A view on the taxation of religion

I agree and disagree with the prevailing viewpoint of Satanists that churches should be taxed.

In agreement, I believe that the business activities of a religion should be taxed.  In disagreement with many Satanists I consider there should be no taxation of donations to churches.  If I want to donate my money to anyone or anything I have no wish the State taking some of the donation from me in taxation.  My earnings have already been taxed, I find it disagreeable that my earnings donated to another party must be taxed again.  Similarly, any activities that might be considered charitable activities such as helping the homeless should be exempt from taxation.

What do you think?

Difference between wisdom and knowledge

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”  Leonardo da Vinci

What is the difference between wisdom and knowledge?

Scholar v’s entrepreneur
The scholar studies for an academic qualification called a Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A.) which is the study of business administration, they pass with the highest mark possible, but they have never run a business.  A person leaves school with no qualifications, they become an entrepreneur, suffering over ten years numerous business failures and error, but then in their tenth year run a stable and growing business.  

Who should I employ: scholar or entrepreneur?
Question, if I start a new business venture, who am I likely to employ, the scholar or the entrepreneur? Answer, the entrepreneur.  I prize wisdom more highly than knowledge, the entrepreneur has gained abundant wisdom through experience and action; the entrepreneur may have no knowledge of the theory of selling, but they are an expert on selling because they “know” about selling through experiential doing.  Knowledge is nice to have but the scholar has no way of knowing how to match knowledge to situations because they have never actively applied knowledge through experiential doing.

Wisdom can never be taught, only gained through experiential doing.
All Satanism on the internet is knowledge.  There is no way of knowing if the Satanist who writes about Satanic theory on the internet is merely a scholar or one who is wise through the experiential doing of Satanism in their everyday lives.  When I write about my ideas on Satanism on this blog I occasionally am challenged to prove it; I refuse to validate my ideas because I “know” through experiential doing what works and what fails.  The only way that the individual can know the truth of what I write is for them to get off their bum and do it.  No amount of verbosity will validate an idea to an individual who has never experientially done it, for they have only knowledge but no wisdom.  Wisdom can never be taught, shown or given, it is down to the individual to discover for themselves the truth of knowledge through its experiential application.  I have no time to waste on the lazy, ignorant and stupid, which are all marks of those with no wisdom, even if they can present an impressive Satanic verbal construct of knowledge on an internet forum.

The individual and internet Satanic groups

On a certain internet forum for about two weeks has been an argument raging principally between two people asserting their dominion over a dying and discredited Satanic group.  In the argument is the name dropping of countless anonymous pseudonyms allegedly as authorities of the group, which led to one outsider commentator asking if all these people are real.

Satanism on the internet is word-soup, all Satanic groups on the internet are run by one or a few people, often using multiple online personas using group status to assert their authority over Satanism.  Even the Church of Satan since the death of its founder Anton LaVey is no more than a badly run marketing operation, with an excel membership list and a jazzed-up website run by a husband-wife team based in New York.

Satanic real-life presence is mostly individuals, most who like me won’t go round with “Satanist” labelled to our forehead.  There might be a few Right Hand Path group-minded Satanic cults around, but Satanists mainly come together in real life only when there is a conference or festival.

My Satanic online presence is limited to this blog, and I am helping with an information site for independent Satanists, these are ways that I manifest my creative Satanic will on the internet, and hopefully it benefits others in the process, but I see no point going beyond this.  One has to be mindful that all internet Satanic groups are nothing more than a few egotistical people running group-minded operations that benefit themselves at the expense of their followers.

A planned website for independent Satanists

isatan.info is a proposed source of quality information for the Independent Satanist on the internet.
isatan.info is a proposed source of quality information for the Independent Satanist on the internet.

If you use a search engine to find information on independent Satanism you will find it hard to get quality information.  Satanism on the internet is heavily influenced by group-minded Satanism, the relatively new paradigm of independent Satanism is poorly represented on the web.

I have teamed up with others to see if we can offer a site for independent Satanists.  Though a domain is in place, as is a host, there is nothing currently to see on the proposed site called www.isatan.info.

The domain name for isatan was chosen on the basis that “i” can mean independent, individual and of course me or you.  “info” means it is an information site.  The isatan logo is the chemical structure for Isatan B, which is a component of the pigment in the plant woad, which is used as a dye in the textile industry since neolithic times. The logo symbolizes knowledge by which the Independent Satanist can construct their personal path.

The goal of isatan is to provide a site which gives quality information on a 1-to-1 basis.  We are looking at some form of artificial intelligence such as a chatbot acting as the interface for the Satanist to interact with on the site.

