Becki Percy: the girl who never grew up

percy pan and wendy
Percy Pan and Wendy – children beware!

Who remembers Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up? Well, Becki Percy is the female equivalent of Peter Pan; and she has found her Wendy (Wendy McAvene) to share her adventures in Never Never Land.

Instead of pirates, the imagination of Percy is full of Satanists.  The Lost Children of the Peter Pan story become to Percy the raped and murdered children she buried in a mystery Hull woodland.  Captain Hook is her real mum (who in her spare time sells coffee and cake to the people of Hull).  Perhaps Catherine the “second mum” became Tinkerbell, who then turned rebel fairy; and was no longer welcome in Percy’s little gang of infantile grownups, pretending to be fighters against baby eating fiction monsters.

For Becky Percy the boring life of mediocrity and anonymity is too dull.  Percy dreams to be a somebody, without the effort and responsibility required.   Everything Percy creates is a low quality creation: overpriced and pretentious.  The fictions Percy vomits into the world: borrowed well used tropes of Hollywood and Church invention; that Percy was too lazy to research and shape to make realistic.  Nothing Percy does comes from her heart; all her words and deeds are conditional manipulations.  The pretence and fakeness of the Percy imagination makes her as mediocre and dull as her fake eyebrows.

For ten years Percy has invented fictions against people; played the role of child abuse victim. She flutters from one family to another like a cuckoo, destroying family after family who let her into their nest.  Self-entitled, dishonest and manipulative; Percy has lived ten years of existence upon the funding of taxpayer, charity and fool.

Adults incapable of growing up; following the Peter Pan fiction, are creepy.  Becki Percy, a 25-year-old adult playing the role of a fragile little abused girl; insisting on sleeping in the beds of mature women; having orgasms whilst regressing to an infantile state; is as creepy as Michael Jackson having sleep overs with little boys in his bed.  It is creepy that a 50-something woman in menopause like Wendy McAvene abandons a 25-year marriage, home and family to recapture her youth by bedding a deluded mentally disturbed woman half her age.  The hypocrisy of women of religion condemning gay people, whilst pretending their creepiness is not a deluded lesbian love affair.

For ten years Percy has been indulged at others expense.  How much money has been spent investigating allegation making by Percy by the UK social services and the police; that concluded she was making shit up?  How many tens of thousands of American dollars have been spent in court costs, legal fees and jail accommodation whilst the US system processed the Percy false political asylum claim? How many tens of thousands of dollars has Becki Percy and Wendy McAvene tricked out of old vulnerable people and the religious American public?

Thanks to her devoted Wendy, Becki Percy flutters her enormous fake eyebrows, and launches into Never Never Land at the parasitic expense of others.  Percy is not motivated to better herself through education; or get a proper job; or live a useful grounded life in the real world.  There is no incentive to live in the real world of adults whilst others indulge Becki Percy in her infantile Peter Pan existence.

JM Barrie never meant for Peter Pan to be the fun figure of Disney fame: he was a demon who stole children from their mothers; the grim reaper that carried children to the land of death.  Peter Pan was born out of tragedy: the death of David the brother of JM Barrie; and Barrie became David for the sake of his mother; and he became trapped by the ghost of David.  And of the Lost Boys and their family that Barrie became fixated about, all but one member of that family ended in tragedy.

Percy flutters her fake eyebrows and speaks empty words of concern for the abused children of the world; of her own victimhood. Percy says Hull children are raped and murdered on a daily basis, yet five years have come and gone, and she did nothing to prevent further crimes; that is an estimated 2000 child murders and rapes she could have prevented.  Percy makes false allegations against her host families, potentially depriving innocent children from access to their loving parents and grandparents.  Percy haunts peadophile sites whilst posting images and personal details of the children of her host families for paedophiles to collect and stalk.  Of children, all Percy ever seems to think about is images of sexual sadism in relation to them.  Would I let Percy Pan babysit a child? NO!

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