The Satanist and charity

Ayn Rand said on charity:

“My views on charity are very simple. I do not consider it a major virtue and, above all, I do not consider it a moral duty. There is nothing wrong in helping other people, if and when they are worthy of the help and you can afford to help them. I regard charity as a marginal issue. What I am fighting is the idea that charity is a moral duty and a primary virtue.”

Charity is a means to an end

It is my opinion that there is nothing wrong with charity, but as far as the individual Satanist is concerned, nothing is done unless it benefits the individual Satanist.  In my view all things start and end in the self, in manifesting the personal will to be their own god in their own lives the Satanist acts in ways that advances their personal goals.

There is often a hidden agenda behind a charitable act

Often I see people with an impressive record of charity convicted of some of the worst crimes: Jerry Sandusky (USA) who shocked everyone when convicted of raping boys over a 15-year-period; Jimmy Saville (UK) a household name known for his charity work over many decades, who it was discovered after his death had used his fame to sexually abuse hundreds of victims.

In my view charity is a means to an end for most people, not just Satanists.  The child rapist uses charity as a suitable cover for their violation of children, a strategy until the modern era which worked well for pillars of the community such as Sandusky and Saville, since in the past society preferred to believe a man of good reputation over the claims of a child.  I look for the hidden agenda when I encounter people involved in charity, I can guarantee that if there is no discernible personal benefit from a charitable act, something sordid is going on in the background with regards to charitable do-gooders.

Charity used intelligently increases personal wealth and power

Charity is a good strategy to achieve personal ends when used intelligently, for instance people in business can use charity as a means to gain honorary awards such as knighthoods in Britain, or a cushy diplomatic post in the USA, all which boosts status and thus the opportunity to harvest power and wealth.  On a more mundane level I eliminate junk that is taking up room in my home by giving it to charity.

Charity is a retarded strategy doomed to fail for most Satanic groups

It is bizarre to me when I see Satanic groups claiming to be charitable.  I see the relevancy when the Satanic Temple proposed a social enterprise to clean up litter from a public highway, a project that they knew would fail, but with the hidden agenda to attract publicity and build a media presence for their political activism.  But when I see Satanic groups such as the Church of Malphas and the Church of Leviathan in a contest to see who could be the most charitable I am unable to see the benefit, as it happens I discovered that the Church of Malphas had been making false charity claims in at least one case, and no doubt if I dug further I would find other examples.  Most charities won’t want to be seen associated with Satanic groups, for this would be bad for business.  There is no discernible benefit for Satanic groups to waste their resources in public campaigns of charitable works, most Satanists regard such activity as retarded, and the mass of humanity will never see Satanic groups in a positive light regardless of what they do.

False charity claims by Satanic church

Many Satanic groups tend to exaggerate or make false claims to boost their credibility, for instance making great show of their official recognition by the State, their charitable works, or the procession of titles such as “reverend.”  I have been watching the rivalry between the Church of Leviathan and the Church of Malphas for some months as they attempt to out-do each other with their charity and moralistic self-righteousness, wondering what the hell all their activity has got to do with Satanism.

The Church of Malphas today made a claim as follows:

“Church Of Malphas continues to support and work with those who suffer from Autism, offering spiritual guidance, love and hope.  Barbara Malphas-Samael and Church Of Malphas were recently honored in the United Kingdom for their work with this worthy cause.  Church Of Malphas continues to encourage others to get off of Facebook and other social media and actually work with individuals in the real world away from a computer.”

They also displayed a certificate as follows from a UK-based charity called Autism West Midlands:

A fraudulent claim by a Satanic group called "Church of Malphas."

A fraudulent claim by a Satanic group called “Church of Malphas.”

I asked an associate of mine to check out the claims of the Church of Malphas, which resulted in the following response from the Autism West Midlands charity:

My associate:
“Dear Sir/Madam,
I refer to the following link which claims association with your group:
Is this authentic?
Best regards.”

Reply by Autism West Midlands:
“Dear …, This is not authentic. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We will be in touch with the organisation concerned.
Best wishes … Head of Marketing and Communications Autism West Midlands”

Whilst my finding of the charity claim of the Church of Malphas to be false won’t set the world ablaze, it is a reminder that all Satanists should question everything they read on the internet.

Satanic hysteria in Africa

A glance at the international news using the word “Satanist” often reveals a story from Africa, one of hysterical moral panic, often orchestrated by Christian priests.  The latest story in Soweto in South Africa alleges that two male students killed two girls in a Satanic ritual killing.

Most of Africa is backward both on a technological level and a psychological level.  Christian evangelists take advantage of ignorant and naive African minds subjecting them to the sort of Satanic hysteria well-known from the witch-burning era and the Satanic Abuse era.  Unlike the West the African continent lacks a credible source of Satanism, for instance a version of a Church of Satan, upon which to build an alternative Satanic worldview from the propaganda fed to Africans by the Christian churches.

