On the matter of Wilfred Wong

No cause for celebration for Satan Hunters today.

After a marathon nineteen day trial, the indication is that the trial is now concluded for Wilfred Wong and three other defendants in the alleged kidnapping of a child in Wales in November 2020. I have access to the daily listing of court cases in the UK, so I know who is standing trial the following day, and Wilfred Wong is not listed for Monday 26th July, thus I infer the case is concluded.

Unfortunately, because Satan Hunters (those who promote the narrative of Satanic Ritual Abuse) have shown total contempt for the legal process: harassing a witness; breaking court orders; naming witnesses; and even abusing the court judge; – the reporting of the court case has been locked down with numerous court orders. As well as the original eight alleged kidnappers being arrested and remanded, four other Satan Hunters have also suffered police or legal action as a result of their activities to undermine justice. Other individuals may be subject to legal proceedings such as Angela Power Disney; and the UK Attorney General may be pursuing Satan Hunters as well with further legal action. Owen Lucas faces court trial on 29th July for “allegedly” naming the child at the centre of the alleged kidnapping.

If indeed the trial is concluded, as I think it is, the embargo on reporting the verdict remains in place as I feared. What does this mean? Firstly, do not expect any of the media to report the verdict before the 9th August hearing that deals with sentencing of anyone who pleaded guilty or was found guilty in the trial. All the court orders made on the 30th June 2021 remain in force, including: not naming the child; their mother and father; their foster carers; their school; or home address. Because there are other legal matters still to be concluded, the reporting on verdicts remain on hold. When all is concluded, it will be a motivated party to afford the £1000 per day effort of getting court transcripts: a total of £19000 for the whole trial.

Whilst the official verdicts cannot be legally published at this time, it is unlikely that people would not learn as to which way it went for the central character Wilfred Wong. Certainly for two supporters of Wong today – Richard Carvath and Pete Watts – who admitted or have been mentioned by other Satan Hunters as having attended some of the days of the trial, their comments suggest an adverse result for Wong.

In the coming days, the reality of which way the trial went for Wong is based on the simple reality of if he is a free man. Wong has been on remand in prison pending an outcome in his trial. If indeed the trial is concluded for Wong, he would be a free man if found innocent, and if he remains on remand, one might conclude that the result was adverse, and he must remain in prison awaiting sentencing on 9th August.

It is important to say that there are other legal matters in play spinning off from this main case, and thus it is legally dangerous to still speculate about the guilt of anyone involved. If there are conclusions, some may have been found innocent, some found guilty. Nor is it clear if new charges had been brought, and what the result of those were. Nor can it be safe to say that all charges brought in the case have yet been concluded by trial.

Let me say that this case has been complex, with many twists and turns. Satan Hunters have seriously complicated the court proceedings. As someone who has followed this case closely, it is fair to say that the Satan Hunters will not be celebrating this day, and there is a way to go before this story concludes.

For legal reasons I am not accepting comments on this blog post.

Satan Hunter circus rolls back to London

I have entered into a conversation with the UK police about if hate laws protect those who identify as Satanists and follow the religion of Satanism enjoy the same protections as those of other religions from being murdered and having their children kidnapped by Satan Hunter Jeanette Archer and her Satnic “army”. Humiliating as it is to admit, the Satanists are afraid of Jeanette Archer in relation to her threats to kidnap their children.

It is a beach scene. “Hi guys!” grins Satnic leader Jeanette Archer, in a new video: Archer announces a new event for her “Amazon warriors”. The leaders of the Satnics have met at a beach location: they can afford such trips, they are lush with Satnic donated money. Archer announces with her large Cheshire Cat grin a new Satnic protest meet in London on 19th July at the “London Eye”, at a time to be announced.

It seems like a painfully slow yesterday that the Satnics had polluted the well-meaning 26th June 2021 protests in London with their delusional fantasies of baby eating by the elites, that provoked a flood of complaints to the police, whose reaction was as effective as an impotent shop dummy. The followers of Archer earned their Satnic name from a misspelling on their main protest banner, a much satirised example of the epic ineptitude and circus freakery that marked that day.

Archer, the mistress of the ring of her circus, beams into the video like a demented character in a horror movie. A baby cries somewhere in the background. Archer introduces her fellow Satnic leaders: Lydia Lowe, the circus admin, the intellectual giant of the group, and a case study in the failures of the British education system; and the new addition and boyfriend of Archer – Wayne Fox – an enthusiast of stories of population culling and baby sacrifice via covid vaccines by the elites.

“They are coming for your children!” warn the unholy Satnic trinity into the video screen, as the leaders of Archer-Lowe-Fox attempt to add urgency into their message. The Fox influence is evident in the change of narrative: it is now about Satanists sacrificing the children via covid vaccines. The Satnic leaders urge their followers to keep their children out of the schools, claiming a planned covid vaccination scheme in the Autumn as Satanic sacrifice. The unholy Trinity urge their “warriors” to come to London to “save the children”; it is not a march this time, they have something else epic and secret planned.

The Satnic event is on a monday, and coincidently happens to fall on a day of other protests that mark the full lifting of covid restrictions in the UK. One is reminded of the cynical claims of the Satnics that the other protests on 26th June London protests were organised by the elites to drown out their own SRA protest; and how other protestors were invited to “die by the jab” amongst the abuse the Satnics threw at other protest groups on the day.

Perhaps fun trips to the seaside are expensive, for the Satnic leaders appealed to their followers for more cash. Opaque and shy Archer and Lowe may be about their spending and cash in the bank left from the £1900 donations of their last 26th June march, but it is unlikely more than £1000 was spent. Archer claims they need more donations to pay for more Satanist-hating leaflets, badges and t-shirts – and a replacement for their embarrassing banner. The Satnic leaders place great hope in the stupidity and poor memories of their followers; and they are probably right. The Satnics insist their extensive cash raising is to save the babies; critics think it is a lucrative grift.

