Our position on Luciferianism

This blog has been asked to do a review on the Greater Church of Lucifer, and has readers who are involved in or are researching Luciferianism.  It seems a good opportunity to establish our position on Luciferianism.

Luciferianism is a branch of the Left Hand Path which shares many ideas and attitudes in common with the more common LHP branch of Satanism.  There are many opinions of if Luciferianism is another form of Satanism; if Satan is the same as Lucifer; if there are differences between Luciferians and Satanists, and what those differences would be.  Self-described Luciferians and Satanists do mix together in LHP websites and events; there are always the few that describe themselves as purists who prefer to oppose any mixing of their branch with the other.

Our position is that Luciferians and Satanists are two different branches of the Left Hand Path, sharing many ideas in common, but with subtle differences.  Our view is that Satanism focuses more on the practical aspects of the Left Hand Path in relation to the individual, whilst the Luciferian prefers to indulge in the philosophical questions of why they participate in the practical application of the Left Hand Path.  This blog is wary of applying the same criteria we would apply to Satanism to Luciferianism, therefore we will only comment on issues relating to Satanism, and will leave anything related to Luciferianism to Luciferians, who know their LHP branch better than we do.

It seems reasonable to refer readers who wish to know more about Luciferianism to the GCoL website, which includes the viewpoints of the leading lights of Luciferianism such as Michael Ford.

A Satanic view on heroes, injustice and victims

One of the delights of Satanism is that the individual has the mandate to make choices and actions that others disapprove of.  If I want to indulge in eating a chocolate cake, or turn down an invite to a boring social event, or ride on my bike illegally without lights, I do so, because as a Satanist, one of the things Satanists do is break the rules, another way of describing being evil.  If good and evil is a subjective judgement based upon rules that are broken: good if you keep the rule, evil if you break the rule; you might see the benefits of Satanism as following the evil path.

Today, I saved a bird that the cat brought in.  I chased the cat away, I opened a window so the bird could fly free.  Was I a hero? No, I did not want a noisy mess in the house as the cat played with its new toy.  Was I angry at some injustice inflicted by cat on bird? No, cats hunt birds, its nature.  Did I have empathic concern for the trauma or possible injury to the bird? No, this is brutal nature, the bird was lucky to live.

In my e-mail, an invite to sign a petition about injustice to an autistic kid, who reacted badly to hassle by a police officer who was patrolling an US school.  My opinion, the parents should have made sure the autistic was in a different environment suitable to their needs than a public school, so bad it needs police officers to keep law and order in the classroom.

In Western modern society, everyone is a victim, everyone else is to blame for an injustice.  There is an obsession that Jesus, a superhero, a heroic knight, will come along to save the victim from their injustice, to punish the tyrant, and set the world to rights.  There are these so-called heroes in society, the pillars of the community, with a long list of good deeds, charity and awards after their name; many later revealed to be rapists of children, fraudsters of charities and little old ladies, wife beaters, and other revelations showing a less heroic side to their natures.  So many of these so-called heroes motivated by a need for approval, hiding low self-esteem and an infantile disposition.

In nature, everything seems to be fighting, eating and stealing from each other.  Everything in nature would gain a criminal record that would make the Mafia look good in comparison.  The only hero in nature is the survivor.  There are no champions in nature, there are only winners and losers.  Outside of humanity, all living things are playing to win the game of life, none play the victim.  There is no such thing as injustice in nature, everything plays the game of life to live, grow and reproduce.

In Satanism, there are no victims, and there is no injustice.  The Satanist plays the cards in life they are given, trading those cards intelligently for better cards.  The Satanist plays to win, they move into positions where they benefit, and where they are not in the position of the loser.  The Satanist recognizes that life is a crooked path with its challenges and successes.  The Satanist places responsibility for their choices, deeds and fate in their own hands; they accept that if they fall or rise in the game of life, they did so because of their own design.  The Satanists does not blame others for their fate, because they have as a Satanist chosen the path of individual responsibility and empowerment, where they harvest the benefit or harm of their own choices and deeds.  The Satanist has no need to play the hero, they do what they do for their own benefit, and they have no need for the approval of others.  The Satanist acts intelligently, and views the adverse events in their lives as opportunities to advance in wisdom; the Satanist rejects the concept of injustice, because they know how to play external situations to their own advantage.

Who owns the body of a Satanist?

Who owns your body? It is assumed that if you identify with the Left Hand Path, where the individual seeks to manifest their will to be the master over their own life, that the Satanist considers they are the primary authority and master of their own body, and what they might wish to do with their body.  With this in mind, it amuses this writer, that there are so many groups, religions, laws and arguments in society by people who think they have a stake in my body.  Lets consider some of these issues relating to my own body, or the body of any Satanist.


If anyone wishes to use their body as a vehicle to make money through selling sexual services, or two consenting adults wish to participate in paid sexual activities, why not?


Like prostitution, any individual over the age of 18 might legitimately like to make money through image or video through the use of their own body to paying clients.

Bondage, S&M, swinging

Consenting adults might participate in a variety of sexual activities including extreme violence, including image and video.  Yet, so-called liberal nations such as Britain would jail and place a person on the sexual offenders register for having content showing sexual violence, even if the participants are over 18 and were consenting.


The simple situation of adults taking their clothes off seems to attract volumes of argument and legal activity.

Body modification and tattoos

An increasing fashion in many modern nations, especially in the Left Hand Path.  Yet, authority figures want to have a say in opposing the individual’s desire to modify or tattoo their body.

