What now for Becki Percy?

becki percy shows no apparent signs of abuse
Becki Percy Satanic fantasy is going to be ended when she returns to the UK.

Becki exhausts her last legal chance against deportation

Back in December 2019 Percy had her final chance to show reasons why she should not be deported back to the UK from the USA.  Percy sat and did nothng, so the predicted outcome was she lost her final legal appeal against deportation.  Percy no longer has any legal right to stay in the USA; online petitions and letters to politicians by her supporters won’t change that outcome.

Becki US stay continues thanks to immigration chaos and coronavirus

Percy continues to benefit from a slow and chaotic immigration system that has allowed her to stay on in the USA under false pretences for five years.  Coronavirus has also extended a helping hand to keep Percy out of jail and remain in the USA until flights to the UK can be safely resumed.

Becki enjoys a parasitic relationship with adopted “mum” Wendy McAvene

Being unable to legally work and with donations drying up, Percy is reliant upon adopted “mum” Wendy McAvene for her day to day living costs.  The parasitic relationship has resulted in the destruction of the McAvene marriage, home and shattered Wendy’s relationship with her family.  Percy, who demands cult-like devotion to her person in her relationships, has reduced her relationship to her “mom” to one of sleeping with her.

Many MAGA followers begin to abandon Percy

Having ruined the lives of both her US host families; the failure of her legal cases; the lack of evidence; and her long periods of inactivity: has resulted in the loss of over several thousand followers from the Percy social media; with many now questioning the truth of her narrative.  Despite a large number of followers, many of the Percy followers have gone inactive or are ignoring her.  Percy has complained at the lack of motivation of her followers to support her.

An adult aged 25 pretending to be a vulnerable little girl wears thin

Having left the UK care system and her childhood behind at the age of 19 to embark on a fantasy adventure in the USA, Percy has failed to transition into adulthood; retaining an infantile hold onto a vulnerable little girl image that makes her seem creepy as an adult aged 25.  Percy has in five years gained no work experience; or advanced her education; or made much effort to seek medical assistance for her alleged negative abuse experiences.  As an adult, Percy continues to demand intensive caregiving and financial maintenance from fellow adults; when many women of this age are getting married, raising children and are building careers for themselves.

Percy alleged abuse experiences become a secondary issue as an adult

Whatever abuse experiences Percy claims to have happened to her; as a 25-year-old adult, it has been within her power for the last five years to seek medical assistance and go to the legal authorities.  Despite previous abuse complaints being investigated by the UK police and rejected for lack of evidence; the Satanic abuse allegations are a new set of allegations that Percy has only been making since she arrived in the USA.  Percy has neither gone to the legal authorities about these Satanic allegations, nor has she offered evidence of them to her US lawyers and courts.  For campaigners such as me, the allegations of abuse by Percy becomes an irrelevant point, because it has been in her adult power to go to the police and seek medical assistance about them.  The choice to do nothing about her own abuse complaints is an adult choice Percy has made, and that is fair enough.

There must be closure for the other parties in the Percy narrative

To make serious criminal allegations on social media against named people, but offer no closure for those people through a police investigation, is not acceptable.  If it is the adult choice of Percy to refuse a police investigation into her Satanic allegations, then it must follow that she lets this matter go; to remove and stop making these allegations.  Creating a traumatic situation and refusing to resolve it is unjust, and thus people such as I will intervene to bring about the police investigation, and an end to the Percy public allegation making.

There is an urgent need for closure for the alleged child victims of the Percy narrative

Percy has alleged that several thousand children have been raped and murdered in the city of Hull UK by a Satanic cult.  Percy has refused to take the necessary actions that most other adults would have taken in getting the alleged harm of children in Hull stopped and investigated by having them investigated by the police.  Percy has created a narrative that has been totally focussed about her own alleged abusive experiences and needs; but, has excluded any empathy or assistance to the suffering and needs of the children of Hull.  Until these allegations of child rape and murder are investigated, there can never be 100% certainty they are false.  Percy refuses to offer closure for alleged victims of her narrative.