This is an interesting project, and is going to be something of a trial and error, with plenty of errors before we get it right.

Satanic creativity and strategy

A ten ton boulder rolling down a hill towards your home.  Is it productive to place a hand out to stop the boulder, or create a diversion further down the hill to divert the boulder away from the home?  You might agree that a diversion is a better policy than attempting to physically stop the boulder’s momentum.

Opposing the old is inefficient, better to add something new.
Many Satanists still entertain the policy of opposing metaphorical boulders, opposing for instance the tyranny of State or Church in might is right contests, often to no effect.  Satanic creativity offers an alternative policy where the Satanist takes a strategic viewpoint where they add something extra to the equation that creates an outcome they desire, the equivalent of creating a diversion in the path of the boulder.  A war of attrition against an object of tyranny is energy inefficient, trying to stop an object under motion of its own nature requires a huge outlay of energy, and leads to highly unpredictable results.  Better to add something extra, thus change outcomes in energy-efficient predictable ways.

The success of The Satanic Temple adding the new rather than opposing the old.
The Satanic Temple for instance is using Satanic creativity, adding something new, which then creates stunningly effective results, for instance, rather than directly opposing the Christians pushing the ten commandments monument onto the State of Oklahoma, The Satanic Temple added something new to the equation to the horror of Christians, their own Satanic statue.

The success of President Putin over the Crimea.
I watch with some admiration the strategy over the Crimea by Russian President Putin who effected a beautiful Sun Tzu outcome of victory without a fight.  In opposition NATO nations protests are ineffectual noise revealing the manifest weakness of leaders such as US President Obama.  The Satanic creative approach to the Ukraine question is adding a new variable into the equation of what is likely a predictable future act of Putin to annex more Ukraine territory to his empire, which is barracking NATO troops across the Russian/Ukraine border, a new variable that will effectively stop Putin from considering any further expansion at the expense of the Ukraine.

Opposing what already exists without adding something new is ineffective.
That already exists has its own nature and momentum, it is a form of kinetic energy in motion under its own inherent pattern, something which makes such objects difficult to oppose.   It is easier, energy-effective and more certain by placing into the world something that did not exist before, with a nature you created and launched with energy that you gave it, the new object interacts with the old object creating a more stable and predictable outcome, such as diverting a metaphorical boulder away from your house.

Use strategy and new variables to win.
If the Satanist can think of their world as a Go board, they can place new variables onto the board to change outcomes without using any attrition-based tactic.  The capture of space as Putin did with the Crimea with little bloodshed is the highest form of victory as per Sun Tzu, this is done through effective strategy and placing into the world new variables rather than opposing existing variables.

Might is Right

Two bored cops stop me at night to search me.  I have done nothing wrong, the cops reason for stopping me is legally weak, I refuse to be searched.  The cops call for back up, there are now four of them against me.  My refusal to be searched leads to me being thrown against a car, injured, and handcuffed.  The police search me, and let me go.  Despite my Satanic bravado against an expression of tyranny, the tyrant won the battle through might is right.

Might is right is another way of saying that I am right because I am stronger than you.  I read every so often a Satanist proclaiming the ideal of might is right, which might work if you have strength on your side, but is this an ideal strategy for the Satanist to pursue?

Just like my story with the cops, the Satanist is always going to be out matched by the majority.  There are at best 100,000 Satanists in the world, and if we were to enter into a war with 3 billion Christians-Muslims, we would in a might is right contest get destroyed.  The Satanist is at heart an individual, and even if organized into a group, the majority would still be stronger than the Satanist.  In addition, Satanism will always be a minority outlook, in part due to genetics and part due to the challenges it can entail on the individual.

In conclusion might is right is an idea that will be of no use to Satanists, since we are out-gunned.  There are alternatives to might is right, which I will explore in later blog posts.

The Satanist and the Reverse-Christian

Reverse-Christianity is a pseudo-Satanic form which believes and behaves according to the typical Christian interpretation of Satanism that it is connected to murder and sexual abuse.  Meet Michael Leehan who is a typical Reverse-Christian, his story is worth reading because it highlights a number of common themes of Reverse-Christians.

Leehan comes to Satanism in reaction to his Christian and abusive upbringing, for instance suffering red pepper shoved up his nose by grandma.  Leehan suffers what mental health experts would diagnose as symptoms of mental illness: self-harming; suicidal thoughts; hearing voices; hallucinations and psychotic thoughts of killing people.  A mentally ill psychopath Leehan sits in a church planning to kill a pastor before a miraculous conversion.