Gay sex, relationships and marriage

That same-sex partners wish to participate in consenting sexual practices, relationships and marriage with the same rights as heterosexual couples.  What authority has anyone else to say what they can or cannot do?

Drugs, alcohol and tobacco

I include e-cigarettes, all substances that provide a desired reaction in the individual’s body.  What an individual wishes to put in their own body is their own right, and surely as consenting adults aged 18+ anyone should have the right to trade in such substances.


If the individual for whatever reason wishes to terminate their own life, why are others wanting to oppose their wish?

For any Satanist, or anyone who identifies with the Left Hand Path, it is a simple position in my opinion, that you are the master and authority of your own body, thus on all the above issues, no law or external authority should be placing any restriction or have any say in the Satanic body, and how the Satanist uses their body.

Power of church broken over same-sex marriage in Ireland

If the Satanist is the ultimate authority in their own life, then so must be their right to do with their body as they please.  It was good to read that the power of the churches were enthusiastically broken recently when 62% of voting citizens approved same-sex marriage in a referendum in Ireland.

In probably the only nation on this planet where Catholics and Protestants are still killing each other in the name of their religion, the Irish, manifested their will to break the hold of religion over every aspect of their lives, by opposing the desire of religion to maintain its control over the individual freedom to marry same-sex partners.  Because citizens were only allowed to vote in person, people from around the world travelled to Ireland for the sole purpose to cast their vote.  The oldest supporter of same-sex marriage was a 101-year-old.

Since marriage is legally only a contract between two people, and can be done in any religion, or in a non-religious civil-ceremony, it made no sense that one religion could be allowed to have sole authority over all other religions and over atheistic individuals over the concept of marriage or over who could marry.

The Republic of Ireland will now change its constitution to join 20 nations around the world were it is legal for same-sex individuals to marry.

Church of Satan, a church for the gullible

Pay this man $200 and you can swap your brain for a plastic membership of his personal admiration society.
Pay this man $200 and you can swap your brain for a plastic membership card of his personal admiration society.

I personally have a lot of respect for Anton Lavey, but I have none for the decrepit dinosaur he created known as the Church of Satan.  Recently, I played host to angry fans of CoS in the blog comments of Satanic Views, who considered my many observations and opinions of their church was unfair and unjust.  I stand by all my previous conclusions of CoS, a creation living on past memories of little or no value to modern Satanists.

CoS these days is nothing more than a marketing operation, a business to pay the rent and food bills of Peter Gilmore and his partner Peggy Nadramia. To see in CoS anything more than a business, from which Gilmore and Nadramia pay personal tax on to the IRS, is foolish, a stupidity that CoS preys upon in the gullible and stupid.  The administrators of CoS live off the corpse of Lavey, offering little new to the Satanic current, braying like donkeys at every opportunity to anyone who would listen, as the supposed voice of Satanism.

Hypocrites, the CoS says that Satanism is the path of the individual, whilst insisting all Satanists must abide by its rules, definitions and opinions of its husband-and-wife owners.  CoS and its slavish followers live the fantasy that Lavey invented Satanism, rather than an interpretation, and delude themselves anyone not a member of CoS, or who especially follow theistic paths, are not Satanists.

As a business CoS is a joke, present only on the internet, with no physical location in the real world.  The CoS has no real world presence beyond a few yearly events at second-rate locations, and a marketing list of slaves which it can sell its merchandise.  For any entity to be taken seriously it needs to be legally set up so that its assets are separate from that of its owners, such as being incorporated, but CoS is merely a business trading name of a business partnership of Gilmore and his wife.

CoS lives off the stupidity and vanity of its members.  The weak-minded Satanist needing the approval of Peter Gilmore trading as Church of Satan to be considered a Satanist.  There is little or no benefit of being a member of CoS, because all the member gets is a worthless membership card for their $200.  The Satanist must submit themselves to an invasive membership application form process, because Gilmore seems to suffer from a mix of paranoia and ego-mania.  The members get no voting rights; there is no transparency; and the administration is so poor in CoS that it takes over a year to process membership applications.  The only purpose of membership of CoS seems to be to lick the toes of the egotistical dwarf Gilmore sitting on the shoulders of a dead giant Anton Lavey.

In my personal opinion, if the Satanist needs a drug fix of group-minded mediocrity they should join the Satanic Temple; its cheaper, more fun and at least has a purpose for existing other than worshiping the feet of an old fart.

The ignorant Satanic narrative of Christians

A Christian blog writes “What can we do about Satanism?” The blog, paints Satanists and Satanism as part of the New World Order, in control of governments and their agencies, its members torturing and ritualistically killing, then eating babies.  The Hampstead Research blog claims to be exposing thousands of baby-eating Satanists in positions of power ritualistically murdering children on an industrial level.  The irony is that this and other blogs seem to point the finger at Christians, and irrationally exposes the children they claim to be protecting to humiliating and degrading exposure to millions of random strangers on the internet.

In Africa Christian evangelicals turn the clock back to the medieval era of Satanic claims.  A school closed because Satanic teachers are collecting blood for Satanic rituals from pupils.  In another report, police fled when a Satanic vampire vomited blood, who claimed he became an instant Satanist when he inhaled Frankincense. The Satanic Views blog has recently had some comments from Africans wanting to join a Satanic cult.

Whilst dysfunctional fools such as those endorsing mass murder in the Order of Nine Angles attempt to emulate the narrative of hysterical Christian evangelicals, the truth is that most Satanists follow a path that is rational, individualistic and respectful of the liberties of others to enjoy lives free from molestation and enslavement by tyrannical religion and government.