Satanic Temple and the use of juxtaposition

Juxtaposition is a key quality of humor, achieved by having two things placed or seen together for contrasting impact.  Many onlookers are confused as to the motives or strategies employed by Satanic Temple in their various campaigns, but juxtaposition is often employed with serious objectives at its heart by the group.  A recent example of juxtaposition was when authorities wanted to hand out Christian material to schools in Florida, the Satanic Temple created a juxtaposition of handing out coloring books to promote Satanism to the same schools, forcing the authorities to ban the handing out of all religious material to those schools.

An example of juxtaposition where an advert for junk food is located alongside an advert against obesity.
An example of juxtaposition where an advert for junk food is located alongside an advert against obesity.

The latest use of juxtaposition by the Satanic Temple is to challenge media and mass stereotypes of Satanism as a worldview that harms property and life.  The Satanic Temple now is organized into localized chapters that individually act to local challenges to create media opportunities using juxtaposition.  The Twin Cities chapter of the Satanic Temple under the leadership of John Wreisner held a bake sale to the public where people could try such delights as upside down cross cake.  Cake bake events rarely attract the interest of the media, usually held by community, church or ladies groups, but it gained strong publicity because this time a Satanic group was holding the event; a simple harmless event that contrasted strongly against the stereotype of Satanists holding events involving human sacrifice.

It takes a little leap of imagination of Satanic Temple building upon a bake sale with flower arranging or the recently condemned “Satanic” activity of yoga.  Perhaps children of Satanic Temple members could have lemonade stands? Such activities provide strong juxtaposition, with plenty of media opportunity, a strategy that the Satanic Temple is developing into an art form.

The Twin Cities chapter of the Satanic Temple are also actively pursuing LGBT issues in their local area, and plan to launch a pilot youth program to counter Christian fundamentalist activity in local schools that has apparently caused several student suicides in the local school district.

11 thoughts on “Satanic Temple and the use of juxtaposition

  1. Actually, I like this idea of community involvement with pleasant activities. It helps to destroy the negative stereotypes that plague the occult community. One of the main goals of the Left Hand Path Consortium is to show the world that the majority of those in Pagan and occult communities are productive, law-abiding citizens who bring a variety of valuable and meaningful contributions to society. The occult community is filled with volunteers, productive workers, and professionals; people who quietly go about their business producing goods for others, building great edifices, and saving lives, yet are unable to be open about their beliefs for fear of being ostracized.

    1. I totally agree that the coordinated involvement of individuals to challenge and change negative stereotypes is both necessary and is achieving constructive and positive results. The Satanic Temple has shown through results and action what can be achieved. I am excited to see the development of LHP Consortium, which in my opinion has a lot of potential to manifest major positive results in its own way. I hope over the coming years more projects will spring up to give momentum to a necessary situation of challenging false stereotypes of the LHP, and replacing them with positive ones.

      1. That is true. I know that from my own experience as well.

        I was thinking more along the lines of teaching them things from the bible that the preachers totally ignore. It really is a nasty book, so show them how nasty it really is..

        Then, teach them about the “adversary”. Not to get converts, but to de-convert the indoctrinated. It’s about the only way I know of to break the fundamentalists brainwashing. It will have an effect because that is how I did it for myself. Some it will help, others it won’t.

      2. I think such a strategy only works with those who are applying critical thinking, or have a motivation to think differently. Most people with any dogma apply a filter which only accepts anything that is harmony with their worldview, and rejects anything contrary as irrelevant or untrue. The Christian often falls back to the old strategy that they are being tempted Jesus-style by Satan, and must follow the narrative to reject such “deception” and “temptation” as Jesus did in their story.

      3. They also get very angry. That can be an opening. Say something like “What is making you so mad?” They won’t understand the SOURCE of that anger. This is the kind of anger that used to result in genocide, when they still had the power to commit genocide.

        If they have the desire to find the source of that anger, that will get them started.

        This is the advantage I have, as a former fundie. I know what it’s like, because of my experiences in dealing with myself and with others.

        It won’t help everyone. I know that. But it will get some people started, and once they get started, they will finish it. How many? I don’t know.

      4. Agreed. But it’s the only strategy I know of, if the object is to get someone to start questioning their beliefs. If there are other strategies, then I’d like to hear them. Brainwashing is a bitch to overcome.

  2. I agree. with Satanicviews on that one. Trolling and arguing with others about their belief system is counterproductive and fruitless. Why waste your efforts trying to tear down ancient, crumbling empires when you can build your own towering masterpiece? It is time to build our own castles to showcase the beauty of our rich and diverse heritage. When you build it, the people will come…..

    1. As was recently seen in a clash between a Christian pastor and a Satanic Temple representative on television in Detroit, all arguments become retarded and come to nothing. As Pneumatikos observed, the Christian can be by-passed, something can be created such as a Satanic statue, or a LHP conference which changes the public perceptions of the LHP.

      The following is a link to that clash in Detroit:

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