Shellie Mote and “neo-nazi satanism”

The Order of Nine Angles (O9A / ONA) have a new threat to their existence, a champion for the people who is going to run these “neo-nazi satanists” out of town. The name of this “Hero” is Shellie Mote (not her real name) from Suffolk, UK. One problem with this narrative that Shellie Mote is trying to spin, in order to reinvent herself as something out of DC Comics, is that she is a toddler playing with the equivalent of matches; an ignorant one at that.

Shellie Mote as a former Satan Hunter in the Jeanette Archer “Satnic” Cult

Shellie Mote identifies as a pagan, a type who is of the new age woo-woo type who gives paganism a bad name. Shellie Mote knows nothing about Satanism, and thus in her new direction appears to wage war on all Satanists because there is a problem in her mind that Satanists are all neo-nazis, in the same way that some think Satanists eat babies for lunch. Shellie Mote is a former Satan Hunter from the Cult that leading UK Satan Hunter Jeanette Archer runs. Mote was a fanatical high ranked general under Jeanette Archer, who firmly believed that Satanists ate babies and transformed into shapeshifting lizards. Anyone who criticised Jeanette Archer found a foul mouthed Shellie Mote on their back, with Mote making videos using her position as a witch to invoke curses upon the enemies of Archer. Mote eventually departed from the Archer Cult after losing a power struggle with Archer, before joining as an “anti-Satan Hunter” against Archer. Mote then fell out with most of the anti-Satan Hunters and reinvented herself as a champion against “neo-nazi Satanists”. Shellie Mote currently identifies with a small group loosely associated with Satan Hunter Matthew Taylor of Brighton.

Neo-Nazism is not a major issue in Satanism

“Neo-Nazism” is not a major issue in Satanism, in the same way as eating babies for lunch is a non-issue. Shellie Mote has failed to do her homework on Satanism by speaking to those who make up the bulk of the religion of Satanism, such as The Satanic Temple or the Church of Satan. Shellie Mote, typically reflecting the attitude of Satan Hunters, spins the narrative that Satanists are “neo-nazis” and therefore harm children in the same vein as Jeanette Archer claims Freemasons and shapeshifting lizards are Satanists and harm children. Satan Hunters – former Satan Hunters – such as Shellie Mote – have this lazy stupidity in being unable to educate themselves about the subjects they campaign against. Sure, there are right-wing Satanism just as there are left-wing Satanists, but the neo-nazi types gravitate towards the Order of Nine Angles, who if Shellie Mote did her homework would tell her they are not Satanists. Few neo-nazis are Satanists, and few neo-nazis are associated with Order of Nine Angles. O9A is no more an issue in Satanism than eating babies is, it is fear-mongering created by ignorant fools such as Shellie Mote.

Shellie Mote knows nothing about Satanism or O9A

Shellie Mote, looking for the next grift to nail her face to, heard about the O9A because I mentioned I had campaigned against them, and heard also some mentions from Satan Hunters such as Matt Taylor (Brighton) and Nathaniel Harris (Bristol), who only mentioned O9A because of me. Shellie Mote has never spoken to anyone of the O9A, let alone met one. Mote saw some articles about the O9A in the media, and then became an instant expert about O9A and “neo-nazi satanism” in the same way her former leader Jeanette Archer is “world-expert” on shapeshifting lizards and baby eating. Both Archer and Mote are grifters looking to use ignorance, fantasy and fear-mongering as a way to create Cults, money and status.

My regret associating with Shellie Mote

It is my regret that I once gave Shellie Mote my support, after she fell out with the Jeanette Archer “Cult”, thinking she was an innocent and deluded victim that had been groomed by the “Cult”. I was very wrong, for Mote is a manipulative and deceitful individual, who was kicked out rather than “left” the Archer Cult, who was interested only to destroy her former leader, and then to replace Archer with her own “Cult”. The destruction that Shellie Mote showered upon the anti-Satan Hunter movement, with many who like me gave her a place amongst us, is nothing short of a disaster.

Shellie Mote and her new campaign against “neo-nazi satanism”

There is some bizarre thinking going on in the head of Shellie Mote at the moment. Mote is currently pursuing a Jewish lady with the same malicious devotion of destroying her as she gave to former Cult leader Jeanette Archer; and is suggesting that this Helen Janes is a “neo-nazi satanist”. Since Mote is trying to spin that she is a champion against neo-nazi Satanists, every one of those individuals Mote has conflicted with are slowly being re-spun as associated with neo-nazi Satanism; it is a kind of magic thinking that Satan Hunters are good at.

What is the Order of Nine Angles? – a 101 intro for Shellie Mote

As a brief introduction to the O9A for the benefit of lazy ignorant people like Shellie Mote, the O9A is an open-source “parasitic” movement without leader, membership or central control, that seeks to embed their ideas into political and religious groups and movements. The O9A form into networks made up of one-man or multi-person connections called nexions. There is as likely a nexion in a fascist movement as there is one in an antifa movement. There are nexions embedded in the Mormons, in Satanism, in the Catholics, amongst the Muslims. All nexions are identified by their common shared ideas, their “essence”, which they manifest through the religions or movements they are embedded in, they call their “forms”. There is a reason why they cannot be outlawed because it is difficult to prove anyone is O9A, and they are embedded in all the religions and social movements. There are even peaceful O9A nexions following the Numinous Way. All the O9A nexions, as most movements desire, wish to recreate their ideal utopian world through overturning the current order through whatever means they can, violent or peaceful.

An influential minority send the O9A down a violent and child abusive road

There is a highly influential minority in the O9A who have managed to gain huge publicity in the media for their violence and criminal activity, which includes terrorism and the sexual abuse of children. These individuals have slowly gained significant influence in the O9A, driving out former key influencers such as Chloe Ortega, who retired from the movement.

Shellie Mote: an idiot or on a new money making scam in challenging the O9A?

Some of the O9A are dangerous people, which Shellie Mote should probably not mess with. During the end of 2021 Shellie Mote contacted me claiming she and her son were in fear of their lives from people associated with Satan Hunter Angela Power Disney (Oldcastle, Eire) and they had to flee to a safe haven over Christmas; Mote asked me for money to pay to travel and stay away from her home. I refused to pay money, but I offered to speak to contacts in Suffolk to provide Mote with security; Mote declined this offer. Helen Janes, another former friend of Mote, offered to let Mote and her son stay with her, which Mote also declined. Mote however must have approached many people with these fears and gained money as a result. Apparently Mote did not flee her home. Shellie Mote knows that the O9A are dangerous, and in the light of what happened with a low level threat from Angela Power Disney, it seems suicidal to put herself and her son in danger by going up against the O9A. I sense Shellie Mote is either incredibly naïve and stupid, or she is playing with fire in order to fuel new life in her flagging efforts of playing hero, and gain new followers to milk of their money as a result.

About my delightful little stalker Nathaniel

They say you have become famous when you gain your first personal stalker. I feel I am on my way to fame as I have my own personal little stalker – Nathaniel. He is not exactly a “bunny boiler”, he is married and has the face of a gargoyle, a creature long beyond the reproductive stage in the human lifecycle. But he is exotic, which is to say, not your usual type of stalker. I like my life to be different, and my stalkers have to be special to go with my desire for the unusual.

Nathaniel is a midget with no teeth, no hair and lives in graveyards. Creepy and Nathaniel go together like identical twins, and he is great for frightening Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons away. Nathaniel it is said was brought into the world during a wild storm in Colchester at the apex of a black mass, the long expected, but disappointing, incarnation of Damien from Omen fame. Whatever the hunch-backed thing was that crawled around the blood soaked tomb floor, it was not the Lord of Great Darkness, General of the Hordes of Hell. It was a bathos moment for everyone involved, and I am told could have been spent with a jolly nice KFC chicken meal watching a rather good episode of Coronation Street.