The Satan Hunting leader of the circus is getting into the swing of things with her grift, for Jeanette Archer has spent the best part of the last two weeks announcing how she was coming for the Satanists. Move over Wilfred Wong, and the witchfinder Matthew Hopkins, Archer will expose the Satanists, and she will have their executed bodies swinging from the lamposts. Archer most recently became ambitious, claiming the ability even God and Jesus so far failed to achieve, by saying she was coming for Satan.

Archer claims of the Satanists:

“Satanists have a common saying….
The guarantee of our tomorrow is today’s perception that we do not excist”

Jeanette Archer on Facebook 10th July 2021

As uneducated about Satanism as her spelling mistake on Facebook, it is a common saying that only exists in the delusional brain of Archer. Is Satanism hiding in the shadows, only to be dragged screaming and kicking into the light of exposure by Archer and her Satnic army? Nobody told this to those of the Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple, who yesterday clashed in another round of Twitter fighting, as Satanists often do.

As ignorant as Archer and her Satnics are to Satanism, the Satanists are aware of Archer and her group. Many of these Satanists have families and children, and as humiliating as it might be to admit, they are afraid of Archer. In the real world, Satanists follow a religion of beliefs, that if known, is far duller and boring than Archer claims. Far from the story of baby sacrifice, it is more about thinking for yourself and other intellectually interesting but mundane concerns in Satanism. Archer might claim abortion is Satanic ritualistic baby sacrifice, but the Satanist will fight for the personal liberty of a woman to decide the fate of her own body and choice to bring a child into the world.

For Satanists living a life of liberty and individualism, where critical thinking, authenticity and reality is king; Archer and her Satnics would desire to murder them for this; and worse, kidnap their children. Far from being the monsters of the Archer narrative that claims Satanists torture, rape, kill and eat children; the Satanists have a great concern for the children in their own families; for they are afraid that Archer and her Satnics are going to come and kidnap and then hurt their children. On the back of this, I am entering into a conversation with the UK police about if being a Satanist, following a religion of Satanism, comes within the remit of UK hate protection laws from being murdered and having your children kidnapped by Archer and her Satnics.

Richard Carvath: his “boys own” adventures against the “Satanists”

The Satan Hunter Richard Carvath may be living in a fantasy world of boy adventure, but for his victims he is a living nightmare.

Perhaps Satanist hater and blogger Richard Carvath is a huge fan of “boys own” fantasy stories such as TinTin, the Secret Seven and the Famous Five of Enid Blyton, or the Narnia stories by CS Lewis; stories of preteen and teen boys and girls having magical and exciting adventures in a pre-internet era. This is the sense I get from reading the Richard Carvath blog posts of his many fantasy adventures against the Satanists, at times getting like a 007 and TinTin adventure. It would be unsurprising to me if Carvath, like TinTin, had a pet dog called Snowy at home.

Like TinTin, the Satan Hunter Richard Carvath refers to himself as a journalist, investigating and fighting the activities of Satanists, he thinks are behind all the negative media events of the world. Perhaps our “hero” introduces himself to the world as “Carvath, Richard Carvath”; and thinks his life really does revolve around fighting a sinister Satanic criminal world network run by a Mr Big? Lucien Greaves watch out!

Carvath is also an evangelical Christian; who makes it his purpose in life to take the war for Jesus to the Satanists. Carvath is what I call a Satan Hunter, a man, with not so much as his fingers, as both his arms thrust deep into every Satanic Panic event in the UK going: Hollie Grieg; Hampstead; Samantha Baldwin; Wilfred Wong – the name “Carvath, Richard Carvath – Satanist Slayer” manifests like a bad smell out of the ether.

Carvath perhaps also has been well educated in the propaganda schools of North Korea; as he will give a passionate and epic go at painting even the worst of humanity as puppy caring misunderstood victims akin to Jesus, who have fallen to the evil designs of the Satanists. As longs as Jack the Ripper and Josef Mengele say they are Christians, and it was the Satanists who really did it, Richard Carvath will be their very best friend; and Jesus will be impressed with the positive public makeover Carvath gives them. If you did not believe unicorns existed and farted rainbows, Carvath will give it a good go to argue they exist and do. So, if you do happen to be in a very smelly dung heap, Carvath will offer a hand like Jesus, and will cover you in generous buckets of perfume and roses. Wilfred Wong, who I am sure loves kittens and puppies; and has earned his golden ticket to heaven; is the current client of Carvath.

Now, writing very carefully, because angry judges scare me: Richard Carvath is a huge fan of Wilfred Wong; and has relocated himself to the deepest parts of Wales; to support his friend in a certain court case, that arises from certain unfortunate events in November 2020, leading to Wong enjoying the delights on remand in the Welsh prison system. Pleading innocent of charges Wong faces, the court trial is now at the end of the first week, with the judge placing heavy restrictions on what can be reported to the public. Always a man with an adventure to tell, Carvath reports that a journalist was kicked out of court: was most annoyed at this event and all the restrictions placed around his ability to report what was said in court. Since I know that Carvath claims to be a journalist, was at the court hearing, and is reporting this expulsion in the most indignant terms possible on his own blog, I can probably assume this journalist is Richard Carvath. One can also probably infer this is Carvath, as a proper journalist would rarely get themselves in a situation of being kicked out of court, nor would they be so enthusiastic at damaging their reputation to admit to such a humiliating event.

