Let the stupid destroy themselves

There has been a recent reblogging by LHPers of this article calling for people of the LHP to save the world.  I laughed.

One of my colleagues on Twitter, Joseph Magnuson of Candlesmoke Chapel, made a few tweets over the past few hours that struck a nerve with me describing a general reluctance for magicians and spiritually-minded people to get involved with politics, legal affairs, and current events…

…They see it as beneath them, considering the news to be “a set up to keep us from manifesting the best reality for us”, and that “spiritual people know better than to get caught up in the illusions”…

…It’s your duty to do your part either as part of the system or as an infiltrator into it…

I read the news, but I do nothing. The news follows the pattern, stupid people do stupid things, repeat. All the problems of this world is because stupid people do stupid things. Stupidity is terminal, stupid people are doomed to their own destruction. As the stupid are the majority, human civilization is doomed to destruction.

I have better things to do than play at being superman, saving the stupid from themselves. It is pointless and merely prolongs the inevitable of the doom that the stupid will earn and deserve.

Ignoring the news, doing nothing about the causes and results of the stupid, is from a Satanic point of view, a realistic and pragmatic position. Even for those of a spiritual point of view, most must know that all things will find its own level, better the Taoist position to stay detached, allowing everything to flow to its own natural conclusion. There are good arguments that many of the problems of human civilization are due to people trying to control and interfere.

As a Satanist, my efforts are dedicated to survival and supporting those who have earned my respect; my view on the stupid who make up the majority of humanity, let them die.

The next level of Satanism

An insightful post on the subtle differences between two related outlooks of the Left Hand Path: Satanism and Luciferianism.

Aleph's Heretical Domain

Think of this post as a sequel to “Giving Lucifer his due“, because even though I had expressed an admiration of Luciferianism and a desire to embrace, there was still much about the difference between Luciferianism and Satanism that I did not yet understand at the time. I continued to ask questions about that same subject, continued researching, until eventually I was directed to the book Wisdom of Eosphorus, which was written by Michael W. Ford, Jeremy Crow, Jacob No, and Hope Marie. I ordered it the day it was published as soon as I had heard it was, and five weeks later it arrived at my house.

At first I was disappointed at the lack of comparative description of Satanism (and when it does mention Satanism it’s only as a primarily carnal religion, following the description of Anton LaVey’s Satanism), and that the introductory description of Luciferianism…

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Truthers link Satanism to child abuse

Despite efforts by some Satanists such as Fraize to teach “truthers” behind the latest ritual child abuse panic in the UK about Satanism, their principle spokespeople have today decided to describe alleged pedophiles and child murderers as Satanists.

It was always going to be a struggle for those Satanists, as well-intentioned, respectful and reasonable as their efforts were, to persuade a bunch of hysterical delusional misfits that Satanism has nothing to do with child abuse.

Hampstead Research blog is a typical truther conspiracy blog that is daily devoted to reporting any scrap of information in support of their tenacious claims that Satanists are involved in a cult shipping babies in by Federal Express to be eaten by hundreds of parents and teachers of local schools at McDonald’s in Hampstead London UK.  The claims including mass sex orgies at Hampstead schools with the school children on Wednesdays, and a cottage industry in the manufacture of fashionable shoes made from baby skins, are so far-fetched that even many truthers have disowned these nutters.

Despite the vast amounts of information about Satanism on the internet, including Satanic Views, or established books such as the Satanic Bible, the helpful feedback of Satanists such as Fraize, the truthers failed to learn the basic ideas about Satanism.  The Hampstead Research blog complained that Satanism did not have denominations, failing to realise the essence of Satanism is about individualism, thus there is no motivation to herd together like Christians do in their denominational churches.  In addition, the Hampstead blog complained about lack of support from Satanists, again failing to realise that most Satanists have better things to do with their time than pandering to the hysterical claims of evangelical Christians; indeed, the choice of supporting the delusional claims of these crazy people in exchange for not linking their allegations to Satanism, seemed to this writer like offering a choice to a Satanist of drinking cyanide or hemlock.

The innocent families, teachers, priests and business people the truthers behind the Hampstead Research blog are relentlessly harassing and defaming are neither Satanists or are involved in child abuse and murder.  The HR blog follows the dishonest and ignorant notion that all Satanists and Satanism is about the sexual abuse and murder of children. The HR blog supports child abuse because they undermine and sensationalize sensitive pedophile investigations into the British establishment via wild and false claims of ritualistic abuse and murder of children by Satanists.

Satanism and morality, ethics and the law

Morality, ethics and the law are rules which guides individuals and groups in making their choices and judgements.  Ideally the individual Satanist is creating their own rules to live by, and views the rules of external authorities with a critical eye and a willingness to break those rules if it is in their self-interest to do so.

External authority creates their rules for which they argue others must follow for two reasons, either to strengthen their control other the ruled, or to seek the approval of a greater authority over themselves.  Nothing and nobody creates rules because of altruism, there is always a hidden agenda, the rule is directly due to self-interest.  It is often the case that if the individual wants to successfully campaign for a change in the rules by an authority, they will have to appeal to the self-interest of the authority figure.

Whenever a Satanic individual or group argues a point of morality, ethics and law, take into consideration the above observations, watch for the hidden agenda, and keep in mind that the individual Satanist is the ultimate authority, and thus in theory is following their own rules.

Victims, Heroes and the Satanic Mindset.

An insightful alternative point of view to a recent Satanic Views article.

Devil's Advocates


This post is largely a response to a post made in Satanic Views which we shall repost immediately ahead of this and encourage people to read. As ever Satanic Views gave us pause for thought. In essence we agree fully with everything that is said in that post and to a large degree it describes our outlook quite well. However we feel it leaves some things unsaid; perhaps deliberately, but we feel the need to say them in order to give a more complete picture of the Satanic Mindset. Satanic Views is written mostly for other Satanists whereas our blog is aimed more at open minded people who may not be Satanists. Thus there is a difference of perspective and perhaps more need to explain things that other Satanists would take as read.

The picture at the top of this post is a still from one of our favourite films…

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