My fighting injustice ended yesterday


I have now retired from fighting injustice.

The Satan Hunter Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV was jailed yesterday for nine months on two counts of harrassing children and their families in London who he believed were involved in Satanism and killing children.

Quaintance was part of a larger mob of Satan Hunters who promoted a fiction of Satanic Ritual Abuse in London targetted at innocent people, an unjust campaign of fear that involved death threats and plots to abduct innocent children they falsely accused of being members of Satanic families.  I began my fight against these Satan Hunters at the end of 2014, a fight that has lasted nearly three years.

Fighting the injustices of this world, the shit, is that the shit hits you in the face, there is a serious penalty for opposing injustice.  It might be a simple activity like cleaning up litter from a local historical landmark, where the fizzy bottle I picked up exploded and covered me in its contents.  It might be a larger fight such as against a Satan Hunter like Rupert Quaintance, who complained to the police that my efforts to stop him hurting and terrorising innocent children and their families was harrasment of him.  Fighting great or small injustices, setting the world to rights, some of that shit by association sticks to you, like the contents of the fizzy bottle or the police investigation as a result of the complaint against me by Quaintance.

The police dropped their investigation of me after an exchange of e-mails, but this served as a wakeup call to me, as had the police pursued their investigation, my computers could have been taken, which could have impacted my business.  It was at this point I decided that once the result of the trial of Quaintance was known I would hang up my crusading boots forever.  With Rupert Quaintance jailed, I have retired from fighting injustices to focus on me and my business.

This retirement won’t stop me writing about issues pertaining to the Left Hand Path, or in my opinion useful comment on the mind, technology and philosophy.

On gaining passion and focus


How to use the dopamine reward system to succeed in life.

All human activity is caused by a biological process; I discuss here passion and focus, caused by hormone dopamine.

Dopamine and ADD

I have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) caused by lack of dopamine.  Two qualities of ADD is lack of motivation and focus. A contrasting quality of ADD is hyperfocus, where the individual is totally focused and motivated on an activity they are interested in to the exclusion of all else.

The biological process of dopamine

Dopamine is a hunting hormone, which encourages the brain to hunt and explore.  Dopamine degrades into hormone noradrenalin, which causes alertness or focus.  Noradrenaline further degrades into hormone adrenaline, which prepares the body for physical activity.  Motivation and focus are hormonally closely related, no motivation, then no focus.

Manipulate hormones such as dopamine

Understand the biological process, the individual can manipulate hormones, and the qualities associated with those hormones.

Dopamine rewards the hunt never the goal

Dopamine as a hunting hormone, rewards the process towards the goal, rather than the achievement of the goal.

The brain has no concept of reality

The brain considers reality and fantasy as the same thing, imagine a terrifying situation, note the body goes into a state of anxiety as the adrenaline hormone is produced, because the brain thinks the fantasy is real and the individual is in danger.

Why people underachieve or fail in their goals

If the individual imagines achievement of the goal, regardless if it is sex, business, study or the dream job, the brain thinks this is real, will think the goal has been achieved.  Because the brain thinks the goal is achieved, no dopamine is produced, because dopamine rewards the process of the hunt rather than the achievement of the goal, thus the individual has no motivation or focus, and underachieves or fails in the attainment of the goal.  This conclusion is confirmed by numerous studies.

Dopamine is a hunter-gatherer hormone

Dopamine in the biological process encourages the animal to hunt for food, learn about its environment and hunt for a mate.  Dopamine is a hunter-gatherer hormone, target seeking, and danger avoiding.  Dopamine encourages the individual to avoid painful experiences, but seek pleasurable experiences.  Motivation and focus rises and falls based upon amount of dopamine in play in any situation.

How to gamify the process towards a goal

Avoid the goal, focus on the process.  Look at the steps towards the goal, break them down into a list of to-do’s.  Map the road towards the goal with detailed achievable steps which are ticked off as each is achieved.  Once the brain is aware of the map and steps, it will dump out dopamine as each step is achieved in the process, the brain will become motivated and focussed on the process rather than the goal, it might achieve a type of addiction to the process.  The process can be gamified into a type of game.  Addiction to a process game such as the mundane Farmville or the more complicated Warcraft plays on the dopamine biological process by encouraging production of dopamine by a process of steps and little rewards when steps are achieved

Write the road map down, reward achievement of steps

The brain is designed to react to patterns, when the road map is locked into memory by the brain, it will know when to dump out dopamine at each step.  The brain is designed for sensory experience, so use those senses when mapping out the road map, avoid the computer which only uses eyes.  Write down the road map on paper, this uses eyes and tactile senses, the more senses used, the better the brain locks in on the road map.  Computer games encourages addiction to play with rewards as each step is achieved, such as winning a magical item or leveling up in Warcraft, so mark each step achieved with a reward that signifies progress that the brain easily associates with the step.  Children love their badges, which are associated with progress in their activities, but it is harder to associate ice cream or holidays with progress because the brain is unable to relate this to the process.  It is easy for the brain to associate achievement of a step in Warcraft to leveling up of a character to level 1 through to 50 because it can see the connection, and so a creative way of gamification might incorporate a theme of a progress bar and badges on a wall.

