins has become a militant extremist of atheism.  All these extremists wish to force their interpretation of truth upon others, claiming freedom of speech whilst denying the liberties of others.

Satanic Temple has pursued campaigns to protect the split of religion from state, and their advocacy of minority rights against religious persecution, helpfully provoked interest amongst pagans and Luciferians to create their own versions of their campaigning movement.  As the events in France show, perhaps it is time Satanists take a more proactive role to curbing religious or dogmatic extremism’s attempts to control government and society.

We will now blog once a week

Whilst it is great to return to blogging with a principle focus on news events in Satanism this blog faces the challenge that news events in Satanism manifest at the pace of a tortoise, which leaves this blog at a loss of what to write.  To compensate this blog is dropping down to once a week postings on a Saturday, starting tomorrow.  If of course there is a sudden avalanche of news stories in Satanism we will be happy to post on additional days.

Satanism and animal sacrifice in Bolivia

The position of this blog relating to the following article is that the sacrifice of living things to Satan or any other entity confers no more advantage than eating a jam doughnut.  Blood sacrifice is an expression of ignorance, a quality that is unworthy in Satanism  – Satanicviews.

Where the Catholic Church is strong there is usually a strong focus on a form of Reverse Christianity where individuals take a Christian interpretation of the Satanism in their personal religion.  Whereas in the USA it is the atheistic interpretations of Satanism that dominate, in Latin America it is Reverse Christianity.

At a certain point in a road in Bolivia dozens of Satanists regularly gather to perform sacrifices of animals to “Uncle Lucifer”, a problem that has caused the local officials to consider passing laws to outlaw the sacrifice of animals by Satanists but still allowing the practice by indigenous people.

The animals are wrapped in cloth and made to drink alcohol, after which they are either stabbed, buried alive or strangled.  Three years ago police destroyed an alter to Lucifer after they allegedly found a human body close by.

Satanists and Christians get violent

Much to the delight of the public and the news media the champions of Jesus and Satan have been getting physical with each other in recent months, though fortunately there is yet to be any blood spilt.

A couple of days before Halloween in 2014 a self proclaimed Satanist smashed his car into the controversial Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol that the Christians had installed, destroying it.  The “Satanist” said Satan had instructed him to do it before being carted off to a mental institution.

During the Christmas period in 2014 a self proclaimed “Catholic Warrior” destroyed the Satanic Temple display at the Florida State Capitol, booking her place in the local jail.

With the heat rising in the Christian-Satanist fight for the religious soul of America it is good to see the domination of Christianity being challenged in the USA.


Russian couple name baby Lucifer

Russian news media last October reports that a Satanist couple in Siberia in Russia have named their baby “Lucifer” much to the horror of the local Christian church.  After a complicated birth the couple named the child Lucifer despite the local registry office trying to convince them otherwise.

The local church called for the child to be taken into care and given to a Christian foster family, though in Russian law there is nothing to stop a parent naming their child Lucifer.

Leader resigns from Satanic Temple

It is often on the wave of success that the individual or group become vulnerable to conceit, with disaster soon to follow.  It would appear after a tsunami of success the Satanic Temple has suffered some fracturing with the unholy partnership of atheism and theism ending through leaders Brian Werner, a theist, and Doug Mesner, an atheist, ending with Werner quitting the Satanic Temple at the end of December 2014.

In his video on his resignation Werner was modest in his criticism of the current direction of the Satanic Temple, but revealed two significant issues within the Satanic Temple.  The first issue was that the Satanic Temple has begun to jettison its inclusive approach of inviting Satanists from all backgrounds to join it, and has become a totally atheistic Satanic group, which sits awkwardly with its claim to be a religion for the purposes of US laws against discrimination.   The second issue, and one that could potentially destroy the Satanic Temple, is the failure of democracy in the group, with one unnamed female individual, possibly the head of the Detroit Chapter, becoming the defacto decision maker on who becomes a leader of the chapters without consultation to leaders or fellow members, leading to concerns of lack of quality control.

Werner initially challenged the new direction that Satanic Temple was headed, but was brushed aside, with Mesner appointing lawyers in an attempt to make Werner sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Werner claimed that other key members would also be quitting the Satanic Temple, though to date the resignations have not impacted the Satanic Temple in either the media or public perception.  The Satanic Temple has remained silent on the fracturing of their membership.

It is the nature of the Satanist to be an individual, to take only those actions that serves their own ends, it is therefore with little surprise that yet another Satanic group has fallen to hubris and tyranny. It will be interesting to see how the events of the last month will impact the momentum, if at all, of the Satanic Temple in 2015.

The Brian Werner resignation video is as below:

A flaming welcome to 2015

2015 and this blog is back for another year of hardcore Satanic views.

I took a few months off from blogging to do sinister real world things that gave me no time for internet postings, but it is a joy to be back once again to blog during 2015.

2014 was marked in my view by two significant manifestations: ISIS and the Satanic Temple.  It is a joy to note that the fastest growing religion in this world – Islam – has managed to manifest a diabolical creation like ISIS, that has reduced over a thousand years of Islamic tradition and teachings to a mess of hypocrisy and barbarianism.  Whilst Christianity was dying, the religion of Islam was the newest possible contender against Satanism, the potential of which could have been a new era of burning Satanists at the stake, a sport so beloved of Christendom until a few hundred years ago.  The corporate-like PR of ISIS has managed to obliterate the credibility of Islam in the eyes of the many, whilst the moderate majority of Muslims sat silent and passive.  The Christian-inspired policies of the former US and UK leaders Bush and Blair effectively cleaned out two thousand years of Christianity in places such as Syria, Iraq and Libya whilst Christians like their Muslim counterparts sat watching and did nothing.  The inadequacy of Islam and Christianity is pleasing to my mind, showing that Satanism has a bright future without fear of much opposition.

It was a roller coaster of a ride for Satanic Temple in 2014 as it shoved the old goat called the Church of Satan aside to grab the headlines and the representation of Satanism in the minds of the media and the public masses.  Just when I thought Satanism was getting boring, the Satanic Temple made Satanism interesting again.  Yes, this blog has issues with some of the activities and policies of the Satanic Temple, but this blog respects all those who can shake up the status quo through deeds that deliver good results.

I raise my wine glass to 2015 with a positive mind that Satanism will manifest to the world a new era of sinister expression.