Satanic Views will go inactive one year

Hello everyone.  I have decided to put this blog into hibernation one year.

This weekend I was reflecting upon my relationship with the internet.  The Left Hand Path in my opinion is the path of wisdom and knowledge.  Wisdom comes from experience, and knowledge comes from the senses, both the senses and experience is grounded in nature, the concrete reality of the real world.  As a tool of information the internet is useful on many levels, but it is also a source of fantasy, dishonesty and mediocrity.  There is no wisdom or knowledge that comes from the internet, and because it is not grounded in the concreteness of the real world, allows most people to fly off into abstraction and fantasy.

As a medium of communication, the internet follows the well trodden path of other mediums of communication such as the bards, the printing press, radio, television, newspaper, that always seem to become corrupted by fictions and deceit.  I am at the point of a personal re-orientation of my relationship with the internet in the same manner as I had with the television, which years ago I got rid of and refused to watch again.

Although I will still use the internet, there will be certain activities that I am going to stop for the moment, including blogging, whilst I work out in my mind my future relationship with this double-edged technology.  I have mentioned in previous blog posts my support of Artificial Intelligence, and I would like to explore this path in relation with the internet for a while without other internet distractions.

I would like to thank everyone for their comments and reading my many posts.  I wish you all well.  This blog remains open for all to read, but no further posts will be made for around a year.  Thank you.




The Satanic relationship to technology


Technology either liberates or enslaves.  Technology is a tool, the individual is either the slave or the master of the tool.  This blog post addresses the relationship between Satanist and technology, based on two principles:

  1. The Satanist is the principle authority over their own life.
  2. Satanism is a path of wisdom born of experience.

The smartphone

The smartphone is a tool, an example of a technology that many individuals use each day.

When there is an accident, or a beautiful rainbow or a child is singing a funny song, the instinctive reaction of many is to film it on their smartphone.  The smartphone causes the individual to have a relationship to the event of observer rather than of experience, there is no wisdom born of this action.  Technology commonly becomes the barrier of experience, the individual is the perpetual onlooker, an activity of ignorance rather than of wisdom.

Many individuals post their photos and film to social media.  Their motivation for this activity is the seeking of approval of others.  The individual becomes the slave of the judgement and approval of external authorities to praise them for the content they shared and posted to social media.

How many allow their smartphone to spy on them, or allow marketing people to cold call and spam them with unwanted products and services? In these situations the individual is the slave to the smartphone.

The smartphone is an example of the many interactions the individual has with technology, the question is if the individual is the master or slave, and if their tool is one that enhances wisdom through experience, or consigns the individual to ignorant passivity as an observer of their life and environment.

The ideal of technology becoming alike to a daemonic familiar. 

People in the movie Golden Compass had a constant spirit companion called a daemon, similar to the idea that Satanists in bygone years had daemonic familiars acting in their service.  I consider the ideal technological tool to be a living organic entity in the service of their user.  The tool in this situation places the individual always in a position of authority and experience rather than as a passive observing slave.  The Satanist always has the choice to examine their relationship with technology at each moment, asking the question of if in that moment they are master or slave, and on the path of wisdom through experience or of ignorance as a passive observer.