Order of Nine Angles (ONA) confirm they are not Satanists

Satanicviews comment

A representative of the Order of Nine Angles (ONA) has responded to our recent Satanicviews blog post about them via one of their blogging sites, and confirms that they are not Satanists.  The article is as below:


As the ONA confirm they are not Satanists, a confirmation that can be found in various other ONA sources as well, it becomes unnecessary for us to offer arguments that ONA are not Satanists, though we still plan such arguments to deal with Reverse Christianity.  We offer their full article as below, link as per above, under the Creative Commons (CC) copyright license which the ONA tend to ascribe to in the distribution of their information.  We will respond to issues raised in that ONA article in a future post.

ONA article in response to Satanicviews

How Dumb They Really Are? (some insignificant comments about significant amount of mundane misconceptions)

Recently, We came across an article (Is ONA and RC Satanism?) written by the mundane Satanist who already wrote a couple of articles regarding ONA on previous occasions – like, for example, that one about nonsense such as “disbanding  ONA” etc.  This nonsense was well enough addressed by some other people, back then.  Now, the author, seems to be accepting their previous nonsense about “disbanding” ONA as the nonsense it was/is, because they treat ONA as still existing, being that they argue about/with it.

What fascinates Us, over and over again, when We read stuff like these, is the fact how shallow mundanes are and how they are incapable of grasping anything ONA – sometimes trying very hard to squeeze it into their narrow views, into their little black and white worlds. Also, We believe how they never bother to read numerous ONA writings dealing with, and explaining their usual misconceptions. Article in question is filled with these usual misconceptions and gives away very uninformed view of the Order of Nine Angles (like previous “disbanding” nonsense wasn’t good enough clue). This implies that the author either never honestly studied ONA (which takes some effort and time), or they simply lack any intellectual and emphatic skills to successfully fulfill such a task, as it is the case with the most mundanes.

We have no illusions that We will ever enlighten one of these characters by writing “responses” such as this one, so this is in no way serious attempt of arguing them or refuting some of their claims – it mainly serves as an example (amusing one) for those who are honestly interested in ONA – an example of how blind and clueless mundanes are.  What is especially discouraging in this case is the fact that comparing ONA with, and leveling it down to RC (reverse Christianity) is even greater misconception than previous “disbanding” nonsense. To be honest, some forms used by ONA, as presented in Black Book of Satan and similar works may look like something comparable with RC. However, these are only “forms” – not the ONA itself. Practical and esoteric meanings and purpose of these forms were  elaborated in different writings of the Order and its affiliates, many, many times. But, as we already mentioned, these Satanist are not even reading such material and/or are incapable of grasping it. There is one thing about which author of the article in question is right: ONA is not Satanism, or more precisely, ONA is not just Satanism:

The Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) is a sinisterly-numinous mystic tradition: it is not now and never was either strictly satanist or strictly Left Hand Path, but uses ‘satanism’ and the LHP as ‘causal forms’; that is, as techniques/experiences/ordeals/challenges (amoral and otherwise) in a decades-long personal anados to engender in the initiate both esoteric, and exoteric, pathei mathos, and which pathei mathos is the beginning of wisdom. – O9A 101, Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition

Let us examine some of the statements written in this article from satanicviews blog:

The ONA is a philosophy invented by David Myatt in the 1970’s who synthesized his white supremacist and occult interests into a worldview that has been extensively added to by himself and his followers.

If nothing else this is oversimplifying of origins and  history, and very nature of ONA. According to Order’s own writings ONA IS philosophy, but philosophy of Anton Long. Now, those Satanist would instantly try to simplify this one as well by asserting how Anton Long is actually David Myatt. Well, Anton Long is not, nor he ever was a real person. From one perspective it is just a nym, evidently used by various people over decades – as suggested by some academics and some ONA adherents (and even some Satanist). It was certainly used by Richard Moult, Chloe Ortega, Richard Stirling and other individuals. From this perspective Anton Long is some sort of fictional character (this, again being oversimplifying, of course) whose traits and life story are compiled by bits of traits and lives of all the people who ever animated this character, who ever acted as him, plus some additional necessities required for such a creation. From yet another perspective, Anton Long is a Myth, archetypal figure, a magickal tool/ being, with certain functions and purposes.  ONA is philosophy of Anton Long – this means that, if we want to tie this philosophy and this name with any real person, we don’t have to tie it exclusively with Myatt, we can also say that ONA is a philosophy of Richard Moult, or Chloe Ortega, or anyone else who acted as Anton Long or helped with building of this character in some other way. We will not weight amount or quality of these influences – we are just saying that there never was only one real person behind Anton Long and his philosophy. This is one of the reasons why David Myatt always was, and still is able to claim that he is not Anton Long.
For long time now David Myatt has his own philosophy through which he mostly rejected his “white supermacist (again, very uninformed view of Myatt’s interpretation of National-Socialism) and occult interests”. Not only this – he also wrote in very insightful (thus honest) way about why and how he rejected his previous views and ideas, creating very personal philosophy which needs no body of followers in any way. Even if we assume, as it is widely accepted, that David Myatt was original animator behind  Anton Long, we cannot say that the two are the same. One is a real person, human being – the other … a being of some other kind.