Percy will be subject to harrassment law on her return to the UK

On her return to the UK, if Percy repeats her false allegations without evidence against any UK individual on two separate occasions, she will be arrested and investigated for harrassment and stalking.  Such crimes result: in jail; mental health sectioning; and court orders to remove allegations, and not to repeat those allegations.

Police complaints will be made against Percy for crimes against children

To force a criminal investigation into the Percy allegations of rape and murder of children in Hull UK, the words of Percy will be used as evidence against her to investigate her own involvement in those crimes.

Percy has said:

  1. she was present when children were raped and murdered.
  2. she is the mother of 3 babies who were murdered.
  3. she was present and buried the body of her baby sister Lily.

Percy can be investigated under two areas of UK law:

1. Section 5 Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004

Percy did not stop or report a crime against a child in a situation where she was present.  This is true in that she claims to be a mother of three babies in which she says were murdered, with at least one being placed in a blender.  Percy was also in a baby sitting role of looking after her alleged baby sister Lily; and she was present when it was abused; murdered and mutilated.  Percy was aged over 10; and was in a significant regular role such as being mother or care giver to children she claims were raped and killed.

2. The unlawful disposal of the bodies of child murder victims

There are several crimes that Percy has created by burying the alleged body of Lily her sister.  At least two crimes are: peverting the course of justice by hiding evidence of crimes; denying Lily a lawful burial, since Percy says she has hidden the remains of Lily in a woodland.

I am seriously not happy

The fact that someone is going to have to go to the police station and make criminal complaints against Becki Percy because she was too lazy, spiteful and selfish to bring about closure for the children of Hull and the named people she alleges are behind those crimes, is going to be a traumatic, inconvenient and unnecessary situation.

For ten years Percy has been playing out this horrible fantasy with no inclination to bring closure.  Too many people have suffered an endless rollercoaster ride that Percy has created.  Everybody wants to get off: for there to be an end to this allegation making; for there to be closure for the many suffering victims this has caused.

It has always been in the power of Percy to bring about closure, but she desires to keep the circus rolling on.  So people are going to force the matter and close the circus down.  But as I say, for us who have to close the circus down, this is a traumatic process we can do without.

Abundance : learning from nature

This space where I planted tree saplings, attracted a fox that slept near them.

In my spare moments I do gardening.  It is great fun to start from a blank slate and turn an empty piece of ground into a living work of art.  There is a kind of magic to weaving together different elements of nature to end with something that is colourful, abundant, fragrant and busy with humming bees and happy butterflies.

Nature loves abundance and filling empty spaces.  Give a city square a year, and nature will fill it with dandelions; and there will be an abundance of those dandelions.  That is how nature works.

People have a choice about the spaces in their lives, such as the 24 hour day.  If they don’t make a choice of filling such spaces with something useful, nature will fill it with something else, such as unwanted weeds in a city square.  And it is the case, that whatever fills that space will be abundant.

Life, body, mind and career is like a garden.  Neglect this garden, then unwanted things will fill the space with abundance, like weeds.  And, just as some people turn their garden into a wasteland of trash, concrete and decay; so by choice people do so to spaces like their body.  Feed doughnuts to the body each day: get fat; then suffer diabeties; then go blind, and suffer amputation of legs due to diabeties.  Our deeds and choices fill the gardens of our lives with the seeds of what will grow in abundance, good or bad.

Nobody has to be mystical, educated or smart to go about creating positive outcomes in their lives.  Gardening is not beyond the scope of even a retard.  Plant a seed in the ground, it grows into something; plant more of that seed, get more abundance of the same thing; do a little weeding, get even more abundance of the seed that was planted.  Thats how it works in nature: spaces fill with what is planted there in abundance.

From basic rules a toddler can understand, the individual can build a garden of their own desire by following more technical concepts.  So what works for me?

I break a space down into smaller spaces.  I work on one or two smaller spaces at a time in a larger space, with an idea in my mind of what I want to achieve in each space.  As I am working with nature and many random variables like weather, I have allowed room to be flexible and adaptable to changing situations, which allows for the opportunity to play and explore ideas and situations.  Some ideas work; some fail; some things happen randomly; some things are unexpected.

