Truthers link Satanism to child abuse

Despite efforts by some Satanists such as Fraize to teach “truthers” behind the latest ritual child abuse panic in the UK about Satanism, their principle spokespeople have today decided to describe alleged pedophiles and child murderers as Satanists.

It was always going to be a struggle for those Satanists, as well-intentioned, respectful and reasonable as their efforts were, to persuade a bunch of hysterical delusional misfits that Satanism has nothing to do with child abuse.

Hampstead Research blog is a typical truther conspiracy blog that is daily devoted to reporting any scrap of information in support of their tenacious claims that Satanists are involved in a cult shipping babies in by Federal Express to be eaten by hundreds of parents and teachers of local schools at McDonald’s in Hampstead London UK.  The claims including mass sex orgies at Hampstead schools with the school children on Wednesdays, and a cottage industry in the manufacture of fashionable shoes made from baby skins, are so far-fetched that even many truthers have disowned these nutters.

Despite the vast amounts of information about Satanism on the internet, including Satanic Views, or established books such as the Satanic Bible, the helpful feedback of Satanists such as Fraize, the truthers failed to learn the basic ideas about Satanism.  The Hampstead Research blog complained that Satanism did not have denominations, failing to realise the essence of Satanism is about individualism, thus there is no motivation to herd together like Christians do in their denominational churches.  In addition, the Hampstead blog complained about lack of support from Satanists, again failing to realise that most Satanists have better things to do with their time than pandering to the hysterical claims of evangelical Christians; indeed, the choice of supporting the delusional claims of these crazy people in exchange for not linking their allegations to Satanism, seemed to this writer like offering a choice to a Satanist of drinking cyanide or hemlock.

The innocent families, teachers, priests and business people the truthers behind the Hampstead Research blog are relentlessly harassing and defaming are neither Satanists or are involved in child abuse and murder.  The HR blog follows the dishonest and ignorant notion that all Satanists and Satanism is about the sexual abuse and murder of children. The HR blog supports child abuse because they undermine and sensationalize sensitive pedophile investigations into the British establishment via wild and false claims of ritualistic abuse and murder of children by Satanists.


16 thoughts on “Truthers link Satanism to child abuse

  1. Go to the home page and read about the snakes with 2 heads and no tails.

    I’ve seen the same kind of stories in the US, but the ones from the US actually seem sane next to this guy.

  2. The H.R page seems to be ran by some people who are mentally ill.
    I have had many talks with them about Satanism.
    They have even admited that they do not know if what they post is true about Satanic Ritual abuse. I will be writing something soon about this issue.

  3. As I see it, HR is trying to understand the information given by the children in the video. The children describe their abusers private parts being tattooed with devils and other symbols that we don’t understand. Why wouldn’t one assume, if a woman has a devil tattooed above her female parts, that she is a Satanist..or that she worships satan? The average woman does not do this. I don’t think those of us researching and trying to understand what is happening to these children are crazy and it’s unfaito labelsuch.
    As a mother myself, if I heard my children say such horrific things, I am sure I could not remain as steadfast & confident as Mrs. Draper.
    However, I believe the father of the two children describes himself as an Atheist, not a Satanist and perhaps the other members of the cult label themselves differently.
    I would rather see the label dropped, I feel ALL labels are violent and create division.
    *Over & out*

    • The Hampstead Research Blog is a baseless witch hunt making claims that it cannot substantiate. The children in the case were physically and emotionally bullied, also drugged, by their mother and partner, who guided these children into making claims against a lot of innocent people.

      The people supporting these allegations are not seeking the truth, they are the merchants of falsehood, who defame Satanism with their delusional fantasies of ritual abuse in Hampstead.

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