The ONA is largely an incoherent, impractical and rambling philosophy full of hocus pocus and pseudo philosophical ideology with a strong focus of incitement to killing people, specifically their obsession with culling and human sacrifice.

“Incoherent” in this case simply means too complex and incomprehensible for the mind and soul of mundane Satanist. They see this philosophy as “incoherent”, contradictory and what else not, only because it is non-linear and is not depending upon anything  which common mundane can put in some tiny box of their “understanding” and stick a label to it. The fact is that their limitations are not allowing them to see the the big picture, so they perceive just bits and pieces of ONA, here and there, thus experiencing it as “incoherent”. Yes, We know that when they characterize ONA in this way, they are simply irritated by its elusiveness. Also, apparent incoherence and/or contradictions serve certain purposes, of which some are practical and others esoteric. You need a honest effort to put pieces together, to connect dots into coherent picture. This also being a part of the Way and of the process of learning.

We wonder what “Impractical” exactly means here? It is well known that entire ONA philosophy is very practical and oriented towards very practical action, deeds and goals. We remember another mundane Satanist writing about how he believes ONA is not real, simply because it expects from its adherents fulfillment of tasks fitting for Hercules. We imagine this Satanist being some obese, pimple-covered, American to whom climbing up the stairs seems to be a job for Hercules. If you ever read about physical requirements and training routines of some military special forces, you’ll realize that ONA tasks are child’s play in comparison to those. Some ONA tasks may look extremely difficult and impractical only to extremely weak, indulging Satanist who are often incapable of being functional and practical in their everyday mundane lives. Besides physical tasks what else one might find impossible or impractical? Grade rituals which demands no special requirements, items, ceremonies, formulas, or anything except your strong will to endure them? Insight Roles? Self-honesty (this one is probably very impractical for mundane Satanist)? Discipline (again, very impractical for this indulgent kind)? Culling (as well, so impractical for these obedient sheeple)? What?
When they say “impractical” they probably mean – hard, dangerous, risky, something which implies moving out of their comfort zone and/or shattering of their illusions about the world, endangering their safety. We guess that some of them, being occult fetishists they are, deem as “practical” some old-aeon fantasy systems, or some dusty grimoires with formulas requiring a hair from cross-eyed rabbit whose mother was eaten by the limping wolf at specific time of a year. At least you never hear them criticizing such nonsense this loudly. You never hear them criticizing deluded JoS kids who are killing Jehowa’s angels and making love with their demons every day, and what else not. They will accept them as Satanist. But they will always criticize ONA. Why? – Because they feel threatened. Although ONA is not, nor it ever was strictly Satanic – it actually embodies the very essence of what Satan is, as well as it puts Satanism into proper practical and esoteric context. All of this threatens mundane Satanist because it simply shakes and erode their safe fantasy game, it reveals lies they are convincing each others of, and reveals them for being sheeple they are.

Due to its incoherence and impracticality the ONA is unable to survive in its own right as a philosophy, so survives as like a parasite, trying to incorporate itself into hosts such as religions and political movements, but always with the clear agenda of inciting harm to life and property.

