Satanic standards

In my opinion the individual Satanist sets their own Satanic standard, which separates them from the mindless sheep.  The qualities I set for myself include maturity, independent thought and quality.  I despise mediocrity, stupidity and slavishness.  Call me a Satanic snob, but I look down on those that fall below the reasonable standards I look to in Satanists.

No Satanist is the same, but each I think should set a standard that they practice through deed rather than word.  Such Satanists offer a template to new Satanists to learn from, activity that commands respect, charisma and reputation. Recently, an arch-opponent of Satanism, Pope Francis offered an example through a deed that won my respect when in humility he suffered the attention of an annoying child.  Pope Francis offers through deed rather than empty words a revealing strength of his personal standards.

A standard I value is one offered to Satanists by Anton Lavey, I quote:

“3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.”

Recent drama involving a few dozen Satanists and certain Satanic forums earns my contempt.  If the Satanist dislikes the activity or attitudes of a Satanic forum, leave, join or found an alternative site.  Instead, these Satanists trolled, complained like old women, and hacked the Satanic sites they had problems with, expressing mediocrity, juvenile and retarded action unbecoming of a Satanist.

If the individual Satanist wishes to consider themselves superior to the masses of humanity, then standards of personal quality through deed rather than word is required.

Real life and internet forums

A new Satanic forum emerges upon the internet as rebels of a failed rebellion against the Satanic International Network forum set up home.  I am a critic of internet forums, I read them, but I have no desire for membership of them.  Internet forums, full of drama and ignorant garbage, few will bother reading.

Satanism is an individual path of real life doing.  Internet forums are an educational diversion but nothing more, many fall for the trap that internet forums are the end goal of their Satanism.

In my opinion the emerging new paradigm of Satanism is the empowered individual who puts aside their devotion to group slavery of Satanic church, forum and prepackaged dogma. Read the works of Satanist writers such as Anton Lavey, but convert those ideas into something personally useful to your needs and circumstances in real life.  No Satanist should be the same.

Satanist: predator or opportunist?

Many Satanists claim the Satanist is a predator, like a wolf stalking and devouring the weak.  If the mark of a Satanist is that of predator, how does this separate the Satanist from the many Christians who every day scam people out of money in the form of donations, or rape altar boys in their churches?

In my opinion anything that prevents the Satanist from manifesting their will as an individual is restricted by the baggage of slavery.  The notion that a Satanist must be a predator is baggage, it prevents the Satanist from the liberty of working with the circumstances as they find it.  The fox is a predator, but it is also a scavenger, an opportunist who adapts to situations, turning them into opportunities, it raids a trash can one day, kills a chicken the next day.

Better I suggest that the ideal Satanist is an opportunist.  Last week I purchased a large cake on special offer at 1% of its original price.  In the same week I saw someone had dropped a large denomination coin in a crevice of a self-service machine, upon which I claimed it as mine and was refunded the coin.  Rather than a wolf I suggest the Satanist is like a fox, we intelligently use our minds to create and seize opportunities to our advantage in life.  In real life the wolf is a diminishing species, hunted and shot, whilst the fox prospers because of their cunning and ability to adapt any situation to their advantage.

On being sinister

According to definitions being sinister is rule breaking or being evil.  I occasionally read of Satanists talking about being sinister, as if this is a commandment that in order to be Satanic they must break every rule going.

In my opinion being evil is a human judgement of others, who say you broke their rule thus you are evil.  In essence being of a sinister nature, you break the rules.

I consider that Satanism is about manifesting your will as an individual.  If a Satanist is driven to need to break rules in order to validate their label, that in my opinion is not Satanism, rather they are trapped in a delusion that undermines their ability to be an individual.

Rules in my opinion are useful, they provide boundaries in which I can work in whilst I manifest my will as an individual.  I like playing chess, so I prefer you playing chess according to the rules, which makes chess a fun game of skill and strategy.  Rules of science such as gravity offers you the insight that if you jump off a cliff gravity will injure or kill you.  Rules of business contracts makes it possible for me to run a profitable business knowing I will be paid for work done.  Rules of language means I can communicate with you in an understandable way.  Rules are a tool by which the individual can conduct their lives efficiently and productively.

If a decision maker makes a rule that in its nature is unjust, undermining my ability to manifest my will as an individual, then I am going to oppose or break the rule.  I do not go out of my way to break the rules, I consider each situation as I find it, then I act accordingly.

