On the delusional opinion of peace

This beautiful scene I photographed was possible because of two natural principles in nature: war and harmony.

Nature is the only source worth learning from when it comes to developing a personal philosophy.  If an idea is not observable in nature, then it is likely a delusional opinion with no basis in truth.

The Prince of Peace

It amused me seeing a discarded leaflet upon the ground with the declaration: Jesus Prince of Peace.  The Christian Bible is a blood thirsty book with its narratives, words and symbolism of war.  Even Jesus used warlike terms in describing the battles against adversaries and practices he disapproved.  The right-hand man of Jesus known as Saint Peter, upon the death of his master used the power of his god to kill an individual who did not donate to his church.  History reveals throughout 2000-years of Christian history that the Christians have advanced their religion under blood-stained sword and banner.

War rather than peace is the ideal state in nature

But it is not the hypocrisy of the Christian declarion of a Prince of Peace that annoys me, but rather the delusional opinion that could motivate anyone to say it, believe it, or even achieve it.  In nature, the only worthy source of truth, peace never has existed, nor will peace ever exist.  War is the primary principle of nature, this continuous and eternal truth that brings about motion, change and evolution.  All matter exists and continues because of the active role of strife between two or more opposing parts at all times.  The moment there is ever equality, balance or peace between two opposing sides, there is only stagnation, decay and death.

When I say war is healthy and good rather than peace, most people think I am crazy.  These people have been conditioned by society to believe a fiction, an ideal end state that can never exist.  I suggest to all these people, go for a walk in nature, observe, experience and learn.  Nature will confirm what is the truth.

Forget Jesus, learn from Mars God of War

People would be better to forget about Jesus and learn from Mars the Roman god or war about resolving their troubles.  Many would be surprised to learn that Mars is also a god of agriculture and the healthy city state.  The philosophy connected to Mars recognises that war is the natural state, but the struggle is focused upon finding the harmony between opposing forces.  The end state of the activities of Mars is crops begin to grow and a strong healthy nation state.  The farmer struggles to keep their field clear of weeds, working with the weather and local conditions to manifest a successful harvest.  The sick child struggles to clear their body from infection, become strong and healthy again.  The spirit of Mars is manifested in the battles of farmer and child.  The extremes of sun and rain brings death, but in the harmony of finding the middle way between these extremes, they are life giving.

The war of opposites is necessary for life

To move the individual requires two opposing forces in their muscles and joints.  The heart beats, giving life to the individual because of uneven opposing charges between body cells.  The individual thinks because of a difference of charge between brain cells.  If ever there is equality in charge between two body cells, the individual cannot move, cannot think, cannot pump the blood around their body.  The delusional people who desire peace will by force and control seek to create equality between two points, a frozen state of unchange, and history will always confirm the adverse sickly situation that emerges whenever this happens for any length of time.

Nature moves to find the harmony between opposites

The bee and flower reached their symbiotic relationship by seeking the harmony between their conflicting needs, and so a marvelous harmony exists between them, beneficial to both bee and flower, producing honey and food for humanity.  Even as war is the common state in nature, all living things work to find the harmony between opposing sides.  At some point in evolution mitrochondria was an opposing organism to other living things, now it exists in the cells of everything, providing energy for life.  All living things seem to be so harmoneus in their design that people think there must be an intelligent designer at work, but such states are the natural product of war and the desire for harmony between opposing parts.

Find the harmony between opposing sides

Think on this, two bones move against each other, join them together, you get a third new thing called a joint.  See how the bones continue to work against each other, but the harmony of this third thing the joint allowing motion of the body.  The wise individual accepts that war is the natural state, then they arrive by struggle and reason at a solution that retains the strifeful nature of opposites, but creates a third harmoneous state.  It is always through finding the harmony between opposites that the lost will be found, the broken repaired and health restored.

2016 and beyond

2016 was the year the game pieces were set up on the game board.  In 2017 the game pieces begin to move and play.

It seems to me that 2016 was the year that the world decided to head off into a new direction leaving many bewildered and uncertain.  This was the year that everyone collectively stopped believing in and following the manipulations of experts, the establishment and the rulers.