For the judge Nicola Jones, who Carvath says is the judge dealing with the Wilfred Wong trial, it is possible she has earned herself an obsessional fan in Carvath. When it comes to judges, the Satan Hunters have a particular hatred of them, generally because a judge tends to disagree with Satan Hunter interpretations of reality and the law. It is a matter of public record that Carvath does take his annoyance with judges beyond an angry letter to the newspaper – just ask Judge Lea. Another issue is how Satan Hunters hunt in packs, going after one public figure such as Sussex police and crime commissioner Katy Bourne; I think at least three Satan Hunters were convicted in relation to targeting of Bourne. My personal criticism of the legal authorities is that they are slow to act, or fail to take a matter of harassment, obsession or stalking seriously, when it should be stamped out rapidly and hard at the first emergence. Richard Carvath is a man to monitor in this regard.

In a tweet in Feb 2020 Carvath wrote: “It is *an honour* to be called a liar/fantasist by a judge (HHJ Jeremy Richardson QC).” Carvath referred to a failed court appeal hearing, which was heard by Judge Richardson, who concluded that Carvath was a “fantasist”. This brings me to the subject of two interesting blog posts Carvath made on his blog on the same day on 3rd July 2021, where Carvath claims there was a raid on a Satanist “coven depot”; and that he was involved in a positive three-way telephone conversation with a BBC journalist and a BBC lawyer.

Question: was the alleged conversation between Carvath and the BBC about the Wilfred Wong case or about the raid? Carvath wrote regarding the BBC:

“Thanks for BBC support … Good to buddy with the BBC’s Chris Dearden this week. Thank you. (Mr Dearden has a good grasp of the essential background.) I am also grateful to the BBC’s lawyer Sarah Branthwaite for the helpful three-way telephone conference. “

Richard Carvath on 3 July 2021

In his blog post titled “Welsh Satanists raided, documents seized” Carvath wrote:

This week, a coven depot was raided by an English PMC squad.

The unarmed squad evaded sentries to enter the premises but were detected soon thereafter.

The building was quickly surrounded by armed coven/cult members.

A chaotic stand-off ensued, in which the Satanists were hesitant to enter the building, and the unarmed PMCs weren’t in a hurry to charge persons bearing firearms.

The confusion was much exacerbated by the fact that the PMC squad were English-speaking only, and maintained a silence (so as not to give away their exact positions inside the building), whilst the Satanists were yelling their heads off in Welsh.

Weapons were discharged into the building but none of the PMCs were hit.

Then, one of the PMCs (an ex-Para) surprised one of the Satanists by jumping out of the building (at height) and seizing his weapon. It was all over after that.

The Satanists proved to be no match for the PMC squad.

The squad succeeded in removing computer equipment, documents and Satanists’ paraphernalia used in rituals.

The initial analysis of the evidence seized in the raid shows infiltration and corruption of local police, social services and judiciary.

Richard Carvath 3rd July 2021

It is difficult to know what to make of this blog post. Is Carvath saying that the Satan Hunters, including himself, have taken on a vigilante role and attacked a property they consider connected to Satanists, and stolen property and documents? Or, is Carvath talking about some fantasy game he was playing with mates whilst he was staying in Wales? Either way, it is certainly something the police should be making enquiries about.

So, there you are, welcome to the mind of Richard Carvath.

On the surreal baby eating march of Jeanette Archer

There was a sense of stupidity and the surreal about the Jeanette Archer Satanic Ritual Abuse promotion march today in London: from the spelling mistake of their lead banner; to the lack of any response from the police; to the choice of Michael Jackson songs by these so-called child protection campaigners.

After many months of heavy promotion, the march to promote the narrative that Satanists in high places are eating, raping and killing babies got under way in London today. Riding on the back of larger protests protesting a range of issues from gender to lockdown restrictions, Jeanette Archer and around a hundred followers, marched between London landmarks they considered were connected to baby-eating.

Jeanette Archer is the leading promoter of Satanic Ritual Abuse narratives in the UK, having stepped into the void left by the arrest of Wilfred Wong, currently in jail on alleged child kidnapping related charges. Archer claims to be a victim of SRA, telling an epic story of being raped, tortured, and living to tell her story, despite hundreds of other children she claimed she saw slaughtered on the “farm”. Despite Archer offering no evidence for her claims, she has built up a strong money-making brand with many followers based upon her personal SRA story.

Despite many people warning the police about the march, Archer and her followers enjoyed unrestricted movement without challenge or police escorts, screaming at anyone who would listen about Satanists harming children. Starting and ending at Hyde Park, the Archer marchers visited landmarks including Buckingham Palace, the Supreme Court, a military barracks and the BBC.

A wedding was interrupted by this band of marchers screaming about paedophiles and baby-eating to add a surreal moment to their special day. “Surreal” is a word that best describes how this writer felt watching the live-stream progress of this march over four hours.

Despite the march including many child abuse victims – and perhaps ten children – Jeanette Archer, sporting a huge perpetual grin and smile, without trigger warnings or moderation, launched into highly graphic and disturbing stories of sadistic sexual torture, rape and murder of children at several points in the march. One moment Archer would talk about how heroic her “warrior” supporters were, then as suddenly go dark and disturbing with stories of child abuse. Even towards the end of the day, when everyone was supposed to be relaxing having a picnic on Hyde Park, Archer launched into a sudden story of the murder of her sister Catherine, dragged from her into a wood and beaten to death with a spade by her grandfather; and of a child called Ben who died in her arms from torture. Archer has never offered evidence to show this Catherine and Ben ever existed. It is also noted that the original plan to dedicate the march today to a deceased cancer victim called Sam Lea (also known as Sam Zen), that Archer wrangled personal property and money out of before her death, was forgotten and never mentioned, in favour of the mythical Catherine and Ben.

