The next level of Satanism

An insightful post on the subtle differences between two related outlooks of the Left Hand Path: Satanism and Luciferianism.

Aleph's Heretical Domain

Think of this post as a sequel to “Giving Lucifer his due“, because even though I had expressed an admiration of Luciferianism and a desire to embrace, there was still much about the difference between Luciferianism and Satanism that I did not yet understand at the time. I continued to ask questions about that same subject, continued researching, until eventually I was directed to the book Wisdom of Eosphorus, which was written by Michael W. Ford, Jeremy Crow, Jacob No, and Hope Marie. I ordered it the day it was published as soon as I had heard it was, and five weeks later it arrived at my house.

At first I was disappointed at the lack of comparative description of Satanism (and when it does mention Satanism it’s only as a primarily carnal religion, following the description of Anton LaVey’s Satanism), and that the introductory description of Luciferianism…

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