People demand certainty and strong leadership.

It is a matter of opinion what issues or events sparked the global paradigm shifts.  Perhaps it was the relentless wars in the failed states of the Middle East such as Syria and Iraq; the movement of large numbers of refugees; the export of Islamic State terrorism to the rest of the globe.  Such events revealed in stark terms the impotence and weakness of the ruler and status quo.  People demanded certainty, they moved in the direction of strong leadership and parties with clear cut strong policies.  2016 was the year the pendulum moved in the direction of extremes in nationalism and religion. Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church are today at the zenith of their power and rising, a situation repeating in other nations, including the rise of Trump and the Christian evangelical movements in the USA.

Globalism is dying

The ruler manipulated too much, went too far with their fearmongering narratives, people stopped listening, stopped trusting in the face of wishwashy policies and lack of results.  People demanded certainty and hard measurable results.  In the UK those behind Brexit promised hard results, as did Trump in the USA, people listened and gave them the political mandate in the expectation of delivery of those promises.  In contrast the existing political orders were hubristic, confusing and fear-mongering offering neither hope or answers, thus they were swept aside.  Political correctness, globalism, free-movement and centralised institutions such as NATO, IMF, EU and the UN have all been rejected in favour of localised and insular looking attitudes and ideas.  No longer can Facebook expect to have easy access to every nation, or immigrants have ease of movement across borders, nor will global treaties and collective action be so easy.

A global population of unease and desperation

There is in all populations a sense of unease and desperation.  The recent death of UK musical artist George Michael from heart failure on Christmas Day resulted in collective national grief in the UK media and population, people are more sensitive to bad news.  The UK population like a drowning man desperately flail out at good-feel news stories such as the meeting of Prince George and Obama.

2017 is the year the game pieces start moving

If 2016 was the year that the game pieces were set up on the board ready to play, then 2017 is the year the game pieces begin to move.  2017 is when the global old order tears itself to pieces, when many will expect and demand instant hard action by the ruler.  2017 is the year when the straining fault lines that have been hidden and delayed begin to manifest in spectacular fashion, an out of control share market, housing market, and debt situation.  Everywhere gun powder kegs are smouldering, the shiverings of riots in UK prisons, the failed coup in Turkey, the Islamic State inspired atrocities across the globe.  2017 is the year when all will be judged by fire, what is sick and frail will fall, the strong and healthy will be king.

Winter Solstice marks a new chapter after adversity

The Winter Solstice marks both endings and beginnings for many.

In the North of this world today marks the start of the Winter Solstice, which is the shortest or darkest time of the year.  The Celts mark the Winter Solstice as their New Year since in their religion they believed all things began out of darkness.

The lead up to the Winter Solstice has been for me one of adversity, one marked by endless projects on the theme of decluttering, cleaning, clearing, repairing and destroying.  I moved to a new house which required daily I had to cart out rubbish from house and garden.  In my mind it felt like I had achieved nothing, since all I have done is destroyed and cleared rather than built and created.  It is the way of things that before anything is built and created there is a period of destruction, adversity and clearing.  Before I can plant my apple tree and flower bulbs I had to clear the rubble, rubbish and weeds from the garden.  It is only in recent days that something positive is emerging from the endless struggles I have had.

The run up to the Winter Solstice is rather like the adversity in my life as the light and warmth is sucked out of the land, and it was a period that was extremely hard going for me.  On Friday 23 Dec I can safely say that the lowest point in the year is reached, that the daylight will begin to emerge, and the warmth will return.  Unusally spring flowers are showing their green shoots, and daffodils are on sale from the warmer parts of the UK many months early, hope is emerging.

For a lot of people I know the last two months have been hard upon them, and the Winter Solstice for others has been the marker they used to end projects and begin new chapters in their lives.  All walk into the new year that will be 2017 with hope and visions of a positive new era in their lives, and I do wish all such people the greatest success in their adventures.

People build personal philosophies in the LHP

In my personal philosopy apples symbolise: wisdom born of experience; knowledge born of senses; reason born of following the patterns of nature.  This apple tree is a daughter of a sacred mother tree from a certain place, which is why I will pay a premium to obtain a sapling for my garden.