There has always been this feeling in my mind how those who promote Satanic Ritual Abuse narratives are having a running joke at the expense of their followers. From start to finish the march felt surreal and like a bad dream. I wondered how Jeanette Archer and her sidekick Lydia Lowe could be so incompetent, for example, their leading banner had the “Satanic” spelt as “Satnic” and still decided to march with the banner. Lydia Lowe in describing Satanists as “depraved” used the word “deprived” in her speech. There was little organised effort to keep their marchers together, so they lost many along their march route.

Archer added a new chapter to her evolving and changing SRA narrative, that she had been taken as a girl to Buckingham Palace to be ritually sexually abused by the Royal Family, and that the Royals were all Satanists.

During the march the followers of Archer had no respect for those of other protests, calling them sheep and wishing them death by the “jab”. In spite of the Archer march being about promoting the narrative of SRA, many of her followers went off message with conspiracies on covid and other issues. Several Archer marchers had a near meltdown when a passer-by said “Hail Satan!”. Followers of Archer on the Twitch live feed made what appeared to be death threats to named critics of Archer.

It did feel like Archer and her close associates were running a private joke against their own followers, or they were acting in bad taste. Because they were dealing with the sensitive issue of child abuse, and the musician Michael Jackson has a controversial history suggesting he was a child sex abuser, it felt like Archer was aiming a kick in the faces of child abuse victims, including her followers, by including so many musical numbers by Michael Jackson in their Hyde Park concluding music.

Despite the march feeling bizarre and incompetent, I felt Archer had achieved a result today by coming out of the event with more followers and a stronger voice amongst the QAnon community. I was doubtful that Archer had made any impact on the decision-makers in the media or politics, having painted them as child-murdering Satanists; but, making change at the top was never the goal of Archer, it was winning over the QAnon market, and she achieved that. What was strange and sinister was the reluctance of the police to intervene or challenge Archer and her marchers, who had free rein to go, say and do what they liked in their march in London today.

On hate and prejudice

Like the flower, life is short, so why waste it on bigots?

I daily work alongside people who suffer prejudice and hate based on religion, gender, race or some other quality. It was only in recent days that I personally suffered such prejudice based upon the equation you are X, and therefore you are unworthy of Y. X being the quality such as religion, and Y being the right or liberty that all in society enjoy, but is denied to the target of the prejudice based upon X. Such hatred can be something minor such as denying an individual of their opinion on a matter because of X; all the way to people being exterminated in a gas chamber for being a Jew.

Upon being asked how they defined prejudice in a youth conference in the 1950’s, Raul Contreras, aged 15 at the time, said:

When a person loses track of the dignity of the human soul and begins to judge others not on the basis of their being persons, but on the basis of race, creed, economic status, that is prejudice.

Raul Contreras

In my personal exprience of prejudice, where I, as a human soul, was dismissed out of existence based upon X; I was deeply distressed at this first ever pure denial of my existence as a human being by two bigots. One feels tainted, humiliated, violated and justly angry at such a situation, as I did.

One finds that even if one was to challenge such bigots by reason of pointing out the prejudice and the impacts of such prejudice, the bigots lack empathy, compassion or insight to see that point of view. Indeed, one suffers invalidation, denial and threats. It is an unlikely outcome that a bigot will ever be illuminated as to the wrong and injustice of their prejudice.

How does one deal with such bigots? Well, if I have used reason and provided the bigot with the opportunity of enlightenment, and failed, it is time to move on. The nature of the blind bigot is they are doomed to repeat their harmful activity again and again; so the only good action is to remove them from the life of the self. Life is too short to host bigots, who bring to the table nothing but poison, thus it is a case of mitigating harm, or removing them from being an influence; to give the bigot no further opportunity to bring suffering to the life of the self.

1: What is reality: introductions

The bee and flower is in a state of harmony. The bee and flower did not have a meeting to decide terms of how they would relate to each other. This is an example of two opposites working in harmony for both selfish but mutually beneficial reasons in nature. By observing situations like this bee and flower, an understanding can happen of the common patterns of nature, and of reality.

What is reality? A series of posts follow on this question. Firstly, I will state some positions that I have from which I will proceed in answering this question.

Nature is my ultimate guide

Nature is my ultimate guide: it is the sum of everything, past, present and future; there is nothing outside or above nature; all that there is, is nature; nature is the ultimate authority; everything starts and ends in nature; nature is self-creating, constant and eternal.

Because nature is the ultimate guide or authority in everything, the individual is unable to go wrong in building an argument or strategy based upon the common patterns of nature.

Nature as my ultimate authority supports my LHP stance

Even though in the Left Hand Path (LHP) the individual is the authority in their own life, I argue that there is no conflict with my stance nature is my ultimate authority. If nature is everything, I am nature, and nature is me. In philosophy, the part and the whole, that exists in a paradox of being the same thing is called a Holon. Nature is a Holon, the whole (nature), and the part (me), are one thing. The argument is the same to say that my hand is a part of my body, and my body is the whole, thus part and whole is a Holon. Since self and nature are one thing, the stance of self as ultimate authority is the same thing as nature is ultimate authority. There is no conflict.

Opinion is worthless

The philosopher Heraclitus, who uses nature as his ultimate authority for his conclusions, says human subjective opinions are children’s toys, only worthy of the minds of children. Heraclitus encourages the individual to look to the common patterns of nature (he calls the Common) as the only worthy source of truth. If it is the opinion of one to build a house in a flood or fire zone; and then nature destroys the house with fire and flood; who was right? The one with opinion or the Common?

