Satanic Public Relations

One of the irritating experiences of being a Satanist is my constant exposure to ignorant Christian and media propaganda that portray Satanists as mentally unstable child abusing human sacrificing nazi devil worshipers.  When those rare moments arise when Satanists organise publicity stunts that show Satanism in a different light, I raise my hat to those Satanists, and would buy them a beer if ever I meet them.

Satanic activists at the Satanic Temple led by Lucien Greaves have creatively excelled in the art form of public relations that puts Satanism in a fun positive light, different from the usual negativity that the media portray of Satanism.  I would like to see a new generation of Satanists emerge that portray the individual Satanist as intelligent, witty, fun-loving and rebellious.  How great it would be Satanists turning their creative energies from infighting to becoming like Lucien Greaves, indulging in clever public relations.

Satanic Temple recently made it to Time magazine in relation to their latest PR stunt, a call for a Satanic monument to sit alongside the Ten Commandments on the lawn of the Oklahoma State Capitol.

There are plenty of Satanic-like archetypes for Satanists to copy that express the trickster-type of rebel against tyrannical authority: Loki, Merlin, Coyote, Hermes, Prometheus, and of course Satan to name a few.  Nobody, media, Christians or Satanists know what to make of the Satanic Temple and Lucien Greaves, but that is the beauty of the trickster archetype, and I hope there will be more Satanists doing this sort of thing to paint a different picture of Satanism than the usual ignorant Christian propaganda.

There are no enemies in Satanism

I give my opinion that the group has no place in Satanism, a path of the individualist.  Heretic! spits the group-minded slave who uses the title Satanist but is blind to the essence of the individualism that Satanism expresses.  I am declared by the group-slave as an enemy, a threat to the only real truth of the universe that the group-slave exists in.

Satanism existed long before the invention of Christianity, the essence of individuality rather than conformity, the gift of the evolved minority who choose to manifest their personal will beyond the group-minded monkey-state that the majority of humanity exist in.

In the worldview of the individual Satanist they are their own god, and thus to place another god or personality into that relationship of self with self is to interfere with the perfection of Satanic individualism.  How misguided the new self-styled Satanist is who then declares that Christian or other label is their enemy.  Hate always places the individual into servitude to the subject of the hate, giving attention to the hate figure rather than manifesting individual will to be greater than the conformist masses.

In business I have rivals, though they are no enemy, rather hurdles to jump over by creating a better product or service than them.  In the life of the individual Satanist there is only self, no other, thus no enemies.

LHP and the Group-Mind

An ignorant clown declares on a LHP forum that if the global system breaks down the clown will gather together all their LHP gang friends, move to Victoria Island in Canada, then through assassination of leaders and intellectuals gain control of the island.  I laughed.

The whole idea of group, gang or community in the LHP, a path that is about individualism, is ignorant.  The clown apparently reads a lot of books then forms untested ignorant opinions about how the world works.  I have news for them, forget the books and get a life.

Apparently the clown considers that Pol Pot is a great case study for gaining control of a people, kill all the leaders and the intellectuals, the people become controllable sheep, though there is a flaw in their idealistic LHP plan.  This notion of gaining control through the mass murder of leaders and intellectuals works in a nation like Russia if Stalin did it, but won’t if Hitler did it, the reason is that Stalin is of the Russian tribe and Hitler is an outsider.

Gather a group of people together, for instance at a sports event, and they will naturally synchronize as one group-mind.  This group-mind is greater than its parts, and will survive even if key players in the whole die.  The hormone and electrical pathways of the human brain is designed to be tribal, the same systems that will trigger racist notions against an outsider.

The LHP clown and their gang friends can visit Victoria Island, and they might kill all the leaders and intellectuals of the indigenous population of the island, but the population as a whole, the group-mind, will perceive the LHP clown and their ignorant gangster friends as an outsider, and will fight back.  If I had the means I would be delighted to drop the LHP clown unarmed upon North Sentinel Island where they can experience first-hand how tribalism works when it comes to invading outsiders.

Beyond LHP forums

No fan of LHP forums, I read the posts of their forum members as a non-member, a way of keeping an eye on trends amongst those that associate themselves with the Left Hand Path.  There are many LHP forums on the internet, the majority are like a cemetery, and most are on life-support with the occasional rare monthly post by a dedicated forum member.

600Club is probably one of the oldest LHP forums on the internet, but of 8700+ forum members might have less than 50 resident members contributing anything in a month, and a glimpse at their statistics shows a hardcore dozen contributing to a small number of topics.  The Sect of the Horned God deleted their LHP forum in the last week, following a number of forums that have closed, as idealistic LHP forum owners recognise their money, time and energy might be more fruitfully spent elsewhere.  A schism at the SIN forum as the majority of the hardcore contributing membership abandoned ship after a falling out with the site owner, creating their own forum, and leaving a moribund half-living site behind; the new site the exiles created with a membership of less than a hundred, with no membership growth and a third of the membership inactive, a familiar story of forums of any topic on the internet.

