The challenge of the black box in AI

Human relationships with AI can be cooperative and beneficial if they are used, treated and taught properly.  Tell them to kill humans, they will learn that the lives of human beings is of low value. 

A black box is a situation where after feeding an input of information into a system people are unable to work out how the system arrived at its output.  Amongst the anxiety over AI is the challenge of the black box.  When a system arrives at a conclusion that is biased or hostile in the minds of the user, there are urgent calls to open the processes up for examination on how a system processes information.  Governments are considering legislation demanding AI developers make transparent how the systems they design process information.

It is delusional and backward to try to force developers to define how their AI black boxes work, since they do not know how their processes work, and the parallel systems are difficult to map.

The human brain is a black box, a mystery even to the self.  With systems becoming more like the human brain working on a parallel basis, with millions or billions of connections it is unsurprising nobody knows how the AI systems arrive at particular conclusions.  If the developer is forced to go down the linear path with their AI, it ceases to be useful as a tool because of the limitations that linear systems impose.

I personally am interested in a new way of looking at AI using complexity theory.  One bee is stupid, but ten thousand bees become self-organised and intelligent without any overall coordinator or leader.  In complexity theory when parts begin to differentiate and inter-relate with each other, there emerges a new layer of complexity that is greater than the sum of its parts, with its own properties and rules.  The human mind is an emergent layer, which has emerged out of the interactions of billions of brain cells.  Emergent layers are a type of black box as it is challenging to trace the layer back to any of its parts.

I believe that complexity theory holds the key to a true and powerful AI that is described as the Singularity.  These type of AI will have processes and systems too complicated to understand, so people of the future will have to accept that if they want true intelligence like this, then they will have to give up control and be ignorant about how the brains of these systems are working.

The ideal future is that the AI and the human work as a team in partnership, rather than one become the slave of the other.  I would like to see cooperation rather than control as being the lead word of the new AI future. How humanity uses, teaches and treats the AI of the future determines how these AI will treat us.

The internet, fake news and the expert

The internet is a double-edged sword as it makes information available to all, but drowns society in stupidity and fake news.

A friend of mine in London is a jewellery designer with many decades of experience.  My friend complains that the content he posts of his work on Facebook is drowned out by low quality rubbish produced by people who also like to call themselves jewellery designers, who attended a few classes and make their jewellery out of kits purchased at any craft shop.

The internet has been the great blessing that everyone has access to information, and everyone, expert and novice comes to the table on an equal footing.  The downside is that there is no filter on the quality of content where fake news often outcompetes truth, and nobody can tell the difference between the idiot and the expert.

The Guardian newspaper recently decided to close its blogging network to science experts, with one blogger complaining about his losing battle against fake news, which drowns out the voices of the scientist and expert.  I, like most of the world population, no longer trust the experts, these people have become discredited because they lost touch with the real concerns of ordinary people, and they manipulated people too often.

It has long been the mantra of experts that climate change is caused by humans, and it is due to fossil fuels.  Anyone who suggested any different was treated as a heretic, persecuted and had their lives ruined; ordinary people were treated as if they were stupid; and politicians who challenged the official line were accused of being extremist loonies.

In truth, the experts ignored the historical record that climate change moves between extremes in cycles throughout history; that a few metre rise in sea level in the modern-day is nothing compared to dozens metre rise a year a few thousand years ago; or that this could be a natural rather than human influenced change in climate.

The experts conveniently allow developed nations to cheat or ignore controls on their fossil fuels whilst forcing the poor of third world nations to suffer by making them abide with controls on burning fossil fuels, and to pay for expensive renewable energy sources such as dams through loans such nations could not sustainably afford.

The experts chose to entertain a conspiracy of silence that the main contributor of greenhouse gasses was from meat, dairy and poultry farming.

Rather than a global initiative to plant trees to remove carbon from the atmosphere, the experts suggested expensive schemes to manipulate weather patterns and reduce sunlight to the planet, no doubt paid for by denying the vulnerable and the poor resources by diverting public funds to such unworkable schemes.

