Outside of time and space

I like playing “what if games”. What if time and space does not exist, what then is the reality I exist in, and what can I guess about that reality?

The illusion of time and space

I think time and space is an illusion, something the human mind invented. Time is a measure of change. Space is a measure of distance from one object to another.

Time travel is a fantasy

People infer from time this fantasy that a person can jump around from the age of Alexander the Great to the future of space ships jumping from one part of the universe to another. Scientists refer to time as a thing, a dimension, a law, even talk about some weird concept called time crystals. Less so, people invent stories in relation to space.

The void: fields

So what is out there? To start with, everything exists in what philosophy calls a void, and quantum scientists calls an endless field (magnetic and gravity fields etc); think of it as a great ocean.

Strife and the fields

Philosophy has a concept called Strife, the ruling principle of all nature, universe and reality, that there must be a conflict between two or more parts to create, motion, change and evolution. What the individual senses, is but the results of motion and change due to conflicts between opposing parts. A field is a complete whole of one thing, but has the potential of parts due to the ability to create a reflection of whole, so that it becomes two parts and so on. Strife arises because the complete whole conflicts with the reflection, creating ripples in the field; parts and whole go to war, as parts desire to become whole in their own right, and the whole wants the parts to be returned to the whole. Think of it like throwing a pebble in the water, which creates ripples in the water.

On ripples and particles

Ripples create the particles. No ripples, no particles. If the ripples stopped, all that we think of as reality instantly vanishes. It is known that an electron has at least one partner, that they can exist at opposing ends of the universe, but that a change in one will reflect instantly in the other. A ripple which gives rise to a particle exists as a something, a locus or anchor point in a field, it has energy and information, that will remain forever whilst the ripples continue. There is only one locus, but at least two particles spinning off from the locus, remaining connected to the anchor point and each other. There might be more than two particles spinning into different directions; for if a universe is a twelve-sided platonic shape, there could be twelve particles spinning off one locus moving in twelve directions, all related and impacted by the others and the one locus. I might add that particles can conflict with each and creates more locuses with ripples and other complex layers of particles; however, the information of the lower level particles are encoded and present in the complex particles at the top layer; what impacts the top will roll down to the bottom, and vice versa.

A reality of potential and visible states

Quantum science already observes that an electron operates instantly in multiple states, but only one state of the many becomes real at any one moment, which is to say that if you have twelve particles spinning off from one locus, there are twelve potential states, like a twelve-sided dice, but only one potential will become real or visible in what we call the visible real world, when the dice rolls. Quantum science reveals that just by observing an electron, it can change which outcome it will reveal from multiple potential states.

What is a reality with no time or space?

If time does not exist, how might a person really look or even move? What we think of as motion is only something in change, since space does not exist either. Zeno already has thrown a spanner in the works when it comes to the idea of something moving in space. To be clear, what the human may sense and process as real, is only relevant to survival, and has nothing to do with what may really be out there, called reality. What the human thinks is solid, is ghostlike, moving in and out of potential and realised states in a changing loop, but the senses don’t spot the changes, only see it as one flowing motion of a solid object. An individual would panic and possibly no longer be able to function in what is true reality, something that is not solid or constant, just we think it is solid and constant.

On walking and seeing two ends of the universe at the same time

Every object in nature exists in something called the edge of chaos, a constantly changing system of energy and information. Too much incoming information and energy can collapse a system; too little flow of information and energy causes stagnation and death. To jump from one part of the universe to another as per the stories of spaceships in hyperjumps in Star Wars or Star Trek, would result in too much energy and information overload for a system to deal with, and will destroy a human being. There are however ways to get access to other parts of the universe, but it is complicated; which is by using the nodes and their anchored related particles; one can use the particle here to see into the unverse there by using the partnered particle, remembering that what impacts one particle instantly is reflected and effects the other. Since the human mind is only evolved to process information and energy with one mind, to have two minds would require an invented machine to deal with looking into or even walking in two locations in the universe at the same time.

QAnon and the elusive search for meaning

I recommend a book called The Little Prince when it comes to the question of meaning, that elusive quest to answer the great question of self, world and the relationship of self and the world. The Little Prince suggests that the self find meaning in the things self “wastes” time upon, be it a rose, a fox or a rag doll. The Little Prince also explores those mind traps which are empty such as a pursuit of vanity, money, intellectualism and power.

Wasting my time

I “waste” my time on a community space, a nexus point where people meet and travel through, neglected until recently by the local authority, so that it attracts litter and has become overgrown. I pick up the litter and I cut back the vegetation. The difference is that the space has become more attractive to people who gather and meet there. When I cut back the vegetation I attract the attention of a young robin, which has lost all fear of me, and hops around waiting for me to uncover bugs that it eats. People are amazed when they see the robin fly straight over to me as soon as it sees me; and also how it dances about around me as I work. This gives me some “meaning”, although I am unable to appreciate it so much due to my suffering derealisation and depersonalisation.

The harvest from hard work

The harvest of my work in the community space is the “discovery” by the local authority of this space, and now I see things happening and proposed to enhance the space. Now the local authority is doing more maintenance of the space. But, this harvest has been the result of pain, hard work, time and energy, which to the average person makes no sense.

The amazing search for meaning by the Satan Hunter

The Satan Hunter amazes me for they find their meaning in a false story, to which they will devote all their resources to and destroy themselves over. It is a common QAnon story that Satanists harm children for Satan, to which the Satan Hunter casts themselves as the hero battling evil at the core of the narrative. To the Satan Hunter it is more desirable to create a fiction of worst evil, in which they inflate their own worth in a god complex as the heroic solution to the problem, rather than dull stuff like picking up litter, cutting back trees and entertaining the annoying (but magical) attentions of a robin. The Satan Hunter will put in as much devotion to their interest as I do to the community space, but they rather deal with something false and epic, rather than something dull and ordinary.