Bathos moments is the summation of the life of Nathaniel Harris, exotic as he is. You expect him to get his fangs in something, his teeth fall out. You expect him to write a best selling book, and then he nicks your own blog posts, claims this as his work, and sells just two books. You expect him to be the next Justin Bieber, and he produces music – noise – that would leave even Simon Cowell reaching for a shotgun. You put him with the best minds in the occult business, and he cannot produce even a decent cup of tea.

Nathaniel is thick. Nathaniel calls me Dave. I wake up every day sure I am called James, but then the dim midget goes calling me Dave. In fact Nathaniel calls everyone Dave. It would not be so bad if the feeble creature called me Dave in private, but he screams it out from the rooftop, the sewer and tomb, so that people think me Dave, and they start thinking I am a very powerful Northern magician. I think Nathaniel had a bad experience with a stuffed toy animal called Dave as a child; he also has attachment issues, and can’t live with the rejection of being rejected as an apprentice by a powerful magician, also called Dave.

I personally always wanted to be a powerful magician. The nearest I got to being magician was as a level 80 Dragonborn in Skyrim – I loved that game. I wanted to be like Merlin in the film Excalibur. The actor Nicol Williamson, who played Merlin in Excalibur, defined the cool in magician. Nathaniel thinks I am an all powerful magician – Dave – and he tells the world that. I wish I could fire lightening bolts from my fingertips, I think Nathaniel would be impressed.

Some compare Nathaniel to Gollum in the Lord of the Rings. It is true to say that Nathaniel looks like Gollum, behaves like Gollum, and has the personality of Gollum. Part of the obsession that Nathaniel has with me – or his obsession with Dave – is something similar to the “precious” that Gollum pursued. Nathaniel hates me, he pursues me, I have his “precious”: it could be his teeth; his ego; his feeling of self entitlement to something he felt he deserved such as fame, money or status. Who knows. All I know is Nathaniel is my own precious little stalker – and he is kind of funny.

Nathaniel dedicates his life to me. I think he has whole rooms devoted to me. There might be a shrine with a full scale statue to me in his bedroom. I imagine “Dave” is a deeply meaningful subjective spiritual word for Nathaniel used in creepy chants and drug induced rituals. Nathaniel hangs upon every word I write on social media, and dedicates whole blog posts to each “sacred” social media revelation of the “great” Dave. Nobody actually reads the blog posts of Nathaniel, but it gives him purpose to exist in a poverty-stricken, lonely, life of ill-health and failure. I am not mean enough to take away the only little pleasure my stalker has in his life. It is also sweet that I could be so important in the life of Nathaniel, that he dedicates his every moment of his waking day and sleep to me. Nathaniel also populates his blog posts with sock puppet accounts, and though he is talking to himself, he wants the world to believe there are others like him dedicated and passionate about me. That is dedication.

The magic of story, nature and technology

I remember aged about nine, walking to the local park, after watching an engaging television story, how empty and desolate my surroundings was: I asked, where was the magic of that television story in the real world? It is a sad situation that this imaginative child should exist in to ask where the magic was in the world.

Children lose their creativity

Children often start out living in the world of magic, their minds fed with colour and magical stories. Then they grow up. The education system rips out their imagination, creativity and dreams. Children become trapped in the stories of society and other people, no longer able to create their own magical stories. It is alike to the film Neverending Story where the “Nothing” rips through the world laying it to waste. Children go on either to become the empty shallow consumer that society and authority loves, or perhaps a conspiracy-minded rebel, who are trapped by the same enslaving stories as the non-rebels.

I gained my creativity in adulthood

I am the reverse of most people in that I discovered imagination, creativity and dreams as I got older, a situation lost to me as a child. Society for whatever reason shut the door on me and denied me access to the activities, education and pleasures that deaden minds and shape the individual into the perfect conforming consumer. I was especially engaged by the King Arthur stories, and vowed to find the Holy Grail. I even as I got older visited various locations around the UK seeking my Grail. I am still looking.

Of magic and story

I discovered that magic is a dynamic, organic and transforming story; a mix of thoughts, feelings, sensations and experiences thrown up in a mix of random and seemingly coincidental events. I learned that the magician is the storyteller, the weaver of patterns of information that interact with and create or transform other patterns. The inside and the outside, the above and the below, weave and shift in the embrace of storytelling where there is no space or time, when these artificial barriers of the mind collapse and vanish into story.

A magical green space

I am the guardian and caretaker of a certain green space, with history, nature and story embedded into it. People roll through this space every hour of the day and I go about picking up litter and basically maintaining the space out of my own free will as a volunteer. When I am dealing with cutting back vegetation, a robin shows up, knowing that my activity will uncover easy food to obtain. Over the days the robin trusts me as someone friendly and will lose all fear in flying onto or within the space of an arm of me. The attachment formed between a wild bird and I based upon shared experiences is a part of the magical attraction of the place. The public who roll through all comment in amazement about this robin and I working side by side, including the occasional Jehovah Witnesses who show up. I am part of the magic, whilst these people live but a few steps from the magic, but it might as well be an ocean distance.

Applying magic to technology

Technology is a special interest of mine when it comes to storytelling and magic. Certain experiences of technology have left their mark upon me. There was internet site Ancient Sites, a social media type of site involving the theme of history, a social media site long before Facebook showed up, that is my ideal of a social media site. There was the text-based low graphics game called Inselkampf that I was involved with for near ten years, where it was the people rather than the dumb game that made it an addictive and intense experience where world and characters came to life. There are games like Baldurs Gate and Skyrim, where lines of code brought stories and characters to life, where an individual is sucked into an engaging and immersive storytelling experience. There is Pokemon that had me hunting around Brighton looking for augmented reality creatures. There is the technologies of AI, holographic and animation that inspire me about the potential for this technology in storytelling.

How story causes unlikely meetings and relationships

In the magical experience of story everything is thrown together, or to say, smashed together in the dramatic sense. It is not by choice that one of the finest Chaos Magicians from the North of England was thrown together with me by a mutual enemy of Nathaniel Harris, who claimed that I and this Dave Lee was one and the same person. In truth our paths would not ever have aligned or merged had Nathaniel Harris not smashed us together through his nefarious designs. If it was not for this merging, I probably would not have taken much notice of Chaos Magic, but now I am aware of it, I am beginning to see how I can apply Chaos Magic principles to storytelling in the technology medium.

The merging of Chaos Magic and technology

Chaos Magic for instance deals with symbols called sigils, which are embedded with purpose and action, which is no different to me than a coded script or a circuit designed to do something. I do not think Dave Lee is a technologist, a man that can code and design with technology, but then I am no Chaos Magician. However, there are conversations to be had between him and I about the application of Chaos Magic to technology, and thus a new chapter in a story will emerge in my own personal journey, and that is what magic is all about.

Richard Carvath, the “spy” that fell off a mountain

Richard Carvath, a Satan Hunter from the Swindon area of the UK, loves to drop hints on his social media and in his conversations with people that he is a secret agent and military contractor, always on a secret mission doing 007-type things to badies like me. But, how true are all these claims?

Richard Carvath is semi-disabled due to a mountain fall

It is true to say Richard Carvath likes high drama, and that included climbing mountains. From the age of 16 Carvath would go mountain climbing whenever he could, then in 2010 he fell off a mountain. Carvath says in his blog:

“In June 2010, aged 33, Richard fell off a solo of Shepherd’s Crag and had a fifty-foot deck out. Having wandered off the route Finale (HVS 5a), Richard’s strength gave out and down he went.  Miraculously – thanks be to God – Richard survived the impact.The Keswick MRT attended the accident and Richard was flown to hospital by Air Ambulance.  Richard had many breaks, cuts and bruises – including spinal fractures and both legs broken.  (He landed feet first.)After surgery and many weeks in limb casts and a body brace, Richard began the long process of learning to walk again, eventually experiencing an almost full recovery of strength and function.”

