Church of Satan throws tantrum about journalists


Church of Satan is increasingly becoming the dodo of Satanism, an irrelevancy waiting to go extinct.

A stark difference between the Satanists of Church of Satan and Satanic Temple is that the Satanic Temple are experts in working with journalists.  Either Satanic Temple is creating or seizing opportunities to promote themselves and their causes, which is why they are generating news every week.  In contrast Church of Satan has lost touch with reality and the media, they prefer to hide behind an elitist detached image, referring journalists to their website rather than offering relevant comments to media enquiries.

On the election of Trump as US President the journalists of Rooster approached both Satanic Temple and Church of Satan for comment.  Satanic Temple gave Rooster plus other journalistic outlets plenty of quotes, which became the headline story of thousands of Satanists joining Satanic Temple in reaction to Trump.  Church of Satan either are stupid or ignorant about handling journalists: rubbed the journalists up the wrong way with their arrogance; failed to give comment to specific questions; made it hard for journalists to get information they requested; and worse, made no efforts to control the story, leaving the journalists to write their own narrative based upon a referral to the Church of Satan website.

There is no surprises that Rooster wrote an article that pasted Satanic Temple in positive ways, and gave a story about Church of Satan which was not to their liking.  One of the problems of Church of Satan is their secrecy and aloofness, which makes them unattractive to the media and potential recruits.  Satanic Temple is approachable and open to both media and recruits, and day by day become the face of Satanism to the world, whilst Church of Satan is slowly forgotten and pushed into insignificance.

On issues such as Satanic Ritual Abuse, Anton Lavey preferred in his later years to avoid challenging false narratives against Satanism, whilst those outside of Church of Satan picked up the fight.  Satanic Temple has since its inception been a keen fighter against SRA.

In their ranting article against Satanic Temple and journalists Church of Satan said:

“—the feeling evoked when watching someone make a fool out of themselves while just sitting back to watch the whole thing play out..”

And this is a central problem for Church of Satan, fools who prefer to watch others manifest their Satanism whilst Church of Satan slide into irrelevant obscurity.

The crossroads of life


Challenges that force an individual to a crossroads of choices are anxious times, but offer an opportunity to follow a new ultimately rewarding direction in life.

The period around 9th November (Trump got elected US President on this day) seems to have been a time of intense challenges for many people.  Even if Trump heralds a change in global paradigms that I have noted in a growing number of nations, individuals have also suffered massive challenges effecting their own lives, for instance the writer of the blog I follow.

Rarely is life a perfect linear journey, unexpected twists and challenges appear, and these come in groups rather than single events.  Suddenly the individual is no longer in known safe lands, the path has vanished, the crossroads appears, choices demanding to be made.  The undiscovered country appears, and all is alien, terrifying and confusing.

Alarming events have recently come into manifestation in my own life leaving me in a panic, stressed and a deep crisis.  I suffer ADD which makes it harder for me to focus and organise for solutions.  I have a short time to act, and I am so unprepared.  I am scrambling looking for solutions.

A crisis of a certain magnitude can put the individual into a type of creative and detached mind state, to see self, the world and the situation with new eyes, to explore and consider new possibilities.

Nature has been a useful healer and guide for me in times of challenge.  When I lost my hard drive on Saturday, all the stress was too much, the unfortunate cat that appeared at the wrong moment fled in terror when I screamed “get out!” I accidentally ripped the handle off the front door, as I shot out into the darkness and rain, then I ran until I came to an ancient wood, and got some clarity on my situation.

Yesterday I grabbed some leaflets for my business and delivered all day to promote my business door-to-door.  It is when I am in motion that I also get some clarity of thought.  This comes at a moment when my research into King Arthur came to a climax, the recognition that I had lost my passion, and there was a yearning for the wild mountains, forests and standing stones of places such as the Forest of Dean.  I no longer wanted to live in the tame surroundings of London and its mediocre green spaces.

At certain points in my life a set of challenges arise that tells me it is time to move on.  It appears my time in London is coming to an end.

Trump election causes membership surge in Satanic Temple


Politically to the left the Satanic Temple has an inclusive approach to membership which contributed to a new membership surge after Trump was elected US President. 

With over 50,000 members before Trump was elected, the Satanic Temple has enjoyed a major surge in membership after getting thousands of enquires within 36 hours of Trump winning the US presidential election.

Satanic Temple politically is liberal, becoming the left wing of the Satanic religion.  Satanists who are politically right wing tend to be part of organisations such as Church of Satan and post on LHP forums such as 600club.

With Trump visibly moderating his positions on matters such as prosecuting Hillary Clinton and on Obamacare, Satanists are waiting to see what Trump does before deciding their own positions relative to Trump and his Republican government.