Gullible superstitious Africans buy into the Christian propaganda resulting in deluded and often sensational claims associated with Satanism.  Worse, impressionable young minds are tempted to carry out the ideas fed to them by Christian priests via ritualistic killings and sexual abuse.  Africa is an example of what happens when Christian evangelists are able to feed gullible minds false ideas about Satanism without challenge.

The Satanist and privacy

Carry out an action only if it benefits the self.  If the individual Satanist’s central goal is manifestation of personal will to be their own god in their own life, does sharing personal details confer a personal benefit?  Unless the individual Satanist seeks to influence opinion or enrich themselves through business, since sharing personal information promotes sincerity and trust, there is no advantage to being transparent with personal information under any other circumstance.

There is little personal benefit from sharing personal information.

The number of Satanists in the world is too small and diluted to offer much personal benefit through sharing personal information with them, and those such as Diane Vera, Lucien Greaves and Zach Black who seek personal benefit, still maintain strict privacy or act under aliases.

The State works to destroy personal reputations and lives

RT yesterday published a report on Western spy agencies recruiting “cyber magicians” whose role includes destroying the reputations, businesses and lives of those considered a threat by the State, that could reasonably include successful Satanists.

Envious and egotistical Satanists can ruin your life

It is an unfortunate trait amongst Satanists to be envious of those amongst us who rise to notable success, for instance Lucien Greaves has attracted considerable hostile envy from many quarters in Satanism, including the Church of Satan which has increasingly become sidelined by the Satanic Temple in the eyes of the media.  Ego-mania also runs rampant amongst Satanists, with too many individuals claiming ownership and authority over Satanism.  Hostile Satanists often attempt to destroy the reputations and lives of fellow Satanists.

Responsibility for privacy starts with the individual

For most Satanists there is no tangible benefit from sharing personal information with others in Satanism, rather it is like offering your hand to a hungry lion to eat.  Either due to ignorance or from personal malicious motive those in authority, including some in Satanism, encourage the notion that there is no privacy, and that the individual should be enthusiastically transparent with their personal information.

Sun Tzu: adopt strategies of secrecy and deception in your online activities

An often recommended book in the Left Hand Path for Satanists to read is the ancient work on war strategy called the “Art of War” by Sun Tzu, which is used by business, politicians and generals.  Two principles that Sun Tzu recommends is secrecy and deception, two strategies that I would encourage individual Satanists to adopt.

Dogma slavery leads to failure

I watched an interesting video yesterday on why Hitler lost the war…

Hitler placed his dogma of Aryan superiority above military strategy, for instance dismissing USA as a Jew-led weak nation that would be unable to place soldiers on European soil until 1970. Hitler was a dogma slave.

The individual Satanist succeeds because they reject dogma-slavery.  If all the Satanist chooses is walking another person’s path then they have chosen dogma slavery.  If an idea is working against you, get rid of it.  Build a personal philosophy that reflects your personal situation and goals.

There are plenty of pre-packaged dogmas on offer in Satanism, from Church of Satan to Joy of Satan, but all these dogmas will enslave the individual to the benefit of others if they are adopted in slavish unquestioning fashion.  Take bits of any dogma that benefits you, reject the rest, and build a unique personal path that nobody but you will walk.  Dogma slavery means certain failure, whereas the liberated Satanist who builds their unique path will enjoy good chances of success.

By the Satanic blade become

Manifesting personal will to become your own god in your own life, requires a focus of challenging personal boundaries.  The weight trainer progresses by slowly over time subjecting their muscles to increasing weight, thus stressed muscles suffer damage, and in the process of repair, builds themselves stronger to handle the additional stresses.  To maintain the muscle strength the athlete must maintain the stress of the weights, for the body destroys what is underused.

The mass of humanity like security, thus it is easier to conform and do nothing, than take up the metaphorical blade to challenge boundaries, to destroy the safe known, to embrace the strife of unknown threatening states of becoming.  If the individual prefers safety, to never challenge themselves, stagnation and inertia is their reward.  The individual who prefers safe paid employment might enjoy a predictable income, but they are limited by how far they can progress, whereas the self-employed who face uncertain income enjoy the potential of unlimited wealth.

If safety, conformity and the known path is all you seek, Satanism is a path best avoided.  The individual Satanist walks the unknown path, challenging their personal boundaries at every moment.  Through the challenging stress of pushing personal boundaries ever forward, there comes about personal growth, a becoming of personal Satanic godhood.  The Satanist uses their metaphorical blade to fight their way through hidden and known limits that bind and restrict, leaving behind the known for the unknown, and only in this way can the individual Satanist progress.