It seems a common observation that when I see Satanists boasting how sinister they are, reacting to rather than using the rules to their advantage, I note their circumstances such as unemployment, prison history, low paid jobs, a biography of failure and social rejection, because they failed to realise that rules are opportunities to prosper rather than holes to fall into through mindless rule breaking, triggering the penalties hidden inside the rule.

A Satanic reality check

I am neither a fan or a member of Satanic groups or forums, but I like to read what fellow Satanists are saying, with events involving two recent Satanic forums offering a reality check about Satanism.

Satanic International Network run by Zachary Schroeder and the Sect of the Horned God run by Thomas Leroy has for a month been in disagreement with a small minority of vocal Satanists, who have caused drama, trolled and hacked those forums.

As Anton LaVey wrote:

“When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.”

When in another Satanists lair, be it a group, forum or home, you give them respect, or don’t visit.  It is the reaction of a slave who is unable to let go, to hang on complaining like an old woman when the lair they are guest in does not stroke their misplaced egos.  Why the need to form a pack of old women? Why not go off and join another forum, or make your own?

Another reality check is that the internet is a tool of communication, it is not Satanism, if all the “Satanic” individual or group has is an internet site without the substance of real life results, then they are misguided.  Sect of the Horned God for instance holds events attracting hundreds of Satanists in real life, hacking and killing their low activity internet forum has zero impact on making them vanish due to their real life activities.

Zachary Schroeder however is his own worst enemy, having been part of a conspiracy to successfully buy and close down an older rival Satanic network called MySatan a few years ago, the same people causing Schroeder his current problems were amongst those who helped him close down MySatan.

Many of those who have been unable to move on from their obsession with fighting Schroeder and his forum, are anonymous pseudonyms who after being kicked out of their forum have nothing tangible to claim in the form of achievement or reputation, they become nameless nobodies of no relevance to anyone.  It is individual achievement in real life that matters in Satanism, the internet is just a side-show.

The recent YouTube video by Zachary Schroeder and Thomas Leroy is worth watching as a reality check for Satanists:


Relevant sources:

The Satanic adversary

Satan is a Hebrew word, it means “adversary” or “opposer.”  The Jewish worldview is that they are the chosen people of their god, any adversity the Jew faced such as an invading army, a famine or sickness, was due to an angel of their god testing them, the angel was called Satan.

Christianity, Islam and then Satanism took the Hebrew word for Satan and gave it their own meanings.  To understand the essence of Satanic adversarialism is to return to the core of the Hebrew worldview of what Satan is.

Adversarialism is a state of being that the Satanist exists in due to an external challenge that they encounter.  For instance, the Mormon stops me in the street in order to market their religion, a state of existential conflict arises between me and the Mormon salesperson as I defend my Satanic will to manifest my own agency, free of restrictions of external bondage.  If I face the angry dog, an invading cold virus, a tax demand, a broken down car, these are all adversities that test my being.

Too many Satanists fail to understand this idea of adversarialism, many believe that being a Satanist comes with the obligation to oppose everything and anything they disagree with.  These deluded individuals feel it is their duty to test others, to fight Christians, or force their relative truths upon others.  Some Satanists transfer their misguided notions about adversarialism into actions of murder and burning of churches; others feel they need to improve a Satanic forum via adversarial activity through trolling, drama or aggression.

Satanism is about individuality, all actions revolve around manifesting individual will, no action involves other people such as needing to oppose and fight others.  Adversarialism only arises as a state of being when something external such as sickness places the individual into adversity, where they must fight or die, then the will of the Satanist rises up in a fight to overcome the adversity.  Being the Satanic adversary is not the function of being a Satanist, nor is it an obligation to go out seeking a punch up with every disagreeable person or belief system around.  The adversary is not the Satanist, but exists outside of the Satanist, which tests the individual every moment of every day, in those struggles the Satanist evolves in their individual growth.

There are no enemies

One of the ongoing tasks of the Satanist in my opinion is to cut away the delusions that enslave and prevent us from being the individual we should be.  Our desire to create enemies I suggest is one delusion we would be better off eliminating.