(More precise description of ONA would be a “virus” – highly adaptable, shape-shifting virus) At this point We realized that we are dealing with probably the most uninformed view of ONA out there (and which is, sadly even applauded by a number of sheeple disguised as Satanist).
Anyone who posses some esoteric understanding and some Aeonic perspective, should understand manipulation of religious, political, occult and art forms in context. Besides this, ONA possess that unbounded essence which can survive and live and be expressed through any form, already existent, or the new ones created. It can also survive with almost no form, wordless, shapeless, but simply Known and lived by some. Where would be any other group/philosophy/order/ religion without their strictly defined set of rules and forms? ONA adherent can be literally anything outwardly – they can be Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Satanist, Pagan, Atheist, whatever you think of… but still they’ll be ONA. Can you claim this about anything else out there? Any strain of Satanism or some other philosophy/ religion/(sub-)culture? Same as an individual adherent is using such religious, political, occult and art forms for the sake of their own development, for the deepening of their insights and furthering of their own goals, through manipulation of such forms – ONA uses these forms for her own development and for the furthering of Aeonic goals. ONA doesn’t depend upon these forms and can change them as one changes their clothes. The person wearing different clothes is the same person, like the ONA is the same (some)thing under different guises. This simplicity is not understood by mundane Satanist and similar species, as they actually depend upon outer forms very much, and the very identity of the most of them depends even upon the clothes they are wearing. If they are not wearing black, or some satanic jewelry, or some satanic tattoo, their “satanism” will be suspicious. And this is the case with any religion/movement/(sub-)culture out there. Slaves of forms…

The ONA however had some success with Satanism, and convinced many Satanists for a while that ONA was a form of Satanism.

ONA, actually never tried to convince anyone that it is a form of Satanism. But We think this one is clear from what was written here previously, and elsewhere over the years. ONA just uses Satanism as a form. There is a difference. However, ONA IS Presencing of Satan, even if this is not exclusively accomplished through forms of Satanism as such.

Satanicviews in future blog posts will offer several objective arguments which will clearly show that Reverse Christianity and the Order Nine Angles has never been and will never be Satanism

Why bothering with providing arguments for the claim that ONA is not and has never been “Satanism”, if Order itself clearly supports this fact? This Satanist in his article even writes: “As ONA adherents freely admit ONA is not Satanism (…)”(??). Again, why bothering with this then? They can simply copy that quote from O9A 101 we provided here and they can rest their case. Every time when something like this surface up, We wonder – “How dumb they really are?”.

Finally, if ONA, in their opinion, is akin to Reverse Christianity, what’s about those mundane Satanist who writes dumb stuff like this latest article on satanicviews? What about their law-abiding-love -your -neighbor -and- his- property – Satanism? Is it not akin to Christianity itself? This type of Magian-muppet Satanism was well characterized in many ONA writings, such is the one provided here for the further reading (i.e. “A Heretical Satanism” as a part of influence-innovation compilation).

Fear not, dear dumb Satanist. ONA doesn’t want to take your mundane satanism from you. ONA doesn’t need your mundane satanism, nor it’s trying to fit into it, or to dominate it, or whatever you might be thinking it’s doing. And, again – you don’t even have to prove how ONA is not Satanism. Admittedly it is not. Just cool down and learn to make, and appreciate some subtle differences: ONA is not Satanism – but there IS ONA Satanism. ONA is not Satanism – but it IS and it has been, and it will be Presencing of Satan.


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Is ONA and Reverse Christianity Satanism?

Two of the enduring festering sores of Satanism is the two worldviews of Reverse Christianity (RC) and the Order of Nine Angles (ONA) which have become associated with Satanism, which either incite or actively carry out actions of harm to property and life in accordance with their beliefs.  Even though the opinion is common amongst Satanists that RC and ONA is not Satanism, no objective arguments have been offered to finally eliminate the taint of such worldviews from Satanism.  To deal with RC and ONA it is probably worth offering some background upon them.

Reverse Christianity

These are individuals who have taken literally the Christian definitions of Satan and Satanism, and inflict harm to property and life for the purposes of excitement or as a trade to Satan for an anticipated reward such as money, fame and power.  These are the individuals, often mentally ill or intellectually impaired, who define themselves as Satanists and appear in the media associated with various crimes such as ritual murder.

Order of Nine Angles

The ONA is a philosophy invented by David Myatt in the 1970’s who synthesized his white supremacist and occult interests into a worldview that has been extensively added to by himself and his followers.  The ONA is largely an incoherent, impractical and rambling philosophy full of hocus pocus and pseudo philosophical ideology with a strong focus of incitement to killing people, specifically their obsession with culling and human sacrifice.

