Satanism is for the individual

“In order to be an immaculate member of a flock of sheep, one must above all be a sheep oneself.”
Albert Einstein

It strikes me as funny that Satanism is the path of individualism, yet rarely do we treat it as a path of individuals.  It is a shame that the father of modern Satanic thinking Anton Lavey failed to create a work about individualism, instead he created an organisation called the Church of Satan and a set of books that conveyed group-think rather than individual-think.

It is only in the last few years I have seen Satanists adopt the idea of independent Satanism, walking the path as the individual rather than as often it appears as a group of sheep following a shepherd.  We often talk about true and false Satanism but we miss the obvious elephant in the room that Satanism is about individualism, the rebellion against the authority of conformity.

Sticking the Satanic label to your name then joining the herd from one Satanic group or internet forum to another is hardly the Satanic spirit that Satan would have expressed.  I would loudly cheer the Satanic thinker who for once would write an influential book, or get it into the head of Satanists that this is a path of individualism, which means groups, forums and blindly following someone else’s dogma ain’t what Satanism is about.


4 thoughts on “Satanism is for the individual

  1. I seem to share your sentiments on group-think. Rarely is individualism found in groups or sects. Ironically these consist largely of the armchair/online pseudo-Satanic movement. Individualism is truly from without.

  2. I think the inverted pentagram represents alternative group thinking other that the christian cross. I think that independent satanists would not wear either and rather do something to represent their individually.

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