Focus on the process as a way of life with new goal-processes

Once a goal is achieved, especially a hard goal, there can become a corresponding crash in dopamine, followed by loss of motivation and focus, then depression.  The game of life and mental wellbeing is about the process, never the goal, so always have a new goal-process in place before the existing goal-process ends.

How to enjoy paying money to the tax man

In closing, I owe the taxman perhaps £400.00, I gamified this into 400 points.  So when I pay say £100 against this debt, it falls to 300 points, rather like fighting a 400 hit point monster, which is now down to 300 hit points.  It has become fun and motivating to pay money to the taxman, I get dopamine every time I pay the tax man.  I love paying money to the tax man.  Crazy, but thats how the gamification of a biological process works.

The obsession with being a victim


Too many people in the West play the victim card.

A minority religion of 1000 Odinists in Britain recently demanded an apology from the Church of England for alleged crimes against their religion, demanding two churches be handed over to them as compensation. Welcome to a society in the UK and America that embraces victimhood, self-entitlement and self-righteousness.

People who play the victim card prefer to rewrite history and their place in it. The Church of England was founded in 1534, and the Viking claims over the UK ended at the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066. It is to the Roman Catholic Pope that the Odinists might approach rather than the Church of England Archbishop of Canterbury. The Church of England have no historical or ethical need to apologise to the Odinists or give them buildings for their religion. If the Odinists are invoking alleged injustices upon their Viking roots, then the Christian has a greater claim for compensation from the Odinists, for the burning and pillaging of countless Christian churches and abbeys, plus the murder and rape of innocent people. The Odinists conveniently forget what their forbears have inflicted upon the innocent whilst playing their victim card. The Odinists are a modern revivalist religion, and their claims of authenticity and lineage from the Vikings of both their religion and their membership is open to challenge.

A few years ago the Druids claimed the bones of a child the archaeologists dug up at Stonehenge, a matter that was fought over in the courts. The Druids are another revivalist religion that has little in common with what is known about the Druids in the time of Julius Caesar. There is no historical or archaeological evidence to support that Druids were associated with stone circles, they are a religion preferring tree worship and groves. It is likely the Druid religion was imported into Britain and then Ireland from the Belgae who invaded the East and South of Britain from Gaul about a hundred years before Julius Caesar invaded Britain. There is no evidence of Druid worship outside of Belgae lands such as in Scotland or the Brigante lands in the Midlands. The evidence of Druids in Ireland might be due to the refugees that poured into Ireland when the Romans invaded Wales. The Druids have no legitimate historical claim over the bones of a child of a religion and people unconnected to Druids, let alone a romantic revivalist group.

In the USA the self-entitled and self righteous victim-loving idiots demand that the statues of General Robert Lee be covered up or removed in Virginia. Lee was never a fan of slavery, and he was a passionate believer in liberty of his own people from the Union, thus like many he fought for liberty in which hundreds of thousands died. The American Civil War was not only about slavery, it was about the right for individual communities and states to determine their own destiny. All because a victim-loving group of neo-Nazis claim Lee as their idol, it is wrong that he become the target of another set of victim-lovers.

So here we are, a world full of fools who want to play victim, is it a wonder that the USA and the UK are in a serious mess?

Desiring an internet free of stagnation


The internet is alike to a grave yard, drowning in fixed unchanging content rarely recycled or fresh.  Why can’t everything be generated immediately for the moment by an AI, which changes from one moment to the next?

One of my frustrations about the internet and media is that everything that is generated and consumed is a fixed snapshot of a moment.  Heraclitus says that if you step in the river a second time, it will be different from the first time, since all nature is moving and changing from moment to moment.  What is served up on the internet such as a song, a video, an image or news article is a fixed unchanging thing, which makes the internet seem dead and stagnant, drowning under useless unchanging dead content.  How exciting if the user could serve up content that was changing from one moment to the next, a song that changed, a video, or news report.


I can visit my garden at different times, what will be served up to me will be different each time.  Moment to moment plants, animals and climate are appearing, changing and vanishing.  Everything in the garden is fresh, new and never the same.  This garden is manifesting a narrative that is exciting, surprising and creative.  How I wish this organic state of my garden might be replicated on the internet and in the media.

