Filtering quality from rubbish

I personally won’t join Satanic forums or groups, but I still like to visit Satanic forums to read what other Satanists are saying.  On a certain Satanist forum they are complaining about an influx of retards who joined after viewing a comedy show the forum founder appeared on.

You can dress a monkey as a human, but it will always act like a monkey.  Anyone can call themselves a Satanist, dress up like a Satanist, and join Satanist forums or groups, but like a monkey they won’t necessarily be a Satanist.  Satanism attracts a lot or retards, mentally ill and psychos who often believed the Christian propaganda about Satanism, which contribute to a fall in the IQ of the forums and groups they join.

Pythagoras recognised the mass of humanity are retarded, and made his group secret, if any member of his group revealed the group secrets they were killed.  Over the ages secret societies protected themselves from the retarded by initiation rituals and oaths of secrecy.  In the modern-day some indigenous societies such as the Sami keep their tribal beliefs secret from the outsider.

In my opinion the successful Satanist group or forum has a filter in place to separate the rubbish from the quality.  Most Satanic forums or groups have no filter, preferring quantity over quality, and they allow anyone to join, reacting to getting rid of the rubbish after they join.  Secret societies have rites of passage, a filtering system that the prospective member must pass before they become the member.  For instance if it is assumed that Satanists have a high IQ then they should be able to pass a MENSA IQ test.  If we talk about Satanism being a philosophy of real life action, then an interview with the member requiring they prove their Satanic credentials.  A subscription fee eliminates the trolls and time wasters, the Church of Satan has a $200 membership fee to join.  The prospective member could sit an online examination testing their Satanic knowledge, outlook and mental skills, and this will likely separate the ignorant sheep, psycho and mentally ill from the Satanists of quality.

If the Satanist group or forum creates a filter then they have to offer something of quality to those Satanists of quality to make it worth their while to join, it is no point wasting $200 subscription for no personal benefit.