More love and unity in Satanism

Creating and joining groups in the Left Hand Path today is like going back to the stone age, saying stone tools are better than metal tools.  The LHP has always been the path of the individual, not a path of more group-minded institutions.

Rumour suggests that the Satanic Temple, the Sect of the Horned God and the Satanic International Network forum are working together to form one large happy family of unity for all Satanists.

The Satanic Temple is doing a worthy job as a political and social group for LHP activists, but media successes have gone to their heads, and they seem to be moving towards setting up as another form of Church of Satan.  Each passing month the Satanic Temple is transforming into another expression of unity and love in Satanism, they have built a new website for their shift to group-minded consciousness.

Sect of the Horned God have their own commune and have set themselves up as a teaching institution for Satanists.  Interestingly even some members of the trollish psychopathic Satanic cult the Order of Nine Angles have been recruited as teachers in the Sect of the Horned God, either sharing in the love of Satanic unity, or looking for more victims to manipulate for the lulz.

The Satanic International Network has returned after losing all its members and content in a technical meltdown, from 6000 members the forum mountain has become a molehill of a few hundred members.  The new twist is that site owner Zach Black would like $25 dollars for forum membership, for which all new members get a membership card and a special mention on a website.  How nice.  Zach Black has in the past needed member donations to pay for beer, weed and releasing his impounded car.

Meanwhile the Luciferians have also caught the unity bug after forming a church to gather all Luciferians together under one umbrella.  Formed earlier this year by leaders including Jeremy Crow (founder of Luciferian Research Society) and the most famous of Luciferians Micheal Ford the Greater Church of Lucifer wants to build Luciferian churches all over the world.

Lastly the leader of the Cult of Cthulhu, who formerly wanted to unify all the LHP under his “serious religion,” invited members in a recent sermon to participate in a Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game whilst asking “what is reality?”

Satanist books for children and teens

There are many Satanists with families so the question arises is there any Satanist or Left Hand Path books written for children (under 12 years of age) or for teenagers (13 – 19 years) ? If readers know of any books written for young people relative to the Left Hand Path or Satanism, please let us know in the comments. 

Contradictions of the Satanic Temple

As an independent Satanist I support anything that advances Satanism but at the same time supports the basic idea that Satanism is an individual who is manifesting their will to become the god in their own lives, that is to say that in all situations the individual Satanist is not trapped in a state of conformity to an external authority figure in their own lives.

In my opinion Satanism is a path that is walked by people who want authenticity and a meaningful direction in their lives, that is to say to become the god in their own lives.  The clowns and jokers who treat Satanism in a light-hearted fashion are as meaningless as a reverse Christian who thinks Satanism is about murdering people.  Satire has its place, revealing the hypocrisy of society, or even of certain aspects of Satanism such as slavish devotion to groups, but if pursuit of comedy is an end in itself it has no place in Satanism.  A contradiction about the Satanic Temple is that some question if it is a bunch of individuals using Satanism as a running joke, or are a bunch of political activists using satire as a tool for real social change.

As a political activist group the Satanic Temple offers individual Satanists an opportunity to manifest their personal will in expressing their political natures in a medium which does not infringe upon their individuality.  There arises a further contradiction in that the Satanic Temple refers to Satanism as a religion, and goes as far as giving the appearance of religion in its activities.  Zach Black, a vocal personality who runs the Satanic International Network forum and is a leading voice on YouTube on Satanism, refers to himself as a “priest” of the Satanic Temple in his role as their spokesperson in California.  The contradiction is further confused by the main spokespeople of the Satanic Temple such as Lucien Greaves and Zach Black being rationalistic atheists.  It is however noted that the laws of the USA about religious expression grants to the Satanic Temple many liberties and protections equal to any Christian church if it does portray itself as a religion.

For the individual Satanist like me all these contradictions are confusing, but it is interesting to see how many years from now how the Satanic Temple might evolve, but there is the danger it becomes another group-minded monster like the Church of Satan.

