I am taking a break

I am taking a break from social media for a while.

On letting go of what others are doing, thinking and saying


This bee does not give a damn about what Trump is doing, or what I am thinking; it is doing its own thing; thats all that matters to the bee.

As I enter deeper into 2020, I am thinking on the direction of my life. I am reading Meditations by the former Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, which is helping me in shaping the direction that I wish to move in 2020.

A key message in Meditations is to let go of concerns about the lives of others, and their judgements about self.  Aurelius says that it is better that the individual focus on their own life and goals.

One of the negatives of social media is that it encourages us to be obsessed about other people, what they are thinking, saying and doing.  Social media also encourages us into a narcissistic mindset, where the focus is on getting attention and being liked.

The successful and overall strategy of marketing men and people of authority is to focus the energy and attention away from self and its own goals; redirecting this attention and energy towards external authorities and their message.

Over a thousand years before Facebook and Donald Trump, a Roman emperor is saying that it is dumb to allow the hijacking of your own mind by the marketing men.  How can an individual accomplish things that satisfy their own needs and goals in life, if they are too busy focussed on likes on Facebook and the latest falsehood of Trump?

Who is the winner if the individual says “f%ck Trump and Facebook!”; dumps them out of their lives; then focusses the liberated time they would have dedicated to those parasites towards learning a new skill?

The amazing thing about Meditations was that it was written by Marcus Aurelius as a guide for himself; and it was only on his death that it became published for the benefit of people like me.

The technology might have changed, but human nature has not.  Men like Trump have always existed, and so has the needs that drive people to use Facebook.  The message in Meditations remains the same now as 2000 years ago: that it is better to let go of worrying about what others are doing, saying and thinking; and concentrate on your own life and goals.

Media is a double-edged sword


Dealing with the media is a double-edged sword.  Fame hungry people don’t appreciate that the media can be both positive and negative to the individual.

Many people who have had no experience of the media have an obsession with fame, to be the focus of attention in the media.  People will go to any lengths to get their 15 minutes of fame, and then will spend the rest of their lives demanding special treatment from others because they appeared in a news slot in the evening news.

I have both good and bad personal experiences with the media.  I know how to deal with the media.  I know that the media are a double-edged sword.  It is only an ignorant fool who chooses to deal with the media and entertains the delusion they will control the narrative and the media.

I fully understand and respect the decision of Prince Harry to step away from his role in serving the institution of the House of Windsor.  People born into the British royal family enter into a social contract with the citizens of the UK, where they gain certain privileges and money for carrying out duties in that role.  This contract includes the challenging reality of being seen as public property, where the media can invade privacy, make up stories and scrutinse every aspect of a royal’s life.

Being in the public eye, means there is no privacy, and the media gains a number of rights based on public interest to behave in ways that those impacted by them won’t like.

The mental health of Prince Harry has suffered from his negative experiences with the media, which are relentless in their aggressive pursuit of stories about him and his family.  Prince Harry has been impacted by the death of his mother Princess Diana, who died in a car accident being chased by the media. Prince Harry is deeply concerned for the wellbeing of his wife and child because of the media.

It has been of no surprise to me that Prince Harry has ended his participation in being a senior member of the British royal family.  Prince Harry has placed priority on the wellbeing of his own mind and that of his relationship with his wife and child over the obligations that comes with serving the royal family institution.  Prince Harry has made a series of decisions that will, but won’t completely, protect himself and his family from the worst excesses of the media.

At the other end of the scale is an ordinary citizen called Becki Percy, who decided to rapidly withdraw from the limelight after events turned against her.  Percy built a personal brand based upon a narrative of false allegation making against innocent people of child rape and murder, whilst using a mix of frauds and other business schemes to make money on the back of these fictions.  Percy used the tools of social media to build a large public following portraying herself as a champion of victims of child abuse.

What the fame hungry Becki Percy has not understood is that when you set yourself up as a public figure, who has made serious criminal claims against named people, and demands special treatment, status and money based upon those claims, you give up rights to privacy, to have those claims examined and challenged.  It is a matter of public interest to investigate claims that thousands of children are being raped and murdered in Hull UK; to ask for evidence and further information.  Its disingenuous of Percy to claim her privacy is invaded or she is being illegally harrassed; when she is taking thousands of dollars from supporters, and pointing fingers at named people, without evidence and no apparent attempts to talk to the police about those allegations.  Percy has no argument for harrassment in UK law, because making such claims as she did, there is public interest, justification and crime prevention defences against it.

It would be deluded by Percy to think that despite going silent in her social media, and blocking people who challenged her false narratives, that those with a public interest argument such as the news media and I, will stop pursuing her.  Whilst these allegations remain uninvestigated, there can be no closure for anyone, until the UK police have been allowed to confirm the truth of them.  Even though in my mind I know Percy is a liar, I feel unsettled about the possibility that Percy has disposed of the body of her alleged baby sister Lily in an unmarked grave in the Hull area; and in doing so Percy is guilty of a serious crime.

