A step into the undiscovered country

The symbol of chaos. Those that identify with the Left Hand Path thrive and evolve in times of chaos.

Those that walk the lonely road of the Left Hand Path come upon a world that is uncertain, vanishing and unknown: the undiscovered country.

In recent times, I have come across some amazing announcements of technological breakthroughs: artificial neurons speaking to real neurons; insights leading to ability to alter spins of electrons; the creation of biological bots. The implications on the future of humanity from these few discoveries are beyond my mind to comprehend.

A virus during the first six months of 2020 brought the world to its knees. Coronavirus has paralysed the whole world, impacting every individual, business and community. Everything people took for granted became less sure: food; medical care; job; home; liberties; democracy; family; social activities. A little virus pulled away the veil of delusion, revealing: corruption; stupidity; inequality; hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, the climate change of 2019 continued its march across the world of 2020. The locusts on the move in Africa, Asia and the Middle East; eating their way across nation after nation. A once-in-a-decade storm in Australia. Broken temperature records and fires in Siberia.

In challenge, there is opportunity. People become lazy and stupid; but when challenges arise, the choice is to drown or swim. Thus, each individual faces the challenge to adapt, innovate and transform. It is the pattern of nature that those who are unable to evolve with change, become extinct.

Those of the Left Hand Path have been blessed with a toolkit of attitudes and skills to rise to the challenge in the undiscovered country. The LHPer is their own master in their own life; they take responsibility for their own actions, knowing they are the masters of their own success and misfortune. The LHPer thinks for themselves; they will see the traps that the conformist mob do not; and will innovate a solution based upon need and circumstance. The LHPer has the mental stamina to overcome setback and resistance; which breaks those too lazy, soft and stupid. In a time of great change, the LHPer is supreme.

Returning back to my LHP roots

This blog will now return to it’s Left Hand Path roots in future posts.

It is time to return back to my Left Hand Path roots on satanicviews.

I have missed exploring ideas and philosophy of the Left Hand Path.  So I intend from now on to give this blog over to writing once more on Left Hand Path themes.

My ongoing activity in relation to the fraud and false Satanic allegation making of Becki Percy has been moved to its own separate blog.  After this post, I won’t be mentioning Becki Percy on this blog anymore.  Please do visit the Becki Percy investigation blog and follow me there if you are interested in the ongoing project involving that Satan Hunting fraud.

On truth, reason and oxytocin

Becki Percy Lord of the Flies
Becki Percy is asking Americans to put aside fact and reason; to sacrifice the USA, its laws and traditions; to accept her as a US citizen; and throw the USA into a Lord of the Flies reality based on the tribalism of her fanatical followers.

My current project involves challenging a liar; and arguing with their followers over the truth of the claims of that liar.  The liar is Becki Percy, who claims that the people of Hull in the UK are ritually abusing and murdering children as part of a Satanic cult in that city.  The followers of Becki Percy are a mix of conspiracy theorists and religious American evangelicals, who believe without critical thinking or evidence the claims of Becki Percy.  The liar and their followers strikes at the core of the concept of truth and reason.  The effect on society is that Percy and her followers suggest we can act on a statement made on the internet without evidence, or using any reasoning on the basis of faith alone.

People confuse a statement made on the internet as a fact rather than a claim made.  Becki Percy makes the statement that she was tortured by a Satanic cult, that burned, cut and stabbed her all over her body.  Such torture would leave visible evidence on the body of Percy; but she fails to offer a medical report, video or photographic evidence to her internet audience or the lawyers representing her in court to back up her statement. A statement only becomes a fact, when evidence is offered to support the statement; but the followers of Percy will accept her statement as fact, despite lack of evidence offered; in reality, they are accepting a claim on faith, not a statement of fact.

A statement of fact based on evidence is truth; but what is truth? A thing may be truth to me because I can sense it: I see it; I hear it; I smell it.  A thing might also be truth to me due to having personal experience of it; I know a statement that a specific brand of chocolate cookie is nice to eat, as I have eaten that brand of cookie.  Truth then comes from having some sensory or personal experience, that acts as evidence for a statement made.  I have a way of being able to tell the truth of a thing by way of personal sense and experience.