The empirical stance to nature

To avoid subjective opinion, the starting point to nature is an empirical stance: demonstration; experience; sense. If the question has no backing of demonstration, experience or sense, then it is probably worthless opinion. There must be something in nature that supports the empirical stance for something to be true. If an acorn always grows into an oak tree, then this must be truth, and the idea acorns grow into willow trees is worthy of discarding as subjective opinion.

Question everything

Like all things, what appears empirically true, may be false. A survival strategy in living things is manipulation and deceit. What appears to be a bee, might be a flower. What appears to be a leaf, might be a reptile or insect. Nature loves to hide says Heraclitus. What is sensed and processed by the individual from nature is a small fraction of what is, and liable to error. The human brain fills in gaps in sensory processing to make sense of incomplete information, and liable to errors of mind. Question everything.

I use the thinking tools of complexity theory

Nature is a system, and thus reductionist thinking fails to appreciate the reality of nature as a system. The reductionist thinks in terms of breaking a complex system into parts, examining the parts, then putting those parts together again based upon conclusions of looking at parts. In systems, there arises new realities and rules based upon the interaction of the parts, but not apparent in examining parts alone. A bee is stupid alone; and examining the bee as a part fails to reach the conclusion of how this part, when it comes into contact with a thousand similar parts, gives rise to an emergent hive mind greater than the sum of the parts. Complexity thinking addresses the limits of reductionist approaches to systems.

On potential and visible states

What one sees as visible is one state of many. If one throws a six-sided dice, it has six potential states, but only one visible state that is rolled. People often conclude the side of the dice rolled is the reality, but fail to appreciate the Holon that it is one part of a potential of six possibilities. To proceed in dealing with reality is to appreciate that nature is always rolling dice, that multiple potentials co-exist with what is visible and known. What is visible and known, that comes about many times, is the common pattern in nature to proceed upon in argument and strategy, the Common. But, appreciate there are potential states in co-existence. If a thing has no potential state, then it will never come into being. An acorn has no potential state to become a willow tree, to think otherwise is ignorant opinion. What is potential, is invisible and unknown, until the dice roll it into existence.

The concept of entelechy

Every object, state, or system in nature, from the atom to the sun, is in a state of entelechy. This is a process that exists in paradox of completion and moving to completion. Dice are being rolled every moment, with the dice moving potential states into visible known states in a constantly changing in-and-out loop. If one was to slow the process down, perhaps a thing would be in a state of changing shadow: what was going out of existence; what will be, coming into being; happening together. It is subjective opinion to conclude that anything is a fixed state, since everything is in a state of motion and change; to say something is in a state of becoming is a better conclusion.

On energy and information

Energy and information co-exist, as qualities of the same Holon. Energy is defined as the ability to move. Information is defined as a pattern that has the ability to form or transform patterns. The key word is “ability”, so a thing must have the ability to move and impact patterns, otherwise it ceases to exist. Heraclitus observes that nature is always in motion and change, which is to say that everything is actively manifesting the ability to move and influence patterns. Nature is both an energy and an information system; and both energy and information is best dealt with together in questions of reality.

The war of opposites drives motion and change in nature

Arche is a philosophy term for the universal rule that is the authority over everything; war is the arche of nature. ‘Strife is Justice’ says Heraclitus: who observes the clash of two or more opposites drives change and motion in everything. Justice as Heraclitus uses it, means becoming; Wyrd in the Anglo-Saxon philosophy also means becoming. What drives everything in nature to move and change, to become, is the opposites, which are always out of balance. The Yin and Yang, as the philosophers of the Orient would say, co-exist, are opposites that moves forwards and backwards in a state of war. Peace and balance in nature is decay and death; those that seek a perfect balance are following subjective opinion, and fight against the Common of nature, which manifests the arche of war. It is this war, the tug between two or more opposites, that drives the electrical charges in the brain to have thoughts, and the heart to push blood around the body. If the charge between the parts of the brain and the heart were balanced, death is the result. The ideal of the individual is to seek a harmony between self and nature, moving with the motion and change in systems within and outside of them. Complexity theory calls the point where a system is getting smashed by chaos, but establishing order through self-organisation, the Edge of Chaos; Heraclitus calls this the Unity of the Opposites.

Why is it people are unhappy?

Jeanette Archer is a promoter of Satanic Ritual Abuse fictions, who attended a London protest in order to push a fiction that the Prime Minister is a Satanist, and that the rulers of the UK drink the blood of children in Satanic rituals. Archer is a an unhappy person, who is determined to share her misery with others. If Archer was determined to help manifest a better world for children, she has chosen instead to darken the world with fantasy and predatory delusion.

It was a strange contrast as terrible images of Arab and Jew killing each other in the Middle East bombarded the consumer in the media, that I saw a a video of a child and dog mindlessly delighting in jumping around on a trampoline, oblivious of the problems of the world. Such a contrast begs the question, why can’t people be happy? If the individual has the basics of food, water, shelter, clothing and warmth; why are they so unhappy?

There has always been injustice and terrible events in the world. As a historian, I am well aware of the situation of hundreds of years ago when the world was riven with war, disease and famine; where people were restricted in their social mobility by reason of class and poverty; when the most basics of life was not guaranteed. I know of a Europe for example composed of hundreds of states, ruled by aristocracy and priests; where people constantly suffered from the political and religious mechanications of the rulers.

It confuses me as to why in a time when things are so much better than in former times, that people seem determined by choice to be miserable and dissatisfied with their lives. People seem determined to protest, riot and create havoc for even the most smallest of reasons. Being in Europe, or out of it, makes no difference to most people. If it was Trump or Biden, or someone else in power, for most people, it has no great impact. Yet, people seem driven to make what goes on at the top, which often has insignificant impact upon themselves, as being central to their lives.