Confirmation of this event was found in a mountain rescue report:

“239 22390 10 June 15:50 Shepherd’s Crag, ‘Finale’ NY263185
Not reported. Not reported. Rock Climbing – unroped (Alone)
Solo climber (M33) fell at least 45ft, landing on rocks below. Serious – fractured vertabrae C6, T4
& T5, fractured wrist (Colles), fractured tibia and fibula of both legs, fractured foot
Keswick (22 x 2hr 10 min); Great North AA Cumbria”

The key word that Richard Carvath makes about his recovery is “almost”, which is to say the damage from the fall left him with some disability, which considering the area of spine damaged might include impotence. Carvath in photos is shown with a slight hunch or stoop to his posture. These injuries are quite relevant when we deal with his claims that Carvath serves in a Private Military Company (PMC) doing “secret missions” abroad, since near all PMC’s would reject Carvath because of his apparent disability.

Richard Carvath has no military or combat experience

Near all PMC’s prefer their contractors to have prior military experience in the armed forces. Carvath in a blog post claims to have applied to all three branches of the UK military in his teens and early twenties, but for whatever reason never got past the recruitment stage to sign up. Carvath makes extraordinary claims in his blog, that not only did a PMC recruit him without any prior provable military experience, but promoted him to “colonel”.

“Whilst Richard never served for Her Majesty, he has done some serving in his time (and, needless to say, never to the detriment of British interests).  Today, in the appropriate company, Richard functions as a supernumerary colonel.  Richard was recruited into the PMC world via an unusual route for a British citizen.  The exact details of the recruitment cannot be disclosed, just as Richard’s operations and assignments will never be publicly disclosed.”

During a period when I was considering going to the Ukraine to fight, even encouraged by a serving major from the Paras, I recognised the reality that my lack of military experience would not only get me killed but threaten the lives of anyone fighting alongside me. This was one reason I did not fight. Only a desperate PMC would hire a semi-disabled individual with no military experience such as Richard Carvath. A rank of colonel is a high ranking position with command of many soldiers, and I could see no evidence of Carvath having skills, experience and results to earn him such a high rank anywhere.

Wagner is the only PMC who would accept someone like Richard Carvath

Only one PMC came to my mind who would be desperate enough to hire on Richard Carvath, which is Wagner, currently fighting in the Ukraine. Carvath has been public and enthusiastic in his support for Putin, Kremlin, and Russia in their war on Ukraine, and hostile in his attitude to the UK and NATO. Carvath has dropped hints that he is actively involved with the FSB and the Kremlin, whilst also claiming to have a voice in negotiations for UK prisoners of war. Despite Carvath acting in a manner that would make him a liability to the FSB by boasting about his Russian links, he offers no evidence to support his claims. Wagner is however recruiting the mentally retarded, children, elderly, paedophiles, prisoners and cannibals, so it is not totally unrealistic that Carvath is on their payroll.

I have taken the Richard Carvath claims seriously enough to draw him to the attention of the UK intelligence services as a potential threat to the UK as an agent working for a hostile foreign power. I have also plenty of times played upon the alleged Wagner link of Carvath to run tweets and blogs posts critical of his support of Russia in the Ukraine war. It makes no logical sense to me that even Wagner would promote Carvath to colonel; and if he is fighting in the Ukraine for Wagner, they would not allow him to update his social media, as this would help Ukraine to pinpoint his position and endanger his Wagner comrades with drone strikes.

Is Richard Carvath a fantasist and liar?

Fellow Carvath watchers are sceptical about the claims by Richard Carvath of being a super secret spy and military contractor, despite his claiming this even to the newspapers, police and courts. Many consider Carvath as a Walter Mitty character who likes to live in a fantasy world.

In a judgement handed down in an 8th Feb 2021 appeal that Richard Carvath made against a harassment conviction, Carvath claimed he would post false information on his social media to test response, he called “tactical manoeuvres”. Carvath further claimed that his Twitter and Blog social media was run by a “cell” of four people, all unknown to the others, with one handler. Carvath claimed that it was not him who posted three of four harassing posts against the victim that resulted in his harassment conviction. The judges also noted the claim of Carvath that he was involved in the “secret world” of the intelligence community. The judges noted that Carvath could provide no evidence for his claims, and considered him a “fantasist” and a “liar”. The court judgement to read is here.

Conclusion and a challenge to Richard Carvath

Richard Carvath has weaponised his claims of being a spy and military contractor in his ongoing stalking and harassment of the fathers, their families and children in the Wilfred Wong and Samantha Baldwin cases in a threatening and harassing way designed to spread alarm and distress to those individuals. In my opinion Carvath has overplayed his claims of being associated with a PMC, especially the claim of being a “colonel”, which makes all the rest of his claims increasingly dubious. It also makes no sense that a semi-disabled individual with no military experience would be recruited by a PMC. I have however offered to meet Richard Carvath on the battlefield in the Ukraine, such is my hatred of the man, but I am not counting on Carvath saying yes to this challenge anytime soon.

Back to court for Nathaniel Harris

There is growing excitement and anticipation amongst scores of victims of Satan Hunter Nathaniel Harris of Bristol at a pending court action against Harris by victims, as once more Harris is pulled back into court as a result of years of abuse, harassing, stalking and malicious communication by Harris against those victims. A positive result in this court action against Harris will likely encourage further victims to go to court against Harris.

Nathaniel Harris appears to be in a panic as he today took his Twitter account offline. Also, a recent blog site Harris claims he does not run (he does) has become muted in attacking his victims, recently only feeling brave enough to poke fun at a spelling error in my Twitter bio. Harris, who gets generous benefits payments better than some people earn a month, has claimed poverty in recent social media posts, whilst strangely also boasting about successful book sales. Harris it appears is concerned at the financial sting he will face in this next court hearing.

Nathaniel Harris, who has for over a decade embarked on a campaign or terror against scores of victims and entire religions, causing in his wake extreme alarm, distress and misery against countless people, could be about to meet his match. A particular victim know as Dave Lee, who has few enemies outside of Nathaniel Harris, has attracted plenty of support amongst pagans, occultists and other minority groups who may be willing to stand as one voice to tell Harris that enough is enough. There is talk of a crowdfunding campaign to provide Dave Lee with the means to pursue Nathaniel Harris through the civil court system for the harm, suffering and terror that Harris has inflicted upon this victim. Other victims may also now consider legal action.

What Nathaniel Harris will quickly learn is that his victims are not alone, and they have no reason to suffer alone. Harris wages war upon entire religions, so through crowdfunding the members of those religions can stand together and show to Harris that he is no longer welcome in those religions, and his abusive false allegation making to destroy and hurt the innocent will no longer be tolerated.

Nathaniel Harris should become a Christian

Satan Hunter Nathaniel Harris is a tortured soul, born in the same Colchester as the notorious Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins once hunted: Harris hunts witches, pagans and magicians, claiming they all abuse children for Satan, even whilst playing at being a witch himself. Harris lives on the obscure edges of the pagan and occult community he was born into, an outcast and a bitter belligerent man. Finding comfort in his own kind, a mainly Christian community of Satan Hunters, Harris is unable to find acceptance and love even amongst Christians due to his continued attachment to what Christians consider dark and demonic ideas and rituals.

Nathaniel Harris is an oddball and outcast in his religion

As a 50-something oddity in the alternative religious circles he once walked amongst, Nathaniel Harris has nothing to show for decades of involvement in those religions. Nathaniel Harris is a curse word amongst all the leading names of the British occult and pagan circles: nobody wants to invite him to their events, groups or meetings; publishers no longer accept his books; few now seek this man out for advice. An event in Bristol recently cancelled tickets Harris purchased on discovering that Harris was only planning to be there to spread his false allegations of child abuse against speakers he had stalked for decades. Occult fairs are attacked by Harris with false allegations against the organisers; Harris encourages people to destroy fellow occultist author books; Harris encourages the burning or the criminal damage of occultist and pagan gift and bookshops; Harris attacks occult publishers with child abuse allegations. Harris is a name nobody wants to associate with.

Nathaniel Harris says of UK occultism in a recent blog post:

“UK occultism is at its lowest level of credibility since the supposed ‘revival’ began, and that is seriously going some.”