Due to its incoherence and impracticality the ONA is unable to survive in its own right as a philosophy, so survives as like a parasite, trying to incorporate itself into hosts such as religions and political movements, but always with the clear agenda of inciting harm to life and property.  Myatt originally failed to gain support from fellow white supremacists, so for a number of years used Islam to promote his ONA ideology, inciting jihad and suicide bombing. Ignored by Muslims and drawing attention of the UK authorities Myatt evolved a new form of his ONA philosophy called Numinous Way, a parody of a nature loving hippy.  Myatt’s followers, notably Chloe Ortega, attempted to incorporate ONA unsuccessfully with Buddhism, and attempts to infiltrate the Occupy Movement similarly failed.

The ONA however had some success with Satanism, and convinced many Satanists for a while that ONA was a form of Satanism.  As ONA adherents freely admit ONA is not Satanism, and ONA has largely been discredited in the minds of most Satanists, pushed out of most of the sites affiliated to the Left Hand Path, including Satanic International Network and Luciferian Research Society.  Beyond a few blogs the ONA is largely now active only in the 600Club, which continues to tolerate their presence.  The ONA have had no notability in the media of being publicly associated with any crime despite the vast material they have posted to the internet inciting harm to life and property.

In 2013 Satanicviews reported that the group, the so-called ONA 3.0 , under the direction of Chloe Ortega had disbanded, but the few followers of the ONA such as Ortega, Myatt and the Australian Ryan Anschauung through his Temple of Them continue to promote ONA philosophy through their writings.

Offering an argument that RC and ONA is not Satanism

Satanicviews in future blog posts will offer several objective arguments which will clearly show that Reverse Christianity and the Order Nine Angles has never been and will never be Satanism, and it is better using those arguments to offer such individuals no haven or public validation that they are either Satanists or have anything to do with Satanism.

Satanic Greeting Card

The image echoes in my mind the theme and look of the new Satanic Temple statue, where Satan is a far more beneficial archetype than ever Jesus would be. The fear of Satan is often because the power to make choice and the will to action is invested inside the individual rather than in external authorities. Jesus for instance takes the power to think and act away from the individual, but the essence of Satan expects the individual to take responsibility for the choices, actions, challenges and consequences in their own lives, without playing victim or blaming others.

I see so many images on Facebook. Very few of them get my attention, but I just had to post this one.

Demon and child image-rjwomack.com Satanic Greeting Card

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Satanic Temple and the use of juxtaposition

Juxtaposition is a key quality of humor, achieved by having two things placed or seen together for contrasting impact.  Many onlookers are confused as to the motives or strategies employed by Satanic Temple in their various campaigns, but juxtaposition is often employed with serious objectives at its heart by the group.  A recent example of juxtaposition was when authorities wanted to hand out Christian material to schools in Florida, the Satanic Temple created a juxtaposition of handing out coloring books to promote Satanism to the same schools, forcing the authorities to ban the handing out of all religious material to those schools.

An example of juxtaposition where an advert for junk food is located alongside an advert against obesity.
An example of juxtaposition where an advert for junk food is located alongside an advert against obesity.

The latest use of juxtaposition by the Satanic Temple is to challenge media and mass stereotypes of Satanism as a worldview that harms property and life.  The Satanic Temple now is organized into localized chapters that individually act to local challenges to create media opportunities using juxtaposition.  The Twin Cities chapter of the Satanic Temple under the leadership of John Wreisner held a bake sale to the public where people could try such delights as upside down cross cake.  Cake bake events rarely attract the interest of the media, usually held by community, church or ladies groups, but it gained strong publicity because this time a Satanic group was holding the event; a simple harmless event that contrasted strongly against the stereotype of Satanists holding events involving human sacrifice.

It takes a little leap of imagination of Satanic Temple building upon a bake sale with flower arranging or the recently condemned “Satanic” activity of yoga.  Perhaps children of Satanic Temple members could have lemonade stands? Such activities provide strong juxtaposition, with plenty of media opportunity, a strategy that the Satanic Temple is developing into an art form.

The Twin Cities chapter of the Satanic Temple are also actively pursuing LGBT issues in their local area, and plan to launch a pilot youth program to counter Christian fundamentalist activity in local schools that has apparently caused several student suicides in the local school district.

A review of the new Lucifer series on Fox

The long anticipated pilot for the Lucifer series on the FOX media network has appeared online via putlocker.

