Order of Nine Angles disbands

Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed. Mark Twain

There are probably many relieved people in the Satanic world after a bunch of annoying misfits finally called it a day and disbanded the latest incarnation of a discredited Satanic group called the Order of Nine Angles (ONA for short.)  It says a lot for the integrity of a group when it can be hijacked via the internet by a few High School girls hiding behind hundreds of pseudonyms, blogs, forums and e-groups, who for a period of time before they were laughed out of existence even had many long time Satanists fooled that the ONA was a reborn legitimate Satanic group.

From roughly 2008 for five years a group of school girls barely out of diapers led by Chloe Ortega and Kayla DiGiovanni orchestrated a clever convoluted scheme to seduce Satanism by flooding the internet with thousands of pages of pseudo-occult mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus aided by others over time to give the appearance of an international secret group.  Apparently with nothing better to do they spent five solid years and every waking hour creating drama, tens of thousands of internet postings, and scores of blogs building an extraordinary illusion of a powerful Satanic group with thousands of members.  Academics, Satanist opinion formers and many incredibly gullible Satanists were seduced by the illusion and either participated in or gave respectability to what was a well organised sham.

The ONA was originally founded as a way of recruiting the large number of neo-nazis who associate with Satanism in the 1980’s and 1990’s but fell quickly out of favour with the neo-nazi movements in the UK, after attracting  strange and weird characters into the movement.  David Myatt who originally founded the ONA under his pseudonym Anton Long distanced himself from the ONA and it vanished into history.  Chloe Ortega and others decided to revive the dead name of the ONA, and went to extraordinary lengths, even playing the roles of Anton Long and David Myatt in giving new life to a long dead group.  By about 2010 the high school students had built up sufficient momentum to attract dozens of Satanists to their new movement, inventing various forms of the ONA they nicknamed nexions, effectively branches of one or more people.

Chloe Ortega decided to make this new incarnation of the ONA (she called at one point ONA 3.0) a version without any leader or central hierarchy, resulting in an anarchic free-for-all where various individuals claimed the leadership of the ONA, fought amongst themselves and created multiple versions of their own interpretations of the ONA, thus in Iceland one psycho advocated eating people, others wanted to create a race war, others pretended to be gangsters, jihadists, or hardcore nazis.  By 2012 when the movement started to unravel the name ONA had become a joke, an excruciating embarrassment for many on the Satanist scene.

Satanic forums for five years endured drama and immaturity as the founders of the new version of the ONA supported by others made a nuisance of themselves, wiping several established forums out in the process.   All illusions come to an end, and with most of the students becoming bored and moving on to better things, it was left to Chloe Ortega to keep the illusion going, but who called it quits earlier this month and disbanded her version of the ONA.

In hindsight this was an incredibly clever game, a psycho-drama that convinced scores of Satanists of its legitimacy and were suckered into playing out its games such as living in cardboard boxes for three months as a tramp, or breaking into churches, or getting drug addicts into trouble with the police, all as a form of silly tests to see how far Chloe and others could push deluded Satanists in their convoluted mind games.   Whilst some Satanists went on to forge their own unique interpretation of Satanism they claim as influenced by the ONA, the fools in this game were all the hundreds of Satanists who participated in a game run by a couple of Californian High School students.

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  1. I never liked them. The last thing we need is a philosophy fascism and authoritarianism trying to disguise itself as Satanism. Satanism is about freedom, which is something those ONA clowns don’t understand.

      1. Agreed. Whatever happened to the libertarian and individualistic spirit that LaVey put into his philosophy. And you should see how anti-liberty pseudo-Satanic organizations like ONA and Abraxas Foundation use “might makes right” to justify their philosophy and deviation from true Satanism.

    1. I wonder if you bothered at all to read about the “fascist” philosophy of the ONA. I bet you didn’t look beyond wikipedia.

      Same with the author of the article, i just see a shallow opinion about something that he probably doesn’t know .
      The ONA has never been a group. Myatt didn’t create it either, the system that the ONA is based on is the mysticism behind the Pleiades.

      1. I know about all the claims the clowns and fantasists make in the name of their fake ONA game.

        The only thing I care about with regards to the ONA is it makes Satanists look like a bunch of retarded psychopaths. The last thing Satanism needs is clowns like the ONA spreading fantasy around the internet that we sacrifice and sexually abuse children, people and animals.

      1. @ Emergent-29
        If you going to comment on my blog, please include your reply in one comment rather than spam me with a load of one-liners. The rest of your comments won’t be published.

        In answer to your comment above, Satanism is a path of individualism against conformity, amongst other positive qualities. Those who clutter up Satanism with their ONA pretentiousness belong in a circus – a freak show – rather than to authentic Satanism.

        To the contrary I regard ONA as a collection of anonymous keyboard warriors and role players, rather than anything meaningful to Satanism.