Nathaniel Harris, in a blog post 09/03/23

Nathaniel Harris hates his religion

It is the latest attack on alternative religions by Harris in an ongoing malicious and angry war of hatred that spares no community from his narrative of false allegation making of child rape, torture and murder for Satan. No alternative community or religion is spared: Paganism; Wicca; Druids; Satanism; Chaos Magic; Thelema; and so on. Moving towards his 60’s Nathaniel Harris is disconnected from the religions he was born into, with two new generations of pagans, witches, occultists and satanists forging their unique paths and interpretations for which Harris has no understanding, influence or involvement in. Even the new generations of pagans and witches, initially attracted to the religions because of Harry Potter and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, are defamed by the same falsehoods by Harris of being abusers of children.

A Harris obsession: the Kidwelly Cult

Nathaniel Harris leverages a story of an obscure and small Cult from Kidwelly in Wales as his narrative of choice, where he in a cowardly fashion tortured and bullied a child in a custody dispute as being a victim of this cult, and names scores of people, including family, neighbours, lovers, publishers, as well as every leading name in UK occultism and paganism, as being in some manner members of this cult allegedly abusing this boy. Despite police, social worker and a lengthy family court investigation no truth was found to support these fantasy allegations brewed up from the imagination of Harris, and he lost custody of the child. Kidwelly is the obsession of Harris in his waging war upon even the newest and youngest members of the alternative religions, people probably who had not been born when the Kidwelly Cult was operating twenty years before.

Harris is too immature for his religion

Harris has never had the emotional maturity, discipline and responsibility to forge a path of benefit to himself and society in occultism and paganism. As a young man Nathaniel Harris boasted in a documentary about witchcraft that he cursed a child for bullying him at school, causing them to fall down stairs and never to be seen again; it is a twisted and immature attitude that Harris carries on as a 50-something in cursing people, using his religion to bully and frighten the ignorant or vulnerable. Harris offers courses to mentor people in his religion, but scams them out of their money without delivering the product he was selling. Harris self-publishes badly written books such as Satan Hunter, where he steals the writings of other people claiming it as his own. Harris offers to sell poor quality music and images he creates, but is too obsessed with false child abuse narratives to make his offerings marketable. Peers in paganism and occultism describe the claimed expertise of Harris of occultism as immature, amateur and shallow.

Harris falls into a hole of failure and ruin in his religion

There is a regular warning by teachers in occultism and paganism that these religious paths, such as magic, can be harmful to the immature mind. Nathaniel Harris is a warning of what befalls those who through their immaturity have become harmed by falling into the harmful embrace of the darker side of the religion, like a child playing with matches burns their home down. Harris looks twenty years older than his real age, mentally and physically battered, the look of a walking corpse or ghoul in the Bristol graveyards he frequently visits for his rituals or drunken escapades. Harris has lost his teeth, and in marketing images for the noise he calls music his face reminds me of a grinning skull. Harris lives in poverty, a life on welfare benefits he squanders on drugs and alcohol, lacking any inclination or prospect of getting well paid work. Harris is shunned and forgotten in all his markets he hates where he sells his books and services: making little money from it. In relationships Harris has none but his combative relationship with his partner Jasmine. Nathaniel Harris and his partner are often seen in local Bristol parks and graveyards, like two homeless wino hobos, cans and bottles of alcohol in hand, abusing each other or those passing by. It is a sad reality that the religious path Harris follows does not bless him with health, money, relationships and success. Part of the reason Harris constantly returns to false allegation making against those who have prospered in the religion he hates is his bitterness, envy and feelings of self-entitlement, denied him, where they succeed and he does not.

Harris flails like a dying fish in his religion

In thinking about the hole Nathaniel Harris persists in I am reminded of the video of a Russian soldier hit by a drone in the Ukraine war, who floundered like a landed fish in the cold muddy waters of a marsh: it was a horrible death struggle of a few minutes before they succumbed and went still. I have this ambivalent attitude to Nathaniel Harris, a mix of pity, horror and anger; a frustration arising from my question of why this man won’t change direction and get out of some trap he mentally causes for himself, but also a stoical sense of justice, like I had for that soldier, of Harris harvesting what he sowed.

All religions are tools and structures to navigate to a prosperous life

All religions are in my opinion tools and structures by which an individual navigates and designs a life of health, prosperity and happiness. The religious path that Harris follows is not working out for him. Harris needs a well defined path of structure, community and security, something like Christianity. I compare alternative minority religions such as occultism, satanism and the paganism as like working with a Linux computer operating system, it takes a lot of personal thinking, work and discipline to learn, which is why most people opt to work with Windows systems. Christianity is like Windows, and Nathaniel Harris is a “Windows” type of individual. If Nathaniel Harris loses his partner Jasmine, he loses everything, as there is nothing left to keep him going. As he gets older and more vulnerable in mind and body Harris needs community, structure and support more than ever.

Nathaniel Harris should embrace Christianity

I think if Nathaniel Harris thought about it he would see Christianity is a path worthy of following. Most Satan Hunters are Christians, and Satan Hunting is a passion that Nathaniel Harris enjoys, so it makes sense to be part of the Christian community. If Harris was to remarket himself as a former “devil worshipper” who found the light of Jesus, he would find a huge market of Christians willing to hear his story, and perhaps that will open the door to community, money and purpose he craves. Harris hates the religions he claims to be attached and sells to with a passion; he is miserable and going nowhere. Harris always seems to be nibbling at the edge of coming out as Christian, but I feel it will be a major life crisis that will finally be required to push him into accepting Jesus into his life. It is down to Satan Hunters such as Angela Power Disney, Jon Wedger and Richard Carvath to work on Nathaniel Harris to bring him round to Christianity over the religious path that makes him miserable and an outcast.

Satan Hunters and the war of stories

Satan Hunters, those individuals who promote lurid stories that Satanists hunt, kidnap, torture, rape, murder and eat children for Satan, often in bloody sadistic sexual rituals, participate in what is a hybrid war: on one level they physically stalk and attack their targets, on another level they participate in an information war of story telling.

The visible and material war with Satan Hunters

Most people are aware of the visible war that goes on: the monitoring of Satan Hunters; the recording and organising of information; the reporting of internet content and activity to social media companies, the courts, the police, the attorney general, to social workers, to the news media and other bodies; the emotional support and advice given to victims of Satan Hunters, so they know they are not alone and how they can deal legally and effectively with Satan Hunter persecution; the disruption of the networks and activities of Satan Hunters such as warning public bodies that may fund them or venues that might host their events; the internet battles on social media platforms as Satan Hunters and their claims are challenged and disrupted.

The battlefield of stories and story-making

There is another level to the war with Satan Hunters: the war of stories. Most of the participants in the war of stories may not be aware of this particular level of the battlefield, even though they participate in it, and thus they make many mistakes, and are even without realising it being emotionally impacted and trapped by stories and storytelling. The Satan Hunter Becki Percy told a story of how she was trafficked and raped by a paedophile network; then she adapted the story of her as a heroic but tragic victim of a vast Satanic Cult that worshipped Molech and ate babies for lunch; then when the Satanic story became a nuisance, Percy reverted back to the original trafficking victim story without the Satanic element. I however have everything saved about what Percy has claimed and I can keep her trapped in her own Satanic story for as long as I like by retelling it and disrupting her trafficking story.

Storytelling as information war

Storytelling is a type of information war, where stories collide against each other from two or more sides fighting for the hearts and minds of an audience of people. Storytelling is something used in marketing, advertising, branding and a common concept called propaganda. The story is an organised pattern of code rather like a computer program which passes along information and calls to action from mind to mind, and acts emotionally and intellectually upon individuals and groups. Storytelling is how families, communities and nations pass information, rules and calls to action from generation to generation, originally by way of the oral tradition such as the poets, bards, minstrels and judges of ancient times. When the Romans wiped out the Druids at Anglesey in Wales UK, they wiped out the hard drive and operating system of the British Celtic people that bound and organised them as an effective nation against an invader through stories in the oral tradition, and the organised resistance of the British against the Romans fell apart. If the story dies, so does everything else that is built around it, like a computer system that has lost its operating system, the hardware becomes useless.

