Satanic Rule 3: respect peoples spaces

Each week I give my opinion on each of eleven Satanic rules of the Church of Satan. Rule number three is as follows:

“3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.”

This is a rule I totally agree with.  This blog for example is my lair, I created a few policies for this blog here. Readers who comment on my blog know where they stand if they read my blog  Respecting my policies is respecting me in my lair.

Here is my space in the world, you enter my space, respect me.  Makes sense.  Some Christian churches ban gay people from being married in their church, I have no problems with that, their space, their lair.  If the same Christians seek to impose bans on gays living in my community, I will have a problem with that, public spaces are not personal spaces or lairs.  If a Muslim comes to USA and hates Americans drinking alcohol and female freedoms, why did they come to live in the USA? Go back and live in a Muslim nation. Likewise, what right do the Western nations have to create western values in Muslim nations?

This is a good rule to live by, respect my space, I respect your space, everyone is happy.

11 thoughts on “Satanic Rule 3: respect peoples spaces

    1. I won’t get into personal e-mail communication, but if you got a question I might be able to answer it via a blog post. If you follow my blog you will get weekly insights on my personal philosophy. Please note that every Satanists philosophy should be unique and individual to them, it is not Satanic to blindly follow someone elses ideas in my opinion.

  1. This rule and the way you see it looks very reasonable. Unfortunately it’s not easy to define this “space” and due to this, we often step on each other toes, knowingly or not.

    For example:this space isn’t just a real space but also “my matters that shouldn’t concern others”. What love ones do? They meddle because they are involved into your “space” so it became “,mutual space”. Strange persons can go on “our ground” too just by judging, criticizing (attempt on influence), trying enforce their matters and so on. Funny is, that we all feel that we have a right to express ourselves and that is “our space”. But often that wordy expression violates other rights. So who is right here and who isn’t? There is no simple answer here. But how I see it is that it is our duty to protect our “space” from daily violations. So if one has certain complexes, it’s easy for others to violate this person’s space, because he/she has a weakness. But when having no problem at this point, others can talk and it just stay harmless and meaningless.

    Looking at this problem from this angle, we all are exposed on environmental stress (which part of it is also a social stress) and our development is among others to be ale to cope with it and claim enough own “space” (emotional one, physical one) that we could thrive and be content of our life. Not unlike any plant that is growing among others, being in completion and as well as in mutually rewarding relationships with many other species around, that still requires enough space to survive, develop oneself, reproduce or make easier reproduce akin members (society gain – also part of evolutionary tactics of survival).

    All in all, rule about respecting other spaces is a good one and in many situations viable one, but in much more occasions it’s much more harder to apply, as we are in constant “test” of our strengths, which is a good thing, because that develops us. Without stress, without negative factors, there would be no form and no development.

    1. In nature the animal will mark its territory with scent or sound. The Satanist in my opinion has to define and show their boundaries to others in order for them to respect their space.

      There are of course public spaces such as a shopping mall where nobody has claim over the space, where the Satanist might test “strength.”

      If an individual has made no effort to mark and defend their boundaries around their space they have no respect for themselves, why should others respect them?

      Thanks for your insights, got me thinking about this more.

      1. Yeah, I agree. One must respect oneself (or own space – no matter of its nature) in order to require others to respect it.

        Anyway, like I mentioned, it’s not only about physical space. We carry out our own spaces to public one where we protect them or… seize spaces of anothers… If they let it…

        Just one simple example. I went to the store and see one customer talking with salesman to decide what he should buy. I could have been polite and sit this one out, But decided otherwise. I knew what I wanted and damn me if I had waited for this still undecided person. So I meddled in, said what I needed, bought what I wanted left. The interrupted person didn’t complain with a single word. It’s a small example of daily fight, where our own energy clashes with others. If we know what we want and feel “I deserve this” we just take it. If others let it, it means they were still undecided too weak so they backed off.

        In a way this could be seen as taking over one’s space. This happens everywhere. At home with your family when you don’t decide and don’t go for it, others (wife, kids or even a cat… ;P) will tell you what to do and guaranteed, it won’t be what you like. People instinctively exploit other weaknesses.

        There is certain balance to this. We are not equally strong in all areas of life so we fight for what we believe to be important but back off when something isn’t for the sake person’s who are stronger there. So it’s constant game of seize or surrender.

        As long we get mostly what we want, our ego is satisfied (we got terrains that we needed), self respect is preserved.

      2. To me,Rule No.3 is is WORKING for ME,in fact i have been trying to apply bit by bit and surely,it is the truth..Just after three days since you sent it to me and i am thinking in a more detailed ways of how people had been gate crashing my life..Wish i can get Rule No.1 and 2 also in detailed way…Hope to continue keeping in touch.

      3. I am still waiting to get all the Rules so that at least i can start from there and be able to understand this life and making intelligent decisions for my life…I am still working on Rule 3 and it is working out

      4. Not sure what you mean, by waiting till you understand in order to make decisions. Rules are nice only on paper but we react on instinct and by learned behavioral patterns. Even if you agree to how you should behave in certain situations, your automatic response is not based on your reasonable opinion. To change that, so it would be agreeable with your thinking, takes lot of inner work and that requires huge deal of conviction. Without it, you can only like to behave in certain way but you still won’t…

  2. Correction: Not unlike any plant that is growing among others, being in COMPETITION* and as well as in mutually rewarding relationships with many other species around […]

    1. Whilst I won’t get into personal e-mail contact with people, I will give you some advice:

      What is in your head is cold knowledge, which is useless until you act on it by applying it actively in your life, then you move from intellectualism to a feeling of spirituality. Satanism is not an intellectual exercise, it is about action and experience. Hope that helps.

      Over the coming weeks I will add my own insights on the other Satanic rules of Anton Lavey, but these are my own interpretations, everyone must find their own interpretations on rules like these rather than slavishly follow other people. Satanism is for free-thinkers, not slaves, remember that.

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