Why is it people are unhappy?

Jeanette Archer is a promoter of Satanic Ritual Abuse fictions, who attended a London protest in order to push a fiction that the Prime Minister is a Satanist, and that the rulers of the UK drink the blood of children in Satanic rituals. Archer is a an unhappy person, who is determined to share her misery with others. If Archer was determined to help manifest a better world for children, she has chosen instead to darken the world with fantasy and predatory delusion.

It was a strange contrast as terrible images of Arab and Jew killing each other in the Middle East bombarded the consumer in the media, that I saw a a video of a child and dog mindlessly delighting in jumping around on a trampoline, oblivious of the problems of the world. Such a contrast begs the question, why can’t people be happy? If the individual has the basics of food, water, shelter, clothing and warmth; why are they so unhappy?

There has always been injustice and terrible events in the world. As a historian, I am well aware of the situation of hundreds of years ago when the world was riven with war, disease and famine; where people were restricted in their social mobility by reason of class and poverty; when the most basics of life was not guaranteed. I know of a Europe for example composed of hundreds of states, ruled by aristocracy and priests; where people constantly suffered from the political and religious mechanications of the rulers.

It confuses me as to why in a time when things are so much better than in former times, that people seem determined by choice to be miserable and dissatisfied with their lives. People seem determined to protest, riot and create havoc for even the most smallest of reasons. Being in Europe, or out of it, makes no difference to most people. If it was Trump or Biden, or someone else in power, for most people, it has no great impact. Yet, people seem driven to make what goes on at the top, which often has insignificant impact upon themselves, as being central to their lives.

If people really desired to make the difference in world problems, then they failed to arm themselves with the facts of the real causes to do anything about it. Many follow the child called Greta Thunberg, with her idealistic and simplistic ignorant notions of climate change. Thunberg talks about human impact on climate change due to fossil fuels, ignoring the politically inconvenient reality that farming to feed the consumer their McDonalds burgers and milkshakes is the greatest cause of climate change. Thunberg talks about carbon dioxide, but does not put emphasis on methane: which is having a fast and greater impact on climate change; caught in a feedback loop of melting the polar ice, releasing more trapped methane. Thunberg misses the obvious backwards and forwards natural cycles of history in nature of climate; and does not push significant solutions such as tree planting.

On the covid issues. People waste vast resources of time, money and energy protesting lockdown and vaccine measures against covid. Where is the mention of the “wet markets” that caused the covid to emerge in the first place? “Wet markets” where poached animals from across the globe are kept in close confinement in the worst of conditions, that goes on still, and remains a source for future virus plagues like covid.

As a campaigner on child protection issues, I am confused by why people desire to invent problems which actually undermine child protection, such as the QAnon notion that an international cabel of rulers eat babies. There is the promoter of Satanic Ritual Abuse fantasies called Jeanette Archer: who yesterday calls the Prime Minister of the UK a Satanist; screaming about babies being drained of their blood to feed the elites their dose of Adrenochrome; who knowingly pushes false stories of businesses selling dolls as being fronts for selling children to be sacrificed to Satan. It is as if the ugly and twisted things that go on against children is not enough, to invent something more terrible. The sad truth is, with all these fake inventions, the real issues that children face are ignored and forgotten in favour of fantasy.

Despite all this noise, I return back to the image of that happy child and dog mindlessly enjoying the simple pleasures of the trampoline. I can step back from the mess of the world, knowing that things will run according to their own time and nature, and that things will resolve themselves. I can leave Jeanette Archer to get on screaming her fictions at a world that mostly ignores her, but must intervene when the happy child on the trampoline is being impacted by her, as she has done with some children. But it does beg the question, why people must be so determined to be unhappy, and dump that misery on others, as Archer has been doing.