Friday Satan Hunter Update 22/10/21

Satan Hunter Jeanette Archer made the claim this week that the world was run by lizards determined to wipe out humanity.

The woes of the Satan Hunters in 2021 continued when it was announced Satan Hunter Russ Dizdar has died of covid. Nobody in the UK missed the demise of the US evangelist Dizdar, who spearheaded the the American assault on the long suffering victims in Hampstead, UK, who were falsely accused and harassed as part of the discredited Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoax. Dizdar, who saw an opportunity to attract followers and hence money by preying on the children at the centre of the Hampstead Hoax, also jumped onto the bandwagon in the Wilfred Wong child kidnapping case, causing additional suffering to the victims in that case too.

Bournemouth based Satan Hunter Brian Willmot answered bail this week accused of breaking the court order protecting Child A in the Wilfred Wong case. The bail of Willmot was extended to 12th November 2021 pending a CPS decision on if charges will be brought in that case.

The jailing of Wilfred Wong has sadly not stopped Satan Hunters pursuing activities that are threatening or harmful to the kidnapped child in that case. A number of new referrals have gone in to the courts and police as more cases of the breaking of the court order protecting the kidnap victim Child A occur. The most notorious Satan Hunter is Angela Power Disney, who has broken the court order in the Wilfred Wong case with impunity, in the belief she is untouchable due to her living in Eire.

The event of the week was UK leading Satan Hunter Jeanette Archer running a live video stream calling her followers to form an army to take over buildings and rescue children. Archer had evolved her narrative as a war between humanity and lizards who she claims are planning to cull all of humanity. The Jeanette Archer video stream was covered in detail in this blog post. Archer can claim anything and her cult followers will believe and continue to follow her, including her claim she saw hybrid animals with human heads running around as a child in the 1970’s!

This writer will now be away for a week, and can forget Satan Hunters for a while.

Satan Hunter Jeanette Archer goes “full blown lizard”

UK Satan Hunter leader Jeanette Archer has gone “full blown lizard” says one observer of her latest live video stream.

Less than a week after a low profile protest at Windsor Castle, where Jeanette Archer made the Queen and the Prince Philip the stars of a story of them shapechanging into lizards in front of the eyes of Archer, before indulging in hunts, torture and rape of Archer and other children, Archer made lizards the centre stage of her evolving narrative in her latest video live stream. This was now a war between humanity and the lizards announced Archer, with the lizards determined to wipe out humanity. As one Twitter observer put it, Archer had gone “full blown lizard”.

Archer inflates like a hot air balloon

Whatever disasters Jeanette Archer had suffered since her 16th August 2021 protest in London, her deflated ego had inflated back to full strength like a hot air balloon. Archer was back, confident, arrogant and at full steam as an egomaniac. Even Lydia Lowe had returned to the Archer fold as a moderator of her video live streams, along with fellow moderators Rebekah Hamoen and Mishelle Rodrick. Archer and her Cult was clearly offended by one “traitor” called Bob, who had this been a real life meeting rather than a video stream, would have been lynched to death.

Take no other god but Jeanette Archer

Messiah, god or greatest thing on earth since Jesus, Jeanette Archer had a clear message that Archer and only Archer was the solution and answer to humanity against the lizards. All the rulers of the world where lizards, or their “Freemason” followers. The police, ambulance drivers, the fire brigade, social services, judges and the courts were all part of the system coming after the children and serving the lizards. Donald Trump was a “bad bad man” who “hurt children”, according to Archer, claiming Trump was controlled by Jesuits and was a lizard, adding he was “one of them.” Despite running a QAnon type of cult group of her own, Archer claimed that QAnon was the “biggest psyop of our time”. Archer claimed all other protest groups were “paid opposition”; and that despite David Icke offering her money to talk about the lizards, she refused, calling him a “shill”.

Archer calls for an army and physical action

Archer called upon her followers to become an army, saying that the time of protests, talking and work behind the keyboard was over. Archer demanded:

We need to take back the buildings and rescue the children. We need men. We need strength. We need people who are military and trained. We need to do this all around the world.”

Jeanette Archer live video stream 20th Oct 2021

Archer asked of her followers: “Who is going to stand up and fight?”

In previous internet content Archer had focussed her message against schools, accusing them of being institutions of death giving the “death jab” to children. Archer had spoken of the targetting of soft targets before moving onto harder targets. Archer had said children needed to be rescued, her term for kidnap; and that schools should be burnt to the ground. Archer accused schools of corrupting the minds of children, and once again in this video called on her followers to take their children out of school; one follower announced they had done that in the video chat. Archer said her army needed to “go into buildings and take the children”.

Is Archer a threat to Child A in the Wilfred Wong child kidnapping case?

Jeanette Archer gave special mention to Wilfred Wong, saying there was plans in play to help in his case. The Archer announcement brought a chilling reminder of what a Satan Hunter called Richard Carvath had claimed, that an investigation team was coming from London to North Wales. Carvath said:

If you ‘get the knock’, please don’t be alarmed.  You won’t be harmed by investigators – we just want to ask you a few questions, to help us with our lawful enquiries.

Richard Carvath blog 2nd Oct 2021

This writer cannot help but think that the measures that Jeanette Archer has in mind to help Wong might relate to another attempted kidnap of Child A. Archer has previously announced that her group would locate and “rescue” (kidnap) children allegedly associated with Satanism or Satanic Ritual Abuse.

How long before someone is killed because of Jeanette Archer?

The police and other UK agencies have done nothing about Jeanette Archer and her fanatical and cultish QAnon group. Despite taking Islamic and Neo-Nazi threats to national security seriously, a crazy woman and her group talking about lizard people and Satanic elites eating babies, seems to the police and security agencies a harmless bit of fun, deserving of the right of freedom of speech, thus dozens of complaints by concerned people fall on deaf ears. Archer has gained a well deserved sense of untouchability because national security and the police look on and do nothing. Fanatics are buying into the message of Jeanette Archer with her direct and simple calls for direct action against the institutions and individuals of the UK State. It is with a cynical and pessimistic attutude that this writer sends reports in to MI5 and Surrey Police about Archer and her QAnon group, knowing that it is likely only when someone dies that any action will be taken; and no doubt Archer will get a free “pass” to carry on doing what she is doing, even if people die.

Friday Satan Hunter Update 15/10/21

Nathaniel Harris becomes the latest Satan Hunter to celebrate, encourage or promote attacks on UK schools and teachers in a worrying theme that is becoming increasingly popular amongst Satan Hunters and their social media networks.

