The UK to allow Satanic prayers in local government meetings

The UK unlike the USA retains a close connection between Church and State, for instance Christian Bishops vote and pass laws in the House of Lords, which impacts all the British citizens regardless of their outlook.  Recent attempts by atheists to kick Christian prayers out of local government meetings has resulted in Christians sponsoring a law through the UK Parliament to make it lawful for prayers to take place at the local government level.

One of the UK legislators in the Parliament, James Arbuthnot, publicly declared his atheism and his opposition to the law, pointing out that it would allow Satanists to legally insist on Satanic prayers in local government meetings.  Satanists in Britain currently do not enjoy a British version of the Satanic Temple, since it would be interesting to see Satanists insisting on Satanic prayers if the law is passed.

The video showing the speech by James Arbuthnot MP is as below:

The gift to ask questions

One of the greatest qualities of the Left Hand Path, including Satanism, is the ability to question.  Once authority figures have convinced the individual to stop asking questions, then the individual has begun the slide into slavish stupidity.  Regardless of threat and violence the real Satanist I consider will never accept another’s truth without questioning it.

The Christian pastor in the short video below felt threatened by a “smart Kid”, because “smart kids” are the most “dangerous”, so he turned to violence to force the kid to turn to his religion.

Satanicviews will return to daily posts for about a week to clear a backlog of posts.

Could ISIS fulfill a prophecy of the end of Rome?

News in recent days that ISIS executed Christians on a Libyan beach facing Italy resulted in some interesting insights.  Creating many enemies on multiple fronts seems irrational, but it all makes sense when I read the CNN article that ISIS has an end-of-times obsession, all their actions based on the narrative that they are paving the way for the great final war between the crusader armies of Rome and the defenders of Islam at the Syrian town of Dabiq.

I have always had respect for the prophecies of the Popes of Rome, the prophecies of Malachy. Here is the prophecy for the present Pope, believed by some to be the last Pope:

“In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.

The conditions for such a prophecy to become manifested seems nearly too perfect: an end-of-times obsessed enemy of Rome (ISIS) who are prepared to go to any length of outrage; the location of ISIS directly across the water from Italy in Libya; the weak complacent security in the waters between Italy and Libya; the financial resources and widespread connections of ISIS to obtain a nuke.  All ISIS needs is the nuke, and the prophecy would be fulfilled.

These are interesting times for Satanists as the two ancient enemies of Satanism – Islam and Christianity – kill each other; get the popcorn, sit back and enjoy.

Go kill unicorns and rainbows with a machine gun

Satanicviews will often challenge the bullshit masquerading as Satanism: the trolling psychopathic clowns of the Order of Nine Angles, who market Satanism as a bunch of cannibalistic murderers and rapists; the Church of Satan, run by a husband-wife team who promote Right Hand Path values and militant atheism whilst excluding the legitimacy of all other more authentic Left Hand Path outlooks; the Nazi-obsessed groupies in the Joy of Satan; the fools who think Satanism is membership of a forum or is something associated with Heavy Metal.

The only worth Satanic action when meeting a unicorn and a rainbow is its obliteration with a machine gun.
The only worthy Satanic action when meeting a unicorn or a rainbow is its obliteration with a machine gun.

In recent years Satanicviews has come across those that paint Satanism as a path of unicorns and rainbows.  Too many Satanists on the internet are climbing upon their self-righteous soap boxes and promoting how law-abiding they are whilst condemning a Satanic individual or group for their alleged criminality.  In addition, there are those with the ear of the media, marketing Satanism as something associated with altruism, charity and Christian-like values.

The Satanic Temple, whilst achieving results in the constant battle in the USA defending the sacred split between religion and state, is attempting a marketing overhaul of Satanism in the eyes of the media akin to unicorns and rainbows.  One of the first campaigns the Satanic Temple organized was a community litter picking, whilst their ally on WordPress called Pride of Dawn has been attacking Satanic qualities like lex talionis, whilst promoting kindness and altruism.

Satanism is the dark path for a reason, the Satanist walks roads the group-minded sheep fear to travel in order to rise above conformity, slavery and ignorance.  The Satanist does not turn the other cheek and forgive like the Christian, they gift fire with fire, hate with hate, violence with violence.  The individual Satanist creates their own personal values, they reject the conformist templates of rules that external authorities such as the Church of Satan or the Satanic Temple preaches to the sheep.  My values are personal, I am as likely to break someone’s leg as save a kitten from drowning in a river, because I follow my own rules and choices, free of external authorities.

External authorities make up rules, laws and procedures in order to benefit themselves at the expense of the rest of humanity, which is why 1% of the human population own half the resources of this planet, whilst nearly a billion other humans live on the borderline of life-and-death with limited access to clean water, air and food.  The individual Satanist will have to break rules and the law if they wish to prosper or be crushed into nothingness by authority.  Breaking rules is what makes a Satanist evil, since evil is a subjective judgement based upon a human-created rule – obey the rule, you are good, break the rule, you are evil.

Those that paint Satanism as unicorns and rainbows are adding to the pile of bullshit this blog despises.  The only worthy action to ideas of unicorns and rainbows in Satanism is their obliteration with a machine gun.

Normal blogging service will resume this Saturday (armed with a machine gun…)