Bridging the gap between Satanists and Pagans

Despite the efforts by some on both sides to keep distance, Pagans and Satanists have a lot in common.  For instance, both Satanists and Pagans have the common opposition of Christianity, and both have an affinity for horned archetypes.

Some in Satanism and from the Pagan side of the fence are exploring building bridges through social media.  A reader of this blog has started a site on Facebook called The Devils Due for Satanists and Pagans to share ideas and network.  An experimental social site by those connected to the Greater Luciferian Church catering for Satanists, Pagans and Luciferians has also been created called the NLE Project.

Alleged Satanic ritual abuse case shows how gullible people are

Following my article earlier this month about hysteria in the UK involving allegations of a Satanic cult ritually abusing and killing children in London, the truth finally hit the newspapers after an in-depth investigation by a high court found that the allegations were a total fabricated fantasy.

What seemed to have started as two children caught “touching themselves” was blown into a full-scale Satanic fantasy involving hundreds of people, schools and businesses in the Hampstead area of London.  A weak-minded mother of two children was encouraged to assist a dominating new partner in her life, Abraham Christie, a man with a criminal history of dishonesty and violence, to torture and brainwash her children to make allegations of Satanic ritual abuse against scores of innocent people.

Newspapers such as Hampstead local newspaper Ham&High and UK national newspaper Guardian reported last week the conclusions of the High Court Judge Mrs Justice Pauffley, who condemned the actions of the mother, her partner Christie, and the army of gullible internet vigilantes that had inflicted serious emotional damage upon the children and many innocent people by inventing and repeating the fantasies of Satanic ritual abuse.

“The long term emotional and psychological harm of what was done to the children is incalculable. The impact of the internet campaign is likely to have the most devastating consequences for P and Q.”

The allegations included:

“Specifically, it was said that babies were supplied from all over the world. They were bought, injected with drugs and then sent by TNT or DHL to London. The assertions were that babies had been abused, tortured and then sacrificed. Their throats were slit, blood was drunk and cult members would then dance wearing babies’ skulls (sometimes with blood and hair still attached) on their bodies. All the cult members wore shoes made of baby skin produced by the owner of a specified shoe repair shop.”

It was claimed that people might enjoy cooked baby with their fries at the local McDonald’s restaurant:

“Rituals were performed, so it was claimed, in an upstairs room at the McDonald’s restaurant where the “boss” allowed child sacrifice because he was a member of the cult. Human babies were prepared, cooked in the ovens within a secret kitchen and then eaten by cult members.”

Whilst studying all the video tapes, audio and the many internet postings on this Satanic ritual abuse case, the misanthropic attitude of this Satanicviews writer hit a new low, questioning how gullible so many people could be to believe and propagate such fantasies.  Since the findings of the judge, the mindless fools who believe these SRA claims now allege the judge is also part of an ever-growing conspiracy, and when this writer challenged them, they included this writer in with the conspiracy.

The summary of the judge is here, who made a great statement relevant to all the Satanic ritual abuse claims, none that have ever been proved:

“The individuals who have watched online film clips, read online articles and believed in the allegations would do well to reflect that ‘things may not be what they seem’ and that it is all too easy to be duped on the basis of partial information. There are many campaigning people, sadly, who derive satisfaction from spreading their own poisonous version of history irrespective of whether it is true or not”

A spring equinox solar eclipse on 20 March

For readers in Europe 20 March next week marks a natural double-event: the Spring Equinox and a solar eclipse.

The North of this world enjoys the Spring Equinox when day and night are equal on 20 March, whilst the South of this world moves towards Winter with the Autumn Equinox.  In the late morning 20 March Europe, with parts of Asia and Africa, will be rewarded with a solar eclipse plunging day into darkness over a period of two hours.  Svalbard in Norway and the Faeroe Isles will have a full solar eclipse, whilst locations such as London will experience a partial eclipse with as much as 90% of the sun blocked out.

Whats in a name? Satanism

In a world obsessed with image and branding it is occasionally suggested that Satanists should rebrand themselves with a new name, as if a new name will exorcise two thousand years of negative narrative against Satanism.  In truth most Satanists care nothing for what others think, but for practical reasons must hide their Satanism from others because of the negative stigma that is attached to Satanism.

Satanism is a word, it is what the individual Satanist brings to the table that defines what Satanism is to that individual, rippling out to define Satanism to the rest of the world.  Satanism to me is a powerful and effective paradigm, but there are too many people who enter Satanism who pollute the Satanic worldview with mediocrity and stupidity.  I offer three strong qualities of Satanism, and how some fail to aspire to these qualities.

1. Critical Thinking.

Many come to Satanism because they asked questions whilst involved with the organized religions such as Christianity, their questions met with hostility, silence or ineffective answers.  These individuals turn to alternative religions and philosophies for their answers, arriving eventually to Satanism.  The ability to question, to look for the truth behind the manipulation, ignorance and falsehood is the mark of a liberated wise individual.

Too many come to Satanism, taking upon themselves this name, but seem unable or unwilling to accept the quality of critical thinking.  These people set up and join groups such as Joy of Satan which embrace the same desire of the organized religions to deny the quality of critical thinking of their membership.  One Joy of Satan member wrote on a recent Satanic forum that he was kicked out of JOS for asking questions; he like most former JOS members on leaving that group express an incredible naivety and lack of understanding of Satanism, born out of the suppression of critical thinking in that group.

2. Individualism.

Individualism is a major quality of the Satanist, the individual who has embraced a path away from conformity and slavery to the herd.  Many in Satanism are critical of the organized religions, the sheep-like behavior of most of the followers of those religions. Large numbers of Satanists ironically behave like sheep, flocking to the group farms of groups such as Joy of Satan and Church of Satan.  It seems to me a sheep in the Roman Catholic Church is no different to the sheep in the Church of Satan.