I am an expert in the art of story-making

The story and storytelling is my area of expertise. I can weave, build and execute patterns of storytelling at high speed and obliterate people with them. If somebody is not aware of this level of the battlefield, they are doomed against somebody like me. This is the level of a magician, one that can weave word and image like a sword to create effects that can impact the outcome of every situation. It is an area of expertise that comes with great responsibility as it can be wielded to great harm as well as to benefit to humanity and society. The human mind is designed to process and execute patterns of information (stories); nature and the universe is a vast information and energy processing system. Story is king, and the storyteller is god.

Satan Hunters are ignorant barbarians when it comes to story-making

Satan Hunters are basically dumb barbarians who weave stories without awareness or intelligence of what they are doing or the outcomes their storytelling creates. The Satan Hunter Richard Carvath tells a story that he is a good Christian who takes a literal interpretation of the Bible as his only rule book he follows; I turned the story against Carvath by writing about a key rule in the Bible against “false witnessing,” and I can show examples of Carvath false witnessing against innocent people, and thus convey the effect that Carvath is a hypocrite and not a “good” Christian who DOES NOT follow a the strict interpretation of the Bible. Carvath spins a story that the father in the Wilfred Wong child kidnapping story is a Satanist who abuses a child; I can destroy the Carvath story point by point, and show the alternative true narrative that the father is a loving Christian father, and that Carvath is the vile child abuser. Satan Hunter Jeanette Archer and her Cult can never move into the mainstream because she has gifted me with enough material such as various police investigations, her terroristic posts on file, and her Royals are shape-shifting reptile narrative that through storytelling I can encode to convey that she is an extremist dangerous loon. Becki Percy tells a story that she babysat a baby that was then murdered whilst in her care in the UK and where she had legal responsibility for, no doubt fantasy, but I can turn that story against her as a participant in the murder of a child and also report that to the police as murder for investigation: Becki Percy won’t be walking away from what she has said and done without consequence when she returns to the UK.

Stories must be in play to have an effect

A story to have an effect it must be in play, thus reporting content on social media is an important strategy to knock out the fake but harmful stories that Satan Hunters put onto social media platforms. I am not too bothered about low views on my content, as these stories are designed to stay in play and effect for years and decades. Becki Percy complains years later that my stories are limiting her influence, which is one of the effects I designed my stories for when I posted it to social media; they will always now impact Percy if anyone looks her name up on the internet. The dedicated activist against Satan Hunters known as Mouse on YouTube creates great content in challenging Satan Hunters, but his error is that he leaves himself open to being reported, then his accounts and content taken down, and he often deletes his content anyway, so the effect of his storytelling is often erased.

Satan Hunters write themselves into other people’s stories

A common theme of Satan Hunters is that they will often try to write themselves into other people’s stories. Becki Percy tried to write herself into the Hampstead Satanic Panic story, having been fascinated by, even envious of the unwanted attention the Hampstead children gained; she got part of her wish, as I (a Hoaxtead activist) am now on her back for years to come. Nathaniel Harris of Bristol took a real child abuse case called Kidwelly Abuse Case, and wrote himself and an innocent child into that story claiming to be victims of the Kidwelly Cult, then falsely accusing everyone he had a grudge against as being members of the Kidwelly Cult. Richard Carvath is attempting to write his name into the Samantha Baldwin story by his constant obsession with various people in that story, his attempt to write a sequel to the Samantha Baldwin book with his role as a significant character in the story, and his ongoing suggestive content that he is in a relationship with Samantha Baldwin. Jeanette Archer writes herself into the story of the British Royal Family, claiming she was sexually abused by them at Windsor Castle. A Kathleen Boyle, an insignificant but mentally disturbed individual, is attempting to write me, Karen Irving and Hoaxtead into a story that she is a major victim of us, and a conspiracy to silence her in relation to the Hampstead and other cases, even though I have only been aware of her a year, and dismiss her as insignificant.

Satan Hunters have advantage over their victims in story-making

When it comes to story-making the Satan Hunters have a significant advantage in Satanic Panic cases, as their stories often are the only ones in play or are in effect so long that the story has built up a significant momentum and following to become troublesome to victims and the legal authorities. Victims like the father and child in the Wilfred Wong child kidnapping case often do not have a voice for legal reasons such as ongoing family court proceedings and court orders to tell an alternative story to the false one put out by Satan Hunters. The Satan Hunters would have liked that their narrative that the father in the Wilfred Wong case was a Satanist, a cult leader abusing children for Satan and thus worthy of being stalked and murdered, their child being kidnapped and handed over to the safe care of Satan Hunters in a foreign land. Activists such as I was quickly on the case by not only challenging and disrupting the Satan Hunter story, but putting into play an alternative and true story to act as an opposing narrative. The Satan Hunter story in the Wilfred Wong case has been contained, and the few Satan Hunters who still promote the Satanic Panic false narrative such as Richard Carvath and Angela Power Disney are being challenged and pursued.

I always look at the story first in strategy, planning and execution

Even before I am looking at the legal and technical activity such as reporting content to the police, I am looking initially at the story, assessing how a new event is strengthening, weakening, evolving or changing the story and its impact on people and situations. Nathaniel Harris is storytelling in the hope of encouraging people to do harm, even murder, an innocent man called Dave Lee by falsely claiming that Dave Lee is me, and building into the narrative false claims that Dave Lee harms children. Dave Lee does not have many natural enemies apart from Nathaniel Harris, but I do, so Nathaniel Harris leverages my enemies against Dave Lee in the hope they will go after Lee. This story is one that I watch very closely, for I have a responsibility to Dave Lee that he is not harmed because of a false story that he is me, and it is an emerging situation that changes by each day. Other people are concerned enough to message me that they are concerned that Nathaniel Harris will manage to get Dave Lee killed. I have been forced to name the victim of Harris and then attach to the name an alternative story that Dave Lee is not me. I will also have to follow up by doing something about the storyteller Nathaniel Harris, which is where the technical and legal strategies come into play such as reporting content. Even though technically Nathaniel Harris is a trained magician, a poor quality one, and I am not, when it comes to storytelling I can rip this Satan Hunter apart.

The power of stories and story-makers

Kings and Empires rise and die on the back of stories; and the ones behind King and Empire are the story-makers. .

Nathaniel Harris goes manic

It has reached my ears that the Satan Hunter from Bristol known as Nathaniel Harris is going through a manic episode with his obsession with someone he thinks is me. I don’t always name a victim of Satan Hunters in my social media posts for fear I am promoting the harassment and abuse of these victims, however, the nature of the obsessional and malicious content Nathaniel Harris is posting against this victim is starting to worry people that it could result in someone doing harm to the victim, so I will name them in order to stress that the victim is not me.

The innocent victim of Nathaniel Harris: Dave Lee

The innocent victim Nathaniel Harris claims is me is known as Dave Lee. This man is a respected leading light in the religion of Chaos Magic, some might consider an influential name in the formation and evolution of Chaos Magic as it exists today. Nathaniel Harris was a dabbler in Chaos Magic, who for many years interacted with the leading Chaos Magicians of the day, but never managed to evolve through discipline, learning and maturity beyond the basics and beginner level application of Chaos Magic. Harris was enthusiastic but dumb, even I am told having a massive Chaos Magic tattoo plastered across his chest: he now hates Chaos Magic as much as he hates Dave Lee.

Nathaniel Harris used to say I was JV, now it is Dave Lee

Since I first encountered Nathaniel Harris in circa 2016, as he was promoting and supporting the discredited Hampstead Satanic Panic Hoax, Harris started to target me with various claims and claimed I was a Chaos Magician who I shall refer to as JV for around five years. Many of the older Satan Hunters from the Hampstead Hoax era still refer to me as JV when claiming to know who I am thanks to Nathaniel Harris, including the Eire-based Satan Hunter Angela Power Disney. JV had hassle from both Order of Nine Angle “members” (O9A call themselves associates rather than members) such as Ryan Fleming and Satan Hunters such as Angela Power Disney, who were hostile to me, but were sent in the direction of JV who they thought was me thanks to Nathaniel Harris. JV eventually made a stand and there was civil court action and reports made to the police, and then Nathaniel Harris stopped claiming JV was me.