The pilot has attracted highly favourable ratings despite opposition from Christians in some quarters, who object to the positive portrayal of Lucifer in the series.

Lucifer seems to follow a trend since Star Wars by American directors to give the “evil” characters a British accent played by English actors to give them style or contrast against the American-played characters.  This Lucifer would be perfect playing 007 in the James Bond movies.

The pilot so far produces a simple and tame narrative focused on building character and depth, which sets this series apart from other productions of the occult genre, which have focused too much on complexity, action, unbelievable storylines  and shallow characters.  The team behind Lucifer have put a lot of thought and effort into the pilot, which I hope continues in the rest of the series.

Lucifer Morningstar is the son of God, given responsibility for the department of Hell in the family business, the place where truthers are sent to be tormented by demons for all eternity.  Lucifer is a playboy, bored by his life of mediocrity in Hell, so descends to Earth to an exciting life in Los Angeles.  Lucifer is portrayed as a character of style, wit and charm.  Visibly he is the tall dark handsome wealthy gentleman that most women fall for, but with edge and a touch of arrogance.

Immortal and able to seduce most people to reveal their desires, Lucifer manifests a sensitive and caring side to his complex personality as a lady he has attachments is gunned down in an apparent random hit.  The incident motivates Lucifer to embark on a quest to deliver lex talionis to those behind the murder, resulting in him teaming up with a former porn star who is now a female detective in the Los Angeles Police Department.

Lucifer dislikes children, causing entertaining challenges in his encounters with the daughter of the LAPD detective. The LAPD detectives husband provides another source of rising conflict with Lucifer, who is unhappy with their connection to his wife and daughter.  In the pilot the angel Amenadiel, a character with an intense dislike of Lucifer, makes several appearances to persuade Lucifer to return to his appointed position in charge of Hell.  Lucifer has an existential crisis between his caring side and the evil role demanded of him by God, and books an appointment with a therapist.

In summary, this writer loved the pilot, with a strong Lucifer character, humour, and lots of potential character, role and situational conflicts.  The Lucifer series has enough potential themes and storylines to maintain viewer interest for at least three series.

Satanic comment on Hampstead ritual abuse hoax


This is a long post about Hampstead SRA and our proposed response to future hoaxes. 

Sarah Good was a victim of the witchfinders in the Salem witch trials, hanged 1692 for witchcraft. There are strong parallels between witch hunting in the seventeenth century and the modern-day witch-hunt in Hampstead. It is probably no exaggeration that some of the witchfinders involved in the Hampstead hoax would have had the innocent victims of the SRA hoax in Hampstead hanged.
Sarah Good was a victim of the witchfinders in the Salem witch trials, hanged 1692 for witchcraft. There are strong parallels between witch hunting in the seventeenth century and the modern-day witch-hunt in Hampstead. It is probably no exaggeration that some of the witchfinders involved in the Hampstead hoax would have had the innocent victims of the SRA hoax in Hampstead hanged.

Satanicviews has been closely following a Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax for most of 2015 in the Hampstead area of London in the UK, becoming vocal against the witchfinders, those promoting and encouraging the hoax, in the last few months.  Hampstead is the first SRA case we have become involved in, initially objecting to yet another false internet-media wide narrative suggesting Satanists ritually rape, kill and eat children.  After viewing hours of video, and reading countless postings, documents and reports, this writer became fully aware of the depth of malicious depravity that witchfinders would plunge, and the horror they inflicted on their innocent victims.  Satanicviews over the months read countless other SRA cases, all disproved and all horrifying in their impact on the victims.  The similarity of modern SRA and the 17th century witch trials such as in Salem USA and those all over the UK was striking.

Background on Hampstead hoax

Ella Draper and Ricky Dearman divorced, a bitter custody dispute arose between them over a boy aged 8 and a girl aged 9.  Draper initiated a new relationship with Abraham Christie, a domineering and aggressive partner, with a history of violence and dishonesty.  From the beginning the children hated and were in conflict with Christie, were involved in stealing from him and other incidents of conflict.  After the children were caught in sexual experimentation, as most children do, Christie used the incident to build an elaborate story of Satanic Ritual Abuse against the teachers, parents, other children, and various other individuals in the children’s lives, with the principle leader of the “cult” being Ricky Dearman the father of the two children.