The teacher that became a fugitive from justice

Owen Lucas from Fishguard at one time was a teacher, with a family. Lucas also ran a reasonably successful photography business and enjoyed being involved as an actor in theatre. It is difficult to know how his fall from grace began, but Lucas jumped down a rabbit hole as a Satan Hunter, he wanted more than his “ordinary” life gave him, and he destroyed himself.

It started with Owen Lucas becoming obsessed with historic abuse claims in the school he worked at as a teacher, and a death in his family; the character and behaviour of Lucas changed. Lucas believed his family was involved in the occult sacrifice of his dead brother. Lucas entertained conspiracy notions around the abuse claims in his school. This led to his being fired as a teacher. There was accusations that Lucas hit and injured his children; his marriage crumbled, and he was denied by the family courts access to his children. He failed to keep his business accounts in order, so he was hit by a massive tax demand by the inland revenue. He spiraled into QAnon ideas and the notion that empty Freeman of the Land ideas had legal authority in UK law. Lucas became disconnected from his family.

Owen Lucas then came to the attention of the courts after breaking a court order in a child kidnapping case with no connection to him. The case involved claims of Satanists harming children for Satan, and Lucas decided to name the child, and proposed to flypost posters of the child all over Wales. Lucas, who believe the UK law did not apply to him, ended up jailed after a period on the run. Lucas currently has another charge against him involving the same court order, and has decided to go on the run again, a hunted fugitive from the law. The publicity from the case has ended any hope of Lucas working as a photographer, a teacher, or in theatre, especially if he has contact with children. It is unlikely Lucas will ever be able to see his children again until they are 18. Such is the fall of a Satan Hunter.

Skilled social media expert slips into crime

Matt Taylor of Brighton is a Satan Hunter with a talent for multimedia and marketing, that he could have made a career and business from. Taylor devotes his life to a focus upon quality multimedia content such as graphics and video editing for the entertainment of around twenty active followers, of which half hate him. It is an unfortunate situation that Taylor prostitutes his talent to a niche few, which will end in his self-destruction.

Matt Taylor is another Satan Hunter who prefers the epic fantasy of god complex, where he is the tragic victim-hero with the solution to an invention of great evil, rather than to walk a mundane successful life of a multimedia content provider. Taylor prefers the fantasy of the Queen being a baby-eating shapeshifting reptile; of being the man who will replace the Queen of England with a sectioned maori fraudster living in New Zealand. Taylor prefers to claim to be a comedian, politician and journalist without putting in the dull and ordinary effort to get experience, recognition and qualifications in those things. Taylor prefers to target specific people with false allegations, stalking and harassment, that has resulted in him coming to the attention of the courts and a suspended prison sentence. The adverse publicity, the criminal convictions and an online crowd of victims makes it hard for Taylor to rise above his current hole he finds himself in, and he walks a path that will end in jail.

The barrister who became a convict

Wilfred Wong from London was at one time, despite his extreme religious views, a successful man of influence. Wong walked amongst politicians and aristocracy, owned a million pound home in London and was qualified as a lucrative and legal barrister. Wong was critical of the UK care system, but had the money, influence and legal qualifications to change the system; but he was more interested in a god complex of the extraordinary rather than the ordinary hard work to change the system he disliked.

Wilfred Wong believed a child who was in the care system was being abused by Satanists, and was a leading light in a gang of kidnappers that violenty kidnapped a child at knifepoint, earning himself at least ten years in the UK jail system. Amazingly, Wong denied responsibility for being involved in the kidnap, and appeared to reject his whole narrative of being a champion against Satan, and being a heroic rescuer of a child he believed was being abused by Satanists – this earned him more prison time. It is like Wong threw away all commonsense, reason and his knowledge of the legal process and consequencies of what would happen in kidnapping a child. It was also amazing how when reality hit, that Wong disowned his epic “hero against Satan” narrative he chose to live as a kidnapper of a child. Now the barrister becomes the jail convict.

Conclusion: “I get it”

When I am putting in all that effort into the community space, I feel how mundane and unsatisfying it is. I want more than this dull ordinary crap, so I get it when the Satan Hunter prefers the epic role of hero in a good-evil fantasy. All Satan Hunters suffer “God Complex”, they don’t want to be ordinary, dull and a nobody. In the community space, I made a difference in that now things are happening, plus I have a magical set of moments with a robin. It is in the crap of life that the ordinary become magical, and the blood, sweat and tears bring about a harvest of substance. The Satan Hunter does not want the dull and ordinary, but prefer to put the same devotion and work into an epic fantasy where they can be somebody greater than their means and skills, and thus they end up as a zero rather than a hero. I have to give the same devotion to dealing with Satan Hunters as I do to the community space, and it is the same dull and hard resource-hungry crap, but the results will come, but I do not feel a hero doing it.

Nathaniel Harris quits Satan Hunting?

The Satan Hunter from Bristol, Nathaniel Harris, indicated in his most recent blog post that he intends to quit his Satan Hunting, including most of his activities in the occult and paganism. I have known Harris and Satan Hunters long enough to know that Satan Hunting, promoting a narrative that “Satanists” eat babies for Satan, is like an addictive drug to them, something they find hard to quit doing.