Nathaniel Harris actively encourages harm upon Dave Lee

In recent years Nathaniel Harris has evolved his strategy by switching his claim from JV to another of his victims, Dave Lee, by saying he is me. Dave Lee has few enemies outside of Nathaniel Harris, but I do, so it is fruitful for Harris to play the strategy of suggesting this innocent man is me in the hope that extremists in the O9A or Satan Hunters might do harm to Dave Lee. Nathaniel Harris also drags up cases such as Kidwelly child abuse case, and other content, and tries to spin that all this is linked to Dave Lee without evidence in the hope that people will be incited to harm Dave Lee. Satan Hunters such as Richard Carvath is actively promoting the link I am Dave Lee, and Nathaniel Harris is actively approaching anyone and everyone who has a grudge against me saying I am Dave Lee. I have a duty of care to Dave Lee to do what I can to challenge the false association Harris makes that I am Dave Lee, especially when the link is designed with serious false allegation making with an intent that could result in serious harm to Dave Lee.

Nathaniel Harris: a failed Chaos Magician and a failed life

Dave Lee made that mistake of taking Nathaniel Harris under his wing as an apprentice for several years, but Harris did not have the discipline and aptitude for Chaos Magic; and whatever personality disorders Harris had made him a challenging individual to work with for anyone. Dave Lee then had to let Harris go; and Harris did not like being dumped, becoming bitter and twisted over being rejected, and thus we have this desire by Harris to destroy Dave Lee.

Nathaniel Harris admitted recently that he lives in poverty on welfare benefits and is being chased by debt collectors. This is currently the end state of over 50 years of activity, learning and effort by Harris; his path as a magician is a wasteland of poverty, failure and poor health. To happen upon a photo of his face, Harris has the look of a man of 70 or 80; a face carved from substance abuse, bitterness and regret. Harris has been blessed at one time or another with opportunities and lucky breaks of working with people, who are in their own right leading talents in their field, but his own weakness of personality, arrogance, sense of entitlement, bitterness, poor discipline and laziness obliterated those opportunities. Harris would be unable to hold down even a basic job such as a factory worker because of the previously mentioned flaws in his character. Harris looks upon those like Dave Lee with bitterness, hate and envy, blaming people like this for his own failings: Harris blames Dave Lee for his own teeth falling out, but Harris lost his teeth because of drug abuse and poor personal hygiene.

I offer my e-mail to Nathaniel Harris to pass to the police

Dave Lee has not been a part of any major ongoing challenge on Nathaniel Harris, he wants to be left alone. Sure, during the short time Dave Lee was on Twitter he commented and liked my posts; and we remain in e-mail contact; that is about it in relation to Harris. The tyrant and vile predator in the story is Nathaniel Harris, who does not want to leave Dave Lee alone until he is destroyed. I am not Dave Lee, but I have challenged Nathaniel Harris since 2016 because of his obsession to make false allegations against victims and his promotion of the narrative of Satanic Ritual Abuse. I have offered to Harris many times my e-mail for which the police can contact to address any criminal complaints Harris has against me, including to confirm I am not Dave Lee: this e-mail is jameshind @ The police have my contact details on file as I have been in contact with them previously about Harris harming victims. The writer of this blog post is not Dave Lee, and I invite Nathaniel Harris to go to the police about this post, and get them to contact me at the e-mail provided.

An invitation to Nathaniel Harris to change the direction of his life

Nobody needs to be a magician to be successful – success basically is: discipline; application; work; and learning. Not many make money from being a Chaos Magician, it has a useful process that might help some people to build structure and discipline around. If Nathaniel Harris cleaned himself up (took a regular bath), stopped abusing drugs and alcohol, and applied some willpower and effort, he could get a job; despite any disability. Nathaniel Harris has his focus and attention on what I am saying and upon the person of Dave Lee, which is to say he has no time or energy to focus upon his own relationships and bettering his own life. ALL the victims of Harris want Harris to focus on living his own life rather than being an unwanted squatter in their lives. Unless someone has told him, Dave Lee is probably unaware of what is currently being said about him by me and Nathaniel Harris; he is living his own life the best way he can. Harris should take this opportunity to go and live his life rather than this ugly obsession he has with Dave Lee and others. Harris is edging closer to 60, and by the look of his face his health is close to failing on him; he is running out of time and space in which to get out of the deepening hole he finds himself in.

On personal safety and the law

Recently an activist called Shellie Mote has been critical of me on a number of matters, which provides me with the opportunity to write about personal safety and the law when it comes to challenging Satan Hunters.

Wilfred Wong is a Satan Hunter, an individual that promotes the narrative that “Satanists” eat and rape children in “Satanic” rituals for Satan. Wilfred Wong kidnapped a child at knifepoint, because of his ideological beliefs, for which he is doing 15+ years in prison, with fellow child kidnappers as a dangerous offender. Wong is part of a large group of people, often sharing QAnon-like conspiracy beliefs, who will kidnap, murder and become involved in terrorism because of their extremist beliefs. These Satan Hunters have no respect for the law or the rights and liberties of others, nor do they listen to appeals of reason. Satan Hunters often are hypocritical claiming to be child protection champions whilst abusing children and supporting child abusers. A Satan Hunter will kidnap a child, burn a home down, or kill another human being based upon an unevidenced allegation. Satan Hunters are dangerous people.

Personal safety first

Shellie Mote argues that all activists should operate under their real names, and she is critical of me for operating under a pseudonym. This is a strange position to take because Shellie Mote is not the real name of this activist, they have a hidden real name, but I and everyone refer to her by her pseudonym as Shellie Mote.

I have been an activist against Satan Hunters for eight years, and before that I was fighting extremists called the Order of Nine Angles. From dealing with dangerous members of the O9A I quickly learnt that it is sensible to keep real life and activism separate, which included having a pseudonym, because dangerous individuals will go after your family, children and employer; they will seek to dig up anything they can about your personal life and use it to harm and destroy. Satan Hunters have no limits, they are capable of anything. If an activist does not have their personal life locked down and separated from their activism, the Satan Hunter will go after everything that they hold precious and dear, and I have seen too many good activists fall because their children and family came under attack, or their job compromised, or their beloved pet got murdered. The sad reality is fellow activists, because of some personal disagreement or difference of politics, can also turn on you and go after your family, job and life; a fellow activist can become as dangerous and disturbed as a Satan Hunter. I have heard and seen what fellow activists do to each other, and it is ugly, disturbing and leaves you questioning humanity.

If an activist is becoming a victim and constantly looking over their shoulder for fear some aspect of their personal life such as their children will come under attack by a toxic activist or a Satan Hunter, they have become largely compromised in their ability to challenge Satan Hunters and help victims. An activist is expending too much energy, time and focus on protecting themselves to be able to help victims. This is why I say to activists who plan to fight Satan Hunters to make sure their real lives and personal information is locked down and separated from their activism. Eight years after starting to fight Satan Hunters my security is still strong enough that I could just walk away and vanish and nobody would ever know who I was or where I lived. Shellie Mote is being most naïve and unhelpful to fellow activists to insist they operate under their real names and provide themselves and their families a target for attack; Mote should by now know by experience the cost of doing that, as I have had to intervene multiple times to protect her and aspects of her real life. The Satan Hunter Matthew Taylor of Brighton has made serious death threats against me; Nathaniel Harris, a Satan Hunter based in Bristol, is working constantly to try and get me murdered (he claims to know who I am and targets an innocent person).

I am of the personal position that I will not report Satan Hunters to the police for any crimes done against me. The unfortunate outcome of becoming a victim of a Satan Hunter and reporting them to the police is that you can no longer challenge them, and legal cases where you are a victim can go for months and years, so as an activist you become useless in being able to challenge anyone you have become a victim of and where there is now a police investigation in progress. Not reporting a Satan Hunter to the police as a victim means I have a lot of leeway to continue to defend victims and challenge Satan Hunters.