If there is something positive in a space, such as an interesting flower, I leave it; but often I clear a space in order to start from scratch with a blank slate.  A lot of time, money and energy might be required to clear a space.  In my garden, my spaces require the clearing out of abandoned junk, the removal of stones and weeds.  Spaces in my garden often end with huge holes in the ground.

The ground is prepared in a cleared space.  I dump dead leaves and decaying organic material in the holes, followed by compost.  I might “infect” the soil with certain types of fungi.  Thus, the space attracts bacteria, fungi and earthworms to make it healthy and fertile.

I plant into the fertile soil the seeds of that which I want to grow.  Nothing in nature is immediate, and such seeds have to be watched over and cared for.  Weeding might be required; some protection from birds and predators; watering.  And if those seeds have had their needs of good soil, water and sunlight met; then the space will fill with their abundance.

If the seeds bring forth flowers; they will attract other positive things: bees; butterflies; birds.  From the flowers will emerge: colour; good smells; and perhaps good things to eat and heal.

The process of a healthy planted garden is the same for mind, body, career and life.  The body loves water, hates alcohol; the mind loves walks in nature, hates watching endless repeats on television; the career loves learning new skills, hates mediocrity; life loves diversity; hates routine sameness.  The individual gets what they plant in a space in abundance, good or bad.

Becki Percy runs away from truth – again

becki percy
Becki Percy will be investigated for crimes against children on her return to the UK. 

Last week, false allegation maker Becki Percy came back onto the internet with a fanfare of internet posts asking for her followers to sign a pointless petition to keep her in the USA.  Having probably been released from jail due to the coronavirus, Percy reopened her Twitter account to the public, and her allegation making began once more.

The many critics of Percy had not gone away, and she was challenged once again to provide evidence in support of her many claims that named people had raped and murdered children in Hull UK.  Like before, Percy offered nothing; then, when the heat got too much, bolted back into her hole and returned her Twitter account to private lockdown.

Over ten years of false allegation making, Percy has been provided with scores of opportunities to give evidence to social workers, police, lawyers, judges and to her own supporters; yet everytime, nothing.

The sad reality is that several thousand Trump Christian supporters have been seduced by a fake Satanic story of child abuse, pro-Trump political posts and an endless stream of Bible scripture by Becki Percy to offer her their belief and support without asking for evidence.  Percy lives in an echo chamber of her own fantasy, paid for by fraud and theft, totally out of touch with reality.

Percy lost her final court case against deportation back to the UK from the USA, and this process is only delayed by coronavirus.  Regardless of petitions, letters to politicans and social media postings, the reality is that Percy is coming back to the UK.

When Percy lands back in Britain, she will land in reality with a bang.  Percy will have to find a job, accommodation and a life in a nation that is less supportive of her fantasies.  The UK will be in deep recession due to the coronavirus, and Percy will face challenges in the job market from lack of work experience and qualifications, that she squandered by being lazy and living her fantasy life in the USA for five years.  The frauds and fantasy that Percy has unleashed onto the internet will work against her, as it will frighten future employers and others who could have supported  her.

When Percy is back in the UK, she will be investigated for crimes against children, for fraud and for harrassment.  The long suffering innocent victims of the false allegation making by Percy will finally have the opportunity to have the allegations investigated by the UK police; and if those allegations are false, to court order Percy to not repeat them.  People like me will make sure that Percy does not have access to children or vulnerable people, because she poses a significant threat to their wellbeing.

Percy retains the opportunity to silence her critics by offering tangible evidence in support of her stories and allegations: such as medical reports; burial sites of alleged child murder victims; and photographic evidence of the torture to her body.

Becki Percy is potentially guilty of serious crimes against children, and she will be arrested and investigated for those crimes when she returns to the UK.

Becki Percy: the girl who never grew up

percy pan and wendy
Percy Pan and Wendy – children beware!

Who remembers Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up? Well, Becki Percy is the female equivalent of Peter Pan; and she has found her Wendy (Wendy McAvene) to share her adventures in Never Never Land.