The witch who is a witch finder general

Nathaniel Harris is unusual amongst Satan Hunters in that he identifies as an occultist, witch and a follower of voodoo, when most Satan Hunters identify as Christians. An outcast from the occult and pagan community, because of his obsession with being a modern day witch finder general, Harris has also been an outsider in the Satan Hunter community, tolerated but not accepted because he embraces a “Satanic” belief system. It has always been a mystery to me why Harris did not accept the services of a leader of Satan Hunters, Jon Wedger, of an exorcism and a baptism, and reinvented himself as a born again Christian and former Satanist to the Christian evangelical market, like some Satanists have done, where he could find acceptance, income and a new role. Harris haunts the occult community like a troubled spirit that has failed to pass over to a new life.

A forgotten man living on memories

Nathaniel Harris claims in his blog that in his day he was a celebrity, having appeared on tv and in the newspapers a few times; he alleges people approached him to be a mentor, to do work shops and published his books. Harris no doubt was newsworthy and gained a bit of fame, but he let that go to his head, started to feel entitled, expecting people and the world to come to him, rather than put in the hard work, that is the real cause of success. Harris stagnated, did not evolve or progress in the occult; the world moved on and left Harris behind, forgotten and irrelevant.

The bitter man with a god complex

Not only entitled, Harris had a “God Complex”, an inflated belief in his own abilities and importance, not reflected in reality. Peers moved on to be “somebody” and Harris went backwards, and thus he fell to bitterness, envy and a need for revenge against those he felt denied him status and recognition.

Bullying a child into making false Satanic Ritual Abuse claims

Nathaniel Harris met a new partner called Jasmine, who was involved in a custody dispute with her former partner over her son. Reflecting what happened in the Hampstead SRA Hoax, Harris and Jasmine set about bullying and grooming the child into making false Satanic sex abuse claims against both the child’s father and everyone Harris had a grudge against. Court cases, police and social worker investigations found no evidence to support the SRA claims of Harris and Jasmine; and they lost custody of the child to the real father. The child disowned the SRA claims saying Harris and Jasmine made him say them.

Nathaniel Harris inflicts ten years of hell and misery to innocent victims

What followed was a ten year campaign of allegation making of Satanic Ritual Abuse against many people by Nathaniel Harris, where he was unable to prove any of his allegations with evidence other than a complicated weaving of unconnected sex abuse cases into his own elaborate fantasy. It was only in recent times that the many victims of Harris, by reporting his social media, going to the police and taking court action, that Harris has become less able to harass and make his victim lives a misery. One recent court action concluded that Harris was a dishonest fantasist pursuing an ongoing systematic campaign of abuse and harassment.

The witch who manifested a wasteland for his life

Nathaniel Harris, a man in his 50’s and sailing onto 60, has nothing much to show for his wasted years of harassment and stalking. His victims, some in their 70’s and 80’s, are established names, running workshops, writing books and holding events, whilst Harris is an outcast: nobody will publish his books; he is never invited to speak; any events, if he did any, would attract nobody. Nobody has been arrested; nobody in the traditional media is interested in his fantasy SRA stories; he has not been able to prove anything in either family court or civil court actions against him. Harris looks twenty years older than he is; all his teeth have fallen out; his health is declining (as is his mind); unemployed, and unemployable; with no savings and few friends. For a man claiming magical skills, Nathaniel Harris has not manifested anything positive in his life.

Nathaniel Harris: poor quality writer and plagarist

Nathaniel Harris claims he is a talented author, but I think otherwise. Harris is forced to self-publish and is now removing some of his books from sale. His most recent book he published called “Satan Hunter” was a poorly written work of plagiarism, including vast amounts of content stolen from my SatanicViews blog without my consent. Another reader commented that his book about the Psalms was also mostly stolen content from other writers.

Nathaniel Harris: gifter on the scam

Harris has offered courses and a chance to be a mentor, but then I hear from people who have been stung, paying money to Harris and then him failing to deliver the product or service they paid for.

Nathaniel Harris: even bullies journalists

If it was the intention of Harris to cultivate the attention of the press, his aggressive campaign of abuse, defamation and harassment against the BBC and one of their journalists for rejecting his SRA claims stands as a stark warning of what he will do to them if Harris feels rejected.

Nathaniel Harris will never stop being a Satan Hunter

I am doubtful Nathaniel Harris will ever be able to stop harassing and abusing his many victims; he is too bitter, vengeful and envious, and his SRA allegation making is the only thing that gives his life meaning. Victims of Harris should not be lulled into a sense of complacency, and they should continue to follow whatever strategies they have chosen to put an end to malicious campaigns of harassment by Harris. In the two blog posts on the same day, where Harris announced he was quitting being a Satan Hunter, he was also making false allegations against his parents and another long-time victim: this is the action of someone who is unlikely to quit false allegation making. I will continue to challenge Harris and write about him, since I know he will return.

In reply to the toxic activist HoaxBuster

My lack of writing blog posts is not about having lack of content, more about having the motivation and time to write. It happens that the recent activities of a toxic activist of the (Sheva Burton team) known as HoaxBuster has motivated me to find the time and enthusiasm to write, and this is my reply to them.

On HoaxBuster false claims about Satan Hunter Jon Wedger

Like Sheva Burton, this HoaxBuster is a half-witted misfit who runs around in deed and word without much thought about the consequencies this causes. There is a reason why the real activists have locked down information and social media accounts, because HoaxBuster and Sheva Burton, run around undermining legal cases, threatening activists and their families, and are a distraction to the resource intensive work we do against Satan Hunters.

Case in point is the recent claims by HoaxBuster that Jon Wedger, a leading UK Satan Hunter, had run off with funds from a high profile campaign looking for two murdered children known as the Milk Carton Kids. Had these claims been true, this would have been a career ending situation, together with the likely arrest of Jon Wedger, in a highly emotive and media followed case. But, it was all false and lies by HoaxBuster, who deleted the video in which the claims were made, and who claimed it was all a mistake.

