1. My views, my blog.

These are my independent views on the world of Satanism as I see it.  I have no need for approval, or to be judged or to be validated.  If my views upset you, tough, my views, my blog, go and create your own blog if you have a problem with me.


I exercise the right to be a censoring tyrant, so if I do not like your comment I will delete it. I like quality comments that add to the context of the post, I have zero tolerance with off-topic comments.

3. Copyright.

I exercise my right to be associated with what I write.  If you want to use any of my material, go right ahead, but credit me as the source. Thank you!

4. Christians etal.

Christians and other religious types are welcome to read about what a colourful bunch of Satanists we are.  You might learn a thing or two about Satanism.  Please keep your religious selling at the door, this is an evangelism-free zone.

5. Death Threats etc.

Satanists love drama.  Rare is the Satanist who does not get a death threat, a threat of a magic curse or other psycho-drama.  Most people who make such threats are sad people anyway, but I find their interest in me cute and funny.

6. Racism and Murder

If you are one of those who as an individual or a group encourage racism or murder, your comments will be deleted.

7. I like turtles.

Random, I know.


3 thoughts on “Policies

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