If people really desired to make the difference in world problems, then they failed to arm themselves with the facts of the real causes to do anything about it. Many follow the child called Greta Thunberg, with her idealistic and simplistic ignorant notions of climate change. Thunberg talks about human impact on climate change due to fossil fuels, ignoring the politically inconvenient reality that farming to feed the consumer their McDonalds burgers and milkshakes is the greatest cause of climate change. Thunberg talks about carbon dioxide, but does not put emphasis on methane: which is having a fast and greater impact on climate change; caught in a feedback loop of melting the polar ice, releasing more trapped methane. Thunberg misses the obvious backwards and forwards natural cycles of history in nature of climate; and does not push significant solutions such as tree planting.

On the covid issues. People waste vast resources of time, money and energy protesting lockdown and vaccine measures against covid. Where is the mention of the “wet markets” that caused the covid to emerge in the first place? “Wet markets” where poached animals from across the globe are kept in close confinement in the worst of conditions, that goes on still, and remains a source for future virus plagues like covid.

As a campaigner on child protection issues, I am confused by why people desire to invent problems which actually undermine child protection, such as the QAnon notion that an international cabel of rulers eat babies. There is the promoter of Satanic Ritual Abuse fantasies called Jeanette Archer: who yesterday calls the Prime Minister of the UK a Satanist; screaming about babies being drained of their blood to feed the elites their dose of Adrenochrome; who knowingly pushes false stories of businesses selling dolls as being fronts for selling children to be sacrificed to Satan. It is as if the ugly and twisted things that go on against children is not enough, to invent something more terrible. The sad truth is, with all these fake inventions, the real issues that children face are ignored and forgotten in favour of fantasy.

Despite all this noise, I return back to the image of that happy child and dog mindlessly enjoying the simple pleasures of the trampoline. I can step back from the mess of the world, knowing that things will run according to their own time and nature, and that things will resolve themselves. I can leave Jeanette Archer to get on screaming her fictions at a world that mostly ignores her, but must intervene when the happy child on the trampoline is being impacted by her, as she has done with some children. But it does beg the question, why people must be so determined to be unhappy, and dump that misery on others, as Archer has been doing.

On the question of good and bad in nature

In Nature all things are beautiful, good, and right. Men, on the other hand, deem some things right and others wrong.

How shall people judge my little oak tree I grew from an acorn? Good for being beautiful looking and making the air cleaner to breath? Or bad, that it might one day be in the way of the building of a housng estate, and must be cut down? It is probably a safe oak tree, for the place it is located is not suited for building on. Humanity judges plant and animal based upon utility and inconvenience; and fail to see how all things impact each other; and all are good in nature.

How often do people go in nature and complain about the day that is raining or that it is too cold? How humanity divides nature into good and bad based upon their own opinions! If there was no rain, all things would die in the land. There is less disease in the colder regions of the world compared to the warmer regions.

It is spring, and I walk around my garden with coffee in hand, a ritual of mindfulness, as I carry out my circuit of the garden, observing the drama and new discoveries each day brings to this little space.

A wasp pollinating my gooseberries. The wasp is considered a bad thing by most people: a pest; a bad tempered creature in the autumn, which stings for the hell of it; and, I, a victim of many stings from such an animal. I am going to have a bumper crop of gooseberries this year, thanks in part to the wasp. How can I curse a wasp as bad that is keeping other troublesome insects in check, and pollinates my food plants?

Lots of dandelions. People consider dandelions a weed; and compare a daffodil more worthy of being in their garden than a dandelion. Stepping back, I think that both daffodil and dandelion are beautiful flowers: both are artistically and colourfully pleasing to the eye with their bright yellow flowers. Dandelions are a powerhouse of health benefits when eaten. Bees only visit daffodils if they are forced to, but they are all over the dandelions.

The regular garden guests, the pigeons. My neighbour considers pigeons a pest: messy and spreaders of disease. But, how we judge a pigeon based on our ignorance! Do we admire people who are loyal and devoted to each other for life in a relationship?; or who give full attention and care to their children?; the pigeon expresses these admirable qualities. Pigeons are intelligent: they can count; they can recognise themselves in the mirror; they know the difference between the painters Monet and Picasso; they remember people who have been kind and cruel to them; they are bonded to their home, and will return home regardless of where they are sent. Pigeons have superpowers: they can navigate by the magnetic field; they see in four colour spectrums (humanity is limited to three colour spectrums); at a huge distance the pigeon can see the individual freckles of a face, whereas humanity can only see the face.

There are mice living in the garden. Less easy to me to see the benefit of mice, but I leave them alone. The mice in ecology are a link in the foodchain: food for the owl and hawk; controller of insects and plants that could become a problem in numbers.

Everything is good in nature. Hidden might be the benefit, or the benefit might be obscured by reason of being a benefit to some other thing that benefits humanity. Everything is linked to everything else in nature. A plant or animal lost, impacts other plants and animals. The fox that leaves a mess after the trash is put out is judged a pest; and humanity judges such a pest as worthy of being hunted by hounds and torn to pieces for the amusement of humanity. A fox is a link in the chain, where humanity is a link; and the loss of one link impacts all links; and the entire chain is impaired by the loss of one link.

Comment on the proposed pardon for witches in Scotland

This is Sabine McNeill, a modern hunter of witches, who subjected a whole community of London to terror by accusing them of ritualistic rape and murder of children from 2014 onwards. McNeill is doing nine years jail time for her activities. It is vital that the narrative of those accused of witchcraft is not obscured by empty pardons and apologies, because people want past events to fit a politically correct and santised modern interpretation, as it helps those like McNeill to do exactly the sort of things that got thousands of innocent people killed for witchcraft hundreds of years ago in Scotland.

