I will be offline two months

I have today decided that I will be going offline two months with regards to my activity with Satanism.  I am running my own business, and circumstances have reached a critical point which means I have to put all my focus upon stewarding my business through challenging waters.

I wish all my readers a successful and healthy start to 2017.  See you all in April 2017.

Use it or lose it

Nature loves motion; the human body and brain is designed for motion.  Nature removes what is not in motion; use it or lose it.

Satanism is the path of action, thus the subject of this blog post. 

A plant by my window, all its leaves turned towards the light.  The leaves facing the light are strong, vibrant and healthy, the leaves away from the light are small, weak and shriveled.  All living things are energy-efficient by deploying limited resources to what is in use, eliminating or reducing that which is of limited use.

Lazy stupid people will reap a terrible harvest for themselves in later life, for they condemn themselves to disability and poor health.  It is the way of things that the human body will gradually become weaker in brain and body through old age, but the common natural pattern of living things to eliminate what is no longer used will accelerate this process over time.

Go out in nature, push the boundaries of the body and mind in active challenges.  Use all the brain and body, and make it challenging.  What is hard encourages the body to build and maintain biological structures.  In the reverse, the brain that no longer uses brain cells to create solutions to challenging problems will let those brain cells die without replacement, and the individual will forever be limited in what they can do without those brain cells.  Heart disease, diabetes, dementia have common causes or motivators from inactivity of the body and brain.  Use it or lose it.

On living in a potential and kinetic world

The spiritual individual can see the potential in things, they will see the oak tree that can be manifested out of an acorn; they are the individuals who can discover or bring about new ideas, paradigms and inventions to benefit themselves and humanity.

Living in two worlds

I hold out an acorn, I see an oak tree in the acorn, most people see only the acorn. The majority live in a world of what is rather than seeing what could be, their world is a kinetic world of the visible and known, where all things are fixed, linear and measurable. The kinetic world for the majority is their prison, for they are unable to see beyond what is to what could be, they live their lives within fixed states, paradigms and institutions, reacting emotionally to the injustices of their prisons, rather than realising that their chains and walls are their own fabrications by choice. The majority become predictable, easily manipulated and dull-witted, living in an empty world of material objects, petty power plays and valueless opinions.

Most people miss the reality that nature has two worlds, the kinetic and the invisible, formless potential world.  It is like most people only see the branches of the tree, but are unable to, or are unwilling, to consider the whole tree, the invisible parts of the tree, the roots and processes within it.  Those that walk a reality embracing both kinetic and potential worlds, see how each side relates to the other, how the individual can work with both to bring about changes of benefit to self.

Learning about nature and reality from the Celts

The weird strange stories of the ancient Celts become less confusing when the individual embraces a few key observations of nature, which so many ancestors understood and worked with.  Firstly, the Celts understood that nature has a kinetic and potential side, their stories describe how objects appear and vanish, become visible and invisible, how the hero can move between a magical other world in one moment, and the material known world the next.  Secondly, the Celts describe a world where all things shape-change and shift from one moment to the next, just as nature does.  A walk in nature confirms these observations of the Celts: apple trees grow leaves, then blossom, then apples, shifting of one form to the next, becoming visible, then vanishing again with the change of seasons; water shifting between liquid, vapour and ice; moon, sun and stars appearing and vanishing as day follows night and back again.

Most ancestors lived in a potential and kinetic worldview

The ice age hunter gatherer working with the potential: cave paintings drawing animals and events out of the living rock; creating tools out of raw flint; drawing food, tools and clothing out of the bison, mammoth and other animals they hunted.  Later, drawing fish out of the water; crops out of the earth; metal objects out of rock, fire and wood; and creativity out of their dreams.

Describing their concept of the potential in terms of rock, water, fire and air; narratives by the ancestors describe epic struggles to bring about and maintain the created form against the chaos drawing all things back into the formless, the culture hero in battle against the chaos beast.

The spiritual embrace both the potential and kinetic worlds

Those that embrace and walk a path incorporating both the kinetic and the potential worlds in their own lives are the spiritually orientated people.  Those that embrace the spiritual are maligned by the one-sided majority who are trapped in their kinetic-only worlds, both the religious and atheistic.  Being religious is no guarantee of being spiritual, for often religion is a kinetic paradigm of appearance, dogma and opinion, empty of spiritual things.  The atheistic might embrace a truthful scientific attitude, but their paradigm embrace only what is external, kinetic and material, forgetting or rejecting the hidden, dark and invisible potential side of nature.

The spiritual is the heroic path

The path of the spiritual individual is a heroic one, magical, unpredictable, adventurous and highly creative.  Those that see and work with the potential world see beyond their limits, they see possibilities and can reach beyond the limits which most impose upon themselves and each other.  The path of the spiritual has nothing to do with creating something out of nothing, or creating something new, but instead is focussed upon drawing the potential out of something to become something.