On struggle and justice


Because our ancestors had a close connection to nature, their laws and institutions was built around nature and the land.  Modern society has forgotten this connection, everyone will suffer as a result. 

My personal interpretations based upon Satanic Temple tenets. Tenet 2:

“The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.”

Justice has two different meanings: in nature; in human society. The philosopher Heraclitus sums up justice in nature with the observation “strife is justice.”  In the video below a parent bird is attacking the cat which is evidently close to its nest, the cat catches the bird, which probably ends up as dinner.

In nature war is a constant state, where two opposites clash, where noble birds end up eaten by cats, or life is wiped out by a random comet collision with a planet. In the philosophy of Heraclitus justice means becoming, the end state of the war of opposites.  In nature all motion, change and evolution is down to the war of opposites.

There is no equality in law

In human society, when the many come together, they form a contract, a set of rules which becomes the foundation of a nation state.  As Plato suggests the function of the the State is that it benefits all, and thus the laws are in theory designed for the benefit of all the participants in the State.  Many consider the ideal form of justice is that all come before a court judge on an equal footing, but this has never been the case in all of history.

All groupings of people naturally find their level, the few of ability and money become the ruler, and the rest become the ruled.  The ruler creates and enforces the laws, and in common will use the laws to maintain and strengthen their positions of power and those of their family and allies.  Laws often become so complex that it requires experts (lawyers) to understand and argue the laws, which requires money to pay them, and thus the wealthy ruler will always be in a position of strength through money and connections in a law court against the poorer ruled.

Satanic Temple is realistic about the legal system

Satanic Temple recognises the reality of the legal system, that those with the money, armies and influence creates and enforces the laws, and will do so in their own interests.  With a new Republican leadership controlling all aspects of US legislation, laws will no doubt be passed to weaken the split of religion from State, and limit the rights of women over abortion. Satanic Temple in this tenet is realistic that it might be necessary to fight against laws and institutions that would come about that will undermine liberties and traditions that US citizens have enjoyed for decades and even since the foundation of their nation.

The foundation of law and institutions for my Celtic ancestors was the land

From my point of view I tie the justice of both nature and human society together.   My Celtic ancestors come from an animistic background, so they built their institutions and laws upon the foundation of land as a living entity that was the source of their strength, health and harvests.  For instance by law no individual with a disability could be leader as that leader was a bridge between the power of the land and the health of the people.  Likewise when the Romans whipped a Celtic queen and raped her daughters, this was a direct violation of the land, the Celtic Iceni rebelled and destroyed London amongst many other Roman cities.

Examples when there is a disconnection between people and land

I consider law and thus justice comes first from the land, this being the foundation upon which all else stands in human society. If for instance all the bees are destroyed, food crops will vanish, the hungry people will rebel, and in that struggle civilization collapses.  The Celts had a concept of a wasteland, where everything becomes sick, is lost and is broken, a situation that is evident in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and is slowly undermining other nations around them.  Some of the basic things of human life is being lost, in New Delhi capital of India people no longer enjoy the air quality I take for granted. My brother was forced out of Hong Kong because the pollution made his son sick. Iran as a nation will cease to exist when their water runs out inside thirty years.  If the land is not first in mind in law and institution, all else will fall.

A healthy society needs opposition and diversity

The laws that are made that desire a frozen state of sameness behind political correctness, uniformity, peace and control. These laws seek to eliminate the war of opposites by creating only one overall unchanging state, but without two opposites in contention there is no evolution, no motion, no change, instead everything breaks down and becomes sick.

The land and nature is the foundation stone on all campaigning

I start from nature and the land first when it comes to campaigning.  What Satanic Temple will do, as noble as this is, they are treating the symptoms of the disease, plastering over the cracks that will only get larger.  The sickness runs deeper, it is because people no longer follow the path of experience that gives rise to wisdom, the senses that gives rise to knowledge, and follow the patterns of nature that gives rise to reason; they are lost in a fog of opinion, entertainment and hubris.

The solution is in those that can bridge the land with the people

Satanic Temple has it right that justice is always an ongoing struggle, the war of the opposites, and in that struggle they will cause motions, change and evolution.  But the Satanic Temple are struggling with the branches of the thorny tree, the problem is in the roots because there is nothing bridging the land to the people, the door is closed, and all will collapse into ruin because of it.

On compassion and empathy with reason


Reason is following the patterns of nature.

My personal interpretations based upon Satanic Temple tenets. Tenet 1:

“One should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason.”