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    Since my materials lack of informations about satanic scene, I wanted to reblog a good article about ONA, unraveling the scam behind it. If someone hasn’t cached up, here it is:

  3. 1) Given the nature of the ONA – as a leaderless collective of those who follow and who apply the practical esoteric philosophy of Anton Long – it cannot be ‘disbanded’. See http://omicron9alpha.wordpress.com/about-2/

    That this isn’t understood except by a few shows how little most people know about the Order of Nine Angles.

    2) Chloe et al followed the ONA way for a few years and then left. So what.

    Some who leave then go on to bitch about the ONA. Irrelevant.

    Some others go on to found their own occult group (as Michael Ford did). Nice.

    3) There are scores of ONA people around the world, many of whom ignore the internet. There are some who do have an ONA presence, like Frater Serpens in Poland who just married another ONA person (he’s on Facebook); and like Roxanna in Russia. Or the Violet Blood Nexion; or lone operatives like Interrogist (N913), blah blah blah

    1. Answering your comment point by point:

      1. Yes I have heard these claims, but then the anonymous high school clowns claim a lot of things in relation to ONA.

      2. This often named Chloe Ortega personality perhaps finally grew up. Michael Ford was part of the ONA before the internet when ONA was a proper organised group but left because of its nazi emphasis.

      3. H P Lovecraft wrote a book about Cthulhu and now there are countless fans who have turned fiction into a real life cult. There are groups of LARPers who indulge in real life play acting of Dungeons and Dragons or Lord of the Rings. There are groups in real life and Satanism who have created religions or movements based upon the Jedi and/or Sith of Star Wars. What you have is a lot of delusional young kids with no ability to form their own path: adopting the name of a defunct group called the ONA, and play acting as any unoriginal fans like to do; manifesting nothing but someone else’s hocus pocus ideology in a slavish and clownish way; demeaning Satanism with their retardedness; clogging up the internet with pseudo-Satanic junk.

  4. Chloe is in her 30-ties; so much for high school… Granted, lot of articles authored by AL is dated 2008-2012 but there were articles written even before 2008 in the first decade of this century + Temple of Them is on the scene for at least 10 years; so much for ONA being dead after Myatt distanced himself from it… One could go on and on…

    1. I have read a few of the blog posts of this “Chloe” and also been aware of her activities on Satanic forums over the years, the actions and words of an inexperienced and immature girl(s)/student(s). Perhaps Chloe found a boy friend or a job that suddenly helped her realise there is more to life than her internet fantasy life.

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    This is proof that the ONA is fake. This guy did a scholastic job in uncovering the hoaxy games ONA be playing. You guys gotta read this. It’s about time people learn the trueth!

  6. It is true that the ONA have a lot of things which we call “wrong” yet has been the only satanic philosophy that is designed to test all aspects of the individuals will. Anton LaVeys satanism is only a philosophy with no end or purpose but anti Christian sentiment, once you grasp that then what?
    In turn the ONA propose real life experience not foolish rituals and self deluded reality that leads to the types of Venger Satanist and So called reverend Blackwood who are but a hot air inflated ego.
    I did not aligned my self into the ONA self destructive philosophy of Anton long but to the system of initiation which aid me test my limits and grow stronger of will and power. Although yes the ONA writings where used by many immature indiituals to justify their hunger for identity, so too the works of Crowley, LaVey and many other where abused the same way and such action should only reflect the ideas of a few self-diluted individuals and not detract the work of their magickal and progressive value.
    I dare anyone to try to apply themselves to the ONA curriculum leaving the philosophical discourse out as such is of personal choosing which has characterized satanism since it’s inception, and tell me if is for the weak of constitution or the lazy armchair occultist.
    Thanks to the ONA I joined the military during time of war, proved my strength in combat of real life not magickal and subjective spells. I spent the time of solitude solidifying my true self and revealing more about me than I could ever imagine.
    Thus the system is a system of objective strength of will and self attainment. But I admit the philosophy attached is just a direct inversion of social and Christian values to fit the normal definition of evil and if one loses one self into it, it can be self destructive.

    1. @Dakkel
      ONA may originally had a purpose of recruiting Satanists to White Supremacy, but with the advent of internet, the lack of quality control, and a proliferation of anonymous clowns the ONA has been hijacked and turned into an endless retarded mindfuck.

      Any organised belief system or set of rituals are only tools as good as their user. It is down to the user to find an end purpose for their tools. Laveyanism is a tool, which has failed to remain relevant to new generations of Satanists.

      Where humans gather it is unavoidable human nature that will manifest egos, who lurk like spiders spinning their webs to attract, entrap then devour the unwary.

      I agree that Satanism is a path of action and testing, but must at all times be done with the end purpose that the individual manifests personal will to become their own god in their own lives. Had the ONA chosen to build into its mythos an official authority and quality control system to filter out low quality junk it would not have been turned into the confusing retarded contradictory car wreck that it has now become, hijacked by children and idiots as little more than a mindfuck.

      In my opinion the individual Satanist would be better to avoid the ONA mindfuck, and utilise higher quality tested sources such as Laveyanism to build their personal Satanic paths.

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