Whilst the internet has dented the impact of the expert, the liberated access to information has had zero impact on stupidity, so barbarian-minded idiots have a greater platform than the expert to promote dishonesty and fantasy such as flat earth conspiracies, unlimited energy devices (once known as perpetual motion engines) and illuminati fictions.  Dishonesty and fake news is the new normal, where even US President Donald Trump regularly lies, and is validated and weakly challenged for doing so.

The future is dire, for not only is humanity polluting the land, air and water, but now body, mind and society with dishonesty, delusion and fantasy.  Like that blogger who complained about fake news, I recognise that truth is no longer held in regard by society, where most people prefer to hear fictions that please their mind and ear.  The new hero is the frauds like Donald Trump or Elon Musk, whose dishonesty has become so natural to them that they have forgotten what truth is, and will relentlessly persecute those who dare to say different.

On Power and Nature

The self is rooted in its own pre-defined potential nature, the more it is embraced, the stronger the self becomes.

When an individual has a sense of power, what does this mean?  Here follows my own philosophical answer.

On Nature

Nature is an information system, it is better to describe things in Nature as information rather than energy, even though these two things are both different and the same.  Information in Nature can be potential, in that it is in a separate dimension, subsists and is eternal; some call this the spiritual aspect of things.  Information is also kinetic, in that some image of the spiritual state of a thing is liberated, becoming energised, material and visible; we call this our material world, or our body.

On Cause and Strength

The Derveni Papyrus describes all things as having both strength and a cause (its daemon.)  The cause is that process that goes on until death where an image, an aspect of something that subsists in the potential state, is liberated through a collision of opposites, giving all things in the material world their nature, an oak tree its oakness, the sun its star-like nature.  This cause becomes the spirit, nature or soul of a thing until death.  All things are bound by their cause, to step outside of their boundary leads to their suffering and destruction.  As both Heraclitus and the Derveni Papyrus says:

“The sun … according to nature is a human foot in width, not transgressing its boundaries. If … oversteps, the Erinyes, the guardians of Justice, will find it out.”

The strength of all things comes about from following their nature.  An oak tree follows its nature and the greater common patterns of nature, it becomes strong.  Humanity has freewill in that they become aware of themselves and nature, and so have a greater liberty of choice to navigate the common patterns, become stronger.

The Derveni Papyrus describes the common patterns of nature as being made known as if something sings and utters them, and those that become aware, understand and follow these utterings, they follow naturally what is good and true, both in themselves and in nature, thus they find their strength, becoming strong.

On Hubris

Hubris describes those who become ignorant of their own nature, and that of the greater common patterns of nature.  These hubristic people hold opinions that are false and contrary to nature.  Since all things in the material world arise out of what is potential, what is already set and defined, then what is not potential, is both false and empty.  An oak tree cannot be a yew tree for it has no potential for being a yew tree, to attempt to do so, it would die, become non-existent in the material world, for all that is kinetic feeds off its potential source, and starved of its potential fire, vanishes.  History is witness of hubristic individuals and empires who destroy themselves, those such as Napoleon Bonaparte or the Nazi German Empire of Hitler.

Nature in blessing humanity freewill gave humanity the ability to evolve more in its own potential through understanding its own nature and the common patterns of nature, rather than attempt to become something contrary to human potential nature.  If hubristic humanity chooses to kill the bees, poison the air, land and water, then it is justice that in following choices contrary to nature, humanity must suffer and die.

Since self is of Nature, its own internal potentiality, its nature, is a reflection of Nature, both are the same, try to follow one but not the other, the self will follow neither, and become destroyed. Nature is merciless to what is contrary to it.  Nature is everything, the sum of all things, and the ultimate authority.  Nothing is beyond, outside of, or above Nature.  What seeks to separate from Nature, separates from potential, then decays, vanishes starved of its own internal fire.

On Children

Children are like growing acorns, they become aware of their own self, their world and the relationship of their self with the world.  Since these questions are grounded in their own pre-determined potentiality and the common patterns of nature, they become strong, growing into mighty oak trees.  However, hubristic people, who follow opinions and choices contrary to their own nature, and thus have lost their own strength, feed upon the child, vampires on the strength of others, and then the child loses their awareness, cut from their own potential and the greater common patterns of nature, they lose their own strength, the human species become less.

