Satanism and morality, ethics and the law

Morality, ethics and the law are rules which guides individuals and groups in making their choices and judgements.  Ideally the individual Satanist is creating their own rules to live by, and views the rules of external authorities with a critical eye and a willingness to break those rules if it is in their self-interest to do so.

External authority creates their rules for which they argue others must follow for two reasons, either to strengthen their control other the ruled, or to seek the approval of a greater authority over themselves.  Nothing and nobody creates rules because of altruism, there is always a hidden agenda, the rule is directly due to self-interest.  It is often the case that if the individual wants to successfully campaign for a change in the rules by an authority, they will have to appeal to the self-interest of the authority figure.

Whenever a Satanic individual or group argues a point of morality, ethics and law, take into consideration the above observations, watch for the hidden agenda, and keep in mind that the individual Satanist is the ultimate authority, and thus in theory is following their own rules.


7 thoughts on “Satanism and morality, ethics and the law

  1. I think rules and rulers are needed, for the immature. It keeps them out of trouble. If these kids were to all do their own “thing”, it would be even more chaotic than trying outdoor cat herding.

    The problem is that those making the rules are just as immature as those they presume to rule over. The inmates run the asylum. Their agenda is in keeping the status quo. Stability is their god.

    But, a soul reaches the point where they don’t need these rules / rulers anymore. We have reached that point.

  2. I think it’s possible for a Satanist to have genuine ethical desires, and ethicality is what I strive to maintain as a Satanist. I think the idea is unfamiliar because traditionally it has been authority figures, conventional moralists, typical religious people, and mainstream media that has been deciding the morals of most people, and they’ve pushed the idea that morality/ethicality means obeying a set of rules or standards set by someone else or assumed to be followed by everyone.

    I think a lot of people haven’t stopped to consider a morality/ethicality that is personal or comes from within, more like observing virtue individually than obeying the moral laws set from outside. In fact, I would go so far as to say that a lot of authority figures and people who blindly following them tend to be anything BUT moral, ethical, or honorable.

    I also feel there can be an implied sense of ethics that arises from individualism, and from Left Hand Path philosophies more so than Right Hand Path philosophies. It’s just a matter of asking who is in the right. However, morals and ethics can be a relatively subjective thing. The only way to truly assess right is to feel what is right in you, and look at what happens as a result of some actions. Ultimately, I feel the truly virtuous are the ones who follow their own standards, do so without any half-heartedness or hypocrisy, and at least make an effort to be honorable in their lives.

    Regarding self-interest, there are some who would consider following your own principles instead of some greater good to be selfish, so I feel there is little to be concerned about. As long as you are following and defending ideals that you truly believe in because in your heart they are yours, that would be all that matters as long as you truly have principles and the desire to fulfill them in mind, and there are some who might be surprised to find the element of that which would be considered self-interested.

    • The Left Hand Path always in essence is the way of the individual, so that self interest and making our own rules is common and accepted. In the Right Hand Path, the reverse applies, it is considered bad to have self interest, and it is acceptable and demanded that everyone follows the group rules as defined by external authorities.

      • I would suggest one looks into the hypocrisy and corruption of the right hand path way. Their way is often allegorized by the angels or heavenly deities, but it is usually these heavenly deities who are ultimately just as self-interested than the demons or anti-gods they fight against (or more so depending on your point of view) but are tainted by hypocrisy. In India, the devas are basically spoiled children who rule the cosmos only because Vishnu rigs it so that they win and he cheats the nectar of immortality from the asuras, who acquired it through sheer force of will in combat with the devas (which I’d say is more honorable than the cunning applied by Vishnu, and after the devas complain no less). Or how about Greece? In Greece, the gods are tied with civilization and moral order, but a lot of them behave like the kind of people that moral order would be correcting and act like bastards just because they rule humans. In both cases they have the power of heaven on their side, but have no concept of honor or virtue because they feel they do not need it, or feel they are virtuous specifically because heaven or fate is on their side (which obviously implies no characteristics of virtue or honor, only entitlement).

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