A petition has recently been submitted to the Scottish Parliament with three demands in relation to 4000 witches who were executed under the Witchcraft Act 1563 demanding: a pardon for all those convicted under the act; an apology; a national monument.

The petition has drawn a mixed response from people: Solicitor advocate Andrew Stevenson called it “shameful and absurd”, examining the legal issues around the petition; the historian Dr Peter Maxwell-Stuart of St Andrews University called it a “dishonest gesture”, an attempt to rewrite history; supporters of the petition insist that “victims of witch trials deserve a pardon”.

As both a campaigner for religious freedom, as someone who advocates for justice, and as a historian, I also have reservations about the the idea of a pardon and an apology; but support the idea for a monument.

As a historian, I feel that the trend to demand apologies and pardons for historic and unpleasant events or injustices is an attempt to hijack and rewrite history, which does neither the victims of the past, or, potentially, victims of the future, any justice. For politically correct or feel-good reasons, campaigners feel the need that if the narrative of history is added to, that in some manner it will be changed, but in doing so, they will deny a dark narrative for which the living can gain from. History is only useful if the story is something that the living can learn from, so that it is never repeated. History is saturated with injustice and dark events, but, if obscured by rewrites, people lose part of what made them what they are; for individual, community and society is the sum of all that has gone before.

The injustices and dark events of history only are helpful to the living, if they stand raw, bloody and nasty for all to see. Pardons and apologies does nothing for the dead; it does nothing to undo what the victims suffered, their lives cut short. The dead do not care, they are dead; even if some believe there is life-after-death; the dead have moved on to other things such as via reincarnation. The narrative of history is useful to the living, if people can emotionally react to the raw unfettered narrative, not a rewritten feel-good version.

I have to deal with a modern day version of witch hunting against alternative religions and innocent individuals. Just as in the days of witch hunting, people are being accused of rape, torture, murder and eating of children in “Satanic” rituals. The whole community of Hampstead in London have suffered years of witch hunting, accused of Satanic Ritual Abuse, for which they are still being harrassed for seven years after the allegations were first made in 2014. A vindictive individual called Becki Percy has accused her family and the people of Hull UK of the systematic murder, rape and eating thousands of children in Satanic Rituals. It is because of the allegations from individuals like Percy that many innocent people were murdered in Scotland due to false allegations of being witches; and it is because of allegations by those like Percy, that people in the modern day could be harmed. But, if we cannot learn from the raw narrative of injustice in history, because it has been rewritten by apologies and pardons, then the injustices of what the dead suffered will be repeated upon the living.

I ask: why must the child feel shame and apologise for the sins of the parent? The living, and the instititions they run, are not responsible for the injustices that killed thousands of people hundreds of years ago. Why must those individuals take upon themselves the shame, the responsibility of their ancestors, for apologising for the decisions and deeds of people have been dead for hundreds of years? Someone of the living is being asked to take on the burden of thousands unjustly murdered in order to justify an apology for those injustices. Shall the one who apologises, be also expected to walk naked through the streets of Scotland, pelted by rotten fruit? This is how stupid this idea is to ask the living to apologise for the deeds of the dead hundreds of years before.

The laws of the time was what applied for the beliefs and needs of the time. It is a nonsense to attempt to try and rewrite the laws and judgements made hundreds of years before by trying to use modern legal systems to rewrite those long since invalid laws to satisfy modern cultural opinions and feelings. What does this achieve legally? We, in the modern world, may dislike the decisions and events of laws of hundreds of years before, but that is what they believed and acted upon in their society and time. Those peoples of hundreds of years before will seriously hate and oppose the modern laws and deeds of our modern age.

It would be legally unsafe and unreasonable in my view to do a blanket pardon for crimes of witchcraft of hundreds of years ago. If it has been the decision of the people of the time that if black magic has happened, that on conviction, the penalty is death; and if black magic is real, and there has been a victim of black magic, then amongst those thousands of cases there will be some cases justified for that outcome. If the position is taken that black magic is superstition, but that there have been people who have used the superstion of people to harm them, for which they then get accused of witchcraft, and executed; are they the agents of their own misfortune? There are ocultists in the modern age such as Nathaniel Harris of Bristol UK, who is actively casting ritualistic curses on the victims he is harrassing; and there would have been a number of individuals like Harris who have been executed for this type of abuse amongst those Scottish “witches” who have caused untold suffering on a very superstitious people. It is belief that gives many magical systems such as Voodoo their power over people, thus if an indivual believes they will die by a curse, they can die from it. In addition, in the age when witches were executed, people could be executed for stealing a horse; so if some fraud had gained a horse by reason of claiming to be a witch, the penalty of stealing that horse by the fraud is much the same as stealing it – death. To give a blanket pardon is not justice; because to be just one has to examine each case individually, where records are poor and would take up an awful lot of resources that would be better applied to the cases of unjust allegation making of the living.

Having a monument to the injustices visited upon innocent people of allegation making of witchcraft is something I fully support. A monument draws attention to the cruelty, injustice and superstition that caused the deaths of so many innocent people. Many of those victims, who a few minutes before they died due to the charge of witchcraft hundreds of years ago in Scotland, would have a position that their descendents never suffer a similar fate. A tribute to the fate of those victims would be to give them a monument, but never obscure their narrative with empty pardons and apologies; because the legacy they would have wanted is to have their fate not visited upon the children of the modern age; the deaths of those victims will be for nothing, if their raw bloody story has been lost to history thanks to politically correct touchy-feely sentiments, who dislike the dark narrative of what those victims suffered.