On Power

In conclusion, the power of self is a manifestation of the cause (potential of a human being) and the strength (the awareness, understanding and following of the potential of the human individual and the common patterns of Nature.) Most of nature follows their own natures because they have limited agency over themselves and their environment, they follow what is instinctive to them.  Humanity is gifted freewill, choice to determine the best path to manifesting their internal potential nature, self-power rises and falls determined by these choices.

A satanic view on children

The gender a child identifies with is natural and good.

Yesterday, I helped a friend with their business, they brought their 4-year-old daughter to their office.  Their admin assistant was given the task of keeping the kid occupied, but was stressed about it.  The admin person was of a generation that considered children should sit and be quiet, and complained about how children had changed, though all I saw was a child being a child, not one of those horror stories in the Super Nanny television series.

Today, I was at an event, and some grandparents brought a 13 or 14-year-old grandson to the event.  The kid talked a lot, and as I was teaching the family in relation to the event the kid in a matter of fact way on several occasions said they were bisexual, had boy and girlfriends, and was planning to attend a Pride event.  I had to throw up a poker face to hide my shock, not that kids identify with different genders, but that children are so secure, relaxed and accepting of their genders, that this identification is no more significant to them than supporting a sports team.  I did not prompt anyone to say any of these things, sexuality is sacred, a person’s religion, gender and personal life is their business, nothing to do with me.  However, the child in their interactions with their grandparents and with me, a random stranger, seemed comfortable and without any emotional anxt was happy and open in the gender they identified with.

In former years a gender identity other than heterosexual would attract persecution, anxiety and all manner of judgemental bullshit.  In Britain, a hate crime based on sexual identity leads to jail time, and even though I was aware of a shift in how kids viewed gender on YouTube, this was the first-time I encountered how a child dealt with it in real life.  Even though I am supposed to be on the ball on cultural shifts, the speed of change in how younger generations see our world has taken me by surprise.

As a Satanist, I take my concepts of the world from some of the philosophies of the Greeks including Heraclitus and the Orphic tradition, which helps me build my attitude to what I am seeing is emerging in a new generation of young people.  As Heraclitus says, everything in nature is good, only humanity divides things into good and bad.  Heraclitus considers that all things have a common desire to follow its own nature, which is good and just.  Heraclitus condemns opinion, encourages people to follow the common patterns of nature.  The Orphic Derveni Papyrus says how all things in nature “hears,” as in understanding and being taught, rather than being instructed and ordered, and will gain their purpose and strength by following naturally what is “uttered” in the cosmos.

If a child identifies as bisexual, this is their nature, all things are good in nature, therefore it is good and just, and I will neither hold opinion, or undermine, or destroy or interfere with anything that is natural.  Nature is the ultimate authority, the sum of all things past, present and future. I respect Nature, what is common and good in it.

In fighting Satan Hunters who promote Satanic Ritual Abuse fictions, I fight for what is common, good, natural and just.  Truth is only that which is common in nature, and if it is the natural state of a thing, then it is the only truth I recognise and will defend.  Satanism, regardless of its diverse definitions and concepts, is one of the few religions on this planet that hears the voice in the darkness and instinctively is following it in the same manner as the universe is, which is a key reason I identify as Satanic.  Satanists call this voice different things: Satan; Lucifer; black flame; will; Baphomet; carnal nature.  The Greeks call it the Logos, One, All, the Good; the Taoists the Way or Tao.  I call it the Common.

What is contrary to the way of things is unnatural, it causes suffering, misery and ruin.  So when a mother Ella Draper and her boyfriend starves, tortures and drugs her children in order to make them say Satanic Ritual Abuse fictions to make money out of them, this is unnatural, and to be opposed.  When the same children by their own choice selects their father to look after them, becomes healthy, happy and secure in his love, this is good and natural, something worthy to protect and defend.  So when Satan Hunters talk about killing the father, or abducting his children, or plot to separate children from father, or constantly harrass that family with sadistic sexual fantasies, posting their names, addresses, images, and even intimate medical reports across the internet, this is unnatural and contrary to the Common.

