The Satanist is their own God

The Satanist path is one of the individual, they are their own God.  The Satanist is the star, and everything in their life are the planets that revolve around them.  Even Satan is second to the individual, nothing is higher than the Satanic individual.

When I live my life as a Satanist it is with the clear idea that I am God in my own life, and I bow to nothing or nobody when it comes to what happens in my life.  I bow to no authority figure, no politician, no priest, no corporate, no group, no church, no guru, no family, no god, and no Satan.  I am God in my life, nothing comes above me.  I won’t grovel in the dirt, placing anything or anyone above me.

In my life I am God, and if a person messes with me, they are kicked out of my life.  There is no half measures with me in living my Satanic path, either people are working with me or against me.  Anyone, I care nothing who they are, family or friend, if they are toxic and undermining I kick them out of my life.  I bow to nobody.

The Satanist rules their own life, makes their own destiny, creates their own reality.  The Satanist associates only with those things and people that helps them to prosper in life.  The Satanist eliminates all the negative, gets rid of what holds them back, clears away what undermines and denies them the ability to be their own God.

There are no half measures in being a Satanist, if the Satanic man or woman rejected Jesus when they became a Satanist, why then fall to their knees like a sheep before Satan as they did with Jesus? All authority figures, including family are not above the Satanist, they must be working in a positive way in the Satanists life or be kicked out.

When I had family giving me trouble, when they refused to allow me the happy life I wanted, I kicked them out of my life.  Those toxic family are history, they no longer exist, and have been gone from my life for many years.  I as a Satanist will cut anyone and everything that works against me from my life.  I am my own God.


2 thoughts on “The Satanist is their own God

  1. Excellent post ! This is exactly how I’ve lived my life without even knowing anything about the Satanic path. Now that I have knowledge of the Satanic, individualistic path, it confirms to my worldview 100%.

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