Will I carry on blogging? I don’t know

This blog remains active whilst I am dealing with the Becki Percy fictional allegations.  I have yet to decide if there is life for this blog after the Becki Percy matter is brought to an end.

I revived this blog to deal with unfinished business relating to the false allegation maker Becki Percy.  I cannot move on unless I tie up loose ends.

Becki Percy is a nasty parasite who makes false allegations against those she dislikes of child rape and murder.  Percy likes to indulge in fictional horror, accusing her victims of being Satanic cult members doing sexually sadistic rituals involving children.

The US courts will decide the final appeal by Becki Percy against deportation back to the UK from the USA on 12th December 2019.  Percy alleges she will be sacrificed by her family if she returns to the UK, and seeks political asylum to the USA from the UK.  Percy makes a fool out of the US immigration system, playing it for near five years, without evidence to support her fictional claims.  Percy has not bothered to recruit a lawyer or submit a defense, so the court of appeal has downgraded her oral hearing to making a decision based on limited paper evidence.

I am sticking around to see what verdict the US courts come to with regards to Becki Percy.  I will be around to make sure that there is full closure on this Becki Percy saga, that her allegations are brought to a final end with a police investigation.  I would like the real family of Becki Percy, mental health experts and the police to come together in order to put to an end the fantasy world that Percy has spun around herself, which has hurt many people.

I want to move on with my life.  I cannot promise that this blog will carry on after Percy’s fictions are ended.  I have yet to make up my mind.  I am sure this blog might still have a purpose, even if it is only to improve my writing skills.

It all happens on 12th Dec

Becki Percy is no fan of real life; but real life is about to bite her on the bum on 12th Dec 2019 at her appeal against being deported back to the UK from the USA.

Two reasons I am looking forward to 12th Dec 2019: UK general election; Becki Percy gets her day in court.

After several years of stasis, where austerity and Brexit has sent the UK into a spiral of decay, I am relieved that the UK has a chance to breath new life into our nation with a general election on 12 Dec.  Not only will I be voting this time, I am actively campaigning for an election candidate.  My hope is that something positive will come out of this election.

The false allegation maker Becki Percy finally gets her day in court on 12 Dec, where she faces her final court hearing against deportation back to the UK from the USA.  Becki Percy claimed political asylum to the USA from the UK, after trying to get into the USA on a holiday VISA with the intention of illegally staying on a permanent basis.  When the immigration authorities in the USA suspected that Percy was fake, she then made up a story of Satanists under the leadership of her mum and dad sacrificing 1000’s of children in Hull UK, and that Becki Percy was next on their hit list.  Percy claimed that she did not feel safe in the UK, because mum and dad was angry with her for making up a load of fictions about them raping and murdering children.

Helped by deluded Christians in the USA, Becki Percy was able to play the US immigration system for five years whilst she pursued an aggressive campaign of false allegation making against her family and anyone she had a grudge against.  Percy was able to milk tens of thousands of dollars out of gullible Christians whilst doing nothing by way of education or getting a proper job to better herself in the USA.

After damaging two US families Percy has run out of ideas how to avoid the likely adverse judgement against her in her final court hearing; promoting prayer and an online petition as her salvation to a free ticket to US citizenship.

For many of us who have opposed Percy over the years, the court case comes as a sense of relief after waiting for so long; a feeling that we all will get closure against a spiteful obsessive who has ruined many lives.  I expect Percy to lose her appeal; goes back to jail; then will be kicked back to the UK in the middle of a cold harsh winter.  I expect rather than being sacrificed by mom and dad on the kitchen table for xmas; Percy will face an unfriendly indifference and no xmas turkey from the austere citzens of the UK.

There is not much to add about Becki Percy that has not already been said; roll on 12th Dec.

The Battle of the Iron Rod

My empathy brought these tree saplings into being.  Nature brought this fox to this scene.  I captured the harmony of empathy and nature together in the photograph.  Desire for control would destroy all this; for it is cruel and dark; creating death and suffering.

I planned to plant two holly trees in my garden.  Firstly, I had to dig out the debris of a former house from the ground to make it suitable to plant my trees.

I came upon an iron rod in the hole.   A simple process of clearing out a hole for a holly tree turned into a battle.  I became obsessed with getting the iron rod out of the hole.  I had to widen and deepen the hole, clearing more and more debris, but I could not get the rod out.  The hole turned into a trench.  I had to smash through concrete the rod was embedded in, and still I could not get it out.  It rained; I was dirty and wet.  The fight continued over several days.  My home was a mess of mud being trailed in.

As another attempt was made towards the end of another day, ripping out another brick to follow the route of the iron rod; I disturbed a nest of mice who had taken up home in the ground.  The mother ran out of a hole carrying some of its babies.  A baby mouse rolled from another hole inside my trench; pink, blind and lost in the cold wet.  The mice were an unexpected discovery, I had not meant to do harm to them.  I was distressed that I might have caused the deaths of these creatures by accident.  I let nature run its course, and abandoned any further attempt on the iron rod that night.

Next day, the baby mouse was not there. The mouse hole in the side of the trench appeared to be closed up.  I suspected the mother had returned, the nest was still active.  I was angry at the feelings of empathy and compassion I had for the mice, I hated that part of me.  The ugly part of me wanted to destroy the mice just to hurt the empathic part of me, to punish or wipe out something I totally hated.

I had to force myself to back off from this dark madness.  My hubris and love of control blinded me to the paradox that I was creating.  My garden, my home, was a spirit of place.  Me, the mice, the holly trees were all part of the spirit of place, and it was my aim to create a happy fruitful spirit of place, not one of death and suffering.  Since I and mice were part of the same spirit of place, to harm one, meant harm to the other.  The holly was to enhance the spirit of place; yet, to destroy the mice was to do the exact opposite.  It was a crazy situation.