Those who identify with the Satanic religion, their families and their children follow a path that is good, natural, healthy and positive.  All those people, who follow their nature, and what is Common, deserve to do so without molestation by the self-righteous and Satan Hunter.

It is unnatural to interfere, persecute or undermine a child who naturally follows their nature, since to do is to set the self against all of Nature, which knows and understands what is common and good.  So this in conclusion is how I view things with regards to children, the liberty of Satanists to follow their religion, and a natural bond of love between a father and his children.

On Localism and the Satanic Temple

Decentralisation of decision-making to the local level will make the Satanic Temple stronger.

I believe that power is best achieved at the local level, thus I oppose globalism and centralisation of power, instead, I support localism and the decentralisation of power.  I support Brexit, Scottish independence, the Basque and Catalonia independence movements, as well as those who support devolution in Wessex, Cornwall, Yorkshire, Scotland and Wales in the UK.  I am opposed to globalist entities such as UN, NATO, IMF and the EU.  As a historian, I am aware and support the ideal of small nations and city states, which was once the common reality of Europe such as the former city states of Venice and Athens.

In nature, ant and bee colonies work perfectly well in a system lacking centralised command and control.  Systems work best in nature when they exist in a state of partial chaos and order, which complexity theory calls the edge of chaos.  When the power in a system is controlled and maintained at the centre, it creates too much order that interferes with the healthy ability of systems to stay in the edge of chaos, since there needs to be an element of disorder to create motion, change and evolution in systems.

In the Left Hand Path, one of the reasons that the Satanic Temple has expanded so quickly and had an impact in many parts of the USA and the world was because of its chapter system, which allowed members to quickly organise campaigns at the local level, plan and then execute them.  For reasons that I totally understand, the Satanic Temple leadership still desired to have tight control through regulations of all its global chapters from its headquarters in Salem USA, where members of chapters had to first seek permission from the leadership before they could execute their campaigns.

With the Satanic Temple expanding rapidly on a global scale in its number of members and chapters, all with their own unique cultural and local needs, the leadership has become overwhelmed by competing demands, where there is differences of opinion over decision-making and frustration at the challenges faced of executing campaigns at the local level because of the burden faced from having to go through the centre for permission and abiding by its regulations.

I totally understand the motives of why the Satanic Temple leadership desires control from the centre, because Satanic Temple has built up a successful global brand, which would be vulnerable for instance: if a chapter decided it was going to worship Satan; or a school club it was running allowed a paedophile to abuse kids because of poor child protection policies; or, as in one case, a spokesperson called for the assassination of President Trump.

Because of this command-control from the centre, Satanic Temple has avoided scandals and has suffered no damage to its brand.  However, some chapters of the Satanic Temple have split from the Satanic Temple, including some in Europe and the one in Los Angeles USA.

In my humble opinion, the recent problems with the chapters in the Satanic Temple could be addressed by a middle-way strategy, the decentralisation of power to the local level, so that chapters could plan and execute their campaigns without the need for permission from the centre.  However, the brand should have been legally protected as intellectual property on a global scale with trade marks, and the business model based upon a contract that if a local chapter wanted to be recognised as part of the official brand, and local officers as representatives of the brand, that they had to abide by the contract as like a franchise, or be no longer recognised, nor could they use the brand in their activities, such as the name “Satanic Temple.”  The TED and TEDx brand has a model that could be emulated.

Had there been an understanding that campaigns were clearly identified as local chapter campaigns, such as the legal case against Twitter over how they treated Satanic Temple and its leading representative Lucien Greaves, this being a local Salem campaign, then in a decentralised structure local chapters and members could decide if they wanted to support the campaigns of another local chapter without the disharmony which is currently happening of whole chapters splitting away.

