Six Satanic Questions

Fellow Satanists have posted and answered six Satanic questions here and here.  I thought I would do the same.  What would your answers be to these questions?

Six Satanic Questions
Six Satanic Questions

1. How has Satanism changed me?

I feel liberated, Satanism broke the chains of slavery to restriction and external authority.  I learnt that good/evil were subjective judgements based upon a set of rules.  I learned to question, to see the difference between my values, ideas and rules and those of external authorities.  Satanism gave me a boundary between the sovereignty of individuality and the mindless slavery of group-minded mediocrity.  I was no longer encumbered by the emotional baggage of the approval, judgements and opinions of external authorities.  I could say “no” without feeling guilty or caring about what others thought if it was not in my interests to agree to a demand on my time, energy and money to assist someone else at the expense of my self.  Satanism motivates me to challenge limits, and transgress limiting boundaries that I or others impose upon me.

2. What is Satan to me?

I see Satan (and Lucifer) as being the faces of the same archetype that represents the best qualities of the human species.  In myth Satan, Lucifer, Prometheus and Enki are names of the same archetype, one who as a culture hero symbolised the human species in its rebellion against external authorities, be it a tyrant god such as Zeus or God, or against the wild hostile forces of nature.  In myth it was the human species that ate the forbidden fruit, and built the great Tower of Babel to be greater than God.  The archetypes such as Prometheus and Enki always championed humanity by stealing fire or other gifts from the external authority to give to mankind.  It is humanity who dares to defy death, create life and plough into the dark secrets of nature to spin a reality akin to a god.  Satan casts out the external authority, restriction and ignorance.  Each individual becomes Satan by embracing the black flame that is Satan, manifesting their will to action and their choice as sovereign authorities in their own lives in defiance of the restricting and conformist tyranny of the external authority.  By becoming Satan the individual becomes their own god, expressing the best qualities of humanity: wisdom (born of experience); knowledge (born of the senses); reason (coming to conclusions based on cause and effect, the probability of truth based upon common patterns that are observable, demonstrated or experienced in nature, society and self); creativity (the perception, building and action of patterns); and sustainability (action in harmony with nature.)

3. Am I going to hell?

It depends upon definitions of what hell is.  In some myths hell was seen as an underworld which all the dead go, akin to Hades, and depending upon the individual belief in life after death, this was the certain destination of all the dead.  Burning in everlasting fire, is referred to in Egyptian mythology, an ancient society built on group-minded conformity to an established state religion, that used the same fear of hell fire to instill obedience in their followers as do Christian authorities today.  Nobody who writes and speaks about the threat of burning in hell has ever seen or experienced such a place, so there is no empirical knowledge that they can hold as a truthful authority for their claims.  I define fire as alike to wisdom, which is born of the suffering of experience, so as Satanism is a path of wisdom, then fire is to the Satanist that water is to a fish.  The little evidence of life after death, such as the memory of children of past lives, suggests there is no such place as the fiery hell that the Christians like to terrorize the ignorant with.   The notion of burning in hell fire gained popularity in the middle ages with the production of Dantes Inferno, that gave a graphic visualization of hell as a place of torture, reflective of the love of pain and torture of their citizens by religious and state authorities in that barbaric age.  I doubt I will be burning in hell as the ignorant fear-mongering Christians claim.

4. Do you consider yourself good or evil?

I reject the moralistic definitions of good and evil, the subjective judgements based upon a set of rules as delusional.  I use an objective philosophy called teleology to determine if a thing or action is good or bad.  Teleology proposes that everything in nature has reason, so that all things have an ultimate design or end result that determines its function and nature, for instance a knife has the function or end state as cutting things.  Using teleology I can say a thing is good if it is able to carry out its function, and its action is good if that action allows or increases its function.  A blunt knife is a bad knife, because it is no longer functional; an action that blunts a knife is a bad action, because it impairs the function of the knife to cut things.  If a Satanist is following their own true nature, that is a good action, and they are being a good Satanist.  The nature or function of the Satanist is individualistic, so once they define their personal qualities of Satanism, they may determine the good and bad of their actions and individual Satanic state.

5. What do I think about other religions?

I consider a religion to be a worldview that defines the self, their world and the place of self in that world.  The religion can be both Left Hand Path or Right Hand Path, defined by if the individual retains their personal choice and will to action in that religion when challenged by an external authority.  I dislike stupidity, laziness and greed, so if a religion creates these traits in an individual, I become hostile.  I love and respect the religion that embraces wisdom, knowledge, reason, creativity and sustainability as part of its belief system.

6. What important lessons has Satan taught me recently?

Difficult to say, the Satanic path is a path of learning of multiple skills, insights and experience, involving bits of everything every day.  Certain themes emerge over time, for instance my love for the potential of AI to take over some of the functions of human society, such as the running of hospitals, since I am so appalled at the laziness, stupidity and greed that has made such hospitals a place of death and sickness rather than health.  Satan has made sustainability a major issue for me, for instance, if war is the reality of nature, I reject peace and balance as delusional in human society, so I am no longer fooled by the campaigns for peace by ignorant campaigners.  Satan has taught me to take a harsh and aggressive position with the stupid, I would wipe out Islamic State without any mercy; and the same use of independent AI technology to protect elephants, killing those that poach them.  Satan gave me the insight that places for wildlife must be set aside banning humans from entering them, protected by AI guardians.

Satanic view on rights and liberties

Nature and Life is like the child fighting the Sumo wrestler.
The individual is like the child, nature and life is like the sumo wrestler that the child faces in contest.

