International Left Hand Path Consortium 2016

Following on from previous successful LHP international events in Toronto (2012) and Indianapolis (2014) the main organizer Laurie Pneumatikos is now promoting the next event for 2016 in Atlanta promoted as the impressive sounding International Left Hand Path Consortium 2016.

From its humble amateurish beginnings it appears the LHP event under Laurie Pneumatikos has evolved into a well-organized professional event, with all the speakers and other aspects of such an event already in place months in advance of the event date of 8,9,10 April 2016.  The event in 2014 nearly collapsed, but was salvaged by last-minute support, proved a major success.  This time the event has been promoted with a professional looking website and a major social media campaign, attracting strong support from the Left Hand Path community.

The event seems to have attracted some controversy, because Pneumatikos had to pull out of organizing an event in Atlanta in 2015, resulting in an open letter being published on the 2016 event site.

The 2016 event includes a strong lineup of speakers covering a wide spectrum of the Left Hand Path, various workshops, artists, exhibitors, comedy, live music, rituals and a masked ball.  Tickets for the event are on sale priced $150.00.


5 thoughts on “International Left Hand Path Consortium 2016

  1. Thank you for sharing my event! Just one minor correction. There never was a financial issue threatening the 2014 event. I had paid for the entire event in advance. However, after the event, Typhon Draconis made a very generous donation to help me offset loss. This time, there will be no loss because I was able to secure a better contract with the Sheraton in Atlanta. Thanks again!

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