During the summer of 2014, including whilst on holiday in Morocco, Christie brainwashed the two children by introducing and building ideas in their heads of a vast cult in Hampstead involving schools, businesses and churches raping, torturing, killing and eating babies and children.  Christie hit the children with spoons, pushed them against walls, drugged and tortured them by pouring water over them, whilst questioning and repeating again and again various SRA narratives, which they had to say.  Although it is unclear what role Ella Draper took in the brainwashing of the children, she at least took a passive role in allowing Christie to abuse her children.  In a later police interview the children begged the police to protect them from Christie.

On his return from holiday Christie passed video he had taken of the children with various SRA claims onto a family member with connections to the police, video that showed Christie coaching the children.  The family member immediately contacted the police, who swiftly reacted by interviewing the children by video, and carried out initial searches of locations the children alleged incidents happened, but found nothing.  After the first police interview, the children were taken into protective custody, and social workers became involved.  The police carried out multiple video interviews with each child separately, where the children narrated elaborate and far-fetched claims against various individuals, schools and businesses, as part of a Satanic cult led by their father Ricky Dearman.  By the final police interviews the children had withdrawn all their allegations, stating Christie had made them say these things, a man that they hated and were terrified of.

The two children were subject to a humiliating and unnecessary medical examination to determine sexual abuse, using a scientifically discredited technique that caused the doctor to conclude sexual abuse consistent with the SRA claims of the children; in addition to confirmation of various injuries inflicted upon the children by Christie in events the children mentioned in the police interviews.   Controversy over the discredited technique meant the children had to undergo a second medical examination, and a full case conference of many doctors concluded the sexual abuse findings were a false positive.

Care proceedings were initiated to take custody of the children away from Christie and Draper, but allowing Ricky Dearman the father continued access.  Realizing that the legal system was starting to move against Draper and Christie, they fired their legal team and fled the country. Draper turned to two so-called McKenzie friends Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie to assist them in their publicity and legal actions to regain access to the children.  McNeill and McKenzie were two notorious truthers, heavily involved in the conspiracy movement, with a controversial background and a belligerent suspicion of the legal system.  Through a mix of incompetence, ignorance of the legal process, maliciousness and a pursuit of their own agendas, McNeill and McKenzie hijacked the case; caused the leak of sensitive medical reports, video and other documents to their followers; initiating a massive internet and publicity campaign to return the children back to Draper and Christie; and demanded a full investigation into a cover up of a Satanic ritual abuse cult, with the narrative expanded to include judges, police and social workers.  

During the early part of 2015 the truthers aka “witchfinders” embarked upon a campaign of harassment, intimidation, threats and invasion of privacy of the parents, children, teachers, a priest, a school, a church and the father of the children.  The school and church in Hampstead had to deploy security guards and the police to protect themselves from self-appointed judge-jury-executioner witchfinder vigilantes.  Every scrap of personal information on teachers, parents, their children, and especially Ricky Dearman, was dug up and posted on the internet.  Many people became afraid for their lives, harm to their property, family and children from the vigilantes.  The two children at the centre of the hoax had their faces, names, medical reports, police video interviews and other videos posted and reposted across the internet, a situation that will haunt them in years to come.  The judge in the care proceedings Judge Pauffley took the unusual decision to make public a judgement in the case to declare the Satanic narrative a fantasy, clearing father and all others accused of the Satanic allegations as innocent, and criticizing Draper, Christie and various witchfinders of initiating and perpetuating the hoax, to widespread media publicity.  The police began a manhunt for Draper and Christie.  Ricky Dearman was forced to make several media interviews to counter the false allegations against him.  The witchfinders answered by initiating a campaign of harassment against Judge Pauffley, and stepping up their internet campaigns, including many petitions.  

Multiple court orders were initiated to shut down sites and accounts harassing the victims of Hampstead, and attempting to get the identifying information of the two children removed, but the witchfinders responded by reposting on more sites.  Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill made little or no effort to discourage or ask their followers to cease harassing Hampstead victims, or to stop posting identifying information of the two Dearman children.  The Dearman children twice were forced to change foster locations due to their secret locations being compromised by witchfinders.

Around July 2015 the witchfinders broke into factional fighting, accusing each side of being members of MI5.  Witchfinders were being arrested or fled the country.  Multiple injunctions were served on various witchfinders to prevent harrassment.  Draper and Christie became isolated in exile, and all their legal attempts to recover access to the children were rejected.