Satan Hunters are not your friend

Satan Hunters have no empathy, no compassion and no insight; everyone they come into contact with become mere tools to them for whatever agenda they are pursuing. A Satan Hunter is not your friend; being trusting and supportive of a Satan Hunter is like putting a fox into an enclosure of chickens; it never ends well. It is the nature of Satan Hunters to exploit and abuse other people, just as it is the nature of foxes to eat chickens.

I am always clear and open that my position with Satan Hunters is hostile; I make it very clear who is my friend and who is my enemy. A Satan Hunter will always be my enemy and I will always be hostile to them; there is no compromise. I can be nice and polite with a Satan Hunter, participate in an online chat or thread with them and be cordial, with both sides having a solid certainty of knowing that both are deadly enemies during the whole interaction. I have seen some activists suffer the delusion that they can be friends and supportive of Satan Hunters; or think they can be clever and interact with and manipulate a Satan Hunter to their own agendas, just as Shellie Mote and Sheva Burton have attempted with Satan Hunter Matt Taylor; but in all cases it never ends well and the activist who did that suffers damage to their reputations and personal life.

Why I do not get involved in some cases

The William Bennell case is an example of a case I did not get involved in. I did a few minor interventions where my name was dragged into the fighting going on between Bennell and other activists, but I kept well away. Why? Firstly, William Bennell is low hanging fruit, a minor player in the ongoing fight against Satan Hunters, I tend to focus on bigger fish such as Matthew Taylor and Jeanette Archer, those Satan Hunters who are the greatest threat to the vulnerable and with a large number of victims to their names. William Bennell is a complicated case I did not understand, and I won’t get involved in a case unless I fully understand the case and the people involved; this is why I have yet to make any major involvement in the Samantha Baldwin case, as I do not have a 360 degree understanding of everything involved. The William Bennell case was a fast moving case with legal complaints to the police piling up and a flame war with multiple participants. The William Bennell case was a car wreck of situation where the participants were compromising existing criminal investigations in play against him, and cardinal rules such as not replying to a predator where you are a victim in a live police investigation was being broken, and where Bennell was in a position to claim that there was an organised conspiracy against him of stalking and cyberbullying, enough to blow out a lot of police investigations against him.

I knew the Willliam Bennell case would end in dire consequences for many people, including for Shellie Mote. And I knew Shellie Mote was a participant of a very aggressive and organised mass challenge on William Bennell. I dared not get involved in something where I could undermine criminal legal cases with so much going on and the situation changing fast by the day. Shellie Mote is critical of me for not getting involved in some aspects of the William Bennell case, I did not get involved for the reasons I mentioned, it was an area with massive red flags.

Know the law and the legal process

If an individual can show to the police and the courts that there was a mass organised conspiracy against them, they can in theory get a case thrown out: the police can do a No Further Action (NFA) decision; the courts can return a verdict that someone has been by way of an organised conspiracy put into a position of breaking the law, and the case is chucked out. This is what the Satan Hunter Matt Taylor is trying to argue, even though there are a lot of victims who are making complaints independently of each other. Shellie Mote has put on public record that she believes Matt Taylor is a victim of an organised conspiracy, a position motivated out of malice against some she has a conflict with, but could indeed impact the outcome of some of the investigations against Taylor. In the same way the William Bennell case is compromised by the same argument of mass conspiracy, a process Shellie Mote was a part of, and I would not be surprised in the least if some complaints against William Bennell return as NFA.

Not only must an activist know the case they are working on inside out, but they must be aware of certain aspects of the law. These UK laws that I recommend knowing about include: contempt of court; perverting the course of justice; harassment and stalking; malicious communication; court orders; defamation; data protection act and GDPR. I have had to intervene many times with fellow activists to quietly warn them about a legally unsafe internet post or strategy. It is becoming a matter of personal frustration and annoyance that someone has out of ignorance of a court order or the law, or by failure to check how they word a post, or the failure to check the information they post, that they compromise themselves or a case.

Satan Hunters know about the law and the legal process better than most activists. Satan Hunters know how to play victim-snowflake and also how to use the legal process to both defend themselves and destroy an activist opposed to them. The activist has got to be smarter and more knowledgeable than the Satan Hunter, because if they are not, the consequences can be severe. One victim of Matt Taylor got into an ugly flame war with him whilst making a complaint to the police: the police investigation was closed because in the eyes of the police both parties were as much to blame as the other. Shellie Mote has the tendency to be abusive, threatening and obsessional about people she challenges, and her approach leaves her open to anyone to go to the police about her; this happened with the Satan Hunter Lydia Lowe whose complaint resulted in the police issuing warnings against Shellie Mote. In one matter I brought to the attention of the police against a Satan Hunter the police turned up without warning at the door asking for more information, and I was left scrambling to extract information from my files to satisfy the police that the report was authentic (I was able to provide the supporting evidence). Shellie Mote reports a lot of people to the police and other agencies; the challenge of doing this is that if Shellie Mote does not have strong evidence to back up each report she makes, she runs the risk of being flagged up on a system as a vexatious and malicious complainer.

I would say that 90% of activists will make a legal mistake in my experience such as posting something that could potentially get them in legal trouble. It is not that such activists went out maliciously and deliberately to go out and break the law, it was because of ignorance or they did not check and proof-read what they posted. If I became aware of such situations, I will quietly warn the individual, and they usually will quickly rectify the situation; it is only when those such as Sharon Gale ignored the warning and acts arrogantly, that I will take the matter further and go to the police. It was not surprising that one activist in error posted content that potentially put them in contempt of court in the William Bennell case, by which time it was too late for me to intervene. Shellie Mote, who could, and probably did report the matter to the police and courts, ordered me to do the same against that individual; was of the equivalent position that the individual should be stripped and whipped naked through the streets and burnt at the stake. The individual put right their error by quickly removing the posted content, and it was a type of error that I have seen many activists do, and of course they will have to accept any legal outcome of that error. The William Bennell case is not a case I am involved in and the error happened too late and in circumstance for me to intervene on.

Support criminal allegations with evidence and check what you say is true

It is my opinion that when an individual accuses someone of criminal misconduct to the police or via an internet post, that they can show documentary evidence that they have fully checked as correct. When it comes to the police it is a good idea to babysit the police so that it is as clear as day what law has been broken and the evidence in support of that assertion. If I cannot be in a clear position on showing what law has been broken, backed by clear evidence, I won’t report it. I did not report Satan Hunter Matt Taylor to the police over postings relating to Child A Wilfred Wong case because the alleged court order breach was a jigsaw type making it too unclear enough a matter to report.

Shellie Mote accuses me of consorting with someone who is friendly to another who she alleges is partner to a paedophile. When I looked into that matter I found that Shellie Mote had made a serious error of mistaken identity, something she has done in one other matter where she accused a man of being a paedophile – Pepsi Watson. In my opinion Shellie Mote is a poor quality researcher and she makes serious allegations based on poor research full of errors. Even when Mote is told of the error, they take this as a personal insult and continues to repeat their error without rechecking their research.

Positions that Shellie Mote feels I should burn for

I have already mentioned the hypocritical position of Shellie Mote (the name she posts under is a pseudonym) of condemning me for not posting under a real name. Mote also suddenly feels I am a monster because of my personal views that those aged 16 should be classed as adults with full adult rights, or that in my opinion a post of a baby that Satan Hunters such as Jeanette Archer and Matt Taylor was sharing on the internet was abusive and indecent in nature. Mote also after two years of silence suddenly finds it a problem, as argued by Satan Hunter Matt Taylor, that I never reported paedophiles to the police that I uncovered as a moderator on a certain social media platform. As a moderator it was not my remit or responsibility to report paedophiles to the police, it was my role to remove their content and lock their accounts; the reporting of the paedophiles to law enforcement was a matter for management higher up the chain of responsibility who had the access to the logs and processes for reporting paedophiles in a way useful to bring about a conviction in a court of law. Shellie Mote is grabbing at strawmen, making issues of anything and everything just because she saw a Tweet (she treated as a personal attack) that I made out of concern for her wellbeing warning her to stop being involved with Satan Hunter Matt Taylor.


