Satanic authenticity

Like a mosquito buzzing my ear, lack of authenticity seriously annoys me.  Recent reports of the ISIS fighters in Iraq imposing a tax on Christians is another example of lack of authenticity, since such a tax is a contract between an Islamic state and the individual which offers the Christian protection.  ISIS is not an Islamic state, nor do they have the ability or stability to protect Christians.  Islam in theory has its prohibitions, which includes not raping people and leaving civilians unmolested, but then ISIS raped a Christian family who were unable to pay the tax.

If an individual declares themselves a Muslim they enter into an understanding with their religion of abiding by rules, values and ways of doing things, which makes them a Muslim.  If the Muslim has chosen not to abide by their religious values, then they cannot expect respect or the right to declare themselves a Muslim.  I know of someone who went to join ISIS, and then had all their property stolen by their fellow jihadists; I am sure Islam has a prohibition on theft.

If I was in command of a Satanic brigade fighting ISIS I will be authentic to my personal Satanic values, which includes a black flag policy of execution.  People might condemn me by their personal values by fighting a war with no mercy or exceptions.  I would be authentic in that I will kill every ISIS member I come across, and that would include children or the injured, begging for mercy.  ISIS will come to know my type of Satanism, the power of my Satanism being that I live what I believe in deed and attitude.

It does not matter what values, rules or ideas you live by in your Satanism, but if you want the respect of others you better be authentic in keeping to them, or you are nothing.

Defend your personal space

A Christian evangelist stopped me today, forcing a religious leaflet into my hands.  When I told the evangelist I was not a Christian he had the arrogance to tell me I was a Christian today.  I then told him I was a Satanist, then I walked away as he mumbled about me burning in hell.

My experience with this religious salesperson reminded me that it is down to each individual Satanist to defend their personal spaces from invasion by others.  Nobody will defend our personal spaces for us, if we fail to enforce strong personal boundaries against those that would use and abuse us, we will be invaded and raped of everything we hold sacred.  There are millions like the religious rat I met today, which includes Satanists. As always responsibility remains with the individual Satanist to filter out the garbage of the world as we walk the path of becoming the gods in our own lives.

The subject of revenge

A savage murder. A radio show phone in talks of revenge.  Anonymous people on the internet talk of revenge.  News of the murder escalates overseas, and potential assassins are ordered to take revenge.

Although I have a certain connection to those impacted by the murder, I take an objective stance.  If for instance the psychopathic cult the Order of Nine Angles murdered someone in my community, I must take an objective stance of letting that go, it does not directly impact me.  If however, the Order of Nine Angles killed someone in my family, then I would hunt down the killers and the founder of the Order of Nine Angles David Myatt and exact revenge under the philosophy of blood fued.  Even though I no longer talk to certain members of my family who became Mormons, if they were to be murdered, I would go hunting for the killers, plus their leader.

I find that in modern society people need to poke their noses into other peoples lives which has no connection to them.  People make meaningless noises about revenge for the murder of someone they never met, had no blood relationship with, who they knew nothing about.  People live in other peoples shoes because their own lives are without meaning.  Revenge has its place, and only when it impacts the individual directly.

Liberty works both ways

The individual Satanist rejects conformity and slavery, favoring freedom to express their own individuality in their own unique way.  Liberty works both ways, if the Satanist demands the liberty to express their own mind, body and life as they would wish it, then they must afford that same desire to others to express their mind, body and life as they would like.

Liberty in my opinion is one of the foundation stones of Satanism, we demand the liberty to manifest our personal will to be our own god in our lives.  The Satanist opposes the priest, politician or marketing man who seeks to tell the Satanist how to think and act, opposes all conformity and slavery.  If we hold liberty as sacred in our own path, then we must allow others to express their own ideas in their own way, as longs as it does not infringe our own liberty.  Liberty cuts both ways.

Rejecting dogmatic extremism

The media are full of stories at the moment about an upsurge of Islamic extremism around the world from Iraq to Kenya.  The story is about a bunch of Muslims who think their truth is the only truth, and they seek to impose that truth upon others through terror and murder.  I personally don’t care about Muslims, I will leave them alone if they leave me alone.  I have a problem when a Muslim or other dogmatic slave imposes their truth upon me, and think they are justified to murder me if I disagree with them.

The beauty of the Left Hand Path is that truth is unique to each individual, ours is a path of individuality and selfhood, rejecting conformity and slavery to the group-mind such as Islam or Mormonism.  Each individual in the LHP are unique and their truth is relative to themselves, nobody in the LHP are alike in their ideas.

I have only one answer for those who seek to murder me unless I enslave myself to their subjective truth, I shall take up gun and bomb and oppose them as ruthlessly as they do towards me.  Fortunately I live in the West, so that the Muslims who are murdering their way across the Middle East and Africa are only a limited threat, however, even in Satanism we have our own dogmatic extremists, such as the Satanic cult the Order of Nine Angles (ONA), who also in their many trollish posts in internet forums echo the same mentality as an Al-Qaeda fanatic that they will murder Satanists who fail to share their narrow-minded outlook.

Truth is relative.  Truth are ideas which an individual subjectively believes is true.  Any idea can give rise in the mind of the fanatic a dogmatic extremist mentality to impose through force their relative truths upon others, thus fanaticism is not limited to religion, but to any situation involving ideas.  There may come a time in the future when the Satanist will have to face fanatics be they Christian, ONA or Muslim who are prepared to murder them and their family, and it is useful to ask yourself what you would do if that situation ever arose.

Webs on the crooked path

If the Satanic path was a crooked path, and things such as conformity were metaphorical spider web, and if you could see all those spider webs, you would be shocked how many there were to ensnare you in their enslaving embrace.  It is a challenging path the Satanist will walk, a journey that will go on unto the last breath of life.  At every step of the journey there are the spider webs, and if you should fall to them you are forced to waste precious time, energy and money to become free of them.  Part of the Satanic approach is to see the spider webs in order to avoid them every second of the day, every choice the Satanist makes.  The potential friend, are they really a friend, or are they another spider web waiting to entrap you? Is the choice you are making one that will increase your liberty, or push you further into slavery? The journey is yours to make, but watch always for the spider webs.