3. Authority.

A Satanic quality is that the individual has chosen to be the primary authority in their own life.  Large numbers of Satanists have chosen to place groups, dogma, other Satanists and even Satan as the primary authority in their own lives, they choose to put themselves in the position of a slave to an external authority.

In the Joy of Satan, the spaceman they call “Father Satan” is always the master over the Satanist, and the leader of JOS, who profitably milks the JOS members like so many cows, tells the members how to think and act.  Peter H Gilmore and his partner runs Church of Satan as a personal business, charging gullible Satanists $200 plus other fees for a membership card of his “church” without any other benefits.  The COS seeks to be the primary authority of Satanism in their members lives, defining all aspects of Satanism as per the definitions of Gilmore and Anton Lavey,  expelling members who disagree with their views.

A name is defined by the qualities the Satanist brings to the name.

The name Satanist is a word, it becomes whatever qualities Satanists bring to the word.  I am sorry to suggest that over half of Satanists are little different from any follower of the organized religions, a sheep dressed up like a Satanist.  Embracing critical thinking, individualism and the choice of placing all external authorities as second in authority to self in the individuals own life are in my opinion the three initial basic steps the individual Satanist should be taking if they really value being a Satanist; a change of name is meaningless.

Satanic books stolen from libraries

Satanists looking for books on Satanism in their local libraries in Eastern Oregon USA may be disappointed to find that their library is no longer stocking such books thanks to unknown thieves stealing all the books and failing to return them.  Books on the occult, black magic and Satanism have been vanishing as quickly as they are being replaced, costing the libraries great expense, resulting in their decision not to replace the books.  Another favorite book for the thieves are books on mushroom identification.  Satanists can find plenty of free resources on any Satanic subject on the internet, including at this resource.

Satanic Ritual Abuse hysteria hits Britain

New allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse have exploded recently onto the internet as the conspiracy theorists and Christian evangelists use two children as pawns to associate Satanists with the ritual abuse of children.

In September 2014 a brother and sister, evidently under coaching from their mother and her new partner “Abraham,” made allegations against a London primary school, their father, teachers, other school children and their parents of ritual sexual abuse.  Allegations included that babies were brought into the school, tortured with rat traps, murdered and eaten by the teachers, parents and pupils.  The police investigation found no case to answer, the children retracted their claims, saying Abraham had through violence and pressure caused them to make the claims.

The children were taken into care, their father was given access to them.  The legal representative for the children released the police interviews and other video testimony onto the internet revealing all the claims, identifying innocent people who were subject to the allegations.  The internet conspiracy bloggers and other self appointed activists have during February 2015 spread the allegations which has caused a lot of distress to innocent people.  The legal representative fled to Germany having broken the law by releasing the videos.

Because of legal and privacy issues Satanicviews needs to be cautious about what it can write about this case, but we feel it is in the public interest to provide links to some of the content to give the reader a useful insight in these false allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse: how it can arise; the ease that a suggestible and imaginative child can be manipulated to say the most outrageous of stories; the ease by which adults can believe and propagate false abuse allegations without applying any critical thinking.    We warn UK residents to be careful about what they write on this case as they could be in contempt of court.

Detroit Satanists go to war over animal sacrifice

In the former car manufacturing city of Detroit, the modern definition of a city in rapid decline, goats walk around nervously, as Satanists from oppositional points of view clash on the question of animal sacrifice in Satanism.

Like most issues connected to Satanism the sinister goings on in Detroit is complicated by personality and politics.  On one side of the Satanic divide is one of the more successful and pro-active of the chapters of the Satanic Temple, the Detroit Chapter, represented by atheistic-leaning Satanists who oppose animal sacrifice.  The opposing side is the pro-animal sacrifice members of the Temple of Satan based in Detroit under the leadership of a well-known colorful character in theistic Satanism called Tom Raspotnik, better known as Tom Blackwood.

Since the Detroit chapter of the Satanic Temple was founded in 2014 Tom Raspotnik has been engaged in a highly emotive campaign to discredit them by making various allegations, attracting the attention of lawyers representing the Satanic Temple to issue legal proceedings to curb his notorious habit to try to destroy the reputations of rival Satanic individuals or groups.

The very public clash between the two Satanic groups resulted in an article in the USA Today where Raspotnik put on public record his support for animal sacrifice:

“I’ve also just killed a goat and buried it,” he said. “I just don’t think it’s that phenomenal to eat.”

The media and internet flame war between the two Satanic groups involving allegations of harassment and criminal conduct took a new twist when members of the Satanic Temple started a campaign against animal sacrifice.  Attention was drawn to an article in the media of the find of a baby goat that appeared to have been sacrificed and burnt, dumped in a public place in Detroit in August 2014, one month before the USA today article appeared revealing Raspotnik’s interest in sacrificing goats.  Members of the Satanic Temple started a petition on against the Temple of Satan sacrificing animals in Satanic rituals, attracting at the time of writing nearly 1000 signatures.  Raspotnik responded on his own blog claiming to be a victim of harassment by members of the Satanic Temple, and defending his right to sacrifice animals under US laws, comparing it as no different from eating meat.

Satanicviews considers the sacrifice of animals for religious purposes as backward, offering no tangible advantage to a Satanist.  Whilst killing animals to defend the self from harm or for food is justified, the killing of animals on the basis of faith believing that it confers some advantage to the Satanist is a waste of an animal’s life.  The ongoing inane arguments between Temple of Satan and the Satanic Temple shows why the individual should seriously think about walking a path without affiliation to Satanic groups.