Whilst Prince Harry is taking steps to remove himself into private life, Percy has done the opposite.  Becki Percy has turned herself into a public figure who has claimed to be a champion of abused children, making claims of rape and murder of thousands of children, and in at least one case has claimed of illegally disposing of the body of a murdered child.  In the public interest people are going to pursue Percy for however long it takes until she is in a UK police station to account for the truth of her claims.

It does not matter if the individual has created fame via social media or the traditional media, such people put themselves into the public eye, who will have the right to examine their claims and deeds, especially when such claims involve the criminal harm of thousands of children in a UK city.  That is the price paid for dealing with the media, it is a double-edged sword, and cuts both ways.

2020: time to make my mark


2020: new beginnings.

Happy 2020 everyone.

I recently applied to a project; and I was asked in the application about what I considered was my greatest achievement to date.  This got me thinking that I had spread myself thin: I achieved many small things, but nothing I could proudly say was my great mark in the world to be proud of.

I cannot be wasting my life fighting false allegation making frauds like Becki Percy.  If I am wasting precious life on parasitic maggots like Percy, I could blink and discover I have lost ten years of my life without much benefit to me or the world.  Percy for the record is finished: she will soon be in jail; deported to the UK; then will face a life of misery trying to find a job, if she is lucky to find one.  If Percy repeats her false allegations in the UK, she will be dragged into a police station, investigated, and the argument over the truth of her claims will be settled for good.  I am done with Percy. I am moving on.

2020 is the year I would like to focus to both make my mark in the world through developing new technological tools, but also to embrace that new part of me that has been waking up.

The great changes in the weather together with widespread protests in the world in 2019 is the harbinger of great challenges and events to come in 2020.  The year 2020 is an opportunity to evolve and find solutions in a world that is about to change beyond recognition.

I have no intention of living in a world of unicorns and fluffy bunnies.  I am aware that the polished apple people prefer to see hides maggots and rot.  I ask people to see the reality, to find solutions so that such apples are healthy and free of rot or maggot.  But, people are scared by reality, they reject me, then run off to their bunnies and unicorns.

When people come to me to say how I came up with such an incredible solution, and I show them the rot and maggot, saying this was the passion for my solution.  I won’t get invites to parties.

Lets dive in and see what unfolds in 2020.

25th Dec: a celebration of life

epicurusI write this on 25th Dec, which is both a Christian and Pagan holiday.  Question: what does this day mean to me?

Two children, sisters, will spend today as much as they can trying to forge a special day of memories with their parents.  They spared a moment to send me best wishes for this day, hoping it would be a happy one.  This will be the last xmas day these sisters will spend with their mother, who is in the final stages of terminal cancer.

I lost a friend a couple of weeks ago when a health condition suddenly turned for the worse.  I did not go to their funeral, as I did not want my last memory of them to be one of them dead in a wooden box.  The treasure I carry with me of my friend are the memories of the happy moments we had together, and this is how I will remember them.

Today, I will celebrate 25th Dec alone.  There will be no family or friends to go to today.  I live in a shared house, so I won’t exactly be on my own.  But, I am happy and stress free from having no social demands upon my life today.  I can do as I please, and I get to spend alone time on me.

Without the distractions of other people, I get the chance to reflect upon questions such as what Dec 25th means to me.  I consider this day to be a celebration of life.  Add to this celebration the qualities of empathy and compassion, this is what this day means to me.

I remembered the house plants: I watered them; I gave one access to sunlight.  I remembered the birds: I put food out for them; I gave them clean water.  I remembered the nesting mice: I shared the bird food with them.  I rememberd my house mates: I did a tidy up of my house.  I remembered my community: there is some cleaning I have to do in the street.  I remembered my own body: I have done things that contributed to the health of my body.

People get caught up in the rollercoaster of social events on 25th Dec: from start to finish it becomes a time of stress; argument; excess and exhaustion.  These sort of experiences are the definition of hell to me.

If you slow down.  If you think about others.  If you spend time on this day on looking after your body, mind and emotions.  It becomes something of a good happy experience.

Also, all the positive things you do today, can be done every day.  Dec 25th does not have to be the one day of special experiences of life, empathy and compassion; but the day where you marked the start of doing this every day of the year.  And you can begin this process any day of the year.

The great thing about Dec 25th is that a large amount of the distractions vanish for me.  I get few calls.  All the shops are closed.  It is the one day of the year when I can focus on me without distractions.  To have no social demands today is bliss.  All the little things I do today on me and on others is the celebration of life, empathy and compassion.

Its time to grow up Becki Percy

becki percy shows no apparent signs of abuse

Becki Percy gets a healthy dose of reality at last.

Many campaigners who have fought against the fraud and dishonesty of false allegation maker Becki Percy are celebrating today when the official confirmation rejecting her petition to stay in the USA appeared on the court website. 

From the age of around 14 Becki Percy has made a successful career of false allegation making ruining families and lives by accusing people without evidence of sex crimes against either herself or against children.  Percy has enjoyed attention, money and support from many people and agencies, who gave her help based upon her false claims.