It was a huge mistake to make, because that had serious consequencies for Jon Wedger; but also for HoaxBuster and Sheva Burton, who put themselves at risk of defamation action or a malicious communication complaint to the police by Jon Wedger against them. As I said, Sheva Burton and HoaxBuster are complete morons running around saying and doing stuff that has consequencies for others and themselves. Why I feel they should quit and do something else, and let the real activists such as me to deal with Satan Hunters.

HoaxBuster, who claims they are a “researcher”, cannot even do the basic things such as read and understand content they read. HoaxBuster saw a comment, misread it, and ran straight to publication with a video that had the potential of serious outcomes. Even basic checks such as looking at sources and communicating with sources, only happened when I caused HoaxBuster to do them after they published the video. It could have been the least of the problems for HoaxBuster to eat humble pie and rectify their mistake together with apologies to those their misinformation caused had this blown up in their face. Sheva Burton was too lazy and inept to check the sources and claims either, and simply went ahead and shared a link and false claims on her own Twitter platform. This is why I call Sheva Burton and HoaxBuster toxic activists, because they do more harm than good with their reckless deeds and internet postings.

HoaxBuster an activist or not an activist?

HoaxBuster seems to have a problem of defining what they are, claiming they are not an activist. But, if someone is putting so much time and effort into creating dozens of videos, and claims they are doing so to challenge frauds and grifters, that in my opinion is activism.

HoaxBuster the hypocrite

Call it a mistake, but HoaxBuster told a massive lie about Jon Wedger that could have destroyed him. I remember the same HoaxBuster, and their fellow Sheva Burton teamsters, hammering away at Reece Leverick, doxxing him and digging around in his life, causing carnage and distress to both Leverick, his family and another family of a deceased friend, just to prove that Leverick told a lie; something Leverick was perfectly justified to do to protect family and friends from Satan Hunters. HoaxBuster playing the moral ethical card when being a hypocrite is sickening.

HoaxBuster fails to provide reason, sources and evidence

If HoaxBuster wants to be a “researcher” then they can try at least to back up their statements, arguments and claims with sources, reasoning and evidence. If HoaxBuster claims that I am Reece Leverick, or I paid money to Shellie Mote, then where is the evidence for that? Where is the reasoning for this? I ask for their reasoning, their evidence, their sources, but I get a load of abuse and misdirection instead from HoaxBuster. These claims are small irritating examples of their fake claims. However, more serious claims such as that Shellie Mote was involved in the plot to kidnap Child A in the Wilfred Wong case has major consequencies, but HoaxBuster fails to deliver sources, evidence or reasoning to back up their allegations. I doubt even that HoaxBuster went to the police with their claims, and I know Shellie Mote certainly told the police about the HoaxBuster fake claims.

The recent false Jon Wedger claims by HoaxBuster is part of a pattern of ongoing misinformation by them without any responsibility or care for the consequencies this causes. It appears to me either HoaxBuster is too arrogant and dumb to learn from their previous “mistakes” or that this pattern is something of a more sinister campaign to undermine the work of anti-Satan Hunters.

HoaxBuster and Sheva Burton play victim

If HoaxBuster and Sheva Burton want to play the fragile butterflies they should quit fighting anti-Satan Hunters like me and challenging Satan Hunters with their fake allegation making. Dealing with Satan Hunters is for the grown ups, those who are prepared to put in the time and energy required that leads to ending the campaigns of terror of the Satan Hunter. If HoaxBuster and Sheva Burton intend to stick around, then they should up their game, or they too will end up serving time in jail like Wilfred Wong.

Jon Wedger and bad researchers

Satan Hunters such as Jon Wedger and Shaun Attwood are the Mr BIG’s of Satan Hunting, people with money, contacts and infuence. In building cases against these Satan Hunters one has to be on the ball, which includes quality research, backed with good evidence for any claims made against them.

HoaxBuster is the lead researcher for the toxic activists under the leadership of Sheva Burton, which says a lot about the poor quality of that team. I often have to call out Sheva Burton and her team because they manage to screw everything up when it comes to challenging Satan Hunters. This is one of many reasons I refuse to work with them; it is like working with children who run around in warehouses full of fireworks with lit matches; they do more harm than good, hence the term “toxic activists”.

HoaxBuster recently posted a video claiming that Jon Wedger had run off with several thousand pounds in relation to a public campaign looking for missing children called the “Milk Carton Kids” believed to be murdered and buried in woodlands in 1996. Family and friends had gathered together to do an excavation of woodland in search of the bodies, which they to date have failed to find. My viewing of public videos by Jon Wedger suggested he had jumped on the bandwagon with this excavation and gave the impression that he was at the centre of this campaign, although I was unable to confirm this other than he was just one more name in a network of scores of people involved.

HoaxBuster has run with an anonymous and random comment from an undeclared source that accuses Jon Wedger of running off with money that should have gone to finding the missing children. The immediate red flag, despite being a major public interest story, nobody but HoaxBuster has run with these allegations. Neither has HoaxBuster provided sources where the claim can be checked, nor are they able to provide much in the way of details. This is rubbish research by HoaxBuster and the Sheva Burton team, and it makes everyone who challenges Satan Hunters look like idiots. HoaxBuster saw a random comment, and then ran with serious claims without backing them up.

It is not unusual for HoaxBuster and Sheva Burton to run with major claims without evidence; so serious that the claims could impact existing Satan Hunter criminal convictions and also major criminal investigations into Satan Hunters. HoaxBuster and Burton etal care nothing for building quality cases against Satan Hunters, they are quite prepared to destroy cases because they are lazy, inept, dumb and too focussed on likes and follows. These toxic activists are an embarrassing liability to the work of real activists trying to bring Satan Hunters like Jon Wedger to justice.