I am not perfect because I fall for this delusion too, since I create enemies in my own mind, upon which I waste precious resources giving attention to.  When you hate something, then you give it power over you.  Why? because you created an image in your head, which through the emotion of hate you will forever react to until you wise up and let the object of hate go.

If you create a boundary around yourself, then stick a gate at the entrance of this boundary, you become gatekeeper to what enters and leaves your dominion.  Like it or not, what you think is what you allow through your gate.  So if you hate a Mormon, those Mormons will be inside your gate because you thought about them, they will have great power over you because you fed the image in your head with the nutritious food of hate giving it  form and substance.  If you believe in the idea of what you think manifests into your life, then the image of your hate will manifest as Mormons to haunt you to your dying day.  Better to let all your hate objects go and spend your mental energies on positive things.

Wolf packs or sheep?

Human psychology interests me, so it fascinates me why so many of my fellow Satanists, all who in theory express individualism, feel the need to gather together into groups to beat down a fellow Satanist.  The question I ask, are these Satanists a pack of wolves or mere sheep?

In the school playground as a child I would often see some kid fall out of favor in the group, and everyone would gang up in an often violent and spiteful campaign to bully them.  This happened to me too in my early experiences in employment, my Satanist desires to be individualistic setting me apart from the conformist culture, resulting in many ganging up to force me to conform, upon which I would after a bloody fight resign with a handsome payoff.  Now I am self-employed and call the shots.

As I often mention in my blog posts, Satanism is a path of individualism, and thus I argue we should keep clear of groups, and strive to build our own unique Satanic paths.  However, too many Satanists prefer to gather in their groups, such as on forums, and adopt pre-packaged off-the-shelf ideologies that someone else created such as Laveyanism, which they slavishly follow with no understanding or attempts to adapt to their individual circumstances.

One classic example of the slavish nature of some so-called Satanists is in internet Satanism, they gather in their groups, some individual incurs the displeasure of the group by being Satanically individualistic, and the wolfpack forms to tear apart the individual that dared to be different.  Likewise if some new student of Satanism happens to express noobish ideas, as we all often did when we started out in Satanism, it is an invite for the wolfpack to rip them apart.  The wolfpack delight in drama, seeing some controversy to cause mischief they gather together like the children in the playground to destroy the object of their torment.

I give credit to Zachary Schroeder for his strong response against those that seek to destroy his forum, like a mother cat protecting her kittens, Schroeder has and is taking a hard-line against a Satanist wolfpack that seeks to rip apart his forum.  I have no respect for wolfpacks, they are sheep, who lack the imagination to be individual, preferring to destroy that which they envy than be creative and build an alternative such as their own forums.  Yes, I admire strong leaders, people like Putin, the world are full of weak sheep, which is why this world is falling to pieces.  I have zero tolerance for sheep dressed as wolfpacks, and I fully support the notion of packing them all into a room and machine gunning them to death.

Your actions in real life matters

I have been away in real life longer than I would have liked from this blog, and so over the next few days I will have plenty of catching up to do reading and answering comments, and reading those blogs I follow.  I make no apologies for being away from the internet, for what we do in real life as Satanists matters more than what we do on the internet.

I recently visited a few Satanist forums, none of which I am a member, but always useful to me to keep up with news and attitudes of some of the Satanists around the world.  One forum called Satanic International Network appears to have had an internal civil war over the last month between old-established members and the forum owner Zachary Schroeder aka Zack Black.  The reasons for the civil war could have been because Schroeder let his recent television appearance go to his head, or due to envy by his established members, but the fight revealed the painful truth for these established internet Satanists that they were expendable and irrelevant.  The established members of the forum after a bitter fight either quit or where suspended, anonymous self-important and largely irrelevant individuals outside of their little forum suddenly found they were as meaningless as a discarded empty can of beer.  

The internet is a tool of communication, nothing more, and any Satanist thinking otherwise is incredibly deluded.  Too many Satanists live their path through the medium of the internet, specifically forums.  In any individual forum a member may rise to be a figure of importance, but outside of their little niche they are in reality nothing.  What matters is what we Satanists do in real life, rather than living our lives through internet forums.

I suspect that the established members of the forum attacked the forum owner Zachary Schroeder out of envy, people whose only expression in Satanism was internet forum postings, whilst Schroeder has intelligently built up a reputation for himself in real life through his internet activity and forum to be invited on media shows and be an increasingly relevant voice of Satanism in the real world.