“Whenever Leehan attends LifeChurch today, he sits in the front row, immediately in front of the pastor he intended to kill. But now during the worship, his hands are raised in the air, praising God, joyful and free.”

In Satanism the Reverse-Christian is easily spotted because they are either talking about or encouraging murder of other people, the fictional enemy that is the target of their psychopathic hate.  In real life it seems always the cat who gets murdered, since the unhappy cat is to the Reverse-Christian what a chicken is to a Voodoo priest. Said Leehan:

“Typically I would light candles, pray to Satan, and wait for things to happen. There was nearly always blood spilled. It was usually mine, but at times it was a neighborhood animal, usually a cat.”

From the cat the Reverse-Christian moves onto larger targets such as killing babies or murdering then skinning their mother, the sort of sensational headlines that give all Satanists a bad rap.

Predictably, during their time amongst Satanists the Reverse-Christian remains slavish to dogma and groups, they are attracted to mingle with other angry and hateful psychopaths that share their murderous intent towards selected segments of society they declare as their enemy.

When caught for some newsworthy crime the Reverse-Christian blames Satan, since it is their slavish way to pass on responsibility for their activities.  What is funny is that the Reverse-Christian is as quick and enthusiastic in slaving to Jesus as they was to Satan, as Leehan’s story confirms.

The finances of the Church of Satan

A great question from a reader on my article about the $200 membership fee of the Church of Satan, asked what these membership fees were being spent on.  The question had my nose twitching, the inner Sherlock Holmes was manifesting within me.  So off digging I went for the accounts of COS.

Tax status of the Church of Satan
COS pays tax as per its policy that all “churches” should pay tax in the USA on their income as published in their document Pentagonal Revisionism: A Five-Point Program by Anton LaVey.

“2. Strict taxation of all churches
If churches were taxed for all their income and property, they’d crumble overnight of their own obsolescence, and the National Debt would be wiped out as quickly. The productive, the creative, the resourceful should be subsidized. So long as the useless and incompetent are getting paid, they should be heavily taxed.”

Members are encouraged to make donations to COS but their donations are not tax deductible.  Membership fees go through a business name called Hell’s Kitchen Productions, which is not to be confused with an international film company of the same name.  The administrative office of COS is in New York.  The business is not incorporated thus is a trading name in the legal sense of Mr X York trading as Hell’s Kitchen Productions.  For the purposes of taxation the person or partnership who trades as Hells Kitchen Productions are the ones who are taxed and must file tax returns for the business.

Business address
COS trades through a New York based PO Box.  It is only possible to reveal the address behind the PO Box with a court order.  An easier way to find out the real business address is to do some cross referencing.  Wikipedia reveals the COS headquarters was moved to Hells Kitchen in Manhattan, New York, hence the name “Hells Kitchen Productions.”  A look at the bio of the administrative head of COS Peter Gilmore reveals he is also based in Hells Kitchen.

Cross referencing Peter H Gilmore with that of his wife Margaret Nadramia (known on COS as Peggy Nadramia) on White Pages for New York reveals his address.  Google reveals pictures of the address which is an apartment based above a parade of shops.  On appearances the area Peter Gilmore lives in is grubby and suggests COS is not making him rich.  Information suggests that the COS income is going to Gilmore and/or his wife, who are the ones who will be paying tax on it to the IRS.

Public interest
As a Satanist I respect the privacy of the individual, thus I won’t publish the address of Gilmore and his wife, nor any other personal information relating to them.  However, in the matter of the Church of Satan, if I find any information on income and expenditure I am going to publish based on public interest.  Firstly, the Church of Satan claims to represent all Satanists in the media, in so doing it forfeits privacy just as any lobbyist or politician will do.  Second, the COS is soliciting membership fees, donations and other services from Satanists around the world, and they are entitled to know what their donations and membership fees is being spent on.  I am only interested in the Hells Kitchen Productions income and expenditure, not any unrelated income an individual such as Gilmore may be earning such as his composing.

If I succeed, I shall publish some juicy figures relating to the Church of Satan accounts in a future blog post.

Church of Satan membership, a review.

I thought it fun to review what an individual gets from paying $200 to be a member of the Church of Satan.  Answer, f*ck all.

Reading through the membership pages of the CoS it quickly becomes apparent that the member is considered a cash cow who serves to benefit the hierarchy of CoS rather than gain any personal benefit from the membership.