Instead of pirates, the imagination of Percy is full of Satanists.  The Lost Children of the Peter Pan story become to Percy the raped and murdered children she buried in a mystery Hull woodland.  Captain Hook is her real mum (who in her spare time sells coffee and cake to the people of Hull).  Perhaps Catherine the “second mum” became Tinkerbell, who then turned rebel fairy; and was no longer welcome in Percy’s little gang of infantile grownups, pretending to be fighters against baby eating fiction monsters.

For Becky Percy the boring life of mediocrity and anonymity is too dull.  Percy dreams to be a somebody, without the effort and responsibility required.   Everything Percy creates is a low quality creation: overpriced and pretentious.  The fictions Percy vomits into the world: borrowed well used tropes of Hollywood and Church invention; that Percy was too lazy to research and shape to make realistic.  Nothing Percy does comes from her heart; all her words and deeds are conditional manipulations.  The pretence and fakeness of the Percy imagination makes her as mediocre and dull as her fake eyebrows.

For ten years Percy has invented fictions against people; played the role of child abuse victim. She flutters from one family to another like a cuckoo, destroying family after family who let her into their nest.  Self-entitled, dishonest and manipulative; Percy has lived ten years of existence upon the funding of taxpayer, charity and fool.

Adults incapable of growing up; following the Peter Pan fiction, are creepy.  Becki Percy, a 25-year-old adult playing the role of a fragile little abused girl; insisting on sleeping in the beds of mature women; having orgasms whilst regressing to an infantile state; is as creepy as Michael Jackson having sleep overs with little boys in his bed.  It is creepy that a 50-something woman in menopause like Wendy McAvene abandons a 25-year marriage, home and family to recapture her youth by bedding a deluded mentally disturbed woman half her age.  The hypocrisy of women of religion condemning gay people, whilst pretending their creepiness is not a deluded lesbian love affair.

For ten years Percy has been indulged at others expense.  How much money has been spent investigating allegation making by Percy by the UK social services and the police; that concluded she was making shit up?  How many tens of thousands of American dollars have been spent in court costs, legal fees and jail accommodation whilst the US system processed the Percy false political asylum claim? How many tens of thousands of dollars has Becki Percy and Wendy McAvene tricked out of old vulnerable people and the religious American public?

Thanks to her devoted Wendy, Becki Percy flutters her enormous fake eyebrows, and launches into Never Never Land at the parasitic expense of others.  Percy is not motivated to better herself through education; or get a proper job; or live a useful grounded life in the real world.  There is no incentive to live in the real world of adults whilst others indulge Becki Percy in her infantile Peter Pan existence.

JM Barrie never meant for Peter Pan to be the fun figure of Disney fame: he was a demon who stole children from their mothers; the grim reaper that carried children to the land of death.  Peter Pan was born out of tragedy: the death of David the brother of JM Barrie; and Barrie became David for the sake of his mother; and he became trapped by the ghost of David.  And of the Lost Boys and their family that Barrie became fixated about, all but one member of that family ended in tragedy.

Percy flutters her fake eyebrows and speaks empty words of concern for the abused children of the world; of her own victimhood. Percy says Hull children are raped and murdered on a daily basis, yet five years have come and gone, and she did nothing to prevent further crimes; that is an estimated 2000 child murders and rapes she could have prevented.  Percy makes false allegations against her host families, potentially depriving innocent children from access to their loving parents and grandparents.  Percy haunts peadophile sites whilst posting images and personal details of the children of her host families for paedophiles to collect and stalk.  Of children, all Percy ever seems to think about is images of sexual sadism in relation to them.  Would I let Percy Pan babysit a child? NO!

Injustice is the thing I hate the most

Becki Percy will be pursued until the truth of her allegation making is investigated by the police in Hull; and she is made to answer for the part she played in the alleged rape and murder of the children of Hull in the UK.

Injustice is one of the things that makes me angry the most.  My life has been a story of injustice.  The world throughout history has been soaked by injustice.

Hollywood tales where good always wins, and everyone lives happily ever after, is an outrageous falsehood.  The reality is that the bully, fraud and tyrant go on to live a life of success unpunished for their misdeeds.  Often, the gentle and good-hearted are crushed into the ground.