Helped by her younger-than-her-age looks, Percy has become used to people doing things for her to the point she has become infantilised in her outlook on life.  This immature attitude was assisted by the clever manipulations and deceits of Percy, who played upon her image of a vulnerable sick abused waif, whilst in reality she played those around her like a slick puppet master.  Percy insisted that all those around her gave her their full attention, demanding even to sleep in the beds of the women who looked after her.

Everyone have been too easy on Percy, allowing her to get away with incredible attitudes and deeds that wiped out or damaged two US host families.  Anyone who pushed Percy too much, or asked awkward questions, were threatened, abused or blocked.  And Percy was able to live in an echo chamber of her own reality assisted by a lot of fawning disciples such as Wendy McAvene.

Assisted by her deluded Christian support base Percy lived in an elaborate fantasy world of her own making, which she evolved and expanded the longer she stayed in the USA.  Percy failed to go to the police about her allegations, nor did she make any effort to gather and provide evidence for lawyers and her supporters.  Percy lived in a fantasy world of social media where she could say anything she liked and people supported her, and those who challenged her were blocked.  Such was Percy’s obsession with her fantasy of Satanic abuse that she added this to the marketing of her various online business ventures and to the resume she sent to apply for work.  Percy never made much effort to seek employment or further her own education, because everyone treated her like a child.

Despite being estranged from her real parents, Percy was unable to let them go.  Percy instead waged a war of terror on her family for over five years, making unfounded allegations on social media without evidence, and for much of that time from the safety of another country.

At the age of twenty-three Becki Percy will now have to grow up fast.  No longer the little finger-pointing child protected and cared for by adults and institutions, Percy is being kicked out of the USA into the cold real world.  If Percy continues to make her allegations in the UK, she will be arrested and potentially charged for harrassment.  If Percy runs any dishonest scam, she will be arrested for fraud.  If Percy promotes any scam products like Plexus in the UK, she will be busted by trading standards.

Austerity UK is harsh like its winter.  Our welfare system is broken.  As an adult Percy won’t have the support of a care system.  Percy will have to get a job, probably a low paid job.  Percy will have to pay the bills, or become homeless.  Percy will have no deluded religious following to provide for her in the UK.

Until this moment Percy has lived a life based on a lie.  With fiction giving way to reality, Percy will have to take adult responsibility for her life, deeds and choices.  Nobody will sacrifice Percy in the UK, few give a damn about her.

Satanic false allegation maker Becki Percy to be deported from USA

becki percy

Becki Percy will be back in the UK soon, when her false allegation making will be brought to an end.

The final chance for an illegal asylum seeker to stay in the USA, who claimed that a UK Satanic child abuse cult was out to get her, came to an end on 12th Dec 2019 when Becki Percy lost her case.

After claiming that thousands of children were being raped and murdered in Hull UK, and trying to sneak into the USA on a holiday visa with the intention of permanently staying, Percy invented a Satanic cult fantasy to claim political asylum.  US immigration officers (ICE) did not believe Percy and threw her in jail for 14 months.

A number of misguided Christian supporters of Percy, who believed her story and campaigned for her release, secured her liberty by paying a large bond.  Percy was provided with a home, money and the free services of three US immigration lawyers.

For such serious allegations Percy never went to the FBI or the UK police, instead making allegations on social media without evidence.  Percy was unable to provide evidence to the courts or to the attorneys, losing all her court cases.  Despite lack of evidence the lawyers were able to play the system to keep Percy in the USA when they moved the case to the courts of appeal.  The US legal system being slow and inefficient meant Percy was able to stay in the USA for years.

During her near five years stay in the USA Percy embarked upon a reign of terror of allegation making and threats against anyone who disagreed with her, using her large social media following as a weapon to intimidate and hurt people.  Percy destroyed one of her US host families, and harmed a second.  Percy through fraud pulled in tens of thousands of dollars in gofund campaigns.

Percy abused the goodwill of the three immigration lawyers, they eventually abandoned her.  No lawyer would touch her case unless they were paid, and Percy and her principle supporter Wendy McAvene were strangely unwilling to pay for one.

Percy sat on her backside and did nothing.  It was the US immigration authority who had to push her asylum case to a conclusion by getting a date set in the ninth district appeals courts.  Percy only learnt about the date of the case through my blog post.  Rather than act by paying for a lawyer and getting her paperwork in, Percy ran an online petition to Trump and quoted Bible scripture on Twitter.  The judges downgraded her hearing from oral to one based on the paper submissions.  By default Percy lost her case.

Percy will now face a written summons to appear with her travel documents to the nearest office of the US immigration authority.  Percy will then be sent back to jail pending deportation back to the UK.  Percy will be unable to return to the USA for at least ten years, and likely will be prevented from coming back forever.

Becki Percy is currently trying to salvage her fiction by blocking anyone who questioned her story and placing her Twitter account on private.  Whilst Percy has been able to get away with false allegation making and fraud in the USA, if she repeats this in the UK, she will be arrested.  Her fiction is over, and her holiday in lala land is coming to an end.

I am unable to predict how fast US immigration will act in order to arrest Percy and kick her out of the USA.  It might be a couple more months before we can get Percy into a UK police station to answer for her malicious deeds.