Newspaper exposes devil child

The British newspaper the Sun recently came in for widespread criticism after they ran a front page story complete with photograph and identity of a child with the devils mark on their body.  On what must have been a slow news day, and with the full cooperation of the child’s parents the future antichrist was revealed to the world.  One can imagine what a wonderful time this devil-child is going to have when the story circulates at his future school, but be not afraid for him, as the powers of darkness will strike down his enemies just as in the Omen films.

Christians and Satanists flee Muslims

It is rare that Christians find common grounds of agreement with Satanists but when it comes to an enemy that hates both equally and would massacre both without a thought they found it in the advancing armies of the Islamic State who advanced into their lands in Iraq this week.

Following on from the call of a religious crusade by the US President of the time George Bush and the UK leader Tony Blair that cleared out the old rulers of Iraq, and later paved the way for collapse into anarchy in Syria and Libya as well, the crusade succeeded in wiping out the Christian community in the Middle East, and allowed the rise of an Islamic Caliphate.

Thousands of years before the Church of Satan claimed ownership of Satanism the Yazidis could claim the title of Satanist.  Though hardly fitting the template of an individual Satanist the Yazidis worship a version of Satan of the Christian story who rebelled against the Christian/Muslim/Jewish god.  The Yazidis consider their Satan to be a peacock angel called Malak Taus.

The US currently has begun delivering food and water to the Yazidis, whilst bombing Islamic positions to stem the advance of the armies of the Islamic Caliphate to prevent total genocide of both Christians and Yazidis.

There are no Satanic victims

In my post about three Satanic questions I said the individual Satanist is the god in their own lives, they manifest their will like a painter painting the life they desire on the blank canvas of the world.  In this context there are no Satanic victims.

If the individual Satanist is the god over their own lives, and manifest their will to become whatever they desire in their lives, then they are responsible for whatever happens in their life.  Victimhood is a Christian trait, and there are too many Satanists playing their victim card showing that they have yet to put aside their Christian baggage.

As the god in my own life I have cleaned out the people, beliefs and other baggage that work against me, replaced with people and things that reflect the life I wish to have.  I refuse to compromise, I am the ultimate authority in my life, and woe anyone who seeks to challenge that.

Hate your job? Get a new one, or better go self-employed.  Hate Facebook? Leave Facebook.  Hate your weight? Go on a diet.  The moment the individual Satanist plays the victim card, they give their personal power and authority over their lives to someone else.

Three Satanic questions

In my view the personal path the individual Satanist walks starts with the foundation of asking three simple questions:

Who am I?

As a Satanist I answer that I am my own god in my own life, I manifest my will to be the god in my own life.

What is my world?

As a Satanist I consider my world as a blank canvas which I can shape in my own life in any way I please.

What is my place in the world?

As the god in my own life I manifest my personal will like a painter, painting as the artist my own life as I wish it upon the blank canvas of the world.


Second LHP conference a success

Over three days last week individuals from the Left Hand Path descended upon Indianapolis USA at the second LHP conference.  Building on the first conference held two years ago in Toronto the organizers of the second conference had ambitious plans.  With months to go, having already incurred huge expenses in the face of slow ticket sales the conference was threatened with cancellation and serious debt for its organizers.

The organizer Laurie Pneumatikos said at the time that she was determined there would be a conference, even if it was in her sitting room.  Pneumatikos later decided she would take the risk of serious debt and went ahead with the conference, with a few alterations.  The risk appeared to pay off as ticket sales increased and individuals from the LHP donated in various ways to the conference.

Over three days there was live music, a black mass, lectures, a ball, trade stands and other activities that made for a successful conference.  Pneumatikos said on Facebook:

“I just wanted to say one final thing about the 2nd International Left Hand Path Conference. All of you who attended, including guests, presenters, artists, musicians, Gaia Works volunteers, and others, made an incredible impression on the hotel staff and guests. YOU ALL demonstrated that walkers of the Left Hand Path possess HONOR and CLASS. Your exceptional manners, friendliness, openness and politeness did not go unnoticed. And you all deserve to be commended for that. WE proved to the world that WE are honorable, contributing members of society and I am PROUD as HELL to call you all my FRIENDS!!!!!


There are plans to hold a third LHP conference in New Orleans USA in 2015.