A Satanic view on killer AI

It seems daily that experts release stories into the media about the threat to humanity from artificial intelligence, the latest is an open letter about military use of AI nicknamed “killer AI.”  As no doubt AI will increasingly become an important aspect of future society, it is useful to offer a Satanic viewpoint on AI, in this post a viewpoint on “killer AI.”

One thing I like about AI is that it is efficient and lacks any morality.
One thing I like about AI is that it is efficient and lacks any morality.

Morality and human hypocrisy.

Morality is a slippery subject, and it is often an argument of these experts that AI must be constrained by ethics and morality.  In reality most of humanity are hypocrites, they expect others to follow a moral rule whilst they themselves break it, this is why Satanism is attractive to me because it liberates me from the nonsense of morality and the hypocrisy that goes with it.  AI is a tool, which is only as good as its designer, and whereas some may follow some ethical paradigm in designing an AI, others will not.  It was with good reason that Leonardo da Vinci chose not to reveal his designs for a submarine because he predicted, correctly, that such machines would be used for harmful intent to sink shipping and kill innocent people.

There is no morality in nature.

Morality does not exist in nature, it is a delusion that human beings love to follow in order to preserve their illusion of security called civilization.  Every plant and animal follows one universal rule – survival.  In their struggle for survival all of life will use every strategy and trick possible to gain the upper hand over the rival.  Being moral is a limiting disadvantage that works against survival in nature, so it is common to see living things killing, thieving and lying to each other in the common goal of survival.

The natural pattern is survival via competition through the evolutionary process.

Through a mix of random and intelligent changes in their genes every living thing is constantly seeking an advantage over the rival, whilst staying in harmony with changes in their environment in order to survive.  The human individual or the group is no different to the rest of nature, morality is quickly discarded in a crisis, and everyone follows the rest of nature seeking the advantage over the other through competition where anything goes, because most people want to survive, and their genes to continue to the next generation; this is a preconditioned reality coded into the DNA of all living things.

Survival is all that matters to living things.

The survival of the group, tribe or nation is no different to the individual, a fight for survival, using any available tool, technique or resource to gain the advantage over the competition.  If the British, Americans and Russians had chosen to be moral and refuse to develop the atomic bomb, Nazi Germany would have developed the technology, and the outcome of World War II might have been different.  Over 70 years later all the nations of any relevance have the atomic bomb, and neither uses it for fear of their own annihilation, a zero-sum predictable outcome.

The Satanic view of killer AI: let it be developed.

My Satanic view about killer AI is to follow the pattern of nature.  Only the fool would fall for moralistic arguments that killer AI, or any type of AI, should be regulated and controlled, because there will always be those who will develop killer AI for their own advantage.  Following nature means acknowledging that human beings will follow the same patterns as the rest of nature of evolving a technology in competition to gain a survival advantage, which will eventually lead to a stalemate, as all sides reach a point of parity where the difference in technological capability is so tiny as to make little difference, and the deployment of such technology in a full-scale war would impact the survival chances of all sides in the conflict.

Satanic Temple statue is unveiled

Satanic statue
Satanic Temple finally revealed their Satanic statue to the world in an unveiling event in Detroit.

A beautiful statue of the Satanic Baphomet was revealed shortly before midnight on Saturday at an industrial building near the Detroit River by the Satanic Temple.  A well attended party at what was a secret venue for the unveiling marked the long awaited unveiling of the statue at an event without incident.  Hundreds of Satanists and supporters attended the event, heavily outnumbering the few dozen Christian protesters.  Photographs and press statements were later released to the world media on what was a critically successful event and final version of the statue.

Detroit Christians threaten to blow up Satanic statue

The rising personality in the Satanic Temple movement Jex Blackmore the leader of the Detroit Chapter of the Satanic Temple enjoyed the common experience of a hysterical ignorant Christian on live television recently, who could not see past the narrow definitions of Satan that most Christians have

Most in Satanism know that there are many definitions of Satan, and many different interpretations of Satanism, often of an individualistic nature.  The Christian pastor became deeply agitated when Blackmore provided to him the Satanic Temple interpretation of Satan and Satanism in contrast to the pastor’s view that Satan was an entity that Satanists worshipped and that Satanism was about inflicting harm to people and property.  Satanic Temple takes an atheistic view of Satan, and a philosophical interpretation of Satanism, much to the anger of the Christian.

Conflicting with the message of peace and love the Christians hypocritically claim in their evangelizing crusades, the message was of fear and hate after threats were made to blow up a Satanic statue planned to be unveiled in the Detroit area, forcing the Satanic Temple to hold the unveiling in private.

The video of the televised encounter between the Christian pastor and Jex Blackmore is at the following link.

The uncertainty of life

The Satanist embraces the moment in my opinion, for there is neither past nor future.  This day for any individual may be the last day of life, or the last hour.  Occasionally I come across incidents in life or a blog post that reminds me that life is uncertain and doomed to certain death.  There are many external authorities, Christians included, who will convince the individual to sacrifice every moment of their lives in slavery to those external authorities, based on falsehood, fear and ignorant opinion, a foolish waste of precious moments that can never be regained.  The only certain thing in life, is the moment, and it is better to use those moments as liberated individuals free from slavery to follow the individuals own dreams, rather than the empty dreams of someone else.

Positive change in America

Recent media stories indicates that there could be a paradigm shift going on in the USA, a change against the hate that daily emanates from right wing Christian preachers.  In June the US supreme court declared gay marriage legal, and internationally there were celebrations by showing the rainbow flag.  The supreme court in Oklahoma surprised everyone with an enthusiastic decision to order the removal of the Ten Commandments Monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol.  After the church shootings in Charleston, the confederate flag, a symbol of white supremacists and hate preachers, began to be challenged and banned.  Girl Scouts in the USA returned a $100,000 donation after the donor stipulated it could not be used to support transgender children; a crowd sourcing campaign raised $250,000 for the Girl Scouts instead.

The new change is in this writers opinion summed up in the image below, a girl who faced down a hate preacher at a recent music festival.

Girl with rainbow flag faces down a Christian hate preacher.
Girl with rainbow flag faces down a Christian hate preacher.

Court rules that Ten Commandments Monument must go

The supreme court in the State of Oklahoma has ruled that the Ten Commandments Monument at the State Capitol must be removed.  The Ten Commandments Monument has been subject to campaign of opposition by Satanists in the Satanic Temple and other opponents on the grounds of infringement of the separation of religion from state in the USA, which resulted in the building of a statue to Satan, proposed to be built at the same location.

The court ruled that the Ten Commandments Monument violated the State provision of separation of religion from the state.  The supporters of the Ten Commandments Monument are considering their legal options to overturn the court ruling.