On socks and social media accounts

There has been debate in recent times amongst both Satan Hunters and anti-Satan Hunter activists about sock accounts, where people play guessing games of who a sock account belongs to. In my opinion, holding more than two accounts for activism on the same social media platform is more trouble than it is worth for anyone. The Satan Hunter from Brighton, Matt Taylor, is probably the worst of those holding sock accounts, with dozens of them; which shows this man has no life outside of eating, sleeping, stalking, and running scores of accounts for the benefit of a few dozen active followers.

I follow a simple life of running one account per chosen social media platform for the purposes of challenging Satan Hunters. The accounts are as follows:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/views_s

WordPress: https://satanicviews.wordpress.com/ AND https://hoaxtead.home.blog/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-FNtia56CrN33tw_HFREJw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/james.hind.90/

BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/Ss4OJq0mOwoS/

I will also be one of the contributors to https://www.satanhunter.com

I prefer writing to creating videos

Each individual has their favoured medium to share information: WordPress; YouTube; Facebook. I prefer the written medium, hence I am found mostly on Twitter and WordPress. I only comment on YouTube, but rarely create videos.

The internet was designed for text

Right from the start, the internet was designed for text and numbers, never images and video. The core way of finding of information on the internet is the search engines, which rely on text and numbers to find anything. Even the images and video are largely found based upon the text element such as headings.

My adverse experience with YouTube

A year ago, I tried the medium of YouTube: I used an app to convert a blog post into a video critical of a Satan Hunter set to music. My first issue was that YouTube was losing comments made on the video by viewers with no explaination. My second issue was the Satan Hunter in question put in a defamation complaint, meaning the video was unable to be seen by people in the UK. I could have appealed the decision successfully, but the effort and my delusion with YouTube resulted in me not bothering. YouTube is run mostly by AI bots, with a weird and messy moderation system, where if an individual is critical of someone, or uses even a small snip of video, a copyright strike or defamation complaint can wipe out the video or the entire channel. It became more trouble than it was worth to create videos on YouTube. I use BitChute to keep small snippets of video evidence on Satan Hunters. I deleted the YouTube video, and now only comment on YouTube.

My thoughts about videos

My main issue with videos is the time spent to find a gem of information in dross. An hour long video may have a minute of quality information, yet I must waste anything up to 59 minutes looking for it amongst rubbish. Satan Hunters love the sound of their own voice, and have been known to run nine hour long videos expecting the viewer to have no life and go through mind numbing content just for a few quality moments of information. The search engines currently are poor at pulling out the quality from the dross in videos.

The joy of text based content

It helps if the writer stays on focus and organises what they write well, but the search engines can quickly track down information in text-based platforms such as Twitter and WordPress. There is a reason for instance that I always write the full name of a Satan Hunter and their location, because the search engines will enable me and other users to find text about the Satan Hunter in ways that videos are unable to provide.

As someone who can code scripts, I can also code something that can go searching for text, organise it and even repost it in a new way: something I am at the moment unable to do with images and video.

The future of images and video

I prefer and predict a future where images can be created in real time in a unique and dynamic way. A user who could go to a site about a Satan Hunter and the site could create a visual experience based on the circumstances and needs of the user out of nothing. The video format will be dead, because the images would be created there and then, and would vanish at the end of the session. Nobody can copystrike an AI that created a unique video or image out of nothing, then disposed of it as quickly. Defamation actions against an AI that created something then eliminated it would be a new area of law that would have to be tested. Just as I could potentially create blogs out of nothing using scripts, I could also recreate an image of a face or video of a Satan Hunter out of nothing, that is unique and temporary, which cannot be copyright striked, because the AI created it. This type of image format I would like, not the rubbish that exists on YouTube.

When activists become monsters

Sheva Burton has been an activist on child protection for three decades, but one cannot help but think that she is more interested in empire building and revenge than challenging Satan Hunters and protecting victims; which seems to be the case in an ongoing gang stalking situation against fellow activists including Shellie Mote, Reece Leverick and I.

It has been an unhappy revelation in recent months to discover that not only do I have to watch my back against Satan Hunters (those who prey on people using Satanists eat babies for Satan narratives), but also against activists who I thought was working on the same side. When Satan Hunters Wilfred Wong was jailed and Jeanette Archer was arrested, the activists all turned their attentions from Satan Hunters and onto each other; daggers being plunged into the backs of fellow activists on the same side.

The true character and motives of various activists became revealed in what has become a sordid and miserable saga around the personal disagreements of Sheva Burton and Shellie Mote. It no longer matters now how it started, it has reached the point that someone is going to get hurt and arrested. It is a saga driven by hatred, ego, envy and revenge; people who forgot why we were all challenging Satan Hunters such as Wilfred Wong and defending his victims such as the kidnap victim Child A.

I came to the table with an inclusive viewpoint of working with anyone who appeared to share my primary aims of challenging Satan Hunters and defending the innocent from Satan Hunters. This has been probably a naive viewpoint for me to make, as rather too many I worked with turned out to have other agendas, which by their deeds was not in the interests of the children and other victims of Satan Hunters. I now find that I am forced to the wall, not only defending my own back, but also the backs of other quality activists such as Reece Leverick and Shellie Mote from a horde of people recruited by Sheva Burton who won’t stop until they have destroyed someone.

Sheva Burton over several months has recruited everyone and anyone who has an issue with Shellie Mote. Without evidence, this horde, recruited mainly from those who delight in the bloodsport and drama of YouTube wars, has gone after Shellie Mote: her child; her religion; her character; her good work against Satan Hunters. Without evidence these thugs make claims that potentially impacts the police investigation into Jeanette Archer, makes the conviction of Wilfred Wong and other child kidnappers unsafe, and even suggested Mote was involved in kidnapping children. Sheva Burton is the leader of a gang rolling out false claim after false claim without evidence against Shellie Mote and anyone that supports Mote.

