Are you objective in your reporting or blogging?

Satanicviews is a blog of personal comment and reporting on events or questions relative to Satanism.  This blog was never intended or will become restricted by so-called standards of neutrality or objectivity of the journalistic media.  Satanicviews takes a subjective position on Satanic events and questions, and like anything you read on the internet or the media this blog expects the reader to think critically, questioning everything, then draw their own conclusions.  Sometimes this blog writes neutrally, sometimes it is hostile and other times it is supportive, but it is only an opinion, the expectation is that the reader makes up their own mind on all things Satanic related.

Do you censor comment?

Yes, but in practice Satanicviews rarely have to.  The reasons for censorship of some comments might include spam, irrelevant content, links to malicious websites, personal attacks or anything illegal.  If Satanicviews gets multiple links from a site discussing a post made on the blog, one link is allowed, the rest is deleted for reasons of neatness.

Are you neutral in your posting?

No, blogs are universally a medium of personal comment, Satanicviews is no different.  Like most Satanists the Satanicviews blog has an individual opinion on most events and questions related to Satanism, coloured by its own worldview of what Satanism means to itself.  There is an expectation that readers apply critical thinking and make their own minds up on what is written at Satanicviews.

Are you a Satanic authority?

Satanicviews makes no claims to be an authority of anything.  The only authority for any Satanist is themselves.  Satanicviews offers comment and reporting as an opportunity for the reader to contrast against their own ideas, and draw from it their own conclusions relative to their own Satanic worldview.


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