I hope this post might be of benefit to new potential activists who are motivated to challenge Satan Hunters, to highlight some of the dangers and my recommendations of strategies to adopt to make things safer and easier for the activist in their challenging Satan Hunters and protecting victims. In the matter of Shellie Mote, it is a lesson in how not to behave or operate as an activist. I recommend to Shellie Mote to now retire and do something else before her many errors catch up and destroy her.

Richard Carvath goes creepy with children again

When Satan Hunters talk about children and Satan, they often come over as creepy and perverted. Richard Carvath, a hunter of “Satanists”, formerly of Salford and now living in Royal Wootton Bassett, is currently updating his WordPress blog, and it is creepy. Satan Hunters have a fetish for stories of children being sadistically and sexually abused for Satan by “Satanists”, and this is true for Carvath who claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA):

SRA is a total torture system – physical, sexual and psychological – inflicted repeatedly and over time (sometimes for years) upon mostly child victims, and all done in the clear context of occult rituals and Satanist beliefs.”

Richard Carvath WordPress Blog

Richard Carvath “new ministry to combat and expose SRA”

Richard Carvath announces that in 2023 he will initiate the “launch of a new ministry to combat and expose SRA activity in the UK”. In the three cases of alleged SRA that Carvath is obsessed with, the Samantha Baldwin, Wilfred Wong and the Hampstead cases, there is a common pattern of stories of fathers and their children to which Carvath projects his fetish for sadistic abuse of children upon without evidence. The “Satanists” are actually all Christians, neither particularly wealthy, powerful or famous, but easy soft targets for Carvath to stalk and harass, and generally without much criminal or civil legal comeback against himself.

Carvath obsessed with eleven-year-old boy

The most vulnerable of the children that Richard Carvath stalks is an eleven-year-old boy, who at the age of nine was violently kidnapped by a group of religious extremists at knife-point, that earned many of the kidnappers long prison terms. Carvath is obsessed, and posts through his social media intimidating and threatening content suggesting he and others plan to pursue the child and their father he claims is involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). Creepy and like a paedophile title, Carvath created a blog page about the child headed “Boy Story 2023”. A paedophile-like theme is pursued by Carvath, who previously claimed the kidnapped child consented to being violently grabbed off the street, bundled into a car, and was happy to be with his kidnappers; now claiming he enjoyed a “cuddle” with those out to torture, groom and traffick the boy to make money for Satan Hunters promoting narratives of SRA. According to the more reliable qualified journalist Rosie Waterhouse, writing for the Times, and using factual court sources, the boy suffered severe trauma including emotional numbing, a sign of PTSD, as a result of the violent kidnapping.

Richard Carvath the fake journalist

Carvath, who claims he is a journalist, claims to be working with German journalists to expose the father in the Wilfred Wong case as a Satanist (he is a Christian), and that the child is a victim of SRA. Carvath makes bold claims that the father will be convicted of chid abuse, the kidnappers will be freed, and the child would be given over to the custody of these religious extremists. Carvath, who clearly is confused about which journalist outlet from Germany is looking at the Wilfred Wong case, has decided to post random links to multiple German media sites, links that do not mention the case. Carvath is in truth a fake journalist who has never worked for a media outlet, has no journalist qualifications or experience, nor is insured or regulated by reason of being part of an official journalist body. Carvath does not adhere to the standards of journalism by balanced reporting and backing his claims up with proper evidence, quoted sources or links. Carvath is no more a journalist than I am, a mere blogger, and a poor quality one at that.

Claims German journalists are investigating Wilfred Wong case lack credibility

Any journalist of calibre investigating a case is going to get both sides of the story from opposing camps. A credible journalist, including those from Germany, are not only going to just talk to Richard Carvath to get his twisted version of the story on the Wilfred Wong case, they are going to approach somebody such as I, who is a leading expert on the case, with a different point of view to that of the Satan Hunters. I have not been approached by any journalist from Germany, and nor has any other activists who defend the father and his child from the Satan Hunters. Like so many claims that Carvath makes, his claims about German journalists investigating the Wilfred Wong case with enough evidence and status to change the situation is unevidenced, obscure, unsourced and does not fit together.

Richard Carvath and the Hampstead case

Writing about a recent article in the Sun by qualified journalist Alexi Mostrous, an investigative journalist who produced the widely acclaimed Hoaxed about the Hampstead Satanic Panic case, Carvath seemed to confuse balanced journalism with that of a private investigator. Richard Carvath thinks journalism is about:

“My idea of investigating a serious organised crime case such as Hampstead is rather different to the likes of Mostrous and his ilk (Aaronovitch, Waterhouse etc).  Mr Mostrous, we can be sure, has never had any access to the intelligence from operations surveilling Hampstead persons of interest.  Mostrous hasn’t seen and heard the video and audio recordings from that.  Mostrous hasn’t followed people around on the Tube.  These are the kind of things which real investigative journalists do.  It’s the sort of work which enables serious journalists to really know the facts of a case.”

an edit and addition by Richard Carvath to his blog post circa 28th Jan 2023

I have seen at least two YouTube videos (both reported) by Richard Carvath of his version of investigative journalism from around 2018 where he was secretly filming a school and teachers relating to the Hampstead case, without their consent and knowledge, whilst making unevidenced claims of child abuse. Carvath has also apparently attempted to follow the father of the two principle children in the case around, though those videos are no longer available. Carvath believes secretly filming people, including children and judges, is journalism.

Alexi Mostrous has been transparent and has interviewed a variety of people from both sides of the story, including myself. He never to my knowledge covertly filmed people like Carvath does, and has always been clear to all parties who he was and what he was covering. There is nothing secret, sinister or creepy about what Mostrous does, and Carvath seems confused that journalism is something to do with private detective work and being a spy, two different roles. Carvath also fails to understand that proper journalism is about balanced reporting and evidence. Mostrous was also aware of everything posted online about the Hamspstead case, and I had to do a lot of work to answer some of his questions, including providing sources. It is not surprising that Mostrous follows the pattern of a long line of proper journalists to block Richard Carvath as Carvath is in my opinion a rampant raving loon.

Richard Carvath writes paedophile fantasy book involving real children

Another matter of concern is a proposed paedophile fantasy that Richard Carvath wants to write as a “sequel” to the Samantha Baldwin self-published book relating to her custody dispute over her two children in which she alleges sexual abuse by the father and a supposed network of paedophiles. Baldwin published her work as a “work of fiction” to try and get round strict family court protections relating to her children. Richard Carvath, who claims he had been spying through windows at night, and watched the Samantha Baldwin children naked, and adds he saw one being sexually abused, but seems unable to produced images or videos in support of his claims, wants to write a paedophile fantasy involving the two children and himself. Samantha Baldwin condemns Carvath for inserting himself into her “story” without consent, and does not endorse the planned paedophile fantasy book. Carvath had planned to publish this work in December 2022, but it appears it remains in limbo.

Richard Carvath is a dangerous fantasist

The universal view is that Richard Carvath is a fantasist and liar, and what he writes should be treated with critical scepticism, however, Carvath actively works to make his fantasies as real as possible by trying to act upon them such as turning up at his victims schools, homes and places of work, filming them and publishing his content on his social media along with unproven allegations. This “Jackal” actively preys on the father and his child in the Wilfred Wong case, principally trying to intimidate them, encouraging others to act against them, and doxxing them to the limits of the law in the hope of exposing where and who they are, so others might do harm to them. Carvath however is being watched closely, and he will not be able to get far without being challenged and reported to the authorities. To some extent Carvath, knowing he is being watched and challenged, has had his wings clipped, but he will continue to push the limits of legality in his ongoing attempt to stitch up fellow Christians with fake Satanic Ritual Abuse allegations and get them destroyed to satisfy his perverted fetish fantasies.