As Britain limped to Halloween and Winter, the Satan Hunters turned their attention this week to claims of Halloween being the major festival of child sacrifice to Satan. As usual, UK’s leading Satan Hunter Jeanette Archer unleashed videos claiming that Halloween, along with Christmas and Easter, were all major child eating and sacrifice festivals. In reality these are all days of delight to children on account of candy, parties and presents: Archer, along with her fellow Satan Hunters, are fearmongering miserable party poopers, with a hatred of children having fun.

Jeanette Archer and her Satnics protest at Windsor Castle

Jeanette Archer attempted a return to the limelight with a protest at Windsor Castle with a mediocre turnout of twelve supporters. Archer added a new chapter to her evolving fantasy of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) by relating to her small audience tales of mass rape, torture, murder and hunting of children, with her “heroic” self at the centre of the narrative, happening in the grounds and dungeons of Windsor Castle. The locals laughed at Archer, attracting angry abuse from the hardcore QAnon Satnic cult followers of Archer. The local police officers watched from a distance, impotent and confused, as they were accused and verbally abused by the Archer Satnics of raping and murdering children at the Castle in Satanic rituals. With the police being present, the Satnics were not brave enough to block roads or sticker bomb any targets like they did in London.

Despite giving Archer mentions on her own Facebook page, the former lead admin of the Archer Satnics, Lydia Lowe, is no longer involved in any way with the Archer QAnon cult group. Lowe is focussed on working with right wing and anti-vaxxer groups harassing and abusing children, schools and the NHS over the covid vaccinations. Lowe is amongst a large number of key followers of Archer who have parted company with Archer over her increasingly bizarre, bullying and controlling ways.

Who is the boyfriend of Jeanette Archer?

Archer has a new right hand man in a boyfriend, although it is unclear who this boyfriend is. Three names have been mentioned as this boyfriend, all who were present at the Windsor protest. Wayne Fox, a Satnic leader, who evidently has recovered from covid, was one boyfriend candidate; seen enthusiastically verbally abusing the police and locals at the Windsor protest. Another name mentioned as a boyfriend of Archer is her bodyguard James Zikic, who was at Windsor, and in all the protests Archer has led so far in 2021. A new name for the boyfriend of Archer is Dominic Abbey, who goes by the name of EnzymeDom on the internet. Abbey produces most of the videos of the Satnic protests, and is a violent psychopath. Abbey has recently threatened to kill critics of himself and Archer, with a video on his Bitchute showing an execution of someone with a crossbow bolt; an evident nod to the recent massacre of people in Norway by someone with a bow and arrows.

The failures of the police to address the threats of terrorism by Satan Hunters as an MP is stabbed to death

With Archer becoming more extreme and delusional by the month, the moderates have been sidelined in her QAnon group, leaving a mostly violent and hardcore cult following, which raises red flags that some of these would act in a terroristic fashion against those Archer considers her enemies. Archer has previously called for schools and hospitals to be burnt down; has identified Freemasons, politicians, teachers, the NHS, royalty and the police as part of an active Satanic cult raping and killing children. Archer supports the kidnap of children and the destruction of the UK state. Archer sows the seeds of terrorism in the minds of her extremist and violent followers, whilst the police look on and do nothing, and people who see her rants mock and laugh. Archer, who is capable of going to any lengths to push her personal agendas, including as two sources tell this writer, encouraging child abuse victims to kill themselves in order to promote SRA narratives, will eventually bring about a terroristic act resulting in loss of life.

If it had been Muslims that Jeanette Archer had spoken about in relation to torture, murder and rape of children, the police would have acted; not because a hate law had been broken, but out of a fear of Muslims being provoked to violence. The constant stream of hatred in speeches and internet content by Archer against Freemasons and Satanists is as much a hate crime against a religion or belief system as it is if Archer happened to associate Muslims to it. When this writer complained to the police about internet content by Archer celebrating the burning of Freemason properties, the police considered this freedom of speech. Many people have complained to the police about Jeanette Archer, and the police do nothing, because to them it is freedom of speech to call for the burning down of schools, supporting the kidnap of children and making the worst claims possible to their faces that the police rape, torture and murder children.

The British establishment voiced shock at the murder of a Member of Parliament this week, in what is described as a terroristic act. The MP, David Amess, was stabbed to death at one of his face-to-face meetings in the area he represented. With those such as the Satan Hunters Jeanette Archer and Lydia Lowe spreading false information and hatred such as that 120+ MPs are on the paedophile Sex offenders register, or that MP’s are Satanists actively drinking baby blood, raping and murdering children for Satan, to what are mentally unstable and violent followers, it is no suprise a climate is being created for the murder of MP’s. The police act after the event, but do nothing when the warnings are clearly there of an impending threat. It says much when despite two failed kidnap plots, and a call for the murder of a father by a Satan Hunter, it was only when a kidnap of a child happened by Wilfred Wong and his Satan Hunter gang, that the police acted. The police have the intelligence on Satan Hunters such as Archer, but do nothing.

Attorney General refers sentences of Wilfred Wong child kidnapping gang for review as too lenient

This writer was pleased this week that the Attorney General has referred the Wilfred Wong child kidnap gang for review of if the jail sentences are too lenient. There was the fear that appeals about sentencing might reduce the jail terms the kidnappers were given. In the same week, a petition was submitted to Westminster calling for the jail terms of child kidnappers to be life in prison; the petition was rejected because it was unclear as to if it wanted a change to one or both acts of parliament relating to the kidnap or abduction of children.

Another Satan Hunter celebrates arson attacks against schools

Satan Hunter Nathaniel Harris had a civil court hearing seeking an injunction against his repeating false SRA allegations against his victims moved from October to November 2021. Civil court cases that seek damages and injunctions against Satan Hunters seems to be the way forward, although it costs money. Harris, showing how dangerous he is, celebrated a photo of his former school being burnt in an arson attack, echoing a growing trend amongst Satan Hunters to attack schools.

An attempt to silence a victim of Satan Hunters from speaking results in police complaint

A victim of Satan Hunters known as “Elicia” suffered targetted harassment by some this week who wanted to silence her right to speak and tell her own story of how she was groomed, used and abused by an extensive network of Satan Hunters connected to Wilfred Wong, Jeanette Archer and Jon Wedger. Claiming that “Elicia” was vulnerable; that she was incapable of deciding and speaking for herself, the individuals targetted this writer and the YouTube podcaster Danny Jones with defamatory allegations that we were using and abusing “Elicia”; all totally untrue.