If a statement is made, but no evidence is offered that matches our sense and experience of its truth, then reason should kick in; but what is reason? Becki Percy makes a statement that she was hunted through a wood, and raped multiple times in a woodland setting on repeat occasions; Percy then offers story and an internet photo (see below) of her enjoying a walk in the woods in the USA in a happy and anxiety free context.  Personal experience suggests to me and objective people that the human mind associates similar events together; and a walk in a wood after a highly traumatic rape in a woodland setting, might trigger distress.  When there is a disconnection  between two patterns; a traumatic woodland rape against a happy woodland walk showing no signs of distress; then reason kicks in to attempt to explain the disconnection; the human mind looks for the novel new pattern to explain the lack of trauma.

Becki percy and tree
Despite her claims of being raped multiple times in a woodland where cultists hung dead children from trees, Becki Percy appears remarkably trauma free in this happy woodland setting in her present home in the USA.  The contradiction between two narratives should encourage people to reason why this would be; but the followers of Becki Percy seem to be untroubled by these contradictions, and ignore them.

So why are the followers of Becki Percy accepting her statements without evidence or reason on a basis of faith? Percy targets two highly tribal markets based on Christian evangelism and conspiracy, where emotion and faith in the tribe and its ideas are more important than objective fact and reason.  Scientific studies show that conformity to the tribe and its tribal beliefs is more important than honesty and reason.  The hormone oxytocin explains why the followers of Becki Percy will remain faithful to Becki Percy, even when offered evidence and reason that argue she is a dishonest manipulator.

A darkside of oxytocin also encourages a tribe to act in ways that are contrary to their own religion or country.  The Christian Bible warns against the false witness; but the American evangelical followers of Becki Percy will ignore the Bible, as tribal connection is more important.  Some 6000 American evangelicals have signed a petition asking their American leadership to sacrifice two hundred years of tradition and law to make an exception for Becki Percy to stay and become a US citizen; a call to destroy the USA for someone they treat as one of their tribe.  It is natural that a chemical hormone is more important to Becki Percy and her followers than truth and reason.  The effect of allowing oxytocin to dictate our deeds and choices can lead to a Lord of the Flies situation for everyone; where tribalism is more important than fact and reason.

Returning to the darkness

Darkness wipes out all illusion, returning all things to their true state.  I am happy to exist in darkness.

At the invitation of one of the stupid followers of the false witness Becki Percy, I have returned to the great darkness.  Fish need water; eagles need the air; and those of the Left Hand Path need the eternal darkness.

Within the darkness everything becomes moot, since all things come from darkness, and return to it.  The darkness is where all begin, and all end.  The darkness has no boundary; neither time or space exist.  The darkness is the first substance; the first song; the first dimension.

Let us give this darkness a name: Hell.  Is this place evil? No, for evil is a judgement of human mind;  and Hell is mindless.  Is this place fire and cold? No, for fire and cold are properties of energy; and Hell has no energy.  Is this a place of torture? No, for all things are of one thing in nature, and all in nature is good; which is to say, things that come and go in Hell break apart, recycle and reform as new things from one substance.

The darkness absorbs all light.  What every human now sees, will one day become darkness.  The earth will burn into nothingness.  The sun will exhaust its fire and go out.  The eye that sees will decay in death and will vanish; shadowy hollows of a skull; a container of nothing and darkness.  All that live now; no matter their wealth, fame and power; will become dust and bone.  The darkness claims all; absorbs all in its embrace.

Why would I wish to stand in the light, knowing that the light comes from the darkness, and will go out? Why would I wish to dazzle my mind with a multitude of light colours like a crack addict drowns their mind in sensation? In the darkness, things become true and real; delusion and illusion shatter against the darkness and becomes nothing.  Becki Percy and her followers can live any delusion they like; the darkness will overrun them; and the truth of it is that Becki Percy will be deported, and will be in a UK police station to account for her allegations.  There is no escape from these end outcomes.

They say the darkness flees the candle.  But, in a span of time, the candle burns out.  The darkness claims all.