Creativity is the liberation of the hidden potential in things

I brought the potential of an oak tree out of an acorn.

Each year, I make a journey to visit an oak tree I planted over five years ago. This year, the oak tree is now taller than me, and will go on to become a major landmark as a great tree long after I am dead.

Did I create this tree? No. For the oak tree existed already in potential in the acorn. My part in the manifestation of this oak tree was to bring out the potential hidden inside an acorn of an oak tree. I planted the acorn, and looked after the little tree from the first unfolding of its leaves and roots, then planted the tree at the current location when it was three-years-old.

Something is never created out of nothing. If a substance has no potential for a something, then that something will never manifest. The acorn has the potential to be an oak tree, but will never be a living elephant. The process of creativity thus is about bringing out the hidden potential of things rather than creating something out of nothing. The creative person finds the potential, then nurtures that potential into being; this is the real creative process.