Not many victims of Satan Hunters are able to speak up, either out of fear of Satan Hunters, or because there are children involved in the cases. These victims suffer in silence, suffering years of abuse and allegation making, frustrated that they are unable to tell their story, to put the record straight. Those who are brave enough to come forward to speak, who have no ties to child victims, have a right to tell their story. When there are non-Satan Hunters actively working to silence such victims, it is unfortunate.

Both I and Danny Jones have been working closely with “Elicia”, who makes it clear she is not vulnerable, is of sound mind, and capable of making her own decisions. “Elicia” has been warned about the risks from trolls, critics and Satan Hunters if she goes public with her story, that she is likely to be identfied and suffer intense reaction. “Elicia” has proceeded despite these warnings to tell her story in two videos, and is very enthusiastic to tell her story in further videos with Danny Jones. Although the videos are no longer taking comments, there is probably going to be further videos coming out. “Elicia” is a very pro-active and feisty individual, who this writer would not want to get on the wrong side of, has gone to the police over the harassment by certain individuals who seek to deny her freedom of speech with false claims that are harassing in nature.

Just another normal chapter in the crazy life of Satan Hunter Matt Taylor

The Satan Hunter Matt Taylor continues with his bizarre updates from his crazy life with further information of an alleged police investigation into his activities with boys in a wood, in which he claims was sexual in nature and involved showing the boys illegal videos. Taylor claimed:

Father of two, Matt Taylor 50 from Brighton, arrested in CHRISTMAS HORROR SHOCKER!

Hiding in his own home for five days, before Sussex Police threatened to smash his door in, ex-RMP Soldier Matt Taylor was arrested for taking three 15-year-old boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of beheadings.

Six months on Sussex Police continue their investigations, citing delays on accessing Taylor’s IT equipment.

Are you Matt Taylor?

He was asked whether he was Matt Taylor, by three teenagers on his way home from the shops one Saturday night, claiming to be big fans of his popular Matt Taylor TV YouTube shows; he had no idea, that his world was about to be turned upside down, for the fifth or sixth time, in as many years.

Walking home and chatting with three teenage boys, (one of whom Taylor recognized as being his daughter’s classroom friend, whom he has known all his life), has resulted in a serious allegation being made that Matt Taylor incited three teenage boys to come into the woods with him, after showing them videos of beheadings on his mobile phone.

Matt Taylor 05/07/21 on

My fight with the Satan Hunters is driven by a feeling of injustice

Little James Hind, perhaps aged five or six; injustice carved his heart, life and destiny like an expert artist. His doom is this injustice that drives his passion and focus, the agenda of why he fights Satan Hunters, to prevent that injustice being experienced by children. The doom is accepted, for what is created by this doom will also be ended by it.

An angry e-mail. “You hypocritical lying b*d” ! accused the e-mail. If e-mails could burst into flames, this was one. “I don’t know what your agenda is” said the e-mail. It was like a question mark that stood a second in the air, then ignited to ash.

Such is the life of fighting Satan Hunters, my social media posts will upset someone. Today, it was the turn of a former ally against the Satan Hunters, who stood in line with the Satan Hunters to find fault with my deeds and words. It is a wise person to see in the conflicts of life an opportunity to test truth, and the indignant scribe did raise a good question: “What is my agenda in fighting the Satan Hunters?”

Reality testing is important to me, so I ask questions of my motivations, thoughts and feelings all the time. I live in a permanent trap of dissociation, the gift given to me by my childhood abusers, where the world around me, my senses and my feelings don’t feel real, and I live as if in a perpetual film, where I am the observer of my own life, but not the participant. As the only cause of a million causes I could have fought, fighting Satan Hunters is the cause I feel motivated to throw my life behind, at a vast expense of money, energy and time out of my life; so the question of what my agenda is in fighting Satan Hunters is an important one.

The day before the fiery e-mail landed in my inbox, I learned of a new addition to my family. The photo I saw of the newborn baby was cute: a sleeping infant in the embrace of the mum, trusting, safe and secure. My busy brain got to work when I saw that picture of the baby: was I fighting the Satan Hunters to make a safer world for this baby? What I noted in my reaction to the baby, was that I did not want that baby to suffer the experience of Child A in the Wilfred Wong case, or the Hampstead children, the prey of Satan Hunters. It was not so much that I wanted to make a better world for the baby to live in, but a strong desire that the baby would not suffer the injustice of the child victims of Satan Hunters.

It is a feeling rather than a value, ideal or principle that drives my fight against the Satan Hunters. It is a feeling that is difficult to describe: a burning outrage that rises up whenever I encounter it; and woe those that triggered it. Born no doubt from my own childhood abuse experiences of adults and people in authority using their power against my vulnerablity, this feeling against injustice rises when I encounter someone in power harming something that is weak or vulnerable. Although it rises at harm done to animals, the feeling rises more so when children suffer injustice.

Although those who campaign for children talk about an ideal set in a future, I exist outside of time: so past, present and future mean nothing to me. The feeling of injustice is what matters, and motivates me. I have tried to rectify injustices done to children that happened hundreds of years in the past. I am committed to fighting long wars that will last years and decades against the Satan Hunters, and against the Social Media companies that enabled those Satan Hunters. Of the Social Media companies, nothing short of their destruction would satisfy me. I supported Brexit, even campaigned for it, only because the EU gave the Satan Hunter Sabine McNeill a platform to speak. Satan Hunters such as Becki Percy and Angela Power Disney underestimate the pure resolve I have to bring them to justice. All this driven by my feeling of injustice.

The kidnapping of Child A by Satan Hunter Wilfred Wong and his gang; the torture and release of intimate details of the children in the Hampstead SRA Hoax, sent my feeling of injustice into full blaze; except there is no heat, but a deadly darkest winter that would instantly frostbite anyone close to it’s embrace. Winter is Coming is a good saying for any Satan Hunter I feel my sense of injustice against.

What Satan Hunters really mean when they say they are fighting for the children, is that children are their pawns to an end such as fame, money, power, revenge and ideology. The children the Satan Hunters come into contact with are preyed upon by Satan Hunters: Child A and another child in the kidnapping by Wilfred Wong have PTSD, probably for life; the children in the Hampstead case, now in their teens, who must face the humiliation of their faces, names, medical reports, and intimate video tapes circulating constantly on the internet thanks to the Satan Hunters. The Hampstead children can enjoy no teen life in anything that gives them media or internet publicity, because of the Satan Hunters, who will stalk and harass; not even the successful little business that won the Hampstead children a major award a few years ago, ruined because of Satan Hunters.