Creatures incorporate all living things including human beings.  Satanists hold life sacred, despite what ignorant Christians say.  The Satanist rejects actions that cause unnecessary suffering or the death of humans and animals, barbarian notions such as sacrifice.

My personal definition of reason is action or choices based upon the patterns of nature.  Expect no compassion or empathy from me if the individual suffers a negative outcome because they failed to follow a pattern of nature, such as living in a house that was built in a flood plain that was flooded, such idiots were not following reason.  When I had to intervene to keep off cats that were trying to catch fledgling birds leaving my nest boxes, I was acting with compassion and empathy.

If the individual is suffering threat of or actual harm to self, family and home, reason prevails, and in fighting off the threat it is legitimate to do harm to animal or human, even kill them.  Compassion and empathy is a hormonal outcome of oxytocin, which promotes connection, trust and sharing between living creatures.  In the event of threat the oxytocin hormone vanishes and the brain produces a fear or aggression response.

Based upon the patterns of nature, my sense of reason is hard and cold when it comes to my responses to human suffering.  Should I feel empathy and compassion for all those people who died in Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius erupted, or modern Naples if it erupts again? No, this is the price of living near a volcano and not heeding the warnings of nature before the disaster.

The following penguin had no time for empathy or compassion in trying to remove a home wrecker from his nest and mate, he was acting with reason.

The dawn of a new world order


Welcome to the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

I was stunned.  How could I have been so wrong?  How did I not see this? The world changed today, 9th November 2016 in the US Presidential election, 9-11.  I lost my £100 bet on Clinton winning.  I lost my 100% record of guessing correctly political outcomes, because the rules had changed.  Like most of the world, and probably Trump himself, everyone thought Clinton would win.

I watched as the results came in.  I saw the rules and world I was familiar with crumble, shiver and vanish.  I feel I fell down a rabbit hole into an Alice in Wonderland scenario. Now with many dice are rolling, the future is uncertain.  The election of Trump as US President marked the emergence of a new world order, the same force that caused Brexit in the UK when the people supported leaving the EU against the position of the status quo in their referendum.

The US voter also gave the Republicans control of the US Senate, the House of Representatives, and ultimately control over the appointment of supreme court judges in addition to the US Presidency.  In the past the voter cautiously split control of the different wings of US government between the parties to provide a check on power.  The Republican Party now have the mandate and the authority to change any process or law they wish to make without worrying about opposition.

The winds of change are blowing, nobody can predict what will now emerge.  The people are hungry for change, they hate globalism, the intellectual dishonesty, the manipulations, the sweeping away of their rights and liberties in the name of security and political correctness.  Trump is a raw angry voice, one who is immune to the subtle influences of special interest groups such as Israel or bankers.

Deep down I am delighted at the kicking that the system is getting from Trump, but at the same time it is frightening, because so easily a monster can emerge on a wave of political revolution.

I never celebrate Christmas


There are better ways to spend my time and money rather than on consumer Christmas.

It is around 46 days until Christmas Day, I am reminded of this when I visit most shops which push into my face their merchandise with the Christmas theme.  Despite the enormous social pressure I have a militant position of refusing to celebrate Christmas in any form: no cards; no gifts; no decorations; no parties.  I am the reincarnation of Scrooge in the Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol. 

Most people around me have been informed of my position on Christmas, even if many of them are unaware I am a Satanist.  For many this position is a challenging one to maintain against social pressures from family, work and friends, I formerly compromised by marking the period as a celebration of Winter Solstice rather than Christmas Day.

As a Satanist it is a nonsense that I should celebrate a Christian festival, I have serious issues over the whole concept of Christmas.  This festival leaves me cold, it embraces so many things that I despise and hate.

I am not a materialistic person, this day marks the avalanche of consumer greed on an epic scale, too many unwanted gifts that will become unloved, broken and discarded in landfill.  The huge waste of food, people contributing to the destruction of their health, using their body like a prostitute in cramming in food and drink to make them feel sick and unwell.  The stress of putting up decorations, preparing food and drink, buying gifts, and hosting events for ungrateful people, including people they hate, simply for the sake of seeking approval.  The unnecessary burden of entering into debt.  The hypocrisy of remembrance of the homeless, lonely and poor for one day out of 365 days.

This is the period I wish to get away from the crazy consumerism, stupidity and hypocrisy, to embrace simpler pastimes such as walking through the Forest of Dean, or amongst ancient standing stones in Avebury, or the land of fire and ice in Iceland.  Spiritually I turn to nature, since the consumerist excesses of Christmas makes me feel ill.  Nature is pure, simple, healthy and harmonious, a time where I recharge my batteries.  My body, mind and bank account remains healthy come New Year.