The murder of Sarah Everard and the issue of the rights of women

The younger generations do not have the same limitations or anxt over gender issues and rights as older generations, which will come as a surprise or shock when they gain influence in UK society.

Earlier in March 2021, a 33-year-old woman in the London UK area was walking home at night when she was kidnapped and murdered. The body of Sarah Everard was found about a week later dumped in a builders bag, mutilated enough that she had to be identified using dental records.

The murder caused great anger in both the public and the media in the UK. One cause of the anger was that a police officer was charged with the murder of Everard, raising a sense of betrayal and vulnerability, that the very agents of safety in society (police officers) had become the predator. A second cause of anger was the initial reaction of authority figures that women should not be walking the streets alone, which quite rightly inflamed the anger of women about a limitation on their rights based upon gender. The situation was further inflamed when a protest by women about the issues around the murder resulted in police action to enforce covid restrictions; leading to emotionally well timed photo opportunities showing police officers holding down and restraining women, reinforcing the two initial causes of the anger around the murder. The police officers suffered unreasonable criticisms by politicians for doing the job of enforcing covid lockdown laws that the same politicians told them to enforce.

When one takes an objective step back from the emotional turmoil that the murder of Everard has caused, what then is it that society is demanding? And, are these demands possible to meet? Two themes that I observe is a demand of the rights of women to walk the streets of the UK unmolested, and a demand that something must be done about violent men. There has to be a realism here that some demands can and will never be met.

The reality is that the streets of the UK are unsafe for everyone, not just women. As a male, I have suffered attacks on the streets, and have been chased a number of times by either individuals or gangs of people in unprovoked attacks. During the pre-lockdown era I often read in the local media of unprovoked attacks on males late at night or the early hours of the morning, leading to deaths and serious injuries. I am dealing with the case of a little boy who was kidnapped on his way home from school by an organised group of male and female religious fanatics. It is unrealistic to ask for the streets to be safe just for women, since the attacks and kidnappings impact all genders and ages; and the police are on the frontline to make this happen.

Everyone has a right to feel safe from kidnap and murder on the UK streets. To be objective, it is a rare situation that an individual is kidnapped and murdered in the UK, especially of women and children. Alas, there is not much difference between the level of violence today as it was in the newspaper reports that I have read in the Victorian era in the UK. In my local area a police officer was involved in the rape of a woman in the 1800’s but escaped conviction after being forced to resign. The levels of violence in the Victorian era of men on women on the streets was no different in level to the modern era, despite the population being less than half of that of today. This reality that nothing changes despite a hundred years when it comes to street attacks presents the grim fact that the streets will always be unsafe for everyone, of all genders and ages, and people will have to adapt to that situation. There is no magic pill to change this reality.

Another significant issue that everyone miss over the Everard murder is that sexual and physical violence often happens between people who know each other: it is often in the home; and the victim and perpetrator can be any gender. As a child, I was witness to domestic violence by the male on me and on the females. My former male boss was a victim of domestic violence by a female upon him; and I was personally aware of another male associate who was also victim of domestic violence by a female on them. The cases of the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax and the Wilfred Wong case involves perpetrators abusing children from both genders, with some females heavily involved in abusive activities such as Angela Power Disney and Ella Draper. There is still a long way to go when addressing domestic violence in the home by both genders, and, which seems to be failing to address the needs of children in those situations.

What happened to Everard was a terrible thing, but an objective look at how things are in UK society compared to other nations helps keep things in perspective to avoid getting into the emotional state that UK society currently feels over the murder. Brazil in one year suffered 50,000 murders; Brazil has a serious problem with drugs, corruption and the murder rate. In some nations of Africa, whole schools of children face kidnap, and villages face massacre by roaming gangs and bandits. In Iran and Saudi Arabia, women have limited rights. In India, there is an ongoing problem that both women and children continue to suffer sexual attacks without justice.

One can not miss the fact that gender rights has advanced at an impressive rate. When I was a child, soccer and skateboarding was a male-only interest. Now, it is common that girls play soccer and do skateboarding. It is no longer rare to see boys wearing pink, or using makeup. The concept of gender has faded into a spectrum of definitions and fluidity amongst younger generations. An individual is no longer obliged to fit into a gender stereotype or definition. Female teens such as Greta Thunberg can stand up and speak about something they are passionate about, and the world listens. Younger generations come to the table without any baggage when it comes to gender; if they want to do something, they will do it. If there is any issues about gender rights, it is with the older generations, and the younger generations shows that such issues are not as concrete and a problem as people think. Violence is as much a reality of life for younger generations in schools, by and against all genders, as it is on the street; there is no magic pill to deal with that.

Coming out of the existential crisis triggered by the murder of Everard is an unrealistic demand to turn the male into something they are not. Visiting YouTube videos about the experiences of parents and teachers with children, such as Supernanny, shows what happens when a child feels invalidated, which includes any attempt to suppress or change what they naturally are. It is a natural thing for males to express bravado, to enter into actions of risk of injury and death in displays of skill and strength. Males do not process feelings as easily as females, thus, if invalidated or abused, they can get angry, and do get violent far more often than females. A male who is sexually abused can fall apart quickly into self-harming, drug abuse, crime and mental illness. There are no positive outcomes if people go down the road of invalidating, abusing or trying to change the male into something they are not.

I have no answers to the violence that impacts UK society at all levels, only to say that one has to be realistic, that there are no magic pills, and the issues impact all genders. It is hoped that there will be justice done for the murder of Everard, even though she can never be brought back to life. If there is one ray of hope, it is the younger generations, for when it comes to gender, whatever issues the older generations experience, the younger ones won’t experience or tolerate it.