Trump election causes membership surge in Satanic Temple


Politically to the left the Satanic Temple has an inclusive approach to membership which contributed to a new membership surge after Trump was elected US President. 

With over 50,000 members before Trump was elected, the Satanic Temple has enjoyed a major surge in membership after getting thousands of enquires within 36 hours of Trump winning the US presidential election.

Satanic Temple politically is liberal, becoming the left wing of the Satanic religion.  Satanists who are politically right wing tend to be part of organisations such as Church of Satan and post on LHP forums such as 600club.

With Trump visibly moderating his positions on matters such as prosecuting Hillary Clinton and on Obamacare, Satanists are waiting to see what Trump does before deciding their own positions relative to Trump and his Republican government.


The Satanist and personal information

Today, I bring this blog out of hibernation with a post on the Satanist and personal information.

Sect of the Horned God recently had a fire that destroyed their property, and it was my intention to support them by applying for membership of their group.  These Satanists are part of the new wave of modern Satanism who approach the LHP from a rational point of view, and they are grounded people with good business minds.

The initial test of membership of the group was ten questions on my beliefs, a way of filtering out the lazy and stupid.  Answering the questions was fun and useful, and I passed this test.  The next stage I had problems with, there was more questions on my beliefs, which made the process seem onerous, but also so many questions that demanded from me so much personal information.

Now, I like Sect of the Horned God, but the demand for so much personal information from me was asking me to put my total trust in them that this information would not leak or be used against me.  In an age that it seems that security and privacy is treated with contempt, and the news is full of stories of leaks of personal information, the onus is upon the individual to protect themselves rather than rely upon others.

I have been involved in a fight against those who promote a SRA narrative in London for over a year, people who trawl the internet for personal information on their victims so they can harrass, defame and ruin families, businesses, relationships and reputations of their targets.  Such people would love to get hold of all the personal information I was being asked to hand over to Sect of the Horned God, and if they did, I, my business and my family would suffer a living hell.

The agency of ruin or success rests always with the individual, including responsibility for their personal information. I say that the Satanist only shares personal information with those that they know in real life.  I don’t think it necessary or beneficial to anyone for any Satanist group to ask for more than a name, address and an e-mail contact of a member, more than this, the individual puts themselves and their family at great risk.

Sadly, I won’t be able to proceed with membership of the Sect of the Horned God, with every respect to them, the risk to my personal security is too great due to the amount of personal information they are requesting from me.

Satanic Views will go inactive one year

Hello everyone.  I have decided to put this blog into hibernation one year.

This weekend I was reflecting upon my relationship with the internet.  The Left Hand Path in my opinion is the path of wisdom and knowledge.  Wisdom comes from experience, and knowledge comes from the senses, both the senses and experience is grounded in nature, the concrete reality of the real world.  As a tool of information the internet is useful on many levels, but it is also a source of fantasy, dishonesty and mediocrity.  There is no wisdom or knowledge that comes from the internet, and because it is not grounded in the concreteness of the real world, allows most people to fly off into abstraction and fantasy.

As a medium of communication, the internet follows the well trodden path of other mediums of communication such as the bards, the printing press, radio, television, newspaper, that always seem to become corrupted by fictions and deceit.  I am at the point of a personal re-orientation of my relationship with the internet in the same manner as I had with the television, which years ago I got rid of and refused to watch again.

Although I will still use the internet, there will be certain activities that I am going to stop for the moment, including blogging, whilst I work out in my mind my future relationship with this double-edged technology.  I have mentioned in previous blog posts my support of Artificial Intelligence, and I would like to explore this path in relation with the internet for a while without other internet distractions.

I would like to thank everyone for their comments and reading my many posts.  I wish you all well.  This blog remains open for all to read, but no further posts will be made for around a year.  Thank you.




The Satanic relationship to technology


Technology either liberates or enslaves.  Technology is a tool, the individual is either the slave or the master of the tool.  This blog post addresses the relationship between Satanist and technology, based on two principles:

  1. The Satanist is the principle authority over their own life.
  2. Satanism is a path of wisdom born of experience.

The smartphone

The smartphone is a tool, an example of a technology that many individuals use each day.