It is the case that when I fight for Child A or the Hampstead children, their injustice reminds me of the injustice done to me as a child. And when I look at the newborn baby in my own family, all I see is a child I am motivated to protect from the same injustice.

So, the answer to the question “What is my agenda in fighting the Satan Hunters?” It is a feeling of injustice that fuels my passion and focus to prevent children from experiencing the feeling of injustice I suffered, which children are now experiencing at the hands of Satan Hunters.

When Satan Hunters such as Jeanette Archer says she will sacrifice her life for the “children”, her words are empty; she has agendas like power, fame and money driving her. Archer is a coward, and would throw a child under a bus, if it served her agenda. No children will ever be saved by Archer; her harvest is a trail of broken children.

In the cold winter darkness something is following Jeanette Archer. The Winter is Coming, and it will never stop, because a feeling of injustice drives it onwards; that no army, mountain or god can stop. And woe to any Satan Hunter the angry wintery shadow with a frosty passion will challenge, because this type of champion will die in the embrace of it’s passion. It might not be noble values, ideals and principles that drives a wintery creature, but a feeling of injustice; although the end state is the same, children benefit, Satan Hunters do not.

Friday Satan Hunter Update 08/10/21

Wilfred Wong, leading Satan Hunter in the UK, has been jailed for the kidnap of a child, but his relentless supporters have sent an investigation team from London to hound the child victims of Wong.

This update on the Satan Hunters, those who promote Satanic Panics, covers the last two weeks; dominated by the news of long jail terms for the QAnon inspired child kidnap gang of Wilfred Wong, where six Satan Hunters were jailed for a violent kidnap of a child they claimed was involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).

The credibility of the leading UK Satan Hunter Wilfred Wong as a child protection champion and as a hunter of Satanists he claims abuse children for Satan, was utterly destroyed, when he failed to have the courage to stand by his beliefs; initially denying in court any connection to the kidnap, claiming he was on a walking holiday in Wales. The evidence was damning, and clearly showed to the court that Wong was a key planner and leader in the kidnap of a child, which was violent, and left two children with PTSD. Wong suffered the longest jail term of the gang, with a 17-year jail custody term, plus 5 years on licence as a dangerous offender against children. North Wales Live reported of Wong:

A man convicted of plotting to kidnap a child in North Wales remains a significant risk to children, according to a judge. Wilfred Wong, 56, claims to have been campaigning for years to protect children. Of course, in the case of the North Wales youngster – known as Child A – there was no need for protection because there was no evidence of any abuse.

North Wales Live 3 Oct 2021

The so-called former barrister Wilfred Wong invented a bizarre and fanciful story to try to deny his role in the kidnap of a child, despite witness and cctv evidence, phone records, kidnap notes on his person, as well as a kidnap kit, he tried to claim he had found during a walk. It was only at the sentencing that Wong accepted his role in the kidnapping, by which time his stance as a campaigner against SRA and sex abuse was destroyed, and he lost the opportunity of significant discounts on his jail term for an early guilty plea.

If there was any hope that the jailing of Wilfred Wong and his gang would silence the frenzy of the fanatical supporters of SRA for kidnapping children, and to leave the victims of the kidnapping alone, it was mistaken. Richard Carvath was quick to try to defend Wong and the right to kidnap children by Satan Hunters, announcing that an investigation team would be coming to North Wales to pursue the case and all those associated with it, including the kidnap victim Child A, their father, the judges, and the foster carers; raising the fear another kidnap attempt could be mounted against Child A. Other pro-kidnapping Satan Hunters such as Jeanette Archer was also mounting a weak attempt to support Wong. Various other Satan Hunters broke a court order by revealing information that potentially put Child A at further risk.

Various Satan Hunters during the last two weeks have played the victim card, running to the police complaining about those who challenge their activities of stalking and harassing victims. Exasperated police had to contend with Satan Hunters Matt Taylor and Nathaniel Harris complaining about various of their critics. Harris faces a civil court action this month to address his harassing activity against victims. Matt Taylor on the one hand is very active through social media hammering away at victims, whilst running to the police when those victims respond to his harassment. The police handling of the Taylor situation is somewhat bizarre to say the least.

There have been many victims in the Wilfred Wong child kidnapping case, and one victim bravely came forward to give YouTube interviews to podcaster Danny Jones about their experiences with Wong; at the time of writing, two of a four part video series have been published – Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.

The victim of Wong goes by the name of Elicia, who, along with her former partner, was groomed over a long period of time by an extensive network of Satan Hunters, including Wilfred Wong, who then tried to encourage them to take part in the kidnap of Child A. Elicia reveals a disturbing network of people and groups working together, who paved the way to kidnapping Child A. Of interest to this writer is the role played by Satan Hunter Jon Wedger in the Wilfred Wong child kidnapping case, a matter that is now under investigation.

YouTuber Sharon Gale, an individual under investigation for a possible break of the court order in the Wilfred Wong case, let slip in a drunken video that Satan Hunter Jon Wedger had taken legal proceedings against her: with a temporary court injunction in place; a full civil court hearing planned in the near future. Gale, a strong critic of Wedger, has apparently said things that Wedger has disliked.

The Satan Hunter Angela Power Disney in Oldcastle, Ireland, has been actively harassing victims and breaking court orders with the impunity of someone that feels they are untouchable. Of great frustration to victims and those challenging Disney, there is some strength in the feelings of Disney that she is untouchable due to the failings of both legal authorities and the social media companies to curb her activities. Options are continuing to be explored as to what to do about Angela Power Disney.

The Satan Hunter Jeanette Archer from Cranleigh in Surrey appeared on live video stream today ranting and raving about a recent documentary about Jimmy Saville. Archer claimed that the documentary was the latest in a coverup protecting the Royal Family, she claims are eating and drinking the blood of babies; the Queen, Archer also claims abused her at Buckingham Palace, and previously claimed shapechanged into a nine foot reptile in front of her. Archer urged her followers to join her in a protest for next week at a yet to be announced “Royal” location in the South of England.

Without revealing exactly what disasters had impacted her, Archer was clearly no longer the arrogant and confident person she was at her last 16th of August protest. Archer assured her followers she was not standing down, and was determined to sacrifice her life “for the children“. Encouraging her followers to follow her on Telegram, Archer expressed the opinion that her days on Facebook was numbered, claiming that efforts to silence her was in play. Archer has lowered her expectations, saying the new protest was unlikely to attract big numbers, and on this occasion it would be about noise and not leaflets. Archer claimed that 10km protest marches do not work, ignoring the fact that her previous march in London on 16th August evolved from a ten minute walk into a ten mile hike to various targets in that city.