The Left Hand Path is an opportunity for the creative and intelligent individuals that walk it to build their own unique path rather than do as mundanes who adopt pre-packaged religions and philosophies without thought or understanding.  No walker of the LHP is the same, despite identifying with some category of the LHP such as Laveyan each will tend to be different from any other in the category.

The LHP is like a tailors shop, here are all the materials and designs such as narratives, ideas and symbols, then it is down to the individual to map, build and action their own unique clothing that becomes their personal philosophy.

My favoured philosopher which I build my own philosophy around is Heraclitus, who takes his ideas directly from observations of nature, although he did not have the benefit of the science we now have 2500 years later.  Nature is my teacher, the best guide anyone can have. The story that becomes the bedrock of some of my ideas is the Garden of Eden, which can be traced back to the foundations of human civilisation in Sumeria.

I consider the Garden of Eden as the ideal state when the individual lives in harmony with nature.  The apple tree is the symbol of nature.  The apples are symbolic of wisdom born of experience, knowledge born of the senses, and reason born of following the patterns of nature.  The serpent in the Garden of Eden is a dragon, since being Celtic I have an attachment to these maginificent noble creatures of myth.  The dragon in the Garden of Eden represents the spirit of the best qualities of humanity including intelligence, creativity and nobility.

I have completed my move to a new home.  In a month I shall plant an apple tree in the ground I have prepared for it, a special species of apple tree from a sacred island off Britain.  Some walkers of the LHP have their altars, and I guess my living altar would be the apple tree that I shall plant in my garden.

Although I have yet to mark any particular event as special, it is hard to ignore events such as the Winter Solstice which leaves a visible impact of its passing in nature on the tides such as the Severn Bore, and being the shortest day of the year marking the turning point of the return of longer days.

On walking the crooked path

The Satanist is the individual who walks the crooked path in life.

Given the choice between the path from A to B that is safe and half the distance of the alternative crooked path that is double distance twisting through dangerous ravines, caves, rivers, forest and mountains populated by numerous bandits, wild animals and treacherous weather, the normal mundane person chooses the safe path; the Satanist chooses the crooked path.

The Satanist stands separate from the majority because in their choice of walking the crooked path they are in ever-changing, unexpected and adverse conditions. The crooked path is an undiscovered land that is unsafe, unknown and surprising. The Satanist learns quickly that they are on their own relying upon their own wits, abilities and agency for success or failure in their journey.

The mundane chooses the safe path which is known, secure and pre-packaged. The mundane sleep-walks through life: school; college; 9-5 job; mortgage; house; car; wife; two kids; retirement; death in a dull monotonous fashion of routine and certainty. The billions of mundanes walks a pre-packaged life already mapped out for them, predictably following the manipulations of dull-minded rulers whose only difference from the ruled is they are privileged by inherited wealth and power, but are as mundane as the ruled.

The Satanist chooses the crooked path because their journey is a process, their focus is in the present upon the steps in the journey rather than the end goal. In contrast the mundane has their mind always upon the goal rather than the steps in the journey towards the goal, they either have their heads in the past or the future, never in the present. Once the mundane achieves their goal, their mind fixates upon another goal, so they never enjoy the experience in the present, the steps in the journey towards goals. Life is a process, never a goal.

Because the crooked path is adverse and challenging, the Satanist gains wisdom through experience and knowledge through the senses. The Satanist is forced to follow the rules of nature to survive, and thus they gain reason, which only exists in nature. When life throws up unexpected adverse challenges, the Satanist is best able to overcome challenges because they have evolved the ability and hardy mind to deal with adversity.

Since the start of November 2016 I have been besieged by an army of adverse challenges. The mundane might answer such a situation with drugs, a therapist, Jesus or screaming blame on others for their adverse situation. I, the Satanist, the agent of my own success and failure dug in for a siege. By creativity, luck, strategy and hard work this Satanist overcame challenges and captured unexpected opportunities. For this Satanist, the future is gathered in fog, unknown and uncertain, and so this is a journey of the moment, steps along the road to adventure and mystery.