Want good PR? Mention Satan!

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.

Daniel J. Boorstin

In Nagaland in India, comes reports that Satanism is taking over with a membership of 3,000 Satanic members. Interestingly the people doing the protesting(promoting) are Christians, who face stiff competition against rival religions such as Hinduism on their patch.  It is difficult to reliably confirm there is a thriving Satanic group in Nagaland, the local Christians claim to be called “Black Bulls” and “Awakening the Horror,” but it points to a reliable marketing format that if you want cheap publicity, mention Satan, the media will do your dirty work to promote your religious sales pitch.

Churches such as Koinonia Baptist Church have used Satan and the alleged threat to Indian youth for the last month or so to promote a Christian crusade to save Nagaland citizens.  Back in 2010 Satanists were using Satan to promote their religious group, this time the Church of the IV Majesties hired a civic centre for a meeting in Oklahoma, they let a few Christians know of the meeting and during the hysteria enjoyed prime time television slots and widespread media coverage for their group.  For Christian and Satanist alike Satan is a good marketing tool to get free publicity and business through the door.


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