The curse of reverse Christianity

Reverse Christianity is an interpretation that Satanism is about rape and murder, propagated by Christians and Hollywood.  Satanists will often encounter reverse Christians who proclaim themselves as Satanists, and will promote murder and rape either in word or deed.

Satanism is and always will be a philosophy of the individual manifesting personal will to be their own god in their own lives, often in the face of conforming oppression.  Reverse Christianity is another of those traps that seek to imprison the individual into slavery, and thus its agents and ideas are better rejected wherever it is encountered by the individual Satanist.

Deceitful Christians, deceitful Satanists

I made a comment about the Christian Bible being one of the most blood thirsty books ever written on a blog, upon which a Christian replied saying that nobody should believe a Satanist as we are all deceitful.  In my view why would I be deceitful when the truth about the Christian Bible is more fun?

The Satanist knows that truth is relative, and also uses the legitimate tool of deceit to survive in a Christian-dominated world that is hostile to those of the Left Hand Path.  The Christian actually believes their own deceits including that everyone is born a sinner, their Bible is the literal word of their god, and that only their Jesus can save them, amongst hundreds of other deceits.  I would suggest the Satanist lives the more authentic life of the real rather than a Christian who enslaves themselves in their own delusional deceit.