Is ONA and Reverse Christianity Satanism?

Two of the enduring festering sores of Satanism is the two worldviews of Reverse Christianity (RC) and the Order of Nine Angles (ONA) which have become associated with Satanism, which either incite or actively carry out actions of harm to property and life in accordance with their beliefs.  Even though the opinion is common amongst Satanists that RC and ONA is not Satanism, no objective arguments have been offered to finally eliminate the taint of such worldviews from Satanism.  To deal with RC and ONA it is probably worth offering some background upon them.

Reverse Christianity

These are individuals who have taken literally the Christian definitions of Satan and Satanism, and inflict harm to property and life for the purposes of excitement or as a trade to Satan for an anticipated reward such as money, fame and power.  These are the individuals, often mentally ill or intellectually impaired, who define themselves as Satanists and appear in the media associated with various crimes such as ritual murder.

Order of Nine Angles

The ONA is a philosophy invented by David Myatt in the 1970’s who synthesized his white supremacist and occult interests into a worldview that has been extensively added to by himself and his followers.  The ONA is largely an incoherent, impractical and rambling philosophy full of hocus pocus and pseudo philosophical ideology with a strong focus of incitement to killing people, specifically their obsession with culling and human sacrifice.

Due to its incoherence and impracticality the ONA is unable to survive in its own right as a philosophy, so survives as like a parasite, trying to incorporate itself into hosts such as religions and political movements, but always with the clear agenda of inciting harm to life and property.  Myatt originally failed to gain support from fellow white supremacists, so for a number of years used Islam to promote his ONA ideology, inciting jihad and suicide bombing. Ignored by Muslims and drawing attention of the UK authorities Myatt evolved a new form of his ONA philosophy called Numinous Way, a parody of a nature loving hippy.  Myatt’s followers, notably Chloe Ortega, attempted to incorporate ONA unsuccessfully with Buddhism, and attempts to infiltrate the Occupy Movement similarly failed.

The ONA however had some success with Satanism, and convinced many Satanists for a while that ONA was a form of Satanism.  As ONA adherents freely admit ONA is not Satanism, and ONA has largely been discredited in the minds of most Satanists, pushed out of most of the sites affiliated to the Left Hand Path, including Satanic International Network and Luciferian Research Society.  Beyond a few blogs the ONA is largely now active only in the 600Club, which continues to tolerate their presence.  The ONA have had no notability in the media of being publicly associated with any crime despite the vast material they have posted to the internet inciting harm to life and property.

In 2013 Satanicviews reported that the group, the so-called ONA 3.0 , under the direction of Chloe Ortega had disbanded, but the few followers of the ONA such as Ortega, Myatt and the Australian Ryan Anschauung through his Temple of Them continue to promote ONA philosophy through their writings.

Offering an argument that RC and ONA is not Satanism

Satanicviews in future blog posts will offer several objective arguments which will clearly show that Reverse Christianity and the Order Nine Angles has never been and will never be Satanism, and it is better using those arguments to offer such individuals no haven or public validation that they are either Satanists or have anything to do with Satanism.

28 thoughts on “Is ONA and Reverse Christianity Satanism?

    1. Yes, this was something that has become important in my mind, resulting from the Hampstead SRA hoax. Reverse Christians and the ONA gives SRA witchfinders useful ammunition to falsely accuse Satanism of SRA.

  1. Does the ONA actually exist outside of someone claiming to be ONA in forums?

    I’ve read some of the material put out by ONA and found it to be a blatant attempt to be seen as “elite”. Too bad anyone would want to have that elite status conferred on them by a bunch of, or a few, psychopaths.

    1. The ONA exists in essence as an idea in the mind of its writers, but I suspect that those writers failed to turn theory into experience, thus ONA is as real as a unicorn, an idea, nothing more.

  2. I am looking forward to reading the “objective arguments” you offer. I’ve had your blog bookmarked for a while, but had nearly given up hope in being seriously entertained here. Nice change!

  3. 3.0 was my brainchild, and my project. Yes Chloe was privy but she mostly remained in the background. When it dissolved it was because it had accomplished its purpose.

    I don’t really have the time or inclination to correct the rest of your strange collection of assumptions and assertions, but best of luck with all that.

      1. Apparent is a funny word, as it really only describes what the one using can see. What is apparent to someone that doesn’t know any of the parties involved in, or the context of a given situation, and is further only privy to third hand information from others that likewise weren’t there or actually know any of the people involved, is sort of moot isn’t it?

  4. I’ve been exploring Satanism a bit and thought that Reverse Christianity is what I was looking for, but what you are describing is not at all what I was thinking. Maybe you could point me in the right direction in terms of where I actually lie in the Satanism spectrum? I believe in the biblical Satan as a fallen angel. I see him as the rebel, the free-thinker, the liberator. I’m not sure if worship is the right word, but I think very highly of Satan and want to show some sort of thanks. That being said I don’t expect anything in return from him and I would never harm another person or being for him. What exactly is that if not Reverse Christianity?

    1. You seem to describe a Luciferian attitude. Reverse Christianity is marked by the qualities of enslavement to Satan and doing harm to living things and property as a form of worship of Satan. Reverse Christianity is as ignorant and slavish as Christianity. There are plenty of resources online about what the various branches of the Left Hand Path are. You can read the various posts of this blog to get an idea of what Independent Satanism is, or Google various resources.

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