The demonic cat and mouse.

My demonic cat recently caught a mouse, ate it alive as I watched, the crunching bones audible, before the cat moved on to harass me for a share of my tuna.  Mice in nature have no rights or liberties, they live and die based upon their ability to survive in a hostile environment.  Nature (and life) is like the sumo wrestler in the image to the left, it takes no prisoners, it is down to the individual to sink or swim in the arena of war.

Human rights and liberties, a tool of control by the State.

On inventing civilization humanity created artificial rights and liberties designed that a mass of humans could live together without killing each other.  The State is nothing more than a tool designed so that a group of people can pool their resources for common benefit.  Reality, the State divides people into the ruled and the ruler, and it becomes the ruler rather than the ruled who creates rights and liberties to benefit the ruler not the ruled; the State as a tool of benefit for all is long dead.

Islamic State is a mockery of human rights and liberties.

The Islamic State is a living mockery of artificial rights and liberties, it has committed every atrocity and perversion known to mankind, a monstrosity created and supported by various ruling elites around the world.  The latest atrocity by IS is the visiting of death upon scores of civilians in Paris, an hypocritical example of a religion ignoring fundamental invented rights and liberties in its own holy book that prohibits harm to innocent civilians in war.

The execution of Jihadi John – fuck human rights.

The USA executed the poster-boy of IS known in the media as Jihadi John, a real-life example of a murderous psycho all the fantasists living in their moms basements in the Order of Nine Angles have wet dreams about wanting to be.  The leader of the political opposition in the UK complained how Jihadi John should have been given a fair trial and a life prison sentence in a UK jail.  Fuck that! Give me the army and the resources and I will go after IS killing every one of them, women and children included; black flag all the way, screw their human rights and liberties.

Paris killings spark more destruction of human rights and liberties of civilians.

On the back of the latest religion-inspired mass killings by religious fanatics the ruler has begun to remove more rights and liberties of the ruled; bans on protests in Paris, restrictions of freedom of movement and extension of spying on civilians.

Hampstead witchfinders – another mockery of human rights and liberties.

Those who support the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax have harassed, abused and invaded the personal lives of hundreds of innocent people, including children.  Some of those witchfinders scream how their rights and liberties are violated when the innocent and the ruling authorities take action against them.  Islamic State and the Hampstead witchfinders are a living mockery of artificial human rights and liberties.

Satanists have no need for human rights and liberties.

As a Satanist I delight in that pure form of nature expressed between the cat and the unfortunate mouse, a state of existence without the taint of subjective inventions like human rights and liberties.  The Satanist is more pure to the truth that nature is, because the Satanist accepts responsibility that they are the agent and authority of their own rise and fall in life.  The Satanist has no need for the artificial rules of external authorities dictating what is their rights and liberties.  Even though the Satanist will use all tools to personal advantage, including the human rights laws, the Satanist is able to survive in the most restrictive of tyrannies, because they learn to adapt, using cunning to play the system to their own advantage.  Whilst most people will protest about the increasing powers and ability of authorities to monitor and spy on them, the Satanist designs and uses methods such as TOR and encryption to counter the authorities.  As like the mouse, the Satanist is the agent of their own rights and liberties, using whatever tools and strategies to rise above whatever the sumo wrestler in life throws at them.  It would be better to get rid of all this nonsense of human rights and liberties, to live in a pure environment of the cat and the mouse; let nature eliminate the weak rubbish such as Islamic State, Order of Nine Angles and Hampstead witchfinders instead of sustaining this cancer on the human race because of considerations of their human rights and liberties.

Reflections on Halloween

It is the day after Halloween, some call Samhain.  Halloween is one of only two annual events that Satanists seem to collectively mark with any significance, though how they mark it is different for each Satanist.  This Satanist marks the event with the rare purchase of a lottery ticket, a symbolic act of sticking two fingers up at religious morality through the act of gambling.

For most people Halloween is an excuse to dress up, decorate their gardens and have a party.  My local community seems with each year to get more involved in the Halloween festival, decorating their gardens ever more extravagantly a week in advance of the event.  For most people, the symbols and meaning of Halloween is lost, a disconnection that raised some amusing observations: the shop raising money for the local hospice decorated with realistic skulls; the reception area of a nursing home for the elderly decorated with full size grim reapers.

I personally do not mark Halloween with much significance, other than it marks the start of winter in the North of this world.  Nature celebrated Halloween in its own way, a beautiful orange sunrise in the morning, an orange sunset at night as I raced on my bike in the growing darkness past ancient ruins shrouded in mist.  On this first day of winter, and for the next three months, I will be focused on decluttering, ending projects, eliminating dead and useless things, associations or relationships.  Winter is the time of endings.

For animistic and some modern cultures Halloween is a time of remembering deceased ancestors. The ancient Celts would bring out the bones of favoured ancestors from a communal shrine, often skulls, and position them in their own seats at the banqueting table.  The ancestors would be given food and drink, as the community retold the stories in a moment of remembering and celebration linking ancestors, the living and the descendants together in an unbroken narrative.

Halloween is one of four annual between moments betwixt the changing of seasons when the boundary between the material and spiritual worlds are at their closest.  These moments are when the living can reconnect with their ancestors, to seek their support for good health, harvest and prosperity; importantly, to hold on to the narrative, memory and culture of the identity of a community, tribe or family.

There is nothing sinister, evil or demonic about Halloween, it has and always been about honoring and remembering ancestors.  It is a shame that Halloween has for many been demeaned and commercialized to become devoid of meaning in the modern world..