For this blog I shall respond to some of the claims Sheva Burton and her gang have made against me.

On who I am

As an activist I am James Hind. I am none of the people who Satan Hunters or the Burton gang claim I am. I have an internet track record on this blog alone going back to 2013. My branding is the same across all my social media, and I do not post under any other accounts outside of this branding in relation to my work against Satan Hunters. I keep my personal life separate from my work against Satan Hunters. Anyone who claims special knowledge about me are false, since I have not shared my personal information with anyone but the police. Because I only operate through my specific branding I have an incentive and responsibility to protect my reputation and not to compromise my work against Satan Hunters and protecting victims from them.

My aims

My aims are: 1. challenging Satan Hunters; 2. protecting the victims of Satan Hunters; 3. supporting the work of fellow activists who follow aims 1 and 2.

There are those amongst the Burton gang who in attacking me infer that aims 1 and 2 are unimportant and worthless matters to pursue. Tell that to Child A who now suffers severe PTSD from a violent kidnapping by Satan Hunters!

Shellie Mote does not have any magic influence over me; she is a quality activist whose work stands in the public record as results in protecting the vulnerable and bringing Satan Hunters to justice. What Shellie Mote; Reece Leverick and I and other quality activists do is work closely with the victims of Satan Hunters; we research and document evidence; we then send that information to the police, courts and other agencies resulting in tangible outcomes in keeping victims safe and curtailing the activities of Satan Hunters. It is no accident that the ones under severe attack by Sheva Burton and her gang are quality activists like me. Challenging Satan Hunters and protecting victims is more than just bandwagon jumping like many of the Sheva Burton gang do; it is long hard work, often at great personal risk to the activist. Creating videos and then commenting about it on YouTube does nothing to stop Satan Hunters; that is why I don’t bother with videos: the real work is in the research, documentation and reporting to the legal authorities.

Am I a traitor?

My approach to challenging Satan Hunters and protecting victims is built around the concept of acting as a self-motivating and independent unit. This means I am not tied or dependent on any individual or group in following my aims. I work as an ally to those such as Shellie Mote, those with a proven track record of merit and results. I have my own mission statement, rules, aims, processes, social media and even a website. Much of my work is done quietly and unannounced. I am privy to vast amounts of information that I often cannot share. All the tools and connections I require to follow my aims are in-house. If all activists vanished, I would still be fully operational and effective. The victims I work with all know I act with professionalism, confidentiality and with complete loyalty to them.

When the professional troll known as GrobNob in the Sheva Burton gang accuses me of being a traitor, because I chose not to be a sheep and follow what was an unjust and illegal campaign of gang stalking against Shellie Mote, that is not treason, it is me being an individual and following my mission statement rather than petty empire builders in challenging Satan Hunters and protecting victims. My support of Shellie Mote is not about her having some influence over me, but in protecting her ongoing good work against Satan Hunters and protecting victims.

The question of money

At the time of writing I have not gained any income from fighting Satan Hunters. I have not paid any money to any fellow activist. I am prepared to assist in underwriting future legal cases against Satan Hunters. If Sheva Burton has any evidence to support their false claims about me and money, I would be interested to see that. Like most claims the Burton gang make, it is malicious allegation making without evidence.

The account “Kiss My Axe Satan Hunters”

This “Axe” account is a source or many false allegations against me, Reece Leverick and Shellie Mote. Some of the false claims are serious enough that the police need to look at them. This is why I and researchers are frantically trying to identify who this “Axe” account is. I do urge that account to send me an e-mail address so that the police can contact them. If they are holding information that makes the Wilfred Wong trial convictions unsafe, or that the police investigation into Jeanette Archer is the result of somone perverting the course of justice, or that Shellie Mote has been involved in a plot to kidnap Child A, you need to provide the evidence and communicate with the police. I know more about the Wilfred Wong case than anyone in the public, and the name of Shellie Mote never came to my attention in relation to the many names associated with the plot. What information does “Axe” have and is witholding? This is an area where Shellie Mote could pursue a defamation action for if we can get a pro bono barrister onto this case. The “Axe” claims to be a researcher, but then makes all these claims against their victims without showing evidence to support those claims.

The “Axe” is blackmailing, threatening and releasing personal information that puts the safety and wellbeing of Reece Leverick at risk. The party who gave that information to “Axe”, that is now a police matter. How many more people is Sheva Burton and her gang going to harm in the pursuit of their campaign done out of malice and entertainment?

On my advice Shellie Mote is not responding to the ongoing gang stalking by Sheva Burton and her gang. Because of things claimed, the police will have to be involved. On the gang stalking alone Shellie Mote has a good case to go to the police against “Axe”, GrobNob and Sheva Burton. This campaign was orchestrated, started and continues to be encouraged by Sheva Burton, who in my view as leader is responsible for all the words and deeds of her gang against me and other activists.

Shellie Mote has my full support, and also the support of many other people. If Sheva Burton and her gang have any evidence of criminal conduct by those they target with their accusations and abuse, then they should go to the police. I and others have a duty to go to the police too about Sheva Burton and her gang. It is a sad situation that the activist such as Sheva Burton has now become the monster, and I must waste time dealing with Burton instead of Satan Hunters.