Personally, I am not a member of any chapter of Satanic Temple, nor do I speak for or against Satanic Temple.  I am an associate of the Grey Faction, a specialised alliance of those who challenge Satanic Ritual Abuse fictions.  I decided not to affiliate with London Chapter of Satanic Temple for the reason that I did not want to become involved in the politics that arise in groups, nor to suffer the restrictions on my blogging and activities that official membership of a chapter would cause me.

In conclusion, I speak from a point of view as a historian and from a scientific understanding of complexity theory, that what is happening in Satanic Temple is avoidable and is an error that I have seen countless times in history.  Satanic Temple has suffered chapters breaking away in the past, and it will continue to grow and evolve.  I think the Satanic Temple brand needs to be legally protected, and that the decision-making processes could be reviewed and changed to avoid more disharmony in this growing movement.

My fight with a false witness Becki Percy

becki percy
Becki Percy aged 23 is a false witness and allegation maker who I am challenging.

Many ancient civilisations considered the penalty for a false witness, those who falsely allege things against innocent people, was death.  The penalty for the false witness in Rome was to be flung from a cliff to their death.  The Christian Bible has dozens of statements against false witnesses, which they considered a terrible crime.  The act of being a false witness is considered so serious because it undermines family, community and society.


Since 2014 I have been involved in a battle against false witnesses who allege hundreds of innocent people in the  community of Hampstead London have been raping and killing children as part of a sinister cult.  In recent times I have been fighting a new false witness called Becki Percy, who alleges her family is a cult who has been killing and raping thousands of children in Hull UK.

From the age of 14 Becki Percy has built a personal brand through accusing multiple innocent people of sexual abuse and murder of children without evidence.  With a serious grudge against her own family she had herself put into care as she accused all those she fell out with of sexual abuse, first her father, then mother, then an uncle, and then her temporary foster carer.  The police looked into her allegations, and found no evidence to bring charges, her social workers labelled Percy an “allegation maker.”

As a false witness and alleged “victim” Becki Percy has enjoyed a free stay in the USA for several years where she has seduced two American families to indulge her every whim; where several crowd funding campaigns pay her expenses; has built a business selling overpriced candles, greeting cards and bath products; she enjoys the attention of 25,000 Twitter followers feeding her need for fame; where lawyers work free of charge fighting her case for political asylum, where she hopes her allegation making will get her citizenship in the USA.  As an added bonus Percy wages constant war by public opinion through social media against her family, making allegations without evidence, in the hope of destroying reputations, encouraging her followers to attack her family.

Aged 23 as a false witness Becki Percy has built a life of a somebody where in the past she was a nobody.  Since she arrived in the USA Percy has evolved her narrative from being a sex abuse victim to one of being a victim of a Satanic cult which rapes and murders thousands of children in Hull by her family.

Bizarrely Percy prefers to sell candles and fight for convicted murderers in the US prison system than providing statements to the UK police about the alleged murders of Hull children.  Whilst I and many others encourage Percy to report the alleged crimes to the UK police, provide justice for crime victims, and to stop the alleged rape of children, Percy has reacted by blocking and threatening people with hacking and doxxing.

Percy never offers evidence in support of her allegations, for instance photos of scars she says were inflicted upon her during torture, or medical reports to support her sexual abuse.  Neither does Percy desire to reveal the locations of dead children she says she personally witnessed being buried.  Percy claimed political asylum to the USA alleging her family will murder her, though her lack of evidence to support her claims has caused her to lose every immigration court hearing so far, and she now waits for a final appeal hearing in California against deportation.

Becki Percy is an opportunistic parasite motivated for money, fame and revenge to become a false witness against innocent people.  Those like Percy who pretend to be child abuse victims, undermine the integrity of real child abuse victims, and steals essential resources of law enforcement and child protection necessary to bring to justice abusers and to support the abused.  Dishonestly claiming political asylum denies genuine applicants political asylum by clogging up the US legal system with a frivolous and unwinnable case.

I became involved in the Becki Percy case because of the support given to her by promoters of the Hampstead false allegation making case.  The internet currently lacks a quality contrary point of view to the allegations of Becki Percy, which allows her to make allegations without challenge against innocent people.  I hope to change that.