Rejecting celebrity obsession

There are a bunch of Satanists who appear unable to follow their own will but choose to preoccupy themselves on what another Satanist is doing.  A certain Satanist has decided on a life change, moving to a Satanic community that is being formed, other Satanists seem obsessed about what this Satanist is doing, wasting internet bandwidth judging the life style and choices of the target individual.

In the same manner as the above mentioned Satanists the average sheep is celebrity obsessed, following every small word and deed of media, sports or music celebrities.

Can the individual Satanist rise above the need to follow the lives of others and concentrate on their own self instead? Is it a surprise that so many sheep, and many Satanists, are failing to become a success in their own lives because they waste precious time, money and effort upon what others are doing?

Ignore the unworthy

Common amongst Satanists is drama or conflict.  Lately I see one notable Satanist demean himself by addressing unworthy individuals who have caused drama and conflict in his “lair.”

The moment the individual gives attention to the unworthy the individual gives power to the unworthy.  The individual is god in their own domain, there is no need to give attention to the unworthy by seeking validation, judgement or approval.  The unworthy are distractions to the attainment of personal power.  Ignoring the unworthy denies their power over self.