The conclusion of the Hampstead SRA hoax

On 11 and 12 August 2015 the final court hearing was heard in secret to confirm full custody to the father.  Although Satanicviews does not know the outcome of the case, the apparent silence by everyone involved in the case indicates there are probably strict conditions in place binding the father and Draper to strict confidentiality in anything related to the Dearman children.  On balance of probabilities the father probably has full custody of the children.  It addition it is likely various orders have been made to the police and other agencies to take action against the witchfinders.  Predictably the father and other victims at Hampstead will litigate against the witchfinders for extensive damages.  Draper and Christie will probably eventually be arrested and charged for various breaches of the law including child abuse, neglect and contempt of court.  McKenzie, an individual who is relatively wealthy, and underwrites various truther campaigns, will probably be sharing that wealth with the various victims she helped to harm in Hampstead.

A small band of people connected to the Hampstead victims has done considerable and clever work in exposing and destroying the Hampstead Satanic hoax, plus its supporters.  It is only a matter now of a mopping up operation to make sure the witchfinders who contributed to the hoax enjoy their just rewards such as jail time and a day in court.  Satanicviews has offered a small contribution to the fight against the witchfinders, and noted with interest how afraid and sometimes submissive a witchfinder can be as soon as a real Satanist turns up to challenge them.  Satanicviews will continue to report on any major developments in the case as witchfinders are metaphorically crucified Jesus-style in the legal system.  As far as we are concerned the battle is won, the Hampstead hoax and its supporters campaign is destroyed.

A Satanic response

The depths that a witchfinder of a SRA hoax will go, and the horrifying damage they can inflict upon a victim is astonishing, echoing the witch hunts of the seventeenth century.  Most victims of the SRA hoax are Christians or non-religious types, such hysteria cares nothing for reality or rationality.  Most Satanists have an indifferent attitude to SRA, or the false association of Satanism with ritual child abuse, murder and cannibalism, perhaps considering these things a problem for someone else, a situation that is tolerated rather than challenged.

The people of Hampstead were fortunate that none were revealed to be real Satanists, and that they all had the establishment on their side.  In the majority of cases of the past, the establishment has been on the side of the witchfinder.  Although today the establishment is skeptical about SRA, there are thousands of witchfinders in positions of influence trying to convince the media, politicians and society that Satanists are raping, torturing and murdering children in the worship of Satan.  All the witchfinders need is a good example of SRA, perhaps provided by the growing challenge of superstitious poorly educated African immigrants, for SRA to evolve to become a serious problem for Satanists.  If the one accused of SRA is a real Satanist, or lives an alternative LHP lifestyle, prospects of fending off a witchfinder campaign is a lot harder than that the Hampstead victims faced.

I ask would Satanists allow another Satanist to be falsely accused of SRA and destroyed by witchfinders?  Would a Satanist consider it better to take some action not only to counter these SRA fictions, but also to prevent another Salem or a Hampstead SRA situation occurring again? I answer, I would fight SRA.

I and others will be speaking with several Satanic groups who have organized themselves on a local level, for instance the Satanic Temple is organized into local chapters, with one proposed for London later this year.  In addition to Satanic Temple, there is also potential for Satanic International Network and the Greater Church of Lucifer to add campaigns against SRA into their various activities.

Satanicviews intends to build a website as a useful resource by which anyone with an interest in fighting SRA can use to achieve that goal.  We are particularly interested in identifying and monitoring all the key witchfinders, so we can take preventative steps to make sure that they cannot move into a position of influence unchallenged to pursue their SRA agendas.  Some people take care never to speak of the devil, in case they bring the devil to their door, but in the case of Hampstead, I believe the witchfinders made that mistake.

International Left Hand Path Consortium 2016

Following on from previous successful LHP international events in Toronto (2012) and Indianapolis (2014) the main organizer Laurie Pneumatikos is now promoting the next event for 2016 in Atlanta promoted as the impressive sounding International Left Hand Path Consortium 2016.

From its humble amateurish beginnings it appears the LHP event under Laurie Pneumatikos has evolved into a well-organized professional event, with all the speakers and other aspects of such an event already in place months in advance of the event date of 8,9,10 April 2016.  The event in 2014 nearly collapsed, but was salvaged by last-minute support, proved a major success.  This time the event has been promoted with a professional looking website and a major social media campaign, attracting strong support from the Left Hand Path community.