Whilst the relationship between Jeanette Archer and her rival Satan Hunter Lydia Lowe remains friendly, they are doing their own projects. Lowe is mainly working on anti-vaxxer covid protests, whilst Archer is focussed on her SRA obsession. It is unclear what the status of Wayne Fox is as co-leader in the Archer QAnon group, but he is working with Lydia Lowe and may be the unnamed boyfriend that Archer refers to in her latest live videos. Fox remains inactive on Facebook, the last activity being 14th Sept 2021.

On Richard Carvath and his Satan Hunting “investigation team”

Could Satan Hunters Jon Wedger and Jeanette Archer be involved in the investigation team that Richard Carvath is spokesperson for, coming to North Wales from London to investigate the Wilfred Wong case and those involved with it? Not only is Jon Wedger and Jeanette Archer close associates with Wilfred Wong, have similar views as Wong, but also they have a network, expertise and the resources to investigate and potentially kidnap children. Supporters of Wilfred Wong and kidnapping children refers to child kidnaps as a “rescue”.

When the UK’s supreme Satan Hunter and Witchfinder General Wilfred Wong was locked up with long prison terms, along with his fellow gang of child kidnappers, his ever loyal foot soldier, a Satan Hunter known as Richard Carvath, flooded the internet with content praising Wong as a hero, along with other dishonest and dubious claims about the case. Amongst the announcements by Richard Carvath was that an investigation team had been recruited to investigate the Wilfred Wong child kidnapping case and all the characters involved in it.

Whilst stressing he was only the public spokesperson for the investigation team, although legally as liable for any illegal activity by said investigation team by reason of association, Carvath made it an inferred point in his blog posts that the judges involved in the Wilfred Wong Child A kidnapping case would be a particular interest to the investigation team. Judge Gaynor Elizabeth Lloyd is a “Person of Interest” states Carvath, adding with a slight edge of threat:

“Investigators may request the cooperation of HHJ Gaynor Lloyd in enquiries conducted for the purpose of the prevention and detection of crime.”

Richard Carvath blog post dated 2nd Oct 2021

Another judge, Judge Nicola Jones, the trial judge in the Wilfred Wong case, seems also a target of the investigation. Carvath says “HHJ Gaynor Lloyd is known to HHJ Nicola Jones.” Carvath has had much to say about Judge Jones along the lines of his outraged question at the sentencing of Wong and the other child kidnappers, asking: “Is the judge mad, evil or both?”

Carvath has a thing about court judges who make decisions contrary to the interpretation of reality that Carvath lives in; a matter that has attracted media coverage and plenty of social media posts on his Twitter and blog accounts. Upon a creaking and groaning book shelf in the hallowed heart of justice of the UK Attorney General, a shelf is about to collapse under the weight of the heavy duty file on the activities of Carvath against the courts and judges of the United Kingdom.

Richard Carvath employs the strategy for his actions, that probably risks the wrath of judges and law enforcement, that it is in the interests of “prevention and detection of crime.” Carvath knows a thing or two about this type of legal defence argument, having narrowly avoided conviction for stalking an innocent father using this line of defence in court. The argument has limits, and it gets harder arguing the “prevention and detection of crime” legal defence when stalking court judges, especially when appeal court judges start saying Carvath is a chronic liar and fantasist.

The Carvath blog post announcing a new investigation into the case and characters involved in the Wilfred Wong child kidnapping case has the effect to cause alarm and distress on any individual who might think a bunch of thugs are about to land on their doorstep. Carvath says:

“If you ‘get the knock’, please don’t be alarmed.  You won’t be harmed by investigators – we just want to ask you a few questions, to help us with our lawful enquiries.”

Richard Carvath blog post 2nd oct 2021

The sense of menace is enhanced when Carvath writes in the same blog post:

“(And it’s not just London. Mr Wong comes from a warrior clan in Singapore which is ‘hopping mad’ over the insult to Mr Wong’s clan. As was said above, Mr Wong is ‘too big’ to be screwed over by the north Wales cabal. Strenuous efforts will be made to correct and avenge the evil done to Mr Wong and the others in the case. This is a ‘political issue’ not only in London but also in Singapore.)”

Richard Carvath blog post 2nd Oct 2021

More disturbing is a bunch of vigilantes with a belief they are the judge, jury and executioner, going beyond even a paedophile hunting mob, with the stated aim that they have no intention of involving North Wales Police. Carvath states:

“North Wales Police is frozen out of this investigation, on the grounds that it is hopelessly corrupt (we already have the proof of that fact). There will be no cooperation with this corrupt police force. If this police force in any way attacks or obstructs agents engaged in this new lawful private investigation, it will be countered robustly.”

Richard Carvath blog post 2nd Oct 2021

Even paedophiles get the right to have police involved at the end of a “sting” after the hunters have had their fun with them, not so for the father, foster carers, children, judges and anyone else that Carvath and his vigilante investigation team is interested to invite into their bizarre “investigation”. Indeed, Carvath hints that any police turning up whilst the investigation team is intimidating innocent people, will be the subject of violence.

So, who, apart from Richard Carvath, are the members of this “investigation team”? Like so much of what Carvath writes, he likes to be vague and offers few if any details. Carvath, claiming to be a journalist, a man demanding transparency, has a forked tongue, demanding others be transparent, when he is unwilling to be transparent. Two pieces of information Carvath offers is that the team has a serving police officer in it, and the team is coming from London.

The obvious people who may be associated with the investigation team are the Satan Hunters Jon Wedger and Jeanette Archer, whose main centre of activity is London and the home counties in the UK. Both Archer and Wedger are enthusiastic supporters of Wilfred Wong, with similar points of view as Carvath. Archer, like Carvath, is a supporter of kidnapping children in the same manner that Wong and his gang participated in with Child A; who refers to the act of kidnapping as a “rescue”. Both Archer and Wedger have invested in surveillance equipment, and have run private investigations using this equipment. Archer and Wedger have security teams with links to the police, the military and intelligence operations. Some of the individuals Archer and Wedger work with are armed, connected to paedophile hunting groups, and operations involved in kidnap/rescue of children associated with child trafficking. James Zikic is a typical example of one of the security team, acting as muscle and as a bodyguard to Archer and Wedger. Archer and Wedger have the money, expertise, network and resources to mount an investigation, and if motivated enough, to launch a new kidnap attempt on Child A in the Wilfred Wong case.