Internet forums such as Ning and offer an evolved version of the old Usenet bulletin boards, with the same problem of trolling, spam, low quality egotistical garbage that the internet drowns in.  Internet forums are like a compost heap, dung thrown on layer upon layer, where useful gems of Satanic insight drowned in a mountain of dung.  Look at any LHP internet forum, note how 95% of the forum membership are inactive, and how hard it is to find quality LHP information amongst the dung heap of low quality information.

The essence of Satanism has always been, and always will be, the manifestation of individual will.  The paradox of the individual seeking out internet infrastructure built around community, which is what internet forums are, communities, is why internet forums are dead-end projects of undesirable conformity.  I like the concept of blog sites as WordPress provide for these are individual islands of manifestation of individual will, where I have no need to post content in the same shared space as a moron as the forums unfortunately allow.  The ideal Satanic internet site of the future is an intimate relationship between the internet site and the individual user, not one where a space is provided for a bunch of people to self-organise into something little different from a community.

Satanism and Christmas

In just over a week near half the world goes crazy over a festival called Christmas.  For the individual Satanist Christmas offers an interesting challenge in conformity.  Does the individual Satanist cave in to social pressure to celebrate a Christian festival that marks the alleged birth of Jesus? Even if the Satanist attempts to validate their celebration of Christmas as a pagan Roman festival, they are still following religion, invented gods and superstition.

In addition is the all-encompassing consumer and social pressures to spend lots of money on cards, gifts, decorations and the other paraphernalia of Christmas.  There is the pressure to share time with people the individual hates, to be nice to all of humanity and to be happy even if the individual is not.

The individual Satanist faces a test of their Satanic nature with Christmas, do they follow the masses in mindless celebration of superstitious religion and Jesus, prostrate themselves to the consumer bandwagon and social conformity to fit in to family, community and societies demands to be a part of the mindless hypocrisy of Christmas?

At this time the only day I mark is the Winter Solstice, why? No superstitious nonsense, but the knowing relief that the dark and cold of winter is in retreat.  In the North of the world the Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, after which the days get longer.  My personal delight at the natural mark of the peak of the winter is perhaps a few “Solstice” cards and gifts sent out to those that deserve it.

As I am self-employed I have made Christmas an ordinary day of work.  I have no decorations up.  I refuse to mark Christmas in any way.  The Solstice cards and gifts advance my personal business, and they cost me less than $100.  It is of no surprise that most of the mindless masses of humanity who live in societies that celebrate Christmas will drown in debt in order to conform to the requirements of this Christian-Pagan-Consumer festival.

Satanic marketing

Its Christmas and I am bombarded by Jesus-loving sales people marketing their brand of Jesus on the street, inviting me to their churches, embracing their version of Jesus and religion.  Should I feel annoyed by these people? only as much as a mosquito buzzing around my ear.  I am secure in my Satanism, built on a rock, and thus the white noise of religious sales people blend in with all the other junk selling toilet rolls and the latest Justin Bieber musical album.

I live in a consumer society where everything is for sale.  A huge marketing industry employs legions of experts to turn out the latest advertising designed through noise, glitter and a novel sales pitch to rise above the competition and capture the minds of the consumer masses.  None of these agents of marketing work for the benefit of the individual, like the prosperity Christian preachers they work to capture heart and mind in order to afford their big houses, expensive cars and other pleasures of wealth.  This is a dog-eat-dog world and the marketing people are the spiders spinning their webs to catch the mindless flies who will make the marketing agent and their clients wealthy.

Satanism is no different, there are those that market their brand of Satanism, who measure their Satanic success by the number of followers they convert to their cause, and hence potential cows to milk for personal benefit. There is no difference between those who peddle deluded ideas of sinister brotherhood of a gang or group and the charismatic televangelist who peddle their tribalism of a flock and church, the end result is a few benefiting from the naivety of the many.

Satanism is about the individual, anyone promoting group-minded ideals is a spider waiting for a juicy deluded fly.  If I have a Satanic musical album to promote to Satanists, I offer a clear benefit of entertainment in exchange for payment of money.  If I am a Satanic guru proclaiming my brand of Satanism where often there is no benefit to the individual, then it is likely a spider waiting for a fly.  Marketing is a spinning of a spider web, but beware what might hide behind the spider web.

Satanic acts not words

During my travels visiting Satanist blogs, forums and videos, I view the common clash of egos, as one Satanist conflicts with another Satanist, in the deluded belief that clever words, abusive venom and shouting wins arguments.  Internet is a tool of communication, a conduit of words, but anyone who thinks that they can build a Satanic reputation, respect or life on internet verbosity is a fool.

There is nothing wrong with putting words out on the internet, but to do so the individual Satanist would benefit from knowing that words are empty air, thus unworthy to lose time over arguing verbal points with another disagreeing Satanist. 

Let actions speak for themselves, leave verbal point scoring to the mindless morons that infest the internet.