The culture hero struggles to liberate the potential in things

The common theme of most ancestor stories is the hero who struggles to manifest the kinetic out of the potential: healing what is sick; repairing what is broken; recovering what is lost.  The archetype known as Eros whose arrows bring about love between people, has a deeper spiritual truth, his arrows liberate the potential out of things.  Apollo, his arrows can bring healing out of the body, or shatter the health of the unworthy.  Mars struggles in war to bring about the harvest or the healthy strength of a city-state.  On moving home, my new little garden was a rubbish tip, yet I struggled a little each day to manifest out of the chaos the potential of something beautiful ready to plant apple trees, flowers and growing food crops.

The spiritual individual is able to manifest possibilities

Those that walk the spiritual path will see the potential and kinetic worlds, they are liberated, creative and empowering.  The spiritual individual might say of something here is a possibility to bring about something, then the kinetic-trapped individuals who cannot see beyond what is already formed will laugh, persecute and dismiss, but if that spiritual person has courage and strength, they persevere to draw out the potential of what they saw to become kinetic, benefitting themselves and the world about them.  The spiritual individual who sees the oak tree in the acorn, plants it, cares for it, and in time manifests the oak tree; alas, the kinetically-trapped individual who did not see the oak tree in the acorn, will not act, and nothing comes about through them.

Being spiritual is both magical and grounded

Even though the religious and the atheistic struggle with each other in their opinions and kinetic-only arguments, both are as trapped as the other, and their lives are limited.  The spiritually orientated individual lives in a world of possibilities, but also are anchored in the earth like an oak tree in the ground, in working only on the potentials they see rather than foolish fantasies and opinions that exist neither in potential or kinetic states.  The spiritual individual drives on to manifest whatever they see, ignoring the opinions of the blind, dumb and stupid people, for the future of the human species rests upon their heroic shoulders.

On my first contact with Satanic Temple

London chapter of Satanic Temple received my application to join last week, but I later withdrew my application.

New Year, I applied to join the London chapter of Satanic Temple. This UK chapter was recently created, had social media, administration and officers in place, it was recruiting.

New recruits apply by e-mail to join the London chapter, they replied to me 48 hours later with a copy of their FAQ and Code of Conduct, which they asked me to read. The FAQ provides the potential recruit with more information to common questions not covered by Satanic Temple on their websites.

The Code of Conduct was a problem to me. Satanic Temple takes care to provide a professional positive image to the outside world. All contacts with the media had to be referred to their London public relations officer, a challenge since I often have personal contact with the media. Satanic Temple places lots of restrictions on members on what they can say and do, both as part of the group, and by inferrence what they do outside of the group.

The Satanic Temple requires members to reason with the opposition, never disresepct or humiliate them. However, I find the only strategy that works against those promoting Hampstead SRA hoax is satire and humour, which is disrespectful, and those opponents have neither respect for truth, justice, reason or liberty.

Changing from a position of being an individual to being part of a group is a big step. It is a step I see that will restrict what I can write on this blog, or the freedom of what strategy I take against the Satan Hunter, for instance, if I need to contact the media, approach a politician, take legal action, or use satire, I have a conflict of interest.

The London chapter is yet to decide its first campaign. I have only one interest, fighting Satanic Ritual Abuse hoaxes. Perhaps then my membership of London chapter might be less useful if they are focused on too many other projects as well as opposing SRA.

After reading and agreeing with their FAQ and Code of Conduct, the new recruit will answer a few simple questions: what name they wish to be known by; their previous experience in Satanism and activism; why they wish to join Satanic Temple. There is no membership fee to join Satanic Temple, but people pay for a membership card and certificate. There will follow an interview on Skype or by phone between recruit and an officer of the London chapter.

I decided it would be better for me to join the Grey Faction of Satanic Temple rather than their London chapter, since the Grey Faction is purely focussed on fighting SRA hoaxes. I withdrew my membership application before the interview stage. The London chapter has a strong focus on confidentiality, and they erased my membership application to protect my privacy.

I think the Satanic Temple London chapter to be professional, fast and efficient in handling their membership application process.

2017 will be a great year for the LHP

2017 will become a major year of strength and growth in Satanism and the Left Hand Path.

2016 was a challenging year, but it was a year when the Left Hand Path grew in confidence, building a firm foundation for what will be a great year of growth in 2017.

On Islam and Islamic State

2016 was that year when religion swung to the extremes and seemed to infect all corners of this world.  The extreme face of Islam via Islamic State was exported by their lone wolves in terroristic outrages around the globe, assisting in part to a swing in many nations to nationalism and the security of their borders against a barbarian enemy that has no love of life.  Islamic State is the great disgrace of all of Islam, for most of these one billion Muslims have by their silence and meekness allowed this monster to become their voice and representative, presenting to the world Islam as a barbaric monster.

2016 was a good year for extreme Christianity

Christianity has benefited on the back of the advance of nationalism. The Russian Orthodox church is at the zenith of its influence under Putin, all rival religions including Satanism is under attack and being driven underground in Russia.  The extreme elements of Christianity have also come to power with Trump, and their influence will be felt throughout USA in 2017.