Occult, Magic, Monsters and Jon Wedger

Ancient people possibly once believed that everything emerged from rock and returned to it. Like the occultist, this individual sees the potential of a flint tool in a chunk of flint; like the magician, they work to creatively draw out the potential of a visualised flint tool into a manifested reality. The Satan Hunter Jon Wedger is like an ignorant toddler, telling scary stories about the concepts of occult and magic, when there is more rational grown-up definitions for these concepts.

Jon Wedger is a Satan Hunter who sees Satanists around every corner, he argues are all harming children for Satan. Jon Wedger is an ignorant man, a superstitious fool, who believes without reason or evidence, in a world of hobgoblins and cultists doing the bidding of entities worthy of the Lovecraftian Cthulhu Mythos. This blog post deals with a couple of issues the ignorant man, Jon Wedger, mentions, just to offer rational comment on them.

On the occult

When the individual steps out of their front door at the start of the day, they will make a series of choices until the moment they go to sleep, which defines how their life will result on that day, and in the proceeding days. At each point where a choice is made, the individual has a number of potential states: do they go this way or that way? do they do this or that? Each choice results in a series of events and new choices; each day never being quite the same as the next day, however routine the life of the individual is. Each choice, with a number of potential routes, is like a throw of a dice, with the dice tending to be weighted towards certain choices of many potential states. When an individual chooses a potential state of say six choices, the dice rolls to one state, and five faces of the dice remain just that, potential hidden states.

Occult is defined as “knowledge of the hidden”. The individual lives in an information system, comprising what is seen and visible, and what are the hidden invisible potential states. Knowledge is another word for information that is discovered through the senses. If a choice has six potential states, the occultist is interested in discovering all six faces of the dice before proceeding to bring about or manifest the best choice, or potential state, of the six to a given challenge or situation. The occultist is simply someone working out hidden potential states in an information system. A huge chunk of philosophy is dedicated to defining and working with what is the known, visible, material and manifested information systems and the potential, hidden and yet to be actualised information systems of nature and the universe. There is nothing hocus pocus about this. Jon Wedger in truth is a toddler living in a world of opinions, what Heraclitus calls “children’s toys”: make-believe and fantasy. Jon Wedger scares himself and others with bogeymen and scary stories about a concept – occultism – because he is ignorant and dumb.

On magic

Simple-minded Jon Wedger likes to tell scary tales that those who work with magic harm little children in order to bring about a favoured outcome from Satan. It might be worth considering taking the hocus pocus out of the word “magic” so that Jon Wedger does not wet his pants too much over it.

Nature and the universe are information systems comprising of information that is known, and the potential invisible information. Magic and occultism often go together, as firstly the “magician” has to discover the hidden information, the potential possible states and choices available in a situation; then they have to use a process or strategy by which to bring out one of the hidden potential states over all others, to weigh the dice in favour of one particular outcome. If I wanted to grow healthy rhubarb in the soil, invoking an external entity such as Satan or Jesus, will result in zero effect, but knowing the rules of the information systems that rhubarb work in, I might do something with the soil to influence potential states such as working with earthworms, bacteria and fungi in the soil; making sure the rhubarb has access to light and water. Knowing something about rhubarb, I might avoid eating certain parts of the plant to avoid being poisoned.

Magic is another word for creativity, it is working with information, defined as patterns that either form new patterns or transforms patterns into another pattern. I work with patterns, or information, working out the potential states of something, then bringing about one particular potential end state. I can see the potential state of a wasteland, and bring out a Garden of Eden in it. I can design a blueprint (a potential state) and then code that into something like a computer application, that out of nothing can have an effect on the material world such as move a robot around or does my accounts. I can mix words and images together to effect people via blogs, tweets or storytelling. All these are types of creativity is a form of magic. There is nothing hocus pocus about this; just in the mind of fools such as Jon Wedger.

On Monsters

Jon Wedger loves to scare himself and others about stories of monsters, like the stories that everyone in Paganism, New Age and Satanism are raping and murdering children for Satan. Jon Wedger spins a tale of monsters that spares nobody, even including devoted Christians such as the father in the Wilfred Wong Child A kidnapping case as a child harming monster. The irony is that Jon Wedger is a monster-maker who sees like the occultist a potential hidden monster state in his pet monsters Wilfred Wong and Jeanette Archer; and like the magician, he uses his platforms to let his monsters bloom like sickly roses, to become the manifested end states of child abusive monsters.

It is argued that people create gods in their own image, including the monsters. Just as Jon Wedger projects monsters upon the innocent, he unleashes monsters upon the innocent; and from his projections, one might look to the source of the projections, and see there in the hidden darkness a monster lurking there. Fragments of the hidden potential of the monster I see in Jon Wedger: the support given in videos to a child kidnapper (after his arrest) of Wilfred Wong; the rumours of vulnerable people sent to the pack of wolves of the Jesus Army; the taking of a £1000 donation from a terminally ill cancer victim in dubious circumstances; the consorting with those that harm children and prey on the vulnerable. In a reality of dice throws, this is a matter of potential states and probabilities; and the monster state of Jon Wedger is there; but of what probability between 0 and 1, that is yet to be discovered.

The challenge for Jon Wedger

I work with patterns of information; dynamic changing stories. I do not see the man Jon Wedger – I see the patterns and information systems that comprise him. I see his manifested states, and his hidden potential states. Over time I will “know” Jon Wedger better than he does himself; and I will challenge and impact those patterns that make Jon Wedger what he is. I see the monster in Jon Wedger, and I will shatter that monster. Like the occultist, I can discover the hidden potential states, information patterns of Jon Wedger, no matter how he tries to hide them. Like the magician, I can delete, edit and create patterns that will impact Jon Wedger. All this talk about occult, magic and monsters; I offer a rational point of view to these concepts; and an insight of why Jon Wedger will be stopped by me as I start work to stop this monster from hurting more victims.

