Injustice is the thing I hate the most

Becki Percy will be pursued until the truth of her allegation making is investigated by the police in Hull; and she is made to answer for the part she played in the alleged rape and murder of the children of Hull in the UK.

Injustice is one of the things that makes me angry the most.  My life has been a story of injustice.  The world throughout history has been soaked by injustice.

Hollywood tales where good always wins, and everyone lives happily ever after, is an outrageous falsehood.  The reality is that the bully, fraud and tyrant go on to live a life of success unpunished for their misdeeds.  Often, the gentle and good-hearted are crushed into the ground.

Often, the false witness, rapist, murderer and liar is supported in their life of wickedness by an ineffective legal system, indifference and the stupidity of the mass of society.  Becki Percy has waged a ten year war of terror through false allegation making; breaking families, ruining lives; enjoying a life of parasitic ease paid for by the taxpayer and donations from gullible sheep.  Angela Power Disney, walking a similar road of false allegation making as Percy: has broken families; ruined lives; stolen from hungry orphans and driven people to suicide. Disney lives a world of fantasy as the legal system seems incapable of challenging her crimes; which Disney pursues with arrogant belief that she is untouchable.  We in the UK all clap in the streets for our medical workers as we send them to their deaths for lack of basic equipment to fight coronavirus due to our own indifference and neglect.

Whilst the mass of society are too indifferent, lazy, stupid and uncaring to fight injustice, a few do; and the price paid by those few is enormous.  The system and the mass of society often is biased in favour of those like Hitler, Percy and Disney.  It takes a huge amount of resources to challenge and deal with these wicked people; and it is easier to turn a blind eye to the injustices that destroy lives.  The few that challenge the wicked, are those that rock the boat, and they come up against the system that will protect the unjust and will punish the lonely fighters against the unjust due to the ripples those fighters create.  The system and society is biased towards apathy, indifference and stasis.   It is often the case that the fighter against the unjust ends up dead, jailed and ruined; few will get positive tales written about them or statues built in their memory.  The price paid to fight injustice is harsh, and few are willing to take up the sword.

I am no superhero, but I have suffered enough injustice in my life to get fire in my belly to rise up in rebellion against an injustice.  When I am fired up, no army, god or cosmic time will stop me in the pursuit of those that ignited me.  I have destroyed politicians, and I have addressed some wrongs hundreds of years before I was born.  The latest monster to ignite my fire is Becki Percy.

Becki Percy who for ten years has pointed fingers at named people saying they raped and murdered thousands of children in Hull.  What ignited me to total fire was that Percy had said that daily in Hull children were being raped and murdered by a cult; then for five years she sat on her lazy indifferent arse in the USA and did nothing to end those alleged crimes.  Which is to say that if one child was murdered and raped per day in Hull, she (Percy) allowed 1780 children to be raped murdered through her inaction.  When Percy was asked to do something about the alleged crimes in Hull, she persecuted and blocked the concerned individuals calling them peadophile supporters.  Percy is on video public record for saying she had disposed of the bodies of dead children in a woodland, a location she has not revealed, and thus has contributed the the crimes she accuses others of.

Many of us are 99% certain that Becki Percy is making up an elaborate fiction, but until we can be 100% sure through a police investigation, we cannot say fully for certain that this is a hoax.  Percy plays out her story of child rape and murder daily like a broken record player; and Percy offers no closure to the people she accuses of crimes against children, nor certainty of the truth of her allegations via a police investigation.  We can all argue backwards and forwards all we like about the truth or fiction of what Percy alleges, but until she is in a police station to account for her allegations, there can be no closure.

In the video below Becki Percy admits to the burial of a murdered child in an unknown location in Hull.  Disposing of the bodies of murdered children is a crime; it is also a crime not reporting the harm of children.  Becki Percy will be investigated for her admitted alleged crimes against children such as Lilly.  Percy faces a potential life sentence in prison for these alleged crimes. Age of criminal responsibility in the UK is ten.  

Percy has ignited my fire.  There is no escape for Percy, for I am going to pursue Percy until there is closure.  Either those who hurt the Hull children are jailed, the dead children given a proper burial and justice for the crimes against them; or Percy is shown up through a police investigation for the liar I suspect she is and the people she accused of those crimes are shown as innocent.  Until there is a police investigation; there is a 1% probability that a murdered little girl called Lilly exists buried in a woodland in Hull with other children; a body disposed of by Percy; a crime that she must also answer for.  And yes, Percy, I will pursue you to the ends of the earth, and you will have no rest until your story is police investigated; and if there is truth, then you too must go to jail for the part you played in the rape and murder of the children of Hull.

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