Reversals become opportunities for renewal for some LHP groups

Sect of the Horned God had a serious set back during 2016 when an arsonist destroyed their home and business.  Quietly rebuilding, 2017 will be a new strong beginning for the Sect.

The Greater Church of Lucifer had a fatal reversal when their founder and primary leader Jacob No, also known as Jacob Mckelvy, was found to be fraudulently using membership money to fund his own lifestyle and business.  Mckelvy left GCOL in disarray to become a born-again Christian, and the remaining leaders decided to start again with a new organisation known as the Assembly of Light Bearers.  Luciferians in 2017 have the opportunity to join a revitalised Luciferian group in the Assembly of Light Bearers that focuses on personal growth without the taint of religious dogma and fraud that sunk GCOL.

Satanic Temple evolves into a strong adversarial organisation

The growing pains of earlier years have in 2016 given way to a major force for change in Satanic Temple.  Probably now the largest Satanist group in the Left Hand Path, the Satanic Temple has been responsible for tens of thousands of individuals self-identifying as Satanists.  2016 has seen the opening of Satanist after-school clubs in the USA and multiple Satanic Temple branches around the world, including in the UK.

The Satanic Temple identifies between the left and the middle of the political spectrum, its main focus is political and social change against fascistic and religious elements that desire to replace diversity with a fixed dogmatic set of ideas.  The election of Trump and the religious Christian right in the USA has seen thousands of new members joining Satanic Temple, whose membership is in the tens of thousands.  2017 will become a massive battleground of ideas that will shake and transform the social, religious and political foundations of the USA, and Satanic Temple will be one of those groups on the frontlines of the great battles to come for the soul and destiny of the USA.

Some criticise Satanic Temple for being shallow in its philosophy, for it only has seven simple tenets, but this is a great strength for the group, for it is an activist group, and too much philosophy can be a hinderance to such groups.  It is expected that Satanists follow their own philosophy, and join Satanic Temple for the purposes of activism rather than religion.

Other Satanist groups embrace social media

Church of Satan has been noted for answering the challenge of a competitor in the Satanic Temple by vastly improving its social media activity and structures.  Likewise the UK-based Church of Rational Satanism replaced mediocre internet sites with a more professional look and activity, though too much marketing of its products has in my opinion an adverse impact upon it.  For any Satanist desiring to make an impact on the internet a strategy involving Twitter, Facebook and WordPress seems to be the way to go during 2017.

Order of Nine Angles culled its honor code

The parasitic wart on the backside of Satanism known as the Order of Nine Angles has been in decline for some years, and only now clings on in any meaningful way on places like 600club and a few WordPress blogs.  Largely a hocus-pocus jumbled mess of ideas and mumbo-jumbo clutter of ritualist nonsense run by a largely irrelevant idiot called David Myatt and a few dozen sycophants who post under a thousand internet pseudonyms, the ONA argued they are an advanced human species to the rest of humanity, which they only considered worthy of being murdered.

The ONA proudly argued that their honor code differentiated themselves from ordinary murderers, terrorists and criminals such as Islamic State, but complacency, stupidity and laziness by those at the heart of their collective caused them to cull their honor code, specifically on excluding children from their activities.  Their ONA writers have forgotten about their honor code on children, and have given their collective the nod to rape and murder children.  At least one key ONA member a Ryan Fleming is a UK registered sex offender.

There is war at the heart of the ONA, with some key members calling on the over-ripe banana David Myatt controlling the heart of the ONA to step aside.  Other former members of the ONA have put on record they have quit the collective.  What little reputation the ONA had as a sinister honor bound collective has largely been consigned to the trash can along with their honor code.

Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax in retreat

After two years of struggle with Satan Hunters, those promoting a Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax in the heart of London, the so-called Hampstead SRA hoax, are in retreat with arrests and mental hospital sectionings.  2017 will probably see the end of this hoax, with multiple criminal and civil court proceedings against various Satan Hunters in both the UK and the USA.

Putting my philosophy in writing

My first Satanic goal of 2017 is to put in writing my own philosophy on a separate website to this blog.  A slightly different direction of this blog, whilst still retaining comment on international Satanism, is a more philosophical approach.  It appears from my blog statistics that my philosophical writings have attracted the greater interest from my readers.

I will be joining the Satanic Temple

The founding of a chapter of the Satanic Temple in London and their enthusiasm to battle Satanic Ritual Abuse hoaxes has been the deciding factor for my decision to manifest my second Satanic goal of 2017 to join Satanic Temple.  I am a passionate champion against SRA hoaxes, and for many years I have enjoyed manifesting my Satanic will in activism.  Anything that harms children seriously pisses me off, so Satanic Temple is a useful vehicle to fight in various causes that champions the liberties and wellbeing of children.  Since I follow my own philosophy the lack of dogma connected to Satanic Temple offers little conflict with my own ideas.  The London-based chapter of the Satanic Temple is currently discussing options for a campaign against Satanic Ritual Abuse in early 2017.

I wish all Satanists a successful 2017

Those that embrace what is healthy, positive and empowering follow the true path of Satanism, and I wish you all good health, success and prosperity in the year ahead.