With the advent of artificial intelligence it should be possible that the AI can match the need of the user with unique, fresh and useful content there and then, which at this moment only happens in a limited way with regards to weather and financial markets.

I think the days of search engines such as Google are numbered, which is in essence a search engine of fixed static content like videos.  An AI could generate animation, images, songs that are unique, spontaneous and in real-time, changing from moment to moment, and therefore cannot be indexed for a search.

When it comes to art, I prefer something that has motion such as an engine powered by the wind rather than a fixed static picture hanging on the wall.  My philosophy of what I would like in art and the internet reflects the philosophy of Heraclitus, that all things are in motion and changing at each moment.

On drones and self-driving vehicles


People are becoming lazy and stupid in their deployment of technology in life, and these will have many undesirable impacts.

The announcement that there is testing for “self-driving” lorries in the UK from 2018 is a cause for concern for me, and this is the subject of this blog post: self-driving vehicles and drones.

Anyone can buy a drone, fix explosives to it, then crash it into a target.  My position in this regard is a ban on private ownership of drones, and severe regulation on commercial drone ownership.

Self-driving vehicles is another area of technology I have concerns with.  The security on a large majority of computer-run devices or machines is crap, and any reasonably proficient hacker can hijack any device or machine.  Imagine a hacker cracking into the systems of a truck carrying fuel and crashing it into a crowd of people, no fantasy, it is easily done.

I run and cycle a lot.  I know how tricky it is when going down dark narrow one-lane roads with their bends and overgrown hedges that pushes you into the road with no possibility to avoid the vehicle.  Imagine then an encounter with a self-driving vehicle in these conditions, even if this vehicle is moving 20mph or 30kmh, it will still inflict life changing or fatal injuries, and any talk about it avoiding an accident is delusional.  The experience as a pedestrian or cyclist of navigating an already busy and challenging world of traffic inhabited with self-driving vehicles sends a chill down my back.

It is a sad reflection of modern-day society in the UK that the car is king in the road, that children who once played in their road are driven out by these machines, and now also must face a new threat of an automated version incapable of acting with the same insight that humans have of places full of children, or the ability to navigate against the impulsive way children play and act.  Once the automated machines become dominant on the road, watch the deaths and injuries of children and animals skyrocket.

Nine ponies ritualistically attacked


An individual or individuals are ritualistically attacking ponies and horses for religious purposes in the UK.

Nine ponies were attacked in the Preston area of the UK by a person or persons unknown in the middle of the night on the eve of the solar eclipse on 20th August 2017, one pony died.

A stallion horse that acted as companion to the ponies was herded into a separate enclosure before the ponies were subjected to slashing by a blade or blades.  A pattern: targets of horses or ponies; nine victims; and the event of the solar eclipse; suggests the attack was motivated by religion.

Horses and ponies, the number nine and the solar eclipse holds no significance to those of the Left Hand Path, but has relevance to goddess-orientated outlooks such as witchcraft, paganism and the Order of Nine Angles (ONA.) In the case of the ONA, criminal actions, or harm to people and animals are carried out as a form of ritualistic insight role.

It is unlikely that Christians would creep about in the middle of the night attacking ponies in order to discredit alternative religions, since such deeds requires a degree of planning and execution, it being our view that fanatical Christians are lazy and intellectually unsophisticated.

Unfortunately, it would seem an individual or individuals gain religious release from the injuring, murder and rape of horses or ponies; this latest incident being one of a series of incidents of attacks on equine targets by such people in the last ten years around the UK.

Putting aside moral and emotional outrage over the unnecessary harm to innocent animals, one has to accept such delusional and twisted predators exist in UK society, and a practical approach is necessary towards this predator in the same way as owners of chickens take against the fox.  Investing in CCTV, alarms and other security, plus vigilance at times of subjective days and events of religious relevance such as comets, eclipses, equinoxes, solstices and pagan events such as Samhain is the only way to keep animals safe from these predators.

My last battle

This world drowns in injustice.  For much of my life I have lifted my sword against injustice.  My ADD/ADHD brain can see the big picture, how an injustice impacts others; and I have the hyper-focus to mount a passionate and focussed campaign to fight emerging injustices.

Tomorrow, in a certain court room, my efforts to prevent an injustice might emerge to either support or hinder an injustice.  I am writing this, uncertain, which way the winds will blow.  All I know, I am done, I am finished.  The fight is over, and I no longer will be fighting any campaign when this final chapter plays out.  This warrior retires, hopefully with one last positive outcome.