The combination of nature and my humanity defeated me.  I lost the Battle of the Iron Rod.  I had to acknowledge that nature and the part of me that was distressed for the mice was stronger than the part that loved control.  I left the mice alone.  I began the process of filling in the trench with layers of leaves and soil.  One of the Holly trees was planted.  The iron rod is bent so that it is sticking out of the ground, which I will turn into some garden feature.

The Battle of the Iron Rod is a turning point for me, and I am still processing what all this means.  In the grand scheme of things, to the outsider, this battles seems insignificant.  The battle for me was a major clash between nature, my empathy and my need for control.  For a while, a crazy darkness took hold over me, and the end states would have been death (mice) and suffering (me) for what? I missed the reason why I was doing this digging in the first place, to create a happier healthier home.  To conceed control to nature and my feelings is no easy situation for me, and to see control is an illusion with cruel dark outcomes is hard to acknowledge too.

On gender identity

Everyone is welcome to celebrate their gender.  It is wrong to force opinions and gender on others.  Gender is natural and ordinary; it does not come with special status or entitlement. 

One of the splits across society is that of gender identity.  If an individual identifies as male, female, trans or gay; this is sacred to them.  The body of the individual is sacred, all that belongs to their body, their sexual identity is sacred.  To bully and harrass an individual based upon some aspect of their body is wrong; and I am hostile to such bullies.

The most controversial of gender issues is that of trans, which brings out strong reactions and challenges for society.  In hunter-gatherer societies the transgender individual was considered a two-spirited individual, one who had a male and female spirit in them, which allowed them to move between the roles of carer of children to hunter; a useful individual to have when the tribe needed an extra flexible resource for the different tasks they depended upon to survive.

Trans is a born gender like that of being male or female.  If an adult, who has had no history of confusion over their gender in childhood, suddenly identifies as trans, then in my opinion it is more to do with a mental health issue or a fetish than being an authentic trans person.  One does not turn into a trans person, you are born one.

In my opinion, it is wrong to identify a trans person as male or female, they are a gender in their own right, which requires them to be treated as such.  Entering a man who identifies as a trans female in a female competition clearly is unfair because their physical strength gives them unfair competitive advantage.  Putting a sex offender male that identifies as female in a female prison, who then goes on to sexually abuse those females, is wrong.  Trans is a unique gender in their own right, thus they need their own prisons and categories in sport competitions.  The benefit of a trans is that they can move between the male and female roles and worlds, but it does not offer them total access to what a specific gender enjoys.

I strongly support the idea of merit where people earn their place through results and ability.  It is wrong in my opinion for any gender to claim exclusive benefit or privileges over a different gender because of their sex.  Those who push their gender and demand for specialness on others do irritate me.  Each gender brings to the table a set of characteristics that makes them more suitable for a role such as fighting wars or looking after children, but access to those roles is best done based on merit rather than self-entitled opinion.

Another problem in society is that it dumps all of its psychological baggage on its children.  Children will naturally evolve into the gender they are born to.  It is harmful and twisted for adults to force gender baggage onto children before they are ready.  There is a huge trans movement that is using political correctness and demands for special privileges they don’t have a right for, aggressively forcing their opinions and inferiority complex onto children.  Children are becoming confused, and are being pushed down paths that was contrary to their nature.  As an example, a highly sensitive male child might wrongly be seen as trans, then encouraged to become trans because the adults are hell bent on pushing their gender politics as far as it will go, and that innocent child is a pawn in an adult gender politics game.

Those pushing for special gender status over other genders risk losing it all.  The trans lobby for instance has caused unease across all levels of society; parents are anxious at what is being forced upon their children in the name of political correctness.  Those that speak up against what they see as militant gender politics risk being pursued for hate crimes, which further antagonises society.  Eventually, a political backlash will happen and a minority could lose all the positive gains they made for their gender.

The trans movement also has a problem in that they are being infiltrated by paedophiles who see the movement as a useful way to promote their condition as a sexual orientation with demands to the right to have sexual contact with children.

Blog that fought Satanic Hoaxes comes to an end

After bursting the bubble of a major fraud alleging Satanic baby killing in Hampstead London, the hoax busters behind Hoaxtead brought their blog to an end.

Hoaxtead decided that it was finally time to bring their blog to an end to move on to other things in life.  Hoaxtead was started in 2014 at the peak of a Satanic hoax alleging that the people of Hampstead in London was raping, murdering and eating babies as part of a major Satanic cult.  The slow and rather clumsy handling of the hoax in the early stages by the police and their lawyers allowed the hoax to become an international soap opera that drew hundreds of people in for over five years.  It was only due to the jailing of Sabine McNeill one of the primary masterminds behind the hoax for nine years that it was finally brought to an end.

During the five years of the fight Hoaxtead became the focal point for everyone supporting or fighting against the Hampstead hoax.  As the hoax gradually ran out of steam the Hoaxtead blog was initially kept going with the occasional post supported by a YouTube channel; but with the hoax mostly now dead and real life adding additional burdens on the time of the writers of the blog, they finally called it a day.

Hoaxtead will continue to exist on the internet as an archive of information gathered over five years against those who create and promote Satanic fraud hoaxes, a wonderful resource for researchers.

There was a strong argument that Hoaxtead perpetuated the length of the Hampstead hoax since it gave the Satan Hunters behind the hoax a focus upon which they could continue their obsessions.  Without Hoaxtead I believe the final motivator for Satan Hunters to pursue this dead hoax will evaporate, since it was Hoaxtead that gave these failed human beings the attention they so desperately craved motivating them to continue with the hoax.