Starting from the “Join the Church of Satan” page the prospective member is invited to purchase The Satanic Bible, which is fair enough, but the benefits of the membership process sinks like the ship Titanic after that.  Peter Gilmore the current CoS leader exploits the membership process by suggesting a member purchases his book The Satanic Scriptures, so the individuals choice to join is “an informed one.” There follows verbose ego-stroking junk to pamper the prospective members ego into joining:

“We are a group of dynamic individuals who stand forth as the ultimate underground alternative—the Alien Elite. We realize what we have, what we are, and what we shall become. Our scope is unlimited, and the extent of your involvement is based upon your own potential.”

Then comes the financial sting – $200 membership fee, $208 if you pay via PayPal. The “registered” membership application asks the individual to agree the following:

“I recognize that failure to practice the principles of the Church of Satan and/or engaging in illegal activity may result in termination of this membership.”

The member is trapped into a predefined dogma that they must follow, otherwise they can at the subjective judgement of the CoS leadership be kicked out of CoS without refund of membership fee.  Similarly, the CoS prefers conformity and total slavery to the law, however unfair, so no speeding, and if you live in the UK, no eating mince pies on Christmas Day, plus always pay the Christian demands for the upkeep of their churches.

The priorities of CoS are not member-orientated, and their administration is so crap that it takes 16 weeks to process a “registered” membership application,  and a year for an “active” membership application. I just loved the following statement:

“Our administrative staff’s time is precious—isn’t yours?”

Evidently the CoS thinks their members are so worthless that they have more important things to do with their “administrative staff’s time” than offer an efficient membership application process and answer member questions.  The CoS goes to some length to rationalize their excessive membership fee comparing it to that of the “tithes” of Christian churches.

The “Registered Membership in the Church of Satan” page contains mostly CoS-centric verbal masturbation whilst making imperialistic demands of the member to “follow” them on Twitter.  Hidden inside all the verbal waffle is two membership benefits: “embossed crimson card declaring you a member of the Church of Satan” and on request an exclusive right to join their e-mail list to be bombarded by marketing and CoS indoctrination.

If the above two benefits did not enthuse the prospective member to hammer down the CoS door to become one of the exclusive sheep, then by submitting answers to an invasive questionnaire they can apply to become an “Active” member.  Metaphorically the spelling mistake on their “Active” member page for membership spelt as “mebership” is the reason why they need to take a year to work out if a member is worthy of the title.  The “Active” membership application seems to be more a way of how CoS can exploit any inherent skills, connections, wealth and influence that the applicant may have for the CoS benefit rather than for the individuals benefit.

Membership of CoS is incredibly restrictive, for instance the member cannot conflict with each other: “however they must refrain from publicly attacking or antagonizing each other.”  In addition any aspect of the individual’s Satanism is required to be consistent with CoS dogma, whilst they cannot join any other Satanic group, show disrespect to CoS or any of its officers.

In conclusion, does the CoS offer a Satanist a tangible benefit in joining for $200? CoS says:

“So, our reasoning is quite simple, and we think it is a bargain. If you disagree, then you don’t have to affiliate with us.”

In my opinion most intelligent Satanists can probably work out that there are better ways of spending $200 than pampering Peter Gilmore’s ego and bank account.

Sinister goings on at church

Do you ever wonder what really goes on in some local churches? Gather a few Christians, add some imaginative reverse-Christian devil worship, throw in a couple of children, and you have a juicy orgy worthy of a television show by HBO.  The UK-based Daily Mail runs a sensationalized “exclusive” on the Christian Hosanna Church in the USA whose Christian members indulge in full-scale ritual abuse of children over many years, an activity that is often blamed on Satanists.

“He described chanting around the child – Trey Bernard’s daughter, barely one year old at the time – before killing a cat, draining its blood and each drinking it.”

It is often the case that when a claim of ritual abuse emerges it is either pure fantasy, or one where a Christian or ignorant occult dabbler has used their interpretation of Satanism as a mask to sexually abuse children.

In the backward-thinking African continent Christian evangelists have got their interpretation of Satanism down to an art form.   Doing its rounds in African media outlets is the story of a 21-year-old under a pseudonym of Steven Kofi who sold his soul and sacrificed his manhood:

“The devil demanded that I make three wishes from him, which I consented to, that I want to be famous, wealthy and live long.”

Evidently the confession of sacrificing babies did not lead to murder charges:

“I joined the church of Satan, I sacrificed a baby, I drank blood and so many other things, which I shouldn’t have done.”

But like all good fairy tales there was a happy ending, as a Christian church saved the unhappy fool, who miraculously grew a new penis in the process.

“On his manhood that was restored during the deliverance session, Kofi said “I give God all the glory that my manhood was restored back, am happy now that I can make more babies again.””