Satanic Temple creates first local chapter in Detroit

The New York based Satanic Temple is expanding its Satanic brand by creating fifteen local chapters in the USA and overseas starting with its first in Detroit. The new chapter in Detroit is led by a thirty-something Satanist called Jex Blackmore who promises that they will not sacrifice children and animals or practice cannibalism, much to the disappointment of people such as the Order of Nine Angles followers.

The focus on a grassroots organization is nothing new in Satanism, something the Church of Satan for a time promoted with its grassroots Grotto system before abolishing the system in favour of central control.

The Greater Church of Lucifer for Luciferians also has similar plans for local chapters, though their plans have yet to manifest into tangible results.

Creating Satanic books for children and teens

Back in August I asked if any Satanists knew about any books for children and teens, and it appears there are none.  Most recently the Satanic Temple produced a controversial book for children as part of their latest campaign involving California schools.  This blog recognises there could be a need for age appropriate material for children of Satanists, for children aged under 13, and for teens aged 13 and upwards.

This writer is talking to others about forming an incorporated company, which will then attract funding to finance projects such as age appropriate Satanic books for children and teens.  Writers and illustrators would be commissioned to produce the books, which would be privately published and distributed through the company website plus other appropriate outlets.

Subjects that such books would cover would be to challenge stereotypes that the ignorant and Christian tend to paint of Satanism; various stories or myths associated with Satan; practical skills such as critical thinking; mental skills some call lesser magic such as visualisation, mentalism; strategies such as mentioned in the Laws of Power and the Art of War books; answering common questions as appear on question and answer internet sites on Satanism.

Business plans, research and development and various administrative actions have to take place before such projects could be launched, but this blog welcomes ideas and feedback on this proposal.

Satanic Temple reduces Satanism to a joke in the classroom

It causes me to feel cold when any organization or group seeks to target children in schools with indoctrination and propaganda.  In my view the Satanic Temple has moved a step too far by bringing religion and politics into the classroom with their latest campaign the Protect the Children Project.

In the USA the boundaries between religion and secularism in the public education system is becoming confused, not helped by the Satanic Temple pushing their brand of Satanism into schools.  Children need protecting from overzealous salespeople of any religion or politics, to learn and make up their own minds free from blatant brainwashing.  It is getting harder each day working out what the Satanic Temple is evolving into: a political group trying to push politics onto school kids?; a religious cult trying to indoctrinate children into a religion?; a group launching another satirical campaign using children as the butt of their joke?  I do not know, but I dislike where this is leading.

The publication the Satanic Temple wants to make available into schools makes Satanism look retarded.  In the age of internet technology no kid is going to be interested in a puzzle book.  The Satanic Temple educates school children with fantasy and stereotypes.  No teacher is going to allow or be seen to support Satanic rituals in their classroom.  Few Satanists go about in public wearing Satanic t-shirts or regalia beyond heavy metal music branding. The images of a Satanist with goofy teeth, nerdy glasses and so fat that their belly button hangs out of their t-shirt is hardly an attractive image of a typical Satanist.

Fortunately even most Satanists will view the efforts of the Satanic Temple to brainwash children with their naive and clownish version of Satanism is unwelcome and will be opposed.

Christian Day Warlock flushed down toilet

Christian Day is a self-described warlock in the pagan community, who considers himself more Satanic than Satanists, offers an interesting case study of a fame hungry fraud who destroyed himself when encouraging rapists to rape women much to the anger of all his customers in the pagan community.  Christian Day built up his personal brand of fantasy through manipulation of the gullible US media rather like the Satanic Temple has done, building up a successful business and personal reputation amongst the pagans and other dabblers of the occult.

Based in Salem USA, the location of famous witch trials, Christian Day enjoyed riding around the city in full warlock regalia on his motorbike whilst pitching himself to the world as the chief spokesperson of all pagans.  Christian Day in recent years made US headlines with a public cursing ceremony of Charlie Sheen for daring to describe himself as a warlock, and has claimed he now owns the warlock brand with his own unique definition of the word.  Though in the context Daniel Defoe uses warlock in his 1726 The History of the Devil he describes a warlock as a male witch:

“Of the Tools the Devil works with, (viz.) Witches, Wizards or Warlocks, …” (CHAP. IX)

Note Defoe lists witches, followed by wizards and the key word “or” to link wizards and warlocks together.  It is unfortunately the case that mostly all pantomime pagans or Satanists like Christian Day are theatrical clowns who are largely ignorant about the paths they parade about in clothed in their Halloween costumes.

Pagans love their female goddess archetypes so the worst thing a self-described pagan can do is to encourage people to rape women as Christian Day did during a trollish flame war between himself and other pagans.  Feeling it was his moral duty Christian Day has been outing fellow witches by publishing their personal details on the internet, and in one case of an individual claiming to be stalked he said:

“I hope your stalker has some fun with you… Oh, and by the way, if he rapes you, please call out my name while he does so.”

One thing a business brand does not do is upset its customers, and Christian Day managed to achieve a spectacular torpedo strike against his own business when he upset the pagan community, his potential customers, when he encouraged the rape of women.

I know that some pagans feel they are better than us Satanists, but then I see this clown Christian Day, and I ask “really?”