Often, the false witness, rapist, murderer and liar is supported in their life of wickedness by an ineffective legal system, indifference and the stupidity of the mass of society.  Becki Percy has waged a ten year war of terror through false allegation making; breaking families, ruining lives; enjoying a life of parasitic ease paid for by the taxpayer and donations from gullible sheep.  Angela Power Disney, walking a similar road of false allegation making as Percy: has broken families; ruined lives; stolen from hungry orphans and driven people to suicide. Disney lives a world of fantasy as the legal system seems incapable of challenging her crimes; which Disney pursues with arrogant belief that she is untouchable.  We in the UK all clap in the streets for our medical workers as we send them to their deaths for lack of basic equipment to fight coronavirus due to our own indifference and neglect.

Whilst the mass of society are too indifferent, lazy, stupid and uncaring to fight injustice, a few do; and the price paid by those few is enormous.  The system and the mass of society often is biased in favour of those like Hitler, Percy and Disney.  It takes a huge amount of resources to challenge and deal with these wicked people; and it is easier to turn a blind eye to the injustices that destroy lives.  The few that challenge the wicked, are those that rock the boat, and they come up against the system that will protect the unjust and will punish the lonely fighters against the unjust due to the ripples those fighters create.  The system and society is biased towards apathy, indifference and stasis.   It is often the case that the fighter against the unjust ends up dead, jailed and ruined; few will get positive tales written about them or statues built in their memory.  The price paid to fight injustice is harsh, and few are willing to take up the sword.

I am no superhero, but I have suffered enough injustice in my life to get fire in my belly to rise up in rebellion against an injustice.  When I am fired up, no army, god or cosmic time will stop me in the pursuit of those that ignited me.  I have destroyed politicians, and I have addressed some wrongs hundreds of years before I was born.  The latest monster to ignite my fire is Becki Percy.

Becki Percy who for ten years has pointed fingers at named people saying they raped and murdered thousands of children in Hull.  What ignited me to total fire was that Percy had said that daily in Hull children were being raped and murdered by a cult; then for five years she sat on her lazy indifferent arse in the USA and did nothing to end those alleged crimes.  Which is to say that if one child was murdered and raped per day in Hull, she (Percy) allowed 1780 children to be raped murdered through her inaction.  When Percy was asked to do something about the alleged crimes in Hull, she persecuted and blocked the concerned individuals calling them peadophile supporters.  Percy is on video public record for saying she had disposed of the bodies of dead children in a woodland, a location she has not revealed, and thus has contributed the the crimes she accuses others of.

Many of us are 99% certain that Becki Percy is making up an elaborate fiction, but until we can be 100% sure through a police investigation, we cannot say fully for certain that this is a hoax.  Percy plays out her story of child rape and murder daily like a broken record player; and Percy offers no closure to the people she accuses of crimes against children, nor certainty of the truth of her allegations via a police investigation.  We can all argue backwards and forwards all we like about the truth or fiction of what Percy alleges, but until she is in a police station to account for her allegations, there can be no closure.

In the video below Becki Percy admits to the burial of a murdered child in an unknown location in Hull.  Disposing of the bodies of murdered children is a crime; it is also a crime not reporting the harm of children.  Becki Percy will be investigated for her admitted alleged crimes against children such as Lilly.  Percy faces a potential life sentence in prison for these alleged crimes. Age of criminal responsibility in the UK is ten.  

Percy has ignited my fire.  There is no escape for Percy, for I am going to pursue Percy until there is closure.  Either those who hurt the Hull children are jailed, the dead children given a proper burial and justice for the crimes against them; or Percy is shown up through a police investigation for the liar I suspect she is and the people she accused of those crimes are shown as innocent.  Until there is a police investigation; there is a 1% probability that a murdered little girl called Lilly exists buried in a woodland in Hull with other children; a body disposed of by Percy; a crime that she must also answer for.  And yes, Percy, I will pursue you to the ends of the earth, and you will have no rest until your story is police investigated; and if there is truth, then you too must go to jail for the part you played in the rape and murder of the children of Hull.