I think it is fair that now Richard Carvath has provoked alarm and distress with his blog posts announcing an investigation of various persons involved in the Wilfred Wong case, that he should provide his readers with the identities of the people or groups who are going to come knocking at the doors of those such as Judge Nicola Jones, the home of Child A, and also the home of the father of Child A. When Carvath invites people not to be “alarmed” and to cooperate with the investigations of his “investigation team“, I think he would go some way to reducing anxiety by offering more information about who!?! is coming to visit? since as it stands, people rightly will be afraid that Jack the Ripper, or a bunch of psychotic armed maniacs, are on their way to North Wales to give Child A more nightmares.

Richard Carvath: a new threat to the wellbeing of Child A in the Wilfred Wong child kidnapping case

Satan Hunter Richard Carvath presents a new threat to the wellbeing of Child A in the Wilfred Wong child kidnapping case, after the kidnappers are given long jail terms for child kidnap, with veiled threats and the recruitment of an investigation team to pursue the innocent people associated with the case. Ironically, Carvath probably contributed to the end result of lengthy jail sentences for the kidnap of a child with his antics of disrupting the court and attacks on the judge, which educated the judge how dangerous, obsessional and crazy the Satan Hunters are.

Will Child A, the victim of kidnap by evil Satan Hunter Wilfred Wong, have a life where he is free of anxiety from the threat of harassment and kidnap from more Satan Hunters? It appears not if Satan Hunter Richard Carvath has his way.

Number one fan of Wilfred Wong

Richard Carvath is a crazy guy, obsessive, and a man willing to act upon his impulses; qualities that makes Carvath a danger to children, especially those he has become obsessed about. From day one, Carvath has made himself the number one fan of Wilfred Wong, dishonestly repeating a message that Wong is the next best thing to happen since Jesus, and that the kidnap of children, even in violent fashion, is okay.

Richard Carvath is highly obsessed

Obsessive is an understatement when it comes to Richard Carvath. Clearly having “daddy issues”, Carvath has stalked and harassed three fathers wrongly associated with Satanic Ritual Abuse fictions: firstly, the father in the Hampstead case; then the father in the Samantha Baldwin case; now the father in the Wilfred Wong child kidnapping case. In all cases Carvath has stalked fathers, making false claims about them, invading their personal lives; and with the malicious intent of separating them from their children. Another obsession is those that Carvath has never met, who he puts on a pedestal of adoration and worship, people he will go to prison for, those like the Satan Hunter child kidnappers Samantha Baldwin and Wilfred Wong. A third obsession is the court judges who have the unfortunate experience of having to deal with Carvath due to his stalking activities against innocent fathers; judges become a particular target of stalking by Carvath, a matter that he has been in prison for.

Carvath is a hypocritical Christian

Carvath claims to be a Christian, a self proclaimed vigilante against Satanists; never mind the fact that his victims are Christians and totally innocent of the fantasies Carvath writes about them. Carvath may post prayers and scripture to his social media, but he does not walk his talk. Carvath conveniently ignores the many warnings against false witnessing and pride in his Bible. Being a liar and a fantasist is as natural as breathing to Carvath; a fact noted by a judge in his failed court appeal early in 2021. When the facts and evidence is clearly presented to Carvath of the falseness of his claims, such as in the Wilfred Wong case, he continues in his pride to pursue the path of judge, jury and executioner, appointed by himself, ignoring all reason, evidence and authority.

Carvath claims false authority in the Wilfred Wong case

Richard Carvath has no special knowledge of the Wilfred Wong case than any member of the public. Nobody, not even the kidnappers, have shared information with Carvath. Carvath was kicked out of the court on the first day of the trial; has no access to the expensive transcripts; no “inside” information on the case. The information that Carvath has about the case is from media reports, from which he then proclaims with false authority knowledge to declare his own twisted claims about the case.

Carvath claims about the father of Child A are ignorant and false

Carvath declares with an air of false authority that the father of Child A is a Satanist and child abuser. Carvath has no evidence for these claims, he has zero access to information to make such claims. The father is a dedicated Christian, a victim of a particularly vindictive Satan Hunter that wanted him dead, who plotted and recruited an army of vigilantes to their cause; a person who fabricated evidence in support of a massive fiction of SRA with no regard to the harm that the Satan Hunter did to Child A. Typically, Carvath acts as a willing patsy and tool of manipulative obsessed women such as Samantha Baldwin and others. The father for the record was found to be totally innocent of the abuse fictions against him after investigation by social workers, police and the courts; who found those fictions to be the false fabrications of an evil Satan Hunter.

Likewise, Carvath claims about kidnapped Child A are vile and false

Showing how totally vile and ignorant Carvath is of the case of the kidnap of Child A by Wilfred Wong, he declared that the child was happy and consented to kidnap. The reality as told in the courts was that Child A was screaming and begging his foster carer to help him as he was violently dragged away by people at knifepoint. Child A, a vulnerable child, aged only eight, is too young in law to consent to anything; and certainly was not consulted or allowed the opportunity to consent to being dragged away in the distressing fashion they suffered by vigilantes prepared to hood him and tie him up like the Americans do to the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay; a child who had to endure a traumatic chase across hundreds of miles in the footwell of a car. The child did not run into the embrace of his kidnappers, but did run straight to the comforting embrace of his foster carer when reunited with them. Child A now has PTSD due to the kidnapping, as reported in the court. One should also not forget another child with Child A, who had to endure the events of the violent kidnapping of Child A, who will suffer from the violent experience for years to come.

Carvath makes threats against the innocent

What are we to think of the threats that Richard Carvath makes in his latest wave of blogs? Claims such as Carvath is working with a London based investigation team, with an active police officer, who he says will be coming to North Wales to knock on doors and investigate various people associated with the Wilfred Wong case? Who are these shady characters, who will no doubt track down and harass Child A, their father, their foster carers and judges in the Wilfred Wong case? Do we now have another attempt by Carvath and his cronies to investigate and then attempt to kidnap Child A again? Is the Satan Hunter Jon Wedger involved in this new threat to the wellbeing of Child A and other innocent people?

Of note is the sinister veiled threat in the Carvath blog post that:

Mr Wong comes from a warrior clan in Singapore which is ‘hopping mad’ over the insult to Mr Wong’s clan. As was said above, Mr Wong is ‘too big’ to be screwed over by the north Wales cabal. Strenuous efforts will be made to correct and avenge the evil done to Mr Wong and the others in the case. This is a ‘political issue’ not only in London but also in Singapore.