The Return of the Evil Mummy: Ella Draper

Jake Clarke was a Satan Hunter who was sectioned twice and attracted a suspended prison sentence over the Hampstead SRA Hoax case; one of many Satan Hunters who suffered a bad result of being involved in that Ella Draper fantasy.

The mother who kicked off the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) Hoax has returned with an initial first interview on the internet, a new website and a new team of Satan Hunters, to wage a new nightmare on her own children. Ella Draper, who for a number of years had been silent, only coming to public attention last year after an apparent drug running project went wrong in Gibraltar, is back pushing her discredited hoax at the expense of her innocent children.

The Hampstead SRA Hoax Case

The Hampstead case, covered in great detail on a website dedicated to it, called Hoaxtead, resulted from Ella Draper and her sadistic boyfriend, Abraham Christie, torturing her children into making false allegations of Satanic Abuse against their father, teachers, church, coaches, school and their own friends. The claims quickly fell apart when the police started to investigate the claims, and the children in the case retracted their allegations after they felt safe from those who threatened to kill them if they did not go through with the hoax. Ella Draper and her sidekick, Sabine McNeill, released intimate police interviews with the children and medical reports, resulting in a global explosion of conspiracy theorist interest in the case, and years of harassment of the families, teachers and children named in the case.

The Hampstead SRA Hoax is an ongoing nightmare for the children

For the two children at the core of the hoax, it was a horrific ongoing experience, starting with a terrible ordeal of torture, including waterboarding, at the hands of their mother and boyfriend. Their names and faces, medical reports and intimate police interview videos was shared and reshared. They were posted to porn sites; paedophiles tried to contact them, and they could never live a normal life for fear of abduction. The children had to abandon a successful business after publicity from an Ebay award resulted in more harassment. The children became the poster children of SRA, promoted by every QAnon / Satan Hunter / Christian Militant on the internet. Neither father or children could respond to the false allegations against them due to family court and social services involved.

Satan Hunters get destroyed by the Hampstead SRA Hoax

For Satan Hunters the Hampstead case became a ship wrecking case where many Satan Hunters ended up jailed, sectioned and destroyed. Ella Draper and Abraham Christie fled the UK, and are wanted fugitives by the police, who will be arrested if they ever return. Satan Hunters such as Sabine McNeill was jailed nine years. A US cocksure Satan Hunter called Rupert Wilson Quaintance came to the UK hoping to achieve fame and money from the Hampstead case: was jailed; deported; his reputation ruined; had a nervous breakdown; is a shadow of a creature that he was. Even the teflon giant of Satan Hunters Belinda Mckenzie was destroyed, from which she has never recovered.

Ella Draper wishes to make money in a scam at expense of her children

It is probably out of financial desperation that Ella Draper returns to the public eye to promote her Hampstead Hoax once again. Drug running probably more trouble than it is worth, Draper has probably faced loss of income from her Russian family connections, who now suffer badly from events connected to Ukraine. Draper looks to her children as a cash cow to make ends meet, like so many Satan Hunters before her who milked those children and the hoax to make advertsing revenue, donations and merchandise sales. Every Satan Hunter promising to be a champion of children whilst abusing the Hampstead children for their grifts.

Things are different from 2014

Ella Draper comes to the table in a different era to that which existed in 2014. The police and courts are wiser to the ways of Satan Hunters, even though there is a way to go. Social media companies are far more risk adverse, and quicker to shut down content that looks illegal. The time of Putin and QAnon is coming to an end, in part thanks to the events from the Ukraine war.

Anyone supporting Ella Draper can expect to be challenged and perhaps arrested

If Ella Draper thought she and her rather weak Satan Hunter team could walk in and have an easy ride to fortune in 2022, she is badly mistaken. The people associated with Hoaxtead are still around, and are veteran hands on dealing with any Satan Hunters foolish enough to involve themselves with Ella Draper. Some activists are coming out of retirement to challenge Ella Draper; others like me remain active. Satan Hunters should be well aware of the fact that anyone who promotes and supports the Hampstead case has a bullseye stuck to their backside; the police will go after them; the Hoaxtead activists like me will challenge them. This is not due to an elite, illuminati or cult; it is people who are tired and angry that children like the Hampstead kids are being used and abused year after year by hypocritical people taking advantage of them such as Ella Draper.

Ella Draper claims to want to hire a lawyer is delusion and a scam

Ella Draper claims she wants to fundraise to hire a lawyer to fight for the Hampstead children. This is all fantasy and dishonesty by Ella Draper. The children in two years will be eighteen, and they are of that age already to decide what they want to do and say. Any legal case intitiated now would not result in anything for years. As to the children, they are loyal to their father, and have been clear that the allegations of Ella Draper are false. In two years, the children and their father will go live in documentaries to tell their story; and they will torpedo all the false claims of those such as Ella Draper. No proper lawyer in their right mind would take on a case of a proven drug dealing fraud like Ella Draper, a case that has been proven as false in family court and criminal court proceedings such as that of Neelu Berry, Sabine McNeill and Rupert Wilson Quaintance, where they and their supporters had the opportunity to prove that Hampstead SRA Case was true; and none of those Satan Hunters delivered. What hope in hell has Ella Draper got to prove what has been disproven? This is just a money making scam by Ella Draper at the expense of her children.

Beware Hampstead Satan Hunters!

So, if any Satan Hunter foolish enough to become involved in this case. Think carefully. Look at what has happened to other Satan Hunters. These children will soon be able to hire their own lawyers to bring civil court proceedings. In the meantime activists such as me, the police, and other parties will defend those children; and woe to any Satan Hunter who seeks to do further harm to the Hampstead children.