Satanic culling at the Autumn Equinox

Decluttering means the Satanist remains the primary authority in their own life rather than their junk.

The Autumn Equinox marked the start of a cycle of decluttering when I eliminate what is unnecessary, dead or toxic to my life.  As a Satanist I set aside four dates in the year to have a good cull of the crap baggage in my life, thus I make way for new opportunities without being held back by junk.

Facebook was one major victim of my decluttering.  I dislike Facebook: its double-standards censoring breast-feeding whilst allowing the torture of animals; the complexity; the narcissism; the drama; the stupidity.  The few individuals I connected to (26 of them) and the groups (4 of these) are all Satanic, but I can connect to all of these by alternative means.  Facebook was obsolete to requirements and it was with no regret that I deactivated my Facebook account, an internet company I despise.

My work with the team at Hoaxtead who fight a SRA hoax in London recently completed with many promoters of the hoax arrested or sectioned in a mental asylum.  There was nothing further of benefit I could offer Hoaxtead, so I unfollowed all the participants (apart from one) on social media.

I stopped following a lot of inactive accounts on Twitter, blocked some bot and Christian accounts that were following, and placed emphasis on only following LHP Twitter accounts.

I fired one of my suppliers for crap service. My garden is the tidiest it has ever been.  I have cut the clothing I own to 50% of what I had, the rest went to charity.

The four dates I use to declutter or cull is the equinoxes and solstices, the end state is I feel empowered and focused less the hassle of junk that would undermine or hold me back.

Becoming grounded in Satanism

Those that walk the Left Hand Path are successful when they are grounded in the material world like this tree. 

Success in the Left Hand Path is built on the foundation of becoming grounded in the material world.  No acorn becomes an oak tree unless it first is planted in the soil, then develops roots in the earth.

It is great to see a Satanic organisation the Satanic Temple establish its headquarters in a physical location at Salem USA, opening this month.  If any Satanic group is serious in manifesting its will in the material world, then having a physical base is necessary.

If the internet vanished today, so would most of the Satanist organisations, because they are mostly nothing more than an internet site or a page on Facebook.  The internet is a grubby junkyard of opinion and fantasy, mostly disconnected from the material world.  Even the Church of Satan is nothing more than an internet site and mailing list owned by a tired deluded couple who enjoy a good living from the annual harvest of fools who pay $200 a time to join their exclusive but irrelevant fan club.

Whilst it is acceptable that at first the newbies of Satanism partake in the path via the internet, I expect such individuals to develop the maturity to see that Satanism is a path of experiences and the senses practiced in the material world rather than the pages of Facebook.  If after a year, all the individual “Satanist” is manifesting are posts on Facebook and other internet sites, I think they should look elsewhere for their path, Satanism is a path they are unsuited for.

Can the ONA stop whinging about Satanism please?

ONA types are throwing a tantrum because they are neither wanted or relevant to the new reality of Satanism.

I like to check what others write about Satanism in the WordPress Reader, and oh my, what a bunch of whingers the Order of Nine Angles (ONA) folk are being in recent months.  Outside of trolling LHP forums the favoured past time of those keyboard warriors and fantasists of the the ONA is posting their poop upon WordPress, and most of their output in recent weeks seems to be whinging about Satanism. Indeed, their main focus in life at the moment outside of promoting their psychopathic desire to kill people is a relentless stream of complaint about Satanism.

It has been fully established, as confirmed by these fools on my own blog pages, that the ONA do not regard themselves as Satanists, but some other religion or philosophy altogether. The schizophrenic outlook of ONA motivates them to hang out in every religion and political philosophy going, except their message is always the same, to kill people, plus their love of drama, fast makes them outcasts.  Satanism has been the only home that has given any tolerance to these psychopaths, but like an unwanted guest they have outstayed their welcome and have been booted out of most of the LHP forums and groups.

In just a few years, perhaps reflecting the changing outlooks of society in general, the face of the LHP has changed, and the ONA, like the Church of Satan, have been left in a past where they are no longer relevant to the modern Satanic current.  We have for instance the fast growing Satanic Temple, and even the Luciferians have evolved into a Greater Church of Lucifer. The ONA have suddenly discovered how totally irrelevant they are, now nobody wants them.  They are apparently too stupid to go off and form their own religion, preferring instead to parasite on the religion of someone else.  Plainly, when a guiding principle of the Satanic Temple is “The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo your own;” or that of Greater Church of Lucifer who respects the integrity of life in people and animals, makes it difficult for homicidal ego maniacs like the ONA to get any traction in the new reality of Satanism and the LHP.

Now, the poor ONA psychos gather in their little blog sites and weep and stamp their feet at the injustice that they are now no longer relevant or wanted, even in Satanism.  Cue the violins.

The Satanist and personal information

Today, I bring this blog out of hibernation with a post on the Satanist and personal information.

Sect of the Horned God recently had a fire that destroyed their property, and it was my intention to support them by applying for membership of their group.  These Satanists are part of the new wave of modern Satanism who approach the LHP from a rational point of view, and they are grounded people with good business minds.

The initial test of membership of the group was ten questions on my beliefs, a way of filtering out the lazy and stupid.  Answering the questions was fun and useful, and I passed this test.  The next stage I had problems with, there was more questions on my beliefs, which made the process seem onerous, but also so many questions that demanded from me so much personal information.

Now, I like Sect of the Horned God, but the demand for so much personal information from me was asking me to put my total trust in them that this information would not leak or be used against me.  In an age that it seems that security and privacy is treated with contempt, and the news is full of stories of leaks of personal information, the onus is upon the individual to protect themselves rather than rely upon others.

I have been involved in a fight against those who promote a SRA narrative in London for over a year, people who trawl the internet for personal information on their victims so they can harrass, defame and ruin families, businesses, relationships and reputations of their targets.  Such people would love to get hold of all the personal information I was being asked to hand over to Sect of the Horned God, and if they did, I, my business and my family would suffer a living hell.

The agency of ruin or success rests always with the individual, including responsibility for their personal information. I say that the Satanist only shares personal information with those that they know in real life.  I don’t think it necessary or beneficial to anyone for any Satanist group to ask for more than a name, address and an e-mail contact of a member, more than this, the individual puts themselves and their family at great risk.

Sadly, I won’t be able to proceed with membership of the Sect of the Horned God, with every respect to them, the risk to my personal security is too great due to the amount of personal information they are requesting from me.