The event seems to have attracted some controversy, because Pneumatikos had to pull out of organizing an event in Atlanta in 2015, resulting in an open letter being published on the 2016 event site.

The 2016 event includes a strong lineup of speakers covering a wide spectrum of the Left Hand Path, various workshops, artists, exhibitors, comedy, live music, rituals and a masked ball.  Tickets for the event are on sale priced $150.00.


Christians caused the creation of Satanic Temple

It is a scientific truth that for every action there is a reaction, a fact worthy of noting to those many Christians in the USA who complain about the Satanic Temple and their Satanic statue.  Christians in recent years had been particularly aggressive in pushing their religion into the classroom and into the US governmental institutions, threatening the sacred founding principle of the separation of church and state.

It was predictable based upon action, reaction, that there would be those who wanted to retain the separation of state from religion who would rise up to oppose the religious institutionalization of America. A couple of young free thinkers, who were not necessarily Satanists, saw Satanism as a useful vehicle to oppose the Christian hijacking of the USA, and founded the Satanic Temple.  Mixing fun, politics and satire, through a series of stunts the Satanic Temple gathered under their banner both Satanists and non-Satanists in a campaign that captured the imagination of the media and those opposed to the invasion of religion into schools and government, eclipsing even the media influence of the Church of Satan, to become the main voice of Satanism to the eyes of the media.

Over the previous weekend young Christians gathered to pray in their hundreds at the controversial Ten Commandments Monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol.  “It seems like our whole country is kicking God out,” they complained, ignoring the beautiful reality that the USA is a nation of many faiths, where people desire the liberty of living without a narrow interpretation of Christianity being forced upon them in government and the classroom. The Christians stated their aim of their prayer meeting was to protest against “Oklahoma City and the state of Oklahoma seemingly becoming a focal point for Satanism,” the irony being that there would never have been a Satanic statue proposed for the state capitol if they had not infringed the separation of church and state by building a religious monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

It is thanks to these Christians that the dull embers of Satanism was given new life by their own actions, which has given birth to an interesting new chapter in Satanism which Satanicviews describes as a form of political Satanism.

the nut job world of “Satanic Ritual Abuse” conspiracy

Another good article and summary by a fellow Satanist of the recent so-called Satanic ritual abuse claims at Hampstead. A good point is made that the agents behind the SRA hoaxes appear to move on unchallenged and without much damage to their reputations, despite inflicting terrible damage on the lives of those they accuse of SRA, and go on to repeat their activity to damage a new set of victims with SRA accusations years later.

Summer Thunder

This is a subject that I care a great deal about, as it has done so much damage, and yet responsibility for the damage has never really been publicly and clearly admitted in the past by those who furthered and perpetuated it. I am talking about the “Satanic Panics” and “Satanic Ritual Abuse” scares which were at their heights in the 1980s and 90s, but which I recently learned have not yet gone away.

That they are still with us is not a surprise; they are nothing new, in fact they evidence an archaic psychology which makes them seem surreal and oddly cinematic (having maybe been primed by fiction, film and bogus literary “accounts”). But then people are largely fairly primitive, and their moral compasses are constructed with a lot less altruism than they generally think. In that sense, it is only a matter of time before…

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Some heads really need to be knocked together

Satanicviews shares the frustrations of other Satanists that the merchants of conspiracy theories that Satanists are all baby eating child rapists, such as is being constantly repeated in the Hampstead hoax in the UK, should be subject to some lex talionis.

Aleph's Heretical Domain

I’ve been hearing about some commotion relating to a “satanic” ritual abuse scare involving the Hampstead area of London. Normally I consider these kinds of vulgar scares a waste of time, but I’ve seen discussion about it crop up a little more frequently so I decided to see what exactly is going here. Upon further reading, it’s clear to me that we’re dealing a disgusting scare campaign perpetrated by people whose minds are both dull and clearly unsound. As a matter of fact, this looks to be the very same scare I had been alerted to less then five months ago, only now I find it’s being perpetrated by people who harass others not only in the name of base ignorance, but also in the name of “love and light”, Biblical rhetoric, and even psychic communications from one Lord Ashtar. You know, that blond-haired deity who’s believed to be an extraterrestrial? I never liked that…

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