Richard Carvath blog post dated 2nd Oct 2021

I get the impression from the Carvath blog that “Mr Wong’s clan” has the feel of a crime family. It has not gone unnoticed that some in the Satan Hunter community talk of Wilfred Wong being involved in a child trafficking operation, where children are abducted and moved around the world for the purposes of sexual exploitation. True or not, Carvath adds to the alarm and distress that those trying to protect Child A must now endure worrying about a new threat to the wellbeing of Child A and other innocent people.

Carvath probably helped the child kidnappers get longer jail terms

In conclusion, I would say that Richard Carvath did Wilfred Wong no favours in his words and deeds causing aggravation to the court and the judge in the case. Carvath cancelled out any impact of character statements, mitigation and the contents of a probation report on Wilfred Wong and the other kidnappers, by persuading the judge how dangerous, obsessed and fanatical Satan Hunters are like. It may be thanks to Richard Carvath that Wilfred Wong has a longer prison term, is now flagged as a dangerous offender, and will be spending more time in jail due to the rules that dangerous offenders have to spend more of their jail term in prison. It is not the first time Satan Hunters have assisted in the conviction and the longer length of sentence of fellow Satan Hunters, those such as: Sabine McNeill; Rupert Wilson Quaintance; John Paterson. So, if Richard Carvath reads this blog post, I acknowledge his role for screwing up things for Wilfred Wong and others in the child kidnap case; and his prize, my prediction of a whole lot of legal trouble coming his way.

Jeanette Archer: the return of the Satnic Queen

A humbled Jeanette Archer returns to what could be a power struggle with a competitor in Lydia Lowe for the niche UK SRA market.

Yesterday evening, just days before her mentor Wilfred Wong faces sentencing for the kidnap of a child, the UK’s leading Satan Hunter Jeanette Archer made a return to activity with a live video broadcast on Facebook. Archer said that she had been in “Facebook prison” for 30 days, referring to her psychotic rant against Satanists on Facebook that resulted in the ban.

Could reporting Facebook posts be Archer’s achilles heel?

Archer had been completely silent for 30 days thanks to the Facebook ban, revealing what could be her achilles heel to her critics, should they decide to actively report her content to Facebook.

Archer, who accused Facebook of being run by Satanists, claimed she had taken the opportunity to have a holiday after being “on the go” since March 2020. Archer conveniently failed to remember the three month “holiday” she had earlier in 2021 after being arrested and convicted for naming the child kidnapped in the Wilfred Wong case contrary to a court order, a form of child abuse on the part of Archer. Clearly in no mood to suffer critics, Archer quickly silenced one critic via banning from her live stream, a Twitter user known as @BrentLeeTV who rightly asked if child abuse victims had holidays.

The humbled Satnic Queen

Events of the last month clearly had deflated the ego of Archer. The godlike and messianic rhetoric was absent in the Archer broadcast, none of the lofty claims that she was going to bring the State crashing down, destroy the Satanists, and save all the children. Archer bestowed the rare acknowledgement to her followers in terms of “we” instead of “I” in relation to what she claimed her QAnon group protests achieved. Archer was no longer feeling aggressive in calling for schools and hospitals to be burnt to the ground, but did manage to urge her followers to keep their children home from the schools. Like some old soldier relating past deeds, Archer spoke about past protest events, but had no clear plans for future protests. Archer was indecisive, saying she was reviewing her options on the way forward for her group.

The rise of a rival Queen

The live video was telling in the total absence of the name of Lydia Lowe by Archer in the broadcast; reinforced by zero promotion of the Archer live video event by Lowe on her own social media. Archer had to stop speaking at least three times to remove critics from her live comments, a moderation role that usually Lowe fulfilled. When Archer referred to her “admin team” and those who ran her Telegram site, it composed of herself and a “Rebecca”. There was no mention of Lydia Lowe, who had previously been admin of the Telegram site. “Rebecca” was noted as the admin who was hacked, resulting in some 300 user accounts being deleted on the Telegram group, and the personal information of all the group users being compromised.

With Lydia Lowe now highly active on social media with her own network and causes, it is clear that the admin poodle of Jeanette Archer has moved on to do her own thing. Archer, a control freak who hates anyone who threatens her authority or steals her limelight, faces a rival queen and possible group, who will compete in the UK niche market of SRA and the crowded market of the anti-vaxxers. This writer suspects the current diplomacy of silence between the rival queens may explode into fighting in the current months.

Freemasons, Muslims and Reptiles

The definition of Satanist according to Archer in her video is someone in the Freemasons, which is the main target of most of her aggression against the “Satanists”. It was also interesting to note that Archer refers to the London Mayor Sadiq Aman Khan, a Muslim, as a Satanist; and one speculates if Archer shares an undercurrent of hatred towards Muslims in the same way as her mentor Wilfred Wong did in his interviews about Satanists, in which he included Muslims in his attacks. Archer also referred to the “reptile” ruling elite in her video, which now appears to be another established brick in her ongoing SRA narrative.

The Merchant of Doom and Gloom

Archer evidently has consulted her deck of tarot cards, as she promised her followers a winter of doom and gloom: mass deaths; food and fuel shortages; concentration camps; lockdown and civil unrest. Archer claimed the 5G network was a weapon that was about to be switched on; that the children would all be murdered by the “death jab”; that mobile phones were monitoring the unvaccinated with view to having them mentally sectioned and taken to concentration camps.

Archer to purchase more surveillance equipment

Continuing the obsession of fellow Satan Hunters Wilfred Wong and Jon Wedger with surveillance, Archer announced on the video with a smirk that her group was planning to purchase more surveillance equipment. One can imagine Archer and other pervy members of her group secretly tracking children on Halloween Night in the hope of recording Satanic goings on. More sinister is the stated plan by Archer that her group intends to identify children associated with “Satanists” or “Satanism” with the aim of kidnapping them.

Friday Satan Hunter Update 24/09/21

Satan Hunter Jeanette Archer plans to make a return this weekend, although she will have to contend with a potential new rival in co-leader of the QAnon group Lydia Lowe.

After a month of low activity the Satan Hunters have begun to regroup for what looks like a new cycle of high activity.