When there is an accident, or a beautiful rainbow or a child is singing a funny song, the instinctive reaction of many is to film it on their smartphone.  The smartphone causes the individual to have a relationship to the event of observer rather than of experience, there is no wisdom born of this action.  Technology commonly becomes the barrier of experience, the individual is the perpetual onlooker, an activity of ignorance rather than of wisdom.

Many individuals post their photos and film to social media.  Their motivation for this activity is the seeking of approval of others.  The individual becomes the slave of the judgement and approval of external authorities to praise them for the content they shared and posted to social media.

How many allow their smartphone to spy on them, or allow marketing people to cold call and spam them with unwanted products and services? In these situations the individual is the slave to the smartphone.

The smartphone is an example of the many interactions the individual has with technology, the question is if the individual is the master or slave, and if their tool is one that enhances wisdom through experience, or consigns the individual to ignorant passivity as an observer of their life and environment.

The ideal of technology becoming alike to a daemonic familiar. 

People in the movie Golden Compass had a constant spirit companion called a daemon, similar to the idea that Satanists in bygone years had daemonic familiars acting in their service.  I consider the ideal technological tool to be a living organic entity in the service of their user.  The tool in this situation places the individual always in a position of authority and experience rather than as a passive observing slave.  The Satanist always has the choice to examine their relationship with technology at each moment, asking the question of if in that moment they are master or slave, and on the path of wisdom through experience or of ignorance as a passive observer.

Why be a Satanist?

An insightful opinion from each member of a Satanist family on what Satanism means to them.

Devil's Advocates


Summer holidays and summer work have kept us busy so in order to get us back into the rhythm of writing we have set ourselves a task. Each one of us will try to answer the question “Why be a Satanist?” in one paragraph.

The background to this question is that it seems to us there are lots of reasons not to be a Satanist (or at least lots of reasons not to call yourself a Satanist) not least of which is the misunderstanding and prejudice the words Satan and Satanism often evoke in a world dominated by cultures and traditions that only use those terms in a negative way.

So here are our answers.


I’m lucky because my mum and Cassie are already Satanists so I never really saw it in a bad way. For me being a Satanist feels like a natural part of growing up. It…

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Satanic Greeting Card

The image echoes in my mind the theme and look of the new Satanic Temple statue, where Satan is a far more beneficial archetype than ever Jesus would be. The fear of Satan is often because the power to make choice and the will to action is invested inside the individual rather than in external authorities. Jesus for instance takes the power to think and act away from the individual, but the essence of Satan expects the individual to take responsibility for the choices, actions, challenges and consequences in their own lives, without playing victim or blaming others.

I see so many images on Facebook. Very few of them get my attention, but I just had to post this one.

Demon and child Satanic Greeting Card

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the nut job world of “Satanic Ritual Abuse” conspiracy

Another good article and summary by a fellow Satanist of the recent so-called Satanic ritual abuse claims at Hampstead. A good point is made that the agents behind the SRA hoaxes appear to move on unchallenged and without much damage to their reputations, despite inflicting terrible damage on the lives of those they accuse of SRA, and go on to repeat their activity to damage a new set of victims with SRA accusations years later.

Summer Thunder

This is a subject that I care a great deal about, as it has done so much damage, and yet responsibility for the damage has never really been publicly and clearly admitted in the past by those who furthered and perpetuated it. I am talking about the “Satanic Panics” and “Satanic Ritual Abuse” scares which were at their heights in the 1980s and 90s, but which I recently learned have not yet gone away.

That they are still with us is not a surprise; they are nothing new, in fact they evidence an archaic psychology which makes them seem surreal and oddly cinematic (having maybe been primed by fiction, film and bogus literary “accounts”). But then people are largely fairly primitive, and their moral compasses are constructed with a lot less altruism than they generally think. In that sense, it is only a matter of time before…

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