Jeanette Archer, the leading Satan Hunter in the UK, and leading figure in a rabid QAnon group that has terrorised London with their protests during the summer months of 2021, promises to make a return this weekend with a live video. Archer, a bullying control freak who hates anyone who might steal her limelight and authority, will contend with the new dynamic of fellow QAnon leader Lydia Lowe, who during the month of silence by Archer has been highly active in social media pushing her own agendas and building her own network. It will be interesting to see how this new dynamic will impact the QAnon group, which some reckon will result into a split of two rival QAnon groups under Archer and Lowe. Fellow co-leader Wayne Fox remains inactive on Facebook for the last week, possibly with covid.

All eyes are on Wilfred Wong and his fellow gangsters, who are up for heavy jail terms for kidnapping a young child in Wales in a highly traumatic kidnap at knifepoint. Supporters of Wong have been orchestrating a new wave of harassment against the court judge who will sentence Wong to persuade them to release Wong after ten months in jail. The supporters of Wong, who seem to support the idea of kidnapping children, fails to appreciate how serious kidnap is, which can result in a life jail term.

The covid vaccines seem to be the topic on the minds of Satan Hunters, who argue that the vaccines for children is a Satanic sacrifice to Satan, an attempt to cull children in the schools. The social media discussions amongst Satan Hunters and their allies focus on efforts to directly target schools, with Jeanette Archer already having put on record that schools should be burnt to the ground.

YouTuber Sharon Gale became the latest individual this week to be reported to the police and courts for allegedly breaking the court order in relation to the Wilfred Wong child kidnapping case. Satan Hunters threw their support behind Gale and mounted a savage week of attacks on this writer and others in what has become a frentic week of activity by them through social media.

Angela Power Disney shared an e-mail from Satan Hunter Belinda McKenzie of the disappointing news that Sabine McNeill will be released from prison on licence on 20th November 2021, where McNeill plans to relocate to Germany. The release of McNeill, a leading promoter of the Hampstead SRA Hoax, after having served 3 years, is not even half of the nine-year-sentence, which will be a massive punch in the face of the many victims of McNeill who suffered a horrible ordeal at her hands. In the opinion of this writer, the legal authorities in the UK have yet again gone easy on the Satan Hunter, whilst failing to protect the victims of Satan Hunters. With the poor track record that the UK – and Eire – legal authorities have with stopping Satan Hunters victimising vulnerable people for years, it is likely that the obsessive McNeill will relaunch her victimisation from Germany, with the UK legal authorities unable or unwilling to deal with it.

On YouTuber Sharon Gale and a broken court order

In my opinion YouTuber Sharon Gale is a typical bandwagon jumping YouTuber/Podcaster vulture, who preys on the victims of Satan Hunters for the purpose of making money from advertising revenue, donations and merchandise sales. By breaking the court order in the Wilfred Wong case, and despite being told the court order had been broken, she left her video up three days, threatening the wellbeing of two vulnerable children.

I recently referred a YouTuber known as Sharon Gale to the police and the courts for breaking a court order in relation to the Wilfred Wong child kidnapping case. The court order that was made in June 2021, was designed to protect the wellbeing of the children in the case, and banned the naming of the children, their parents, foster parents, and revealing their home addresses and schools. In a YouTube video on 18th Sept 2021 Gale broke the court order by identifying the mother of the kidnapped child, known in the court order as Child A.

Gale is unusual in that she is not a Satan Hunter, but in my opinion is one of the bandwagon chasing YouTube/Podcaster vultures that swarm in on the child victims of Satan Hunters with view to making money from donations, merchandise sales and advertising revenue from views on their videos. These type of vultures were a serious problem in the Hampstead SRA Hoax, but were less so in the Wilfred Wong case.

I have been very public about my position that I would report people who broke the Wilfred Wong court orders that protected the children in that case to the police and the courts. I had gone to some trouble communicating the court order as widely as I could, and I know that I had shared this information on the comments and live chats of the Sharon Gale YouTube channel. Even when Gale had broken the court order, I warned her on the video, but instead of stopping the live stream and deleting the video, Gale challenged me to “call the police” and then abused me, encouraging her followers to participate in the abuse. The video was left up on her channel for three days, until she then deleted it. By then it was too late, and the matter was reported to the police, Mold Crown Court and the Attorney General.

Sharon Gale has been widely condemned for her actions, which put two vulnerable children at risk of further harm. Only the Satan Hunters such as Angela Power Disney and Matt Taylor have come out in strong support for the actions of Gale, their attacks causing me some problems in recent days.

Who is Sharon Gale? Gale came onto the YouTube scene as a result of the tragic and controversial death of her baby daughter. There was a widely reported court case which alleged a parent had killed the child, whilst Gale and her partner argued that the death was a result of an allergic reaction to a vaccine. The court case collapsed, with neither side able to prove what had happened. Gale fought a long and determined campaign to prove her side of the story, and turned to people such as Satan Hunter Jon Wedger, who used and abused her. Gale made many enemies on YouTube along the way, and especially amongst Satan Hunters.

Gale came to my attention shortly after the first media reports of the Wilfred Wong kidnapping of a child in Nov 2020, due to a YouTube video where she systematically ripped a Wilfred Wong video apart. I tried to work with Gale against the Satan Hunters, but it became apparent Gale was following her own agenda, and my formal and intellectual style seemed to be an issue to her.

With regards to the Sharon Gale YouTube channel, it is best described as an arena of abuse and humiliation. Gale either runs comment videos making fun of other YouTubers, who have clear mental health or learning difficulties; or runs comment videos about Satan Hunters where she swears and abuses them. In half her videos Gale is drunk, and she is either being abused by trolls, or has invited on an individual to her live stream, encouraging them to divulge secrets, abusing them, or where she turns on them without warning. The live streams have the air of a mad hatters tea party, but not in an entertaining way, but in a way that makes you cringe, and is uncomfortable to watch. It is an unhealthy site that brings the worst out in the participants. In one video on this channel, unsuitable for children, a nine-year-old was invited on to the live stream with Gale at near midnight, who encouraged the child to abuse and bully a boy that the girl had fallen out with. Gale also expresses an element of bigotry towards alternative religions and the LGBT community on her channel; a matter that resulted in the police recently issuing a warning against her. The channel has lost two thirds of its viewers since the start of 2021.

In the matter of harming the wellbeing of the children in the Wilfred Wong case by breaking the court order, Sharon Gale has lost my respect and my support. Just as I became involved with Sharon Gale due to the Wilfred Wong child kidnapping case, by a paradox, this incident of breaking a court